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Why do you want hard sex on a full moon


Once every 28 days, a huge disk rises in the sky. Full moon. You can not believe in vampires and werewolves, who allegedly indulge in all serious things on such nights. But the fact that many at this time becomes uneasy is a fact. And for good reason: scientists have established the influence of the night star on the well-being of people and the behavior of animals. Aw wow!..

A day later, a 16-year-old teenager, also suffering from sleepwalking, fell out of a window on the eighth floor. The guy was in intensive care.

– Most often, sleepwalking, or somnambulism, is associated with the immaturity of the nervous system, which is typical for children and adolescents. Adults suffer from this due to pathologies of the central nervous system, neoplasms in the brain, epilepsy," explained neurologist Irina Starikova.

Doctors do not associate night walking with the full moon. But the state of emergency in the capital occurred on those dates when the night star showed a full disk. The amount of light emitted by the moon depends on its phase, and the gravitational pull every 12.4 hours stimulates the ebb and flow of the oceans. Experts say: attraction affects every molecule of water. And because the human body is 75 percent H2O-based cells, our state is in sync with the cycles of the moon. With a full moon, these phenomena manifest themselves especially brightly. We feel a surge of energy, with which sometimes we are unable to cope.

In 2013, an international study was completed, which showed:

  • During the full moon in the body there is a decrease in the metabolic rate. There may be bleeding that is difficult to stop. Recovery will be more difficult.
  • The risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and poisoning increases, as the vital activity of microbes and viruses is activated.
  • Chronic diseases, especially mental ones, are exacerbated.
  • The deep sleep phase is reduced by 30 percent. We fall asleep longer and sleep less. Sleep becomes especially sensitive.
  • Accidents, injuries, suicides and assaults are on the rise;
  • Labor pains are activated, more children are born.

IMPORTANT! In order not to become a hostage of the full moon, it is better to abandon important things during a difficult period. You should not go to a planned operation, go driving on a long journey, abuse alcohol. Reasonable advice: clear your brain as much as possible. Go in for sports, meditate.

hard sex

With the full phase of the night star, libido increases. The greatest pleasure at this time will bring hard sex without long foreplay. At the same time, there is a high probability of conflict, so it is better not to sort things out in bed.

If you want long caresses and frank conversations, you should wait for the waning moon. But as we approach the new moon, the desire will decrease. Do not despair. As soon as the night luminary begins to grow, you will again be overwhelmed by immodest fantasies.

IMPORTANT! The full moon increases the possibility of conception. The process of getting a mature egg into the uterus is accelerated. Therefore, it is worth carefully protecting yourself. Or, conversely, do not waste time in vain.

be afraid of sharks

The animal world also reacts sharply to the night luminary. On a full moon, for example, oysters close their doors, and zooplankton – small aquatic organisms – rush to the bottom. Schools of fish go deeper. Birds put on a forced diet try to stay closer to the shore.

Lions and other predators go on a bloody hunt. Sharks, for example, become more aggressive and attack people more often. Data from long-term observations of the inhabitants of the seas are stored in the archives of the Florida Museum of Natural History. Biologists attribute changes in animal behavior to greater moonlight intensity. According to another version, sharks are strangely affected by the tides. But why they want human beings, scientists do not yet know.

IMPORTANT! Well, everything is clear here. Not knowing the ford, or rather, not having studied the lunar schedule, do not poke your head into the water. In general, stay away from places where marine predators are found. You should be especially careful at dawn and dusk, when the bloodthirsty creatures show a special agility.

Teeth click

In truth, wolves don’t howl at the moon—they don’t even care about the lantern, what to howl at. With the help of sounds, grays maintain the coordination of the pack, declare ownership of the site, transmit prey messages and other valuable reports. But they do this regardless of the phases of the night star. On a moonlit night, forest predators are simply better visible. And in quiet, windless weather, you can also hear it.

Astronomer’s circle

In the United States and Europe, full moons have names associated with the features of the month in which they occur. The first full moon of 2022, known as the Wolf Moon, was visible on January 17th. Here are other dates of this year when the night luminary reaches its maximum brightness (Moscow time).

Snow Moon: February 16, 7:57 pm

Moon of the Worm: March 18, 10:17 am

Pink Moon: April 16, 9:55 pm

Flower Moon (Blood*): May 16, 07:14

Strawberry Moon: June 14, 2:52 pm

Deer Moon (Supermoon ): July 13, 21:37

Sturgeon Moon: August 12, 04:36

Harvest Moon: September 10, 12:59 pm

Hunter’s Moon: October 9, 11:55 PM

Beaver Moon (Blood): November 8, 2:02 PM

Cold Moon: December 8, 12:59 pm

* The phenomenon when the Sun, Earth and Moon are on the same axis. The Earth satellite turns purple-orange.

The full moon, which coincides with the passage of the Moon closest to the Earth point of its orbit – perigee.

By the way

The Blue Moon is the second full moon in the same calendar month. This will not happen in 2022. We will see the next Blue Moon in August 2023, and the next in December 2025. By the way, the name has nothing to do with the color of the natural satellite – it only emphasizes the rarity of the phenomenon.

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