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The best techniques for complete relaxation in bed


Often, even during the New Year holidays, we remain in suspense, which we relieve with food, social networks or TV shows until the morning. The expert spoke about a different way of relaxation, which will help you learn how to deeply relax for the benefit not only for yourself, but also for your partner and relationships.

A man’s life is full of stress. The tyrant boss, the scratched bumper of his car, our whims and a midlife crisis that neither the gym nor other ways to "lose too much" can save us from. In such situations, we can come to the rescue, oddly enough, sex.

1 The Lion King

There are situations when your loved one needs to relax not physically, but mentally. Perhaps he is in trouble at work, in business, he feels like a "little man", worthless and humiliated. Your strong half needs to feel “on top" again, and nothing better than a sexual “throne” will return this feeling to him. Therefore, in situations where a man simply needs a “crown” on his head, the “Prayer to the Phallus” technique will help.


To perform this technique, position yourself at the legs of a man, it is better if he sits, for example, in a chair. Rub a large amount of lube into your palms, fold them into a “parallel to each other” position opposite your chest. Move your hands from bottom to top towards the head, clasping the penis on the sides, maintaining the same “prayer” position. During "manual" manipulations, you can periodically caress the scrotum and the base of the penis with your tongue. Wave-like movements of the palms from the bottom up should be obtained, which will stimulate the erogenous zones of the scrotum and penis. It should be remembered that this technique is more visual and psychological, and it will not work to bring a man to orgasm only with its help, it is necessary to combine it with other, more intense caresses.

2 Crime and punishment

Sometimes a man needs to throw out his resentment somewhere, especially if there are “no one to blame” or it is impossible to get to the offender. For example, today, on the way home, he was cut off at the turn, or the boss undeservedly made a remark. The desire to punish the offender is natural for the stronger sex if it remains unsatisfied – this leads to an increase in psychological tension, which will primarily affect your relationship. Give the man the opportunity to “let off steam”, for example, by “punishing” you, but only as part of the game.


The best way to accomplish this task is the technique of the so-called "passive blowjob", which is especially good for the girls who were at my trainings and know the methods of relaxation and opening the throat. Get down on your knees in front of your partner and let him wrap his arms around your head from both sides. After that, let the penis penetrate your throat, completely relaxing it, and push the man yourself to commit active frictions. Before performing this technique, at least watch my training video to avoid injury and discomfort.

3 I’m around

Best of all, the partner feels your support during sex. Therefore, if you want to tell your chosen one "I’m there, honey", then there is simply no better way to find it. The Commonwealth technique will help you with this. It will create the feeling that even in the most intimate and privacy-requiring processes, you are an integral part of the life of your chosen one, his support, support, ally and partner.


Kneel down between the legs of the seated man. It is very important to perform this technique that the man sees your face. Grasp the penis with both hands from different sides so that the thumbs are on the “cheeks” of the penis and the bridle. Spread your fingers on your hands and ask the man to do the same. He needs to pass his fingers between yours in such a way that a “castle” is obtained. When the goal is reached, carefully begin reciprocating movements in the “hitch”. In the middle of the process, change places with the man and continue to perform the technique until the partner finally relaxes. You can finish the process with any intense oral or manual caress that will bring him to orgasm.