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How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?


Lack of sleep, what to do?

This problem is relevant for workaholics, students and, of course, new mothers. If you don’t sleep much, it is difficult to keep your brand throughout the day, to keep up with everything, to remain full of strength and energy. To feel at “5” you will have to learn a few rules:

  1. Count it. Scientists have long ago determined that our sleep consists of several consecutive, repetitive cycles. The phases alternate one after another. The slow phase corresponds to deep sleep, and the fast phase corresponds to shallow sleep. A person can “spin”, breathe frequently. It is in this cycle that we dream. How much sleep do you need to wake up awake? Your minimum is 4.5-5 hours, no more and no less.
  2. Fall asleep right away. You should not go over in memory the events that filled the day. No need to analyze, think out, dream. To fall asleep quickly, try to completely, consciously, relax your body, every muscle. Away from unnecessary thoughts, friends, tomorrow is an important day!
  3. Appreciate comfort. To feel rested in the morning is worth spending a little money. A good mattress, pillow, affects the quality of sleep.
  4. Indoor temperature is an important indicator. The room temperature should be no higher than 22 degrees Celsius. Ventilate well before bed.
  5. Alarm clock. Waking up early in the morning cheerfully will help the correct melody on the alarm clock. Do not choose lingering or, on the contrary, too intrusive music. It will either put you to sleep or irritate in the morning. Best of all, set a radio alarm or program the TV to turn on the music channel automatically.
  6. Let there be light. Remember to open the curtains before going to bed. As soon as the darkness leaves your room, the rays of the sun (albeit diffused) light will touch your body. An awakening mechanism will start in the body. The sleep hormone, melatonin, gradually stops being produced.
  7. Natural stimulants. Natural tonics can be used all day for a cheerful morning and well-being. For example, Eleutherococcus or Gotu Kola. I prefer iherb products. There are no impurities, harmful substances in them. Kotu Kola, by the way, does not contain caffeine. It works gently, giving energy and strength.

If you had to stay awake at night, then how to restore energy in the morning and be cheerful? I’ll write about what helps me in such situations:

  • strong hot tea / coffee with lemon;
  • exercise / dancing;
  • cold and hot shower;
  • rubbing the hands: palms, finger massage;
  • rubbing the auricles (very invigorating);
  • breathing exercises in front of the window or on the street.

“Owls” and “Larks”

It is customary to divide all people into “larks” and “owls”. These two sleep patterns are common to the entire population. The former get up early, often at dawn. Their best performance is manifested in the morning hours, in the afternoon it decreases. They are comfortable going to bed no later than 22 hours.

The second type prefers to sleep for a long time, it is difficult for them to wake up in the morning, they get up closer to dinner. Such a person, even if he gets up early, still remains sleepy, lethargic, he will want to rest. The work rhythm will enter only in the afternoon. He ends up after midnight.

Don’t do it before bed.

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?

You can wake up in a good mood if:

  • you will spend the evening in a calm atmosphere;
  • exclude alcohol, drinks containing caffeine;
  • turn off your smartphone / tablet, turn off the TV;
  • you will not overeat and drink a lot before going to bed;
  • walk a little at a calm pace (there is nothing better than evening walks).

The shower helps you wake up. Therefore, before going to bed, it is better to take a warm (not hot) bath with aromatic oils and sea salt.

A set of real essential oils to lift your mood

Pros and cons of getting up early

I always have two hands for starting my day as early as possible and getting more done. But, unfortunately, I am originally not one of those people who wake up at dawn of their own accord. I always envied my friend who is capable of this. But now my regime has changed, I have something to compare with, and when I thought about it, I brought out several pros and cons of this case.


  • Better performance. This plus is perhaps the most significant. You can easily do the work in the morning that you could stretch out for the whole day. Now I like to get up early, do all the necessary things before lunch and devote the rest of the time to less important things. For me, it’s much easier than waking up at nine, swinging, and I don’t want to take on anything.
  • The memory works better. Yes, friends, have you ever noticed that the brain memorizes information better in the morning? I remember when in school they were asked to learn poetry or some paragraphs from history, evening cramming rarely ended in success. And as soon as you get up early, sit down at the textbook and you’re done! The material bounced off the teeth. By the way, you can read how to improve memory in this article.
  • You will stop being late and you can calmly pack up. Are you familiar with the situation when you in a hurry put on what the first was at hand, run out of the house faster, forget something and end up being late for your transport, and therefore for work or school? How embarrassing then to make excuses to the boss. But all this can be avoided, one has only to wake up a little earlier. It is in my habit to get up immediately at the alarm clock, the time for which I calculate with a margin, as I take into account various unforeseen situations. I always have time to get ready, have breakfast and calmly go wherever I need to. By the way, there are always 15 minutes left when I arrive at the right place.
  • A feeling of cheerfulness and a boost of energy for the whole day. As soon as you establish a new daily routine – going to bed at ten in the evening and getting up early will not be a problem, but a joy!


  • Feeling overwhelmed. You will get up in the morning overwhelmed, but only if you do not follow the correct routine.
  • This is not an easy task, and it will be difficult to retrain yourself. It will not be easy for “owls”, who are used to staying up late and getting up at the last minute, and then flying headlong. The body will give resistance, but everything becomes a habit. Before the baby was born, I was a real “night owl”, I liked to stay up late and get up as late as possible, on weekends I slept until 11 in the morning. And now it seems terrible to me! How can you waste so much time? The restructuring of the body lasted for months, but in the end I managed to slightly change my regime.
  • Family difficulties. Yes, this disadvantage is also very significant. I understand how difficult it is for people in pairs who have different daily routines. For example, a wife gets up at dawn and goes to bed very early, and a husband, who only comes home from work at ten in the evening, falls asleep at midnight, and in the morning he sleeps until the last moment. When can such a couple find time to be together?

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?

Set yourself up for a steady routine

Go to bed and wake up at the same time so your body gets used to it and takes your routine for granted. Then the question of how easy it is to wake up will cease to bother you. 2-3 weeks – and easy awakenings are guaranteed. This recommendation can be given for many other sleep problems, such as difficulty falling asleep and insomnia. And in all cases, the advice helps a lot!

Stop snoozing your alarm

This is a very important point that will help you wake up in the morning alert. Back to mobile phones (although many modern alarm clocks have a similar option).

Rarely do we get up at the first alarm. We usually postpone it for 5-10 minutes (as a rule, many have a pre-configured schedule for the next alarm clock).

But here’s what’s interesting. This time is quite enough to once again plunge into the land of dreams and doze off.

On average, it takes us 2-3 alarms to wake up completely. Of course, there is no longer any talk of cheerfulness and light morning.

Learn to get up at the first alarm. To do this, leave your phone or alarm clock at the other end of the room so that you cannot physically reach it while lying in bed. You will have to get up to turn it off. And after that, the likelihood that you again crawl under the covers and fall asleep is almost minimal.

How to learn to get up early: form the regime

Many people associate the word “regime” with hard restrictions. To make it easier to relate to it, take as a basis the fact that it will make you feel better and will also have a beneficial effect on your health. A person who observes a sleep routine works more productively, studies, plays sports and gets tired less. At first, you really have to collect all your will into a fist. You will have to give up late dinner, watching videos on YouTube until two in the morning and other things that are familiar to you. But this way you will free up time that you can spend on sleep.

To form any habit, you only need three things:

  1. Time.
  2. A wish.
  3. Discipline.

It is a mistake to think that a habit is formed in a couple of days. Each person is unique, but on average it takes about 3 months. The body will spend this time on restructuring the previously established processes. It is not a quick process, but the result will please you. You will feel better, waking up in the morning will stop feeling like hell in reality.

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?

Bring a bright light into the room

Sunlight not only affects the production of vitamin D, but also helps you wake up refreshed.

Have you ever noticed that it is much easier to get up on sunny days than on cloudy and rainy days? It’s all about the bright light. It inhibits the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) in our brain. That is why it is more difficult to fall asleep in the light than in the dark.

In other words, when sunlight (or bright light from any other source) hits the melanopsin cells in your eyes, it “shuts down the melatonin factory” in our brain.

But what if it’s cloudy and raining outside? A blue LED light will come to the rescue. Recent studies have shown that, unlike warm white light, blue LEDs have a much stronger effect on reducing the production of melatonin in the brain. As a result, you will wake up easily in the morning!

What time is it better to wake up

To understand what time it is best to get up in the morning, listen to the opinion of experts.

If you are a morning person

This type of person has a very close relationship with sunrise and sunset.

The easiest way for larks to wake up is at six in the morning, in winter time can shift by an hour. Such people also go to bed early, of course, not literally at sunset.

Larks work best before lunchtime or from four to six in the evening. Between one and three, they are advised to take a nap to replenish their strength.

It is recommended to go to bed at nine or ten in the evening. The later, the more overwhelmed they will feel.

If you are an owl

For this type of people, getting up early is a real painful torture.

The best time to wake up is nine in the morning. These people are fully awakened and can get down to business only at about 11 in the morning. It is owls who are frequent buyers of coffee in order to cheer up before work.

The optimal time to carry out important assignments is in the evening, or at least around two o’clock in the afternoon.

Owls can easily stay awake until 11pm. But at midnight, their performance decreases and it is better to go to bed until that time.

Good morning

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?

What time to wake up to be awake? It depends on when you go to bed. And the table, which is easy to find on the World Wide Web, will help you with this. The main thing is to try to fall asleep as soon as you go to bed. Learn to disconnect from everyday life. This is a useful skill.

What to do if you can’t sleep? I drew up a scheme for myself – if I can’t fall asleep on time, then I don’t sleep, but I do whatever I want. The main thing in the morning is to get up at the appointed time and then there will be no problems with falling asleep the next day))) It turns out there are exercises that will help you fall asleep in 1 minute

Take a shower and temper

You can take a shower to keep you awake. Standing under the jets, roll your head, shoulders, hips. Water of contrasting temperatures and a soft sponge will enhance blood circulation.

Get used to the coolness. Hardening charges with vigor and strength if you do the procedure in the morning. To get used to it, start gradually: first, turn on cold water for just 1 – 2 seconds, increase the hardening time every day. The body will respond favorably by raising energy.

Drink a couple of glasses of water

Water is an important component of our body. It not only cleanses our body of toxins and toxins, but also starts it up after awakening.

Drink 2 cups of room temperature water on an empty stomach, right after you wake up (I recommend keeping a carafe of water near your bed). You can add a little lemon juice. Along with deep breathing, water will invigorate and help you wake up easily in the morning.

And by the way, remember to drink 2.5-3 liters of water a day to stay energetic, eat less, and stay hydrated.

Cheer up

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?Exercising in the morning is not only a great way to warm up, but also to wake up completely. Just 5-10 minutes is enough. Do push-ups, squats, or run at an average pace. This will make your heart beat faster and oxygenate your cells.

And if you have a dog, then this is also a great way to make your morning light and cheerful!

Easy morning awakening: how to do it

To wake up in the morning was easy, the day was filled with energy, positive emotions, you should take care of this in advance. The correct organization of the place of sleep is of great importance, this will help to have a quality rest and wake up in a good mood.

You need to worry about silence, a comfortable bed, access to fresh air. Factors that interfere with a comfortable sleep should be eliminated.

Recommended sleep duration

The optimal sleep time for an adult is 8 hours. But this is average. One can get enough sleep for 4, someone is not enough 10. The reason lies in the individual characteristics of the organism.

You should listen to yourself, understand how long it takes to rest in order to wake up vigorous. And this duration must be adhered to constantly. So the body gets used to a certain period of sleep, it recovers better.

Reasons for a difficult awakening

Difficulty getting up in the morning can occur if the rest is not properly organized. An uncomfortable sleeping place, stuffiness, hot temperature or cold affect its quality. The person spins, sleeps restlessly, he is tormented by terrible dreams, nightmares. For this reason, the body does not rest well, does not fully recover.

Discomfort is caused by uncomfortable, restricting movement, synthetic clothing, bedding of poor quality. Accustomed to sleeping in silence, even a slight noise can wake up. This all prevents you from getting up on time in the morning.

We start preparing in the evening

To get a good night’s sleep, you need to prepare in the evening. You need to try not to overwork, finish household chores 1.5-2 hours before rest. Watching a movie, reading an interesting book, taking a warm bath – these activities will help you to relax.

If falling asleep takes a long time, a glass of warm milk, a soothing herbal tea, will have a good effect. A good sleep will help you to have a good rest, which means you wake up vigorous, full of energy.

An important element of a good morning is exercise.

For well-being throughout the day, morning exercises are one of the main elements. After all, sport not only trains the body, helps to finally wake up, the bottom and allows the body to produce hormones of joy – this is what the sutra lacks so much.

To be honest, I don’t want to do sutra exercises at all. But we decided to make the morning vigorous, so it should be. And to make it not so hard at first, start doing a short exercise – only 5 minutes. This is enough to disperse the blood and invigorate. But this time must be noted. Feeling the seconds running away on the timer will help you fight laziness, which manifests itself even more actively at the beginning of the day.

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?

Universal morning exercises are a plank, side bends, light stretching, a bridge, etc. Grueling exercise in the morning is best avoided. The task of charging is to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body.

Get yourself a comfortable sleep

If you sleep in inappropriate conditions, such as light or unpleasant temperatures, you won’t be able to wake up refreshed. Night sleep is extremely important, and if it is insufficient or disturbed, no other recommendations will help you. To help you sleep comfortably, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Do not use a smartphone or watch TV just before bed. Better replace that with reading a book. If you want to start reading books but can’t bring yourself to read this article.
  • Ventilate the room before going to bed, leave the window open in the summer to keep the air in the room fresh.
  • Provide yourself with complete darkness, because light sources do not allow the body to completely relax during sleep, and wake up refreshed;
  • Avoid naps. Even a short nap during the day can prevent you from falling asleep quickly at night and waking up awake.
  • Dinner should be light, and no later than 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Get rid of bad thoughts and unresolved problems before bed. If the next day is going to be a busy one, plan it in advance and put everything out of your head.

Get up on the alarm the first time

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?

You’ve probably heard that it is a bad habit to set the alarm clock forward several times, trying to sleep for a few minutes. There is also a scientific basis for this – in this way you expose the body to severe stress, forcing it to fall asleep, then wake up several times in a row. In addition, as you understand, the dependence is purely psychological, because 10-15 minutes will certainly not be able to influence the state of the body.

In order to develop this habit, start leaving the alarm clock across the room, or at such a distance that you have to get up and walk a little. If the alarm clock lies next to you, then the temptation to lie down to move it a little forward will be very great.

Even if in the evening you are 100% sure that you will wake up without any problems, then in the morning you can easily change your mind. This does not mean that you are bad with willpower, just in the morning your body will have an increased content of the sleep hormone melatonin, which helps the body to fall asleep.

Take your time getting up and turning off the alarm – the longer you stay awake, the more chances that you won’t lie back. Moreover, the point is not only in the desire to sleep, but also in the fact that lying in bed is more pleasant than getting up and doing something.

Morning exercises, exercise for vigor

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?

A small set of exercises that will enrich the blood with oxygen:

  1. Step in place. Raise your knees and arms bent at the elbows, march in place.
  2. Twisting. Raise your arms in front of you, bend at the elbows parallel to the floor. Perform intense right / left torso twists.
  3. Slow rotations of the head, hands. Circular movements with the shoulders. Rotation of the hips.
  4. Tilts in different directions: left / right / forward and backward.
  5. Squats.
  6. Pushups.
  7. “Birch”. Lying on the floor, lift your straight legs up, perpendicular to the floor. While performing the movement, support your hips with your hands, resting on your elbows.
  8. “Barrel”. Sitting on the floor, pull your knees to your chest, wrap your arms around them. Place your head on your knees. Lean back, “rolling” on your back and return to the starting position. Perform the movement several times.
  9. “Boat”. Lying on your stomach, raise your arms and legs off the floor, stretch up. Freeze for a few seconds, then return to the starting position.

Just 10-15 minutes of charging and you are back in the ranks. Be sure to include some rhythmic music.

Practice the deep breathing technique

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?As soon as you wake up, sit on the bed and take deep breaths in and out for 2 minutes. When we sleep, all processes in the body slow down, and the respiratory system is no exception.

These slow, deep breaths will fill your lungs and cells with oxygen, raise energy levels, and ultimately help you wake up completely.

Use dedicated alarms

There are “smart” alarms that determine the phases of sleep. They wake up a person at the moment when he sleeps most superficially and when it is easiest for him to wake up. True, they have some error in determining the phases of sleep, so that these devices do not always ideally “fall” on the most successful period of time for awakening. In addition, most models are not suitable for those who sleep more than one, or for pet owners.

The fact is that many devices determine the phases of sleep by the movements of a person (those who sleep every 1.5-2 hours at the beginning of each new cycle toss and turn in bed, changing their position). If a “neighbor” or a cat sleeping nearby starts tossing and turning, the device may receive incorrect data and make a mistake in its calculations.

Don’t be discouraged if a smart alarm doesn’t work for you. You can wake up vigorous without it.

Breathe in essential oils

It has long been known to everyone that ethers are used to raise mood and relax. The aromas of lemon, orange, grapefruit give joy, stimulate appetite and help get rid of blues and depression. The essential oils of these fruits are good for the nervous system. If you can barely get up and your mood is at zero, try the following way to cheer up. Rub the lemon peel on a fine grater, then wrap it in cheesecloth and gently massage it into your temples and forehead. After 10 minutes, you will feel a surge of energy. You can rub your forehead and temples with a cut lemon or grapefruit rind.

Light up the bedroom

It will be easier for you to wake up if it is light in the bedroom when you wake up. The light stops the production of the sleep hormone melatonin in the body, and with it all the pain associated with awakenings. In the summer, it is especially easy to provide morning lighting in the bedroom – you just need to sleep with the curtains open or open them immediately after the alarm clock rings. And how to cheer up in the morning during the cold season, when you need to wake up before dawn? You can use imitators of the dawn – special devices that flare up with a bright light by the specified time and help you wake up. Most models combine artificial dawn with pleasant sounds to make waking up even easier.

A few more words about dimming and lighting the bedroom. Those who are ready to spend money on comfort install automatic blinds at home. They are controlled by the remote control from the bed. One press of a button in the evening – and the room is plunged into darkness, ideal for a sound sleep. Another press on awakening – and sunlight rushes into the bedroom. You don’t have to crawl out from under the blanket and look for slippers – the automation is responsible for the lighting …

How to get owls to get up earlier

Indeed, many people feel more comfortable in the evening and at night. At this time, their performance is much higher. In order for such a person to reprogram his body, incredible efforts will have to be made. The first step is to find out if you really are an “owl” or if it is a force of habit. Try changing your awakening schedule and following it for a couple of weeks. If you feel comfortable in the end, most likely you are not an owl.

If you are uncomfortable, you are definitely a night owl. In this case, use the following techniques:

  • Minimize stress.
  • Include naps in your daily routine.
  • Go to bed 1-2 hours earlier.
  • Before falling asleep, get prepared – meditate, draw, listen to the sounds of nature.
  • Stop using gadgets 30 minutes before bed.

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?

With self-discipline, even owls can turn into larks. At first, replace active nighttime activities with a quiet pastime – drawing, solving logical problems. It is better if the task is monotonous, boring. Tire your body so that its only desire is to plunge into the arms of Morpheus.

Be ruthless

Few people now use classic alarm clocks, most people use their mobile phones. All models have a snooze function or even the ability to set several alarms at once.

At first glance, this is quite convenient, but from the point of view of a vigorous awakening, such “improvements” are from the evil one. If a person knows that he can postpone the time of awakening later and later, under the rule of morning sleepiness, he will definitely do it. And how easy it is to wake up in the morning, if in half an hour you open your eyes five times, fall asleep again five times, and as a result, you will still be wrung out of sleep by a bell? A person does not wake up easily, but, on the contrary, prolongs his sleepiness. Often, he does not even get satisfaction from the fact that he was able to “lie around”. If you want to wake up easily in the morning, get up as soon as you hear the alarm.

How to improve sleep through lifestyle changes

Good sleep and a healthy lifestyle go side by side. In order not to suffer from insomnia and it is easier to endure the restructuring of the body, use the following tips:

  1. Switch to proper nutrition. If our body receives healthy food that is easier to digest, it will be easier for it to function. And this is the key to healthy sleep. Try to replace sweet pastries with fruits, switch from milk chocolate to dark. Do not fry food, but simmer it. Eat as many seasonal vegetables and protein as possible. The main enemy of proper nutrition is trans fats and simple carbohydrates. Try to keep them to a minimum.
  2. Go in for sports. The body will thank you for visiting the gym regularly. You can replace it with morning jogging in the fresh air. The latter will allow you to keep yourself in shape at no extra cost. You can do a set of exercises by finding related videos on YouTube. The easiest way is to go in for sports in the company of like-minded people. Take part in team sports such as soccer or volleyball. You can start with a 15-minute morning exercise, and then move on to more intense exercises.
  3. Minimize stress. You are unlikely to succeed in reducing them to zero, but getting rid of them to the maximum is quite possible! If your boss is constantly unhappy at work, consider changing your current job. Exclude conflicting and envious people from the circle of communication, try to avoid quarrels yourself, and even more so not to start them. Do only what you like, and do not force yourself under the stick.

How to learn to get up early in the morning or the # 1 habit of successful people. How to wake up vigorous and how to cheer up in the morning if you want to sleep?

Find motivation to get out of bed

Have you noticed that on the day when you have some important event or joyful event, you always wake up quickly and easily? Do you remember your childhood? The morning after the holidays, you briskly jumped out of bed to be the first to get to the refrigerator and the rest of the treat. A simple conclusion follows from this: in order to wake up easily, try to plan for yourself some pleasant or useful activity for the first half of the day, or better, both together.

People who use this method admit that… “sweets” and the Internet help them to wake up vigorous in the morning. A delicious brownie tucked away for our morning coffee and tons of social media posts inspire many of us to get up in bed quickly and enthusiastically. Turns out it’s easy to wake up early in the morning – not that hard!

The right thoughts help wake up refreshed and refreshed.

I don’t know if you noticed or not, the first time after awakening the thoughts in your head are not the most rosy. The hardships of life, which seemed ordinary in the evening, begin to seem simply unbearable in the morning. Even if you wake up refreshed, the need to leave the bed can cause discomfort. Of course, waking up early is not easy, but this is definitely not a reason to think about the bad, because the way you think is also a habit.

So, wake up in the morning, chase away all negative thoughts. Think only good things. What is the most pleasant thing for you to think about? Sunny morning on the seashore, meeting with friends after a long separation, beauty of the stars, New Year’s atmosphere, picnic on a sunny summer morning … Fill your thoughts with positive, and your morning will no longer seem like a difficult test to you.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, try a simple experiment. Waking up in the morning, do not rush to express universal sadness on your face. Go to the mirror and smile at yourself. And then one more time. Say out loud that life is wonderful! Well, did you feel a surge of strength and good mood?

Healthy breakfast will give strength for an active day

There are a huge number of breakfast options, but not all of them are equally healthy. But worst of all, of course, the complete lack of breakfast.

Breakfast should provide you with energy for the first half of the day, give you strength and vigor, and improve your mood. And of course, it should be varied. It is best to choose your favorite foods so that the expectation of a delicious breakfast will also help you wake up sutra.

Here are some breakfast options for the work week:

  • Monday – oatmeal with honey;
  • Tuesday – toast with butter and cheese;
  • Wednesday – cottage cheese with herbs
  • Thursday – omelet with cheese
  • Friday – cereal with milk

Color the kitchen

On one of the sites, we came across the following recommendation on how to wake up cheerful: “hang orange shorts or a T-shirt in the kitchen so that you can look at it during breakfast.” Apparently, in such a strange form, people were advised to look at bright colors, although the idea of ​​ u200b u200bwith shorts is rather not invigorating, but amusing (however, laughter also relieves drowsiness!).

We will refrain from such advice and give a recommendation in a slightly different way: work on the interior of the kitchen. You don’t have to make walls and furniture shockingly bright red: choose light green, orange, yellow, aquamarine, or another pleasantly intense color. If you have no desire to make repairs, you can greatly simplify your task by purchasing a colored tablecloth and bright dishes.

Revising the mode: useful tips

You can often see questions on the Internet, such as: “I can’t wake up in the morning, what are the reasons?” To help yourself with this, you should, first of all, establish the correct daily routine. People go to work, perform a number of obligatory tasks during the day. It is better if these events are subject to a specific schedule.

You can not reschedule the beginning of the working day, school. This means that you need to get up at a certain time in order to feel vigorous, rested.

Good sleep is especially important for people in those professions where special care is required, it is difficult to get behind the wheel if it makes you sleepy. This can be dangerous for the driver and passengers. When building the order of affairs, the following facts should be taken into account:

  • mechanical memory is most active from 5 to 7 in the morning;
  • logical chains are best built from 7 to 8;
  • associations can be easily traced in the interval of 8-10 hours.

Active performance during the day is wavy in nature. Its peak falls on the periods of 10-13 and 15-18 hours. A lunch break should be scheduled during the recession.

Advice! Working hours after 19:00 are not advisable, many people note a decline in energy during this time period. Evening time should not be burdened with hard work.

You should have dinner no later than 1.5-2 hours before bedtime. Food should be light, not heavy in the stomach. Rest will be more complete if its hours fall from 22 to 6. At this time, the following happens:

  • From 22 to 24 in the phase of deep sleep, the best recovery of the body is noted;
  • in the interval from 0 to 2 o’clock, the brain processes the information received best;
  • from 2 to 4, the best relaxation of the body occurs.

If you follow this regime, you will be able to wake up in a good mood, rested, full of energy. This is a rough schedule, each person adjusts it to their needs. But the general requirements should be taken into account for a good rest, then it will be easy to wake up.


The correct organization of the place to sleep, the daily routine, certain rituals will help you fall asleep faster. The rest will be more complete, it will become easier to wake up.

A person who has slept well, who has got up vigorous, without feeling asleep, in a positive mood, without bruises under his eyes, will work more productively, he will not need to think about what to do to wake up at work. In the evening, you will have enough strength for household chores, entertainment, communication with loved ones.

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