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How to “wake up” sexuality if there is no attraction


Reduced libido becomes a problem for every third woman.

Decreased libido is not only a problem for the male population. Women, according to statistics, suffer from low libido at least several times in their entire lives, as the rhythm of life is accelerating and it becomes harder for the body to adapt to changes, as a result, hormonal changes are not long in coming, not to mention the fact that the reasons lowering libido can be several dozen and each of them needs to be dealt with separately. We will tell you how you can try to increase libido, if you have not yet decided to contact a specialist.

How can you help yourself

As a rule, problems with libido haunt women who experience anxiety from time to time. Dissatisfaction with their appearance, problems with a partner, old complexes – all this slowly but surely reduces attraction. It can be difficult to “wake up" sensuality, especially if we are talking about complexes that you have been struggling with for a long time. The ban on our own sexuality, which we often receive in adolescence from our parents, can provoke female coldness in the future, even if an experienced partner undertakes to decide your problem. In such a situation, it is important, first of all, to get a consultation with a psychologist, and by all means try to accept yourself as a woman. Pamper yourself without feeling ashamed, make gifts for yourself, take care of your body, treat yourself to a day of spa treatments.

How can a partner help you?

A man in this matter can play a very important role. If your partner supports you, the process will go faster than if, on the contrary, a man tries to point out your shortcomings, because, as we have already said, low libido is more associated with a lack of acceptance of one’s sexuality. But attraction, oddly enough, requires a variety, since classic sex becomes boring and the brain receptors no longer react so actively, as a result, it becomes more and more difficult to get excited. Try new poses, underwear, entourage, and generally new locations, of course, within the law. Discuss this issue with a partner and listen to what he has to offer you on this topic.

We change the diet

In the case of reduced libido, it is important to adjust the menu, because even if the problem is hormonal changes, the right diet can help to some extent restore the correct functioning of many body systems, which is what we are trying to achieve. In addition, it is important to know foods that are popularly known as powerful aphrodisiacs: these include turmeric, strawberries, avocados, oysters, dark chocolate, honey and bananas. Try to include these products in your daily menu, positive changes in your intimate life will not keep you waiting.

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