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How to survive a breakup


Sooner or later it happens to everyone. Any logical words and support do not console, rather irritate. But sooner or later you have to pull yourself together and move on. We asked the pros how to do it with minimal losses.

The end of a relationship is not a reason to get depressed, even if at the moment you really want to sob into your pillow, eat sweets, watch melodramas and re-read correspondence, either scolding or missing your ex. But it’s not constructive. In a few days you will understand that it was all for the best (even if now you have no idea why everything happened the way it did). Take this situation as an opportunity to work on your mistakes. And the advice of energy psychologist Yulia Frangulyan will help to return to the usual rhythm of life without sadness, tears and nostalgia.

Write a letter of thanks

Anticipating skepticism, let’s say right away – this is not a banal practice from coaching and not a tribute to information gypsies. This is a good way of eco-friendly reflection, which will help to let go of past feelings and relationships without annoyance and falseness (so as not to go to the second round later). It is the words of gratitude, which should be directed both to yourself and to your partner, that will help you as holistically and harmoniously as possible complete the separation process and release you from each other’s energy. Write a letter and sincerely thank your partner for the emotions, happy moments, lessons and time. What to do with this letter is up to you. Someone needs to send this letter and it is possible to receive gratitude in response, while someone just needs to write these words on a piece of paper and burn it, releasing their partner at the same time. The main thing to remember is that gratitude is needed in order to

Work with emotional codependency

It is she who is the main cause of tears, pain and hysteria. Your task is not only to get rid of emotions, but also to let go of your partner for real. Simply put, you need to work through your feelings and actions so as not to mentally transfer yourself to past relationships and immerse yourself in those emotions. It is important to come to terms with the idea that this is already the past, and there will be no return. You will constantly face the consequences – when you pass a familiar place, watch your favorite movie or hear a familiar song on the radio. If you do not work with memories, it will be impossible to live – you risk driving yourself into depression, which will ruin the quality of life on a physical level. This study is best done with a professional specialist who can help you become free from these relationships in just 1-2 meetings. After such studies, memories of the past or some moments reminiscent of the past will bring only joyful emotions, and not sadness. But you need to control yourself constantly – do not look for a meeting with the former, do not come specially to the gym or your favorite cafe to "accidentally" run into him. If you avoid these places and do not rub salt in the wound, bathing yourself in pity, the easier you get over the breakup, and in place of something old, something new always comes in. This rule always works. the easier it is to get over a breakup. And in place of something old, something new always comes. This rule always works. the easier it is to get over a breakup. And in place of something old, something new always comes. This rule always works.

Write a roadmap

Everything is like at work, but in life this rule also works. Firstly, it is always useful to assess where you are now, where you are moving, what is stopping you and why you need all this. This is a good way to objectively evaluate both yourself and the situation from the outside, which is not easy to do at the moment of emotions. When we are in love, by default we put on rose-colored glasses and cannot notice the obvious. You can start by writing down 10 core values ​​and beliefs. Periodically, you can check with them to understand whether the partner is suitable or not. Do this at the very beginning of the relationship to understand whether the partner shares your position. After parting, this is a mandatory item. There are chances that you will realize that the guy was not right for you at all. Then you don’t have to be upset.

Show love and care to yourself

Just not in theory, a new sweater, beauty bath and a beautiful styling may not work. And don’t limit yourself to motivating posts by bloggers and social media coaches. networks. Thinking and doing are still different things, and relationships are often given to us not for life, but in order to survive some situations and endure experience. We can subconsciously choose a partner who fills us where, for some reason, is left empty, such as confidence or self-love. Meeting a person who covers these needs, we feel happy and harmonious. When a person leaves our life, sensations also leave, the oppressive state of emptiness returns. Fill it yourself, do not wait for another person to come and do it. If you can be happy without a boyfriend, you will feel good after the breakup. And the next relationship will only get better

Relax and enjoy

Trite, but effective – when you calm down, you will understand that you can and should benefit from any situation. Allow yourself to do everything that brings joy – from meeting friends to traveling. The level of pleasure from life will increase, energy will appear, and the process of separation will be easier and less painful. If you want to mourn a little, do not scold yourself and do it. But set a clear time frame, for example 2-3 days. And then go back to the beginning of this list and start pulling yourself out of this state. Further – only better, we checked.

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