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EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss – before and after results


EMS training – what is it and how does it work?

EMS training takes place under the influence of electromyostimulation – a method of muscle contraction through stimulation with electric current. They are not found in every fitness center and involve group or individual sessions, which take place in a special overalls that provide low-frequency impulses by stimulating the current, as a result of which the muscles contract. The trainer can regulate the supply of current, starting from the physical training of a person, as well as increase the stimulation of one or another muscle group, if necessary.

But this is not exactly “lazy” training and has nothing to do with lying on the couch with a butterfly exerciser on his stomach when only the exercise machine is working. No, in EMS training a person performs certain exercises with different intensities. The set of exercises is selected individually, at the discretion instructor.

  1. The lesson begins, as always, with a warm-up – cardio exercises for 7-10 minutes.
  2. Then the main part begins, in which strength exercises are performed using additional stimulation with current for 15-20 minutes.
  3. At the end of the workout, as a hitch, a lymphatic drainage massage takes place, in which the current accelerates the lymph without additional muscle contraction – this is the passive phase of the workout.

Do you need a dedicated trainer?

Just like for traditional sports activities, for EMS you select a professional trainer to accompany you throughout your workout. Together with him, you draw up a body work plan and nutrition program for maximum results.

Can it be combined with other sports?

Along with EMS training, you need to continue doing cardio and light strength training. If you do not have enough time, you can do yoga asanas at home or stand in a plank daily.

How training works

Human muscles are capable of conducting electrical current. If physical activity is minimal, then they can atrophy. For movement to begin, the muscles must receive an impulse from the central nervous system. The simulator acts as a stimulus to enhance the quality of your workout. Any action is amplified many times over, thereby increasing the effectiveness of classes.

If the goal is to reduce weight, then this unit can be used. If a person wants to build muscle mass, then such training is unlikely to help. After exercise, the central nervous system is under stress, so it is recommended to fully rest and recuperate.

Workouts do not last long – from 20 minutes to half an hour. But the result depends not so much on time as on the intensity of the load. The program is customizable for each client. In 25 minutes, you can burn up to 2000 kcal, and in 30 minutes the same amount of energy is spent as in 5 hours of active sports.

Features of EMS training

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results
History: Fitness for Astronauts
Electromyostimulation technology is not new: the development dates back to the times of the arms race and space fever. They say that this was almost the only way to maintain the physical form of an astronaut in zero gravity. Later, EMS technologies migrated to restorative medicine and professional sports. In the 21st century, fitness with electrical muscle stimulation has become closer to the people – EMS studios can be found without problems in large cities. Such studios even provide the services of an on-site coach, which is very convenient (especially for young mothers who do not have the opportunity to be away from home for a long time).

Let’s play a robot
All the “salt” of EMS fitness consists in a special rubberized suit (set: shorts + T-shirt + vest), to which skin myostimulating electrodes are attached, capable of reaching the deepest muscles that are difficult to reach for a conventional training system. The total weight of the uniform is about three kilograms. And be prepared for the fact that you have to exercise in a moist form – this is necessary to improve the electrical conductivity of the skin. The hygiene of the procedure is ensured by the antibacterial coating of the materials and additional disinfection of the suit. Disposable underwear provided by the fitness center is worn under the suit, so there is no need to buy separate fitness clothing.
EMS training uses up to 90% of the entire muscular system and is several times more effective than conventional resistance training. This means that a half-hour session with muscle myostimulation can replace several hours of strength training (from 2 to 6, depending on the individual training plan). And without harm to the joints. Impressive?

Effect of training intensity during electromyostimulation on human skeletal muscles

High-intensity neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) training can cause muscle hypertrophy in all muscle fibers. However, whether low-intensity NMES training has a similar effect is unknown. This study aimed to investigate whether low-intensity NMES training could cause hypertrophy of all human skeletal muscle fibers.

Eight untrained young men underwent an 8-minute unilateral NMES exercise for 8 weeks. One leg received NMES at the maximum allowable intensity (HIGH); the other leg received NMES at half the intensity. The thickness of the quadriceps muscle (MT), the cross-sectional area of ​​the muscle fibers (CSA) and the strength of the knee extension were measured before and after the training period.

How is EMS training going?

The training is individual in nature, which means that you will be personally dealt with by a personal trainer. The coach’s role is to control the exercise process and shock you 🙂 Don’t worry, it won’t hurt (the outfit also provides a special neurostimulator to relieve unpleasant sensations). First, the instructor alternately gives discharges to each muscle group, individually selecting the load, and then all the motor points of the body are exposed at once – the muscles of the legs, abs, chest and back. The training involves a minimum of equipment and simulators.
Three parts of one whole:

  1. Cardio workout. It can be a stepper, treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical trainer, and combinations thereof.
  2. Power section (main). Differs in a deeper impulse and character of delivery – the discharges are delivered at intervals, alternating between work and rest. Exercises are performed at the time of muscle contraction under the influence of electrical stimulation, which allows you to get the most out of each working movement.
  3. Lymphatic drainage (final stage). This is an added bonus of EMS fitness. Just keep in mind that lymphatic drainage massage with the help of myostimulants is not a salon procedure: you will still feel impulses (though of a different density than you experienced in the strength part of the training and during warm-up). Such massage perfectly starts the mechanism of excretion of metabolic products and promotes the speedy recovery of muscle fibers.

Attention! EMS fitness is recommended for the elderly, untrained people and people in the rehabilitation period. However, even the simplest exercises, reinforced with electric current, can be difficult. This is due to involuntary muscle contractions to which you need to adapt, and with some deterioration in coordination.

Feelings during and after EMS training

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results
The sensation of a current discharge is akin to a slight tingling sensation, as if you sat your leg a little. Muscles contract and “pulsate”. The day after the lesson, painful sensations in the muscles are possible, as after impact strength training. Which proves once again that the muscles were doing work, and not just “twitching”.

Additional recommendations

EMS fitness is a full-fledged, strenuous workout and you need to approach your workout wisely.
Depending on the goals, experts recommend :

  • do it once a week to keep the body in good shape.
  • 2 times – if you want to “enter” the shape and gain muscle relief.
  • and 3 times (maximum!) if you really need a quick result.

In general, the same rules apply to EMS fitness as to the gym:

  • you need to give the muscles time to recover – engage with the obligatory breaks between training days.
  • observe drinking and food regimes – do not exercise on an empty stomach, be sure to drink water half an hour before class and replenish energy reserves with low-fat protein products immediately after training.

Charge your muscles

EMS training (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) or otherwise electromyostimulation is a new trend in weight loss and the fight for a beautiful figure.

It consists in influencing the muscles with a special device through electrodes attached to the surface of the body.

In other words, the impulses generated by the device force the muscles to contract in approximately the same way as it happens when performing physical exercises.

A method was invented in the USSR – scientists carried out the rehabilitation of cosmonauts who returned from a flight to earth in a similar way.

Western scientists adopted the technology back in the 1970s, and the first muscle stimulators appeared in the United States in the late 1990s.

Principle of classes

Barely noticeable micro-pulses

  • Allows you to significantly increase the intensity of muscle contractions.
  • They activate and activate about 600 muscles (versus 100 during regular exercises in the gym).

In general, the benefits of EMS training are as follows:

  • Help to lose weight
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Build muscle mass and get relief
  • Improve metabolism
  • Restore muscle function after injury

What is required

  • Personal trainer

He must be well versed in biomechanics. Determine if the body is correctly positioned during exercise. Clearly navigate the depth and strength of the impulses coming from the simulator.

It is he who regulates the power of the current supply to certain parts of the body, taking into account the sports training of the subject.

  • Costume

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results

We are talking about a special suit: a T-shirt with sleeves, leggings (shorts) and a special vest with electrode plates in strategically important places – current is supplied there.

The suit is sprayed with water (as explained to improve electrical conductivity). It is sometimes jokingly called the Lara Croft costume for some resemblance to the outfit of this heroine of films and video games.

  • Training apparatus

Just like a suit, it is a special piece of equipment. Both will be provided by a studio or gym where you will train.

Exercise machines include, for example, Miha Bodytec (Germany) or X-body (Hungary). The difference between them is quite insignificant, lies in the depth and strength of the impulses they generate and does not really matter for practice.

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results

Workout plan

Divided into three stages

  • Warm up – 5-7 minutes
  • Strength training – interval training: 4 sec work – 4 sec rest. And so on for 15-17 minutes.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage – just lie down and enjoy the light tingling of current impulses.

A set of exercises

Everything here is individual – at the discretion of your coach.

Squats, push-ups, lunges, leg swings, abdominal exercises, with small weights, on an ellipse or on a treadmill are usually used.

Duration is generally 20-25, no more than 30 minutes.

The intensity of the classes is 2-3 times a week.

During exercise, your body receives a double load – both from the exercise and from the current charge. As a result, even simple exercises cause significant tension throughout the body, and seven sweats disappear in one set.

The benefits of EMS training

  • Contraction of muscles with the help of current is more effective than training without additional stimulation, while the cardiorespiratory system is not so stressed. In order to stimulate muscles without using current, you need to exercise much more intensely.
  • Workouts take little time, relative to full-fledged power loads.

Trying on a suit

The weight of the EMS training suit is about 3 kg. It must be put on very tightly, leaving only the opportunity to breathe. Plates with electrodes are located on the suit. A current is supplied from the simulator and an impulse appears, which stimulates the muscles.

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results

The first sensations are like vibration and shock from small needles. The tingling sensation level depends on the strength and frequency of the impulse throughout the entire EMS training session. Reviews indicate that the level of impulses can be varied based on the goals and training of the student.

The practitioner performs elementary exercises, generating tension as much as possible. The secret is that it won’t work. Training on the EMS simulator is a work with high efficiency.

The processes occurring in the body during training under electromyostimulation.

Speaking about EMS training, you should make a reservation about the load modes. Each of them has its own characteristics of impact on the body, its own specifics. Depending on the manufacturer, the settings for the electrical impulse modes may differ (manufacturers keep a secret about the exact characteristics and even require a nondisclosure signature from their employees). But the main essence of the modes’ operation comes down to three variations: we can artificially activate predominantly oxidative muscle fibers, or predominantly fast-twitch type IIa muscle fibers, or predominantly fast-twitch type IIc muscle fibers. Let’s call the first option – “cardio mode”, the second and third – “power mode”, the difference between the second and third modes is not so great, the impulse frequencies for both fibers are very close in value.

But to identify the general trend and better understand the processes occurring in the body during EMS training, I still measured the heart rate. I took 7 people from clients who regularly came to me for training, 4 males and 3 females at the age of 25-40 years. I compared the resting pulse and the pulse after switching on the impulses to the client’s subjective submaximal power (focus on pain). In the cardio mode, the pulse increased on average by 19 beats / min, in the power mode, the pulse increased on average by 10 beats / min.

Then I took the same set of exercises, which the subjects performed in the cardio mode, and on the next visit – in the power mode of impulses. General training, for different muscle groups – general body training. The intensity of execution is medium. That is, no supersets, no speed work, no circular passages, no active jumps.

The duration of the workout is 20 minutes. The duration of rest between sets is approximately 10 seconds. The first 5 minutes of training were spent on setting the impulse mode for the client (subjective submaximal power, 8 points out of 10 on a personal pain scale) and ORU (general developmental exercises) in motion on the spot (warm-up).


  1. easy running;
  2. side steps, arms bend to the shoulders and bend up;
  3. lifting the knees in turn with a touch of the opposite elbow from the position of the hand up;
  4. arms in front of the chest and turns of the body with the simultaneous pushing of the opposite leg back;
  5. tilting the body to the sides while simultaneously moving the opposite leg to the side;
  6. broach with a bodybar in hand;
  7. jumps with a spread of legs to the side (split).

A set of exercises:

  1. Squat with 5 kg kettlebell in hand. 2 sets x 15 reps
  2. Lunges in place. For each leg separately. 2 sets x 12 times per leg
  3. Deadlift with a 5 kg kettlebell. 2 sets x 15 reps
  4. TRX Row Row, elbows close to torso. 2 sets x 15 reps
  5. TRX Row Row, elbows extended parallel to the floor. 2 sets x 15 reps
  6. Push-ups from the floor, the emphasis is wider than the shoulders. 2 sets x 15 reps
  7. Breeding the arms to the pectoral muscles, on the TRX loops. 2 sets x 15 reps
  8. Dynamic plank on TRX hinges. 2 sets x 15 reps
  9. Swing dumbbells 2 kg to the sides. 2 sets x 15 reps
  10. On the press, pulling the knees to the chest in a sitting position with an emphasis on the back. 2 sets x 15 reps

In the cardio mode, this set of exercises was performed by the subjects with an average heart rate of 145 beats / min. In the power mode, the average heart rate when performing this complex was 121 beats / min.

With regard to other external indicators in cardio mode and power mode: in cardio mode, the depth and frequency of respiration significantly increase (that is, we observe an increase in Oxygen Demand, which is logical, since oxidative MV is activated), sweating increases. These indicators in the power mode of impulse are visually much less.

This is after the completed complex, the implementation of which essentially gives us variable power work, the nature of energy supply here primarily depends not even on the heart rate level, which can be roughly guided by, but initially on the nature of the electrical impulses. In cardio mode, we will have predominantly aerobic work, in power mode – anaerobic work.

With the same training duration, the recovery time of the used resources and working structures will depend on the power of the work done and on the type of MB used.

Knowing the composition of muscle fibers, knowing that there is less glycogen in oxidative muscle fibers than in glycolytic ones, we conclude that the recovery time of oxidative muscle fibers will be shorter than the recovery time of glycolytic MVs. That is: after a 20-minute workout, the body will recover faster after working in a cardio mode than after working in a strength mode. Accordingly, the effect of accelerating metabolism in the recovery phase is greater after a strength regimen than after a cardio regimen. Although, presumably, during the training itself in cardio mode, more calories are spent than in strength mode: higher heart rate, higher CV, more sweating.

It is necessary to indicate the degree of influence of electrical impulses on biochemical shifts in trainees who came to lose weight / reduce the percentage of body fat. The effect of electric current on muscles, on the human body will be the stronger, the higher the power of this same current. And the setting of the power of the conducted electrical impulses is made according to the subjective feelings of the client. That is, if I, as a coach, say that the training should ideally take place under submaximal stress (8 points out of 10 – the client’s orientation to their own pain sensations), then one client has a high pain threshold, and he can withstand more power. Either he has a strong motivation to achieve the goal, and suffers the effect of an electrical impulse at the level of pain, respectively, the response of the body, the stress response is great, the biochemical shift and shift in the central nervous system are also higher than that of the client, who is not motivated to endure pain, who takes pity on himself and stops tuning at a weak level of electrical impulse. That is, the level of exposure to electrical impulses becomes very individual.

Another most important point that I tracked over 1.5 years of work in the field of EMS: the client’s motivation to achieve the goal (weight loss / decrease in body fat) and his discipline in following the trainer’s recommendations on the nature and composition of the diet, on taking sports supplements for the purpose accelerating the process of achieving the goal. This also includes discipline in terms of training frequency. 2 times a week is the very minimum at which a client, strictly and strictly adhering to the diet and taking supplements, moves at least somehow towards his goal.

Compliance with the recommended diet (calorie content, BJU ratio, supplementation) – I would say that for the purpose of losing weight / reducing the percentage of body fat, this is a factor of 70-80% success.

A similar measurement was made after a month of training. Significant results, as I would say, – a decrease in the waist or hips (there are already genetic features of the localization of the deposition of basic fat reserves) by at least 4 cm per month of training and weight loss by at least 3 kg per month of training – was observed only in about 30% of clients for this period. In fairness, it must be said that not all clients came with the goal of losing weight / reducing total body weight / reducing the percentage of body fat, some came to train to improve their well-being, to increase muscle tone / stiffness, and to increase overall endurance. And those who had a strong motivation to lose weight – trained more often than 2 times a week, 3 or more times,

Identifying the secrets of success

Coming to us from elite sports, this workout is becoming more and more popular. With its help, athletes increase their strength, speed and endurance, spending a minimum of time. For therapeutic purposes, it is used to help patients recover from trauma. Fitness centers rely on its help to boost metabolism, which contributes to faster weight loss and muscle building.

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results

This training activates about 90% of all muscles in the body. EMS strengthens muscles both internally and externally. EMS training is considered up to 18 times more effective. As a result, the blood circulation rate increases.

By the way, the duration of a workout will always be on average 20 minutes. Due to its high intensity, this is sufficient to achieve the desired results.

How to lose weight on EMS: go to a trial EMS training or buy a subscription at an inexpensive price

Despite the fact that such activities are classified as “fitness of the future”, the recommendations are generally the same as the advice for traditional workouts. To get the result, it is important to visit the gym regularly, but only the trainer will make the optimal frequency of classes. To lose weight, you will need to add normal physical activity and nutrition to a number of good habits.

All you need is:

  1. Go to the map with the location of sports clubs.
  2. Click on the location icon to find the Near Me EMS Workouts.
  3. Choose a hall suitable for the address.
  4. Find out how much EMS training costs.
  5. Book a one-time lesson at a suitable club.
  6. Get your lesson booking code.

Then you come to the selected hall, show the received booking code to the administrator and pay the cost of EMS training directly at the club.

Looking for meaning in everything

The effectiveness of the training is high. A regular workout, lasting an average of 20 minutes, can successfully replace an hour and a half in the gym with three sets. In one lesson on the EMS trainer, over 500 muscles are worked out. In other words, training time is shortened and, undoubtedly, its quality and productivity increases.

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results

Unconditional pluses:

– strengthening the muscle corset;

– the consequence of this is the alignment of the spine;

– optimization of the lymphatic system;

– improving the blood supply to the brain, etc.

How are the lessons going?

The indisputable convenience lies in the fact that you do not need to carry a sports uniform with you to the fitness club. Sneakers are enough (I do not recommend exercising in socks, since this can still lead to some injuries during training, and it will simply be inconvenient to perform some exercises), you can take a set of removable underwear.

A workout wearable suit that fits your size will be issued at the club, and you will also be provided with a towel for the shower and for the gym (wipe your face).

It is also not necessary to take water with you, the club has a cooler.

In addition, you do not have to hire an additional trainer, since a personal trainer is already included in the price of the service.

And so, you changed into an underwear training suit, then, the places of contact with the electrodes are moistened with water from a spray bottle (it feels very strange to stand in a damp suit)) and put on an EMS-suit that is also suitable for you in size.

When all the impulses and currents are individually tuned to your feelings, wishes and goals, the trainer goes directly to the training.

Usually EMS training consists of 3 circles, which includes several exercises with a certain number of repetitions.

Warm up

Exercises aimed at stimulating the cardio system and warming up the muscles (jumping, running exercises, ellipsoid).

A set of conditionally strength exercises

The complex of conditionally strength exercises is selected by the trainer based on your state of health, goals, etc. It then consists of 3 circles.

A set of conditionally strength exercises

The training includes a constant change of approaches and rests, which have a very small interval of execution – 5 seconds each. The duration of the process is about 25-30 minutes.

On the last circle, exercises for working out the press are additionally performed.

I must say that the current pulses can be changed, increasing their effect, or decreasing. Which is usually done every new circle.

General massage and lymphatic drainage procedures

And then comes the most enjoyable part of the workout. General massage and lymphatic drainage procedures performed within 5 minutes after training. Here you just need to relax and have fun.

A pleasant bonus for women is that according to the promises, after such trainings and the performed massage, an anti-cellulite smoothing effect appears!

General recommendations for trainees

In order to lose weight quickly, you need to adhere to several rules:

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results

  1. 2-3 hours before classes, you need to eat a small amount of carbohydrate-containing foods. As a result, the body will receive the right amount of glycogen for active training.
  2. Drink at least 0.5 liters of liquid 30 minutes before the start. The best option is warm water. Alcohol and caffeine are not recommended as they are diuretic.
  3. Immediately before class, you need to drink mineral water or carbohydrate drinks.
  4. It is best to keep such drinks nearby during exercise so that you can drink them in case of hypoglycemic shock.
  5. After the completion of the program, any loads are prohibited: the body must fully recover.

The device is useful for those who cannot fully exercise in the gym, for example, due to obesity. Also, this system is suitable for the elderly and patients undergoing postoperative rehabilitation. But if the excess weight is minimal, then such training is inappropriate due to the excessive effect of electric current on the body.

Turn on the device

EMS training is carried out using special professional equipment – EMS simulator. The simulator generates safe electrical impulses of various frequencies and durations and delivers them to the suit. The costumes differ depending on the apparatus. If we consider the widespread and relatively affordable ESMA EMS fitness equipment, the suit of this device includes: a vest, shorts, arm cuffs. Removable conductive electrodes. Many manufacturers use cuffs instead of shorts, which is less comfortable. All simulators must meet stringent safety requirements and have RF certificates.

Harm and contraindications to EMS training

Of course, as with any workout, there are also contraindications.

  1. Firstly, EMS training is categorically contraindicated in the presence of electronic implants – pacemakers and pumps, as well as any diseases of the cardiovascular system, for example, arrhythmia, hypertension.
  2. Secondly, in the presence of blood clots or a tendency to form them, internal bleeding, epilepsy, hernias and inflammatory processes, such training can only aggravate the situation.

Before starting classes, you should consult your doctor.

It is forbidden to attend classes for pregnant women and persons with malignant formations, wounds and skin diseases, as well as any implants in the body.

Who is it suitable for?

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results
EMS fitness is suitable for busy adults of any gender and physical fitness level, in the absence of obvious contraindications (about which below). Such training is especially useful for people with a weak back, physically undeveloped. EMS is recommended for young mothers as a rehabilitation therapy after childbirth. An excellent alternative to traditional training, effective, but more time-saving. Professional instructors of specialized studios will select a personal training program aimed at restoring the body after the birth of a baby. Individual EMS training, which lasts only 15 minutes, allows you to lose weight in the shortest possible time and get in perfect shape. The effect is enhanced by lymphatic drainage massage, which is carried out after each session.

  • epilepsy and severe neurological pathologies;
  • cardiovascular diseases: tachycardia, arrhythmia, etc.;
  • a pacemaker and the presence of metal implants in the body;
  • pregnancy and the first 10 weeks after natural childbirth;
  • postoperative period (3-6 months after cesarean);
  • acute bacterial or viral infections;
  • purulent rashes, herpes in the active stage;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • blood clotting disorders, thrombophlebitis;
  • menstruation in women;
  • diabetes;
  • inguinal hernia.

Do you need such training?

EMC is a truly progressive and effective technique. However, it is optional. Most often it is used for medical purposes when a person is undergoing a rehabilitation period after serious injuries or there are certain malformations.

If you don’t have time for regular workouts, but you have the opportunity to buy a subscription to EMC classes, you should definitely try it. The decision depends on personal preference, body characteristics and wallet size.

The innovative technique is still being studied by specialists. However, some doctors have already spoken about its effectiveness. The majority appreciated the unique capabilities of EMC and the lack of stress in the training process on bone tissue, calling the program one of the best ways to rehabilitate people injured in road accidents, as well as retirees. Despite the positive reviews, doctors advise to be careful with such activities. This is especially true for men / women with irregular schedules and frequent stress.

We study opinions

The overwhelming majority of clients claim that this workout allows them to increase the elasticity of problem skin of the legs, and also helps to get rid of cellulite.

Many clients are delighted with EMS training because after just three sessions, they notice the appearance of muscle relief.

Plus, most say this workout is perfect and great for people who have never done fitness. Almost all clients say that at the beginning of the workout they felt strange sensations due to the appearance of tingling sensations from impulses, a heavy suit. But these sensations quickly disappeared, because it is clear: everything is under control. According to many clients, the presence of a trainer nearby gives a sense of individuality.

All clients regularly work out in the gym, and therefore did not expect anything out of the ordinary from the workout. But the day after the EMS training, almost everyone felt every muscle in their body, and it was an amazing sensation. For all clients, the training was not in vain.

But some clients see the only drawback – the cost of EMS training, which not everyone can afford to attend.

Consider more positive reviews. EMS Fitness Studio was one of the first to start such training. This studio specializes in EMS training.

Clients of EMS Fitness Studio, which is located in St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 51, say that they have been attending classes for only a month, but have already been able to get the results that they would have had to achieve in the gym for at least six months. All EMS Fitness Studio customers are delighted to have discovered these workouts.

The doctors’ comments, however, are mixed. Most doctors agree that the popularization of the EMS method, which is supposedly capable of forming a strong muscle corset in 20 minutes of training once a week, is just a publicity stunt.

Doctors say that EMS is effective only for patients who are paralyzed and cannot move on their own. Electrical stimulation of muscles in this case can increase their tone, but in no case increase the size of the muscles, burn fat, and even more so become a substitute for a full-fledged workout.

What to remember

  • EMS can be useful for bedridden patients and as a way to rehabilitate after injuries or surgeries.
  • Improving body contours with their help and a significant effect on the process of losing weight have not been scientifically proven and not confirmed by certificates.
  • If you are willing to take a risk, then they are best suited for those who are busy and cannot afford to spend a long time in the gym.
  • At the same time, you should not rely on them too much – EMS can never replace real fitness and good old workouts with dumbbells and barbells. And the charge of positive emotions cannot be replaced by any current discharges through the body!

EMC efficiency

Some muscle groups are located so deep that it is not possible to work them out in the usual way. Electrical stimulation intensively affects all layers and groups of muscle tissue. As a result:

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results

  • blood circulation is activated;
  • has a positive effect on the skin;
  • the body is toned;
  • excess adipose tissue is burned;
  • accumulated toxins are removed from the body;
  • the body becomes more prominent;
  • endurance and strength increases.

The average duration of a lesson is about 20 minutes. During the training, there is a trainer who controls the process and helps to master the technique of performing the exercises.

Exercising on the simulator, a person spends a lot of energy. It burns much more than during the usual exercises. The diet should be tuned for such a load. The main attention should be paid to breakfast, since all metabolic reactions in the body are triggered in the morning. The speed of muscle tissue recovery and metabolism depends on the first meal.

It is necessary to tune in to proper nutrition: products should be healthy and nutritious. For dinner, you need to eat low-calorie, but hearty food, so that during the evening there is no desire to have another snack.

It is allowed to have snacks between meals, but the food should be healthy and the portions small. Fruits and fresh vegetables are ideal in this case. It is recommended to choose the right diet so that the body has enough energy and nutrients.

What does the workout consist of?

EMS fitness slimming rules and its effectiveness. EMS training for weight loss - before and after results

EMC training consists of several stages:

  • Warm up. Includes simple exercises that stimulate the cardio system with a one-time use of a stepper. The warm-up duration is no more than 7 minutes.
  • The main block of training. Provides for the performance of strength exercises with often changing approaches and rest periods (small interval – 5 seconds). The duration of the lesson is approximately 20 minutes.
  • Massage and lymphatic drainage procedures. Within 15 minutes, the specialist “finishes” the lesson, working out each part of the athlete’s body. A person is only required to relax and enjoy himself as much as possible.

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