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Inspiration from Asia: How to do trendy Korean makeup in warm colors


Glowing skin, pink and peach makeup, or maybe the effect of kissed lips and baby face? Yes, all this is in vogue thanks to beauty bloggers from Asia. Therefore, we will learn from them the intricacies of creating Korean makeup.

It seems that Korean women know everything about proper facial care, because their skin looks sleek and incredibly healthy. Thanks to Instagram bloggers, the Korean multi-step skin care system has really taken the world by storm. But young ladies from Asia can surprise not only with this. It is K-beauty that is now increasingly setting the makeup trends. It is Korean makeup that everyone is trying so hard to repeat now.

No matter how strange it may sound, but Korean women do not use some tricky makeup techniques, but techniques that have long been familiar to everyone. But they got so good at combining them within the framework of one composition that the image in the end turns out to be somehow unrealistic, and the faces of k-beauty bloggers resemble porcelain dolls.

We have already written about the main trends of Korean makeup in 2020. Judging by the photos on Instagram of beauty bloggers from Asia, this season it is worth doing baby face makeup and monochrome makeup in warm colors. Fortunately, this makeup, although it looks difficult to perform, it is easy to repeat. It combines the main features of Korean makeup: delicate radiance of the skin, lack of contouring, a gentle blush in the area of ​​the apples of the cheeks, the effect of kissed lips.and light, like a watercolor make-up of the eyes. And, of course, on the lips, cheeks and eyes should be one shade – more often peach, pink or coral. Such a choice of shades and the rejection of abundant contouring allow you to create the same baby face effect. And if you want to completely turn into a chrysalis, take into service the special arrows of Asian girls – with the tips down. This visually makes the eyes rounder and larger, giving the image of infantilism.

Mono makeup is not only a beautiful makeup trend from Korea, but also an economical trend. After all, to create a puppet image, you need one product. You can use blush or one lipstick on your cheeks, eyes and lips. It is better to choose a product with a creamy texture: it is more convenient to apply and shade, and also it will not “powder" the wet shine of the face.

If you are ready to impress everyone with your looks, then here are some Korean style makeup ideas. Learn how to do Korean makeup and repeat the trend right now.

Daytime Korean makeup in orange tones

Life hack: the makeup artist applies orange lipstick instead of blush just above the apples of the cheeks to visually lift them and make them more plump, like a child’s. He applies the same lipstick to the entire mobile eyelid, blending into a soft haze to the folds, as well as to the center of the lips.

natural korean pink makeup

Life hack: try to make your eyebrows straighter – this visually makes the face look younger.

Evening Korean makeup in pink tones

Life hack: darkening the outer corners of the eyes, the blogger applies lighter shadows from the same color range to the entire moving eyelid and inner corners of the eyes. But in the center of the upper and lower eyelids, she applies glitter shadows. Shine in these areas creates the illusion of tear-stained eyes, which is one of the criteria for beauty in Korea (strange, but true).

Monochrome make-up with the effect of semi-matte lips

Life hack: apply matte lipstick on moistened lips with a fluffy brush. First create a semi-transparent base, and then add brightness only to the center of the lips.

Korean makeup "golden sunset"

Life hack: so that eyes with peach shadows do not look tired, line up the lash lines with a black or brown liner. This will add drama to the makeup and make the eyes more expressive.

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