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Why do some girls get everything and nothing for you?


Perhaps you are meeting with the wrong thing, or is the problem still in you?

Demanding millions from a guy who is studying at the university or just starting his career path is stupid. But if your potential husband is already approaching conscious age, and all he can afford is going to a restaurant once a month, while you want to dine out every day, it’s time to solve the problem. And most often it will be parting: you cannot motivate a person to earn money when he is already doing well, and being head and shoulders above a man in terms of income is not yet the norm for our society. But what if your boyfriend makes good money and still doesn’t spend money on you? This already needs to be dealt with. Here are a few reasons you should consider:

You agree to everything

Why spend money on a girl who, in any situation, agrees to rush to the metro at the first call? If at the beginning of the relationship you did not have standards of courtship, after a couple of years your man will not suddenly decide to take you in a taxi or buy gifts from branded stores. And it was your mistake if you could afford all this, but did not require basic things for you as a mandatory norm. Your task is to choose a partner not only with your heart, but also with your brain. There are many nice guys to spend time with, but few of them will be able to become a couple to create a family and will be ready to take financial responsibility in case of your decree.

A man has goals, but you don’t know about them

Why not ask your partner why he is not spending on you? If you still do not know that he is saving up for a car or planning your wedding, then you are not in such a close relationship. Even worse, if you do not receive anything, but he does not spare money for himself and gladly accepts gifts from you. Understand this and understand whether there are good intentions behind his savings.

You never need anything

Who will be sophisticated with a gift when you always answer a direct question that you have everything? Out of a thousand men, only a dozen will be romantics who will react to these words and try to surprise you. A dozen more will book a table in a restaurant and buy flowers according to the old tradition. The rest will pass everything on deaf ears, and then they will receive from you for inattention. Make life easier for yourself and your partner – let him have a list of your desires as an idea for a holiday gift or just a gesture of goodwill.

Your friends are lying

And, finally, the simplest reason why you alone are left without attention is a simple deception. Your girlfriends can embellish the size of their bouquets, the value of the gifts, and the luxury of the champagne they drank at dinner with a guy. Every girl wants to be special, so who else should she show off to, if not to her friends? When in doubt, ask their guys how it was – when you see two points of view, you will understand if they are telling the truth.

How to become someone who cares?

Start taking care of yourself and take care of the guy. When you are in love with yourself and try to cheer yourself up with a massage, a new book or a trip, then your loved one will begin to appreciate you, because fans will always follow a girl with burning eyes. And if he does not pay attention to you, then the tablecloth is dear to him. Believe me, there will be better gentlemen in his place!

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