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All about the benefits and harms of abstinence in men. What can daily masturbation lead to?


Teen masturbation

Some treat masturbation quite calmly, others categorically deny this phenomenon, considering it harmful, sinful and even life-threatening. Masturbation enters a man’s life with the onset of puberty. The member reacts to an increase in testosterone levels with increased growth, the boy begins to take an interest in his body, experiences new sensations – this is normal.

Some parents panic when they find a child for “masturbation”, frighten him, make him feel guilty, impose complexes. All this will form the foundation of future problems in sex life. The best option in such cases is to ignore it, not to focus. This is tactful in relation to the child, does not traumatize his psyche, does not establish false prohibitions.

Almost all boys masturbate. This is due to the absence or presence of a fickle sexual partner, high testosterone levels, increased sensitivity of the glans penis, as well as communication with peers on sexual topics and the ability to freely view erotic content. The frequency of acts is individual, depending on temperament, employment, environment. The main thing is that masturbation does not become a cult in the life of a teenager. The first signs of abuse:

  • Weight loss;
  • Fearfulness (flinching at harsh sounds, movements);
  • Increased fatigue;
  • Decrease in academic performance, attention;
  • Nervousness or lethargy.

In such cases, you may need the help of a psychologist, distraction, new emotions. In a neglected situation, the health of a teenager can be seriously impaired.

Masturbation in adult men

Many adult men masturbate from time to time, even with a steady partner. In most cases, acts are situational in nature, provoked by random visual images (for example, a scene in a film), dreams, and random events. This kind of masturbation is natural and beneficial. The man receives relaxation, pleasure against the background of spontaneous high excitement. As a result, not only the pelvic muscles work, as a result of which the prostate is qualitatively cleansed of stagnation, but a whole cascade of biochemical processes also occurs. Such acts of the “made and forget” series are called adaptive masturbation and are not harmful to health.

Some men, for various reasons, do not have the opportunity to have a normal sex life. In such cases, masturbation 1-2 times a week helps to normalize hormonal levels due to the production of testosterone and endorphins, improve performance, improve mood, and prevent congestion in the prostate and testicles.

Each system of the body must work periodically so as not to “forget” its functions, including the reproductive one. In young people, even in the absence of sex, this kind of testing occurs during emissions. For older men who are not sexually active, doctors even prescribe masturbation every 2-3 weeks to prevent urological problems. Let it be a mechanical act, but it will provide increased blood flow, the removal of prostatic secretions.

The harm of masturbation

When a man resorts to masturbation consciously, deliberately causes arousal, then the situation becomes dangerous. Psychic dependence develops. Masturbation begins to replace natural emotions, feelings of sexual physical intimacy are replaced by a surrogate.

Negative consequences of masturbation abuse:

  1. Development of psychological problems. Men who prefer masturbation are more likely to experience depressive disorders and neurasthenia. This is due to the formation of dopamine addiction. With prolonged masturbation, a man feels fatigue, weakness, loss of concentration, insomnia and frequent headaches.
  2. Neurological disorders associated with exhaustion of the genital spinal centers responsible for ejaculation and erection. Forced mechanical orgasms, received daily, or even several times a day, cause a decline in physical strength and emotional burnout. The motivation to do something disappears, in the background there is always a subconscious feeling of guilt in front of oneself. Erection worsens, the mechanism of sexual arousal is disrupted, and more efforts are required to achieve orgasm.
  3. Diseases of an inflammatory nature and overwork of the prostate. Frequent hand contact with the glans penis increases the risk of bacteria and viral particles entering the urethra and other parts of the genitourinary tract. The most common pathologies include the chronic form of prostatitis and balanoposthitis.
  4. Frequent masturbation instead of preventing prostatitis can provoke it. The constantly contracting muscles of the prostate do not have time to recover, its functionality is impaired, and pathogens are not excreted. As a result, a favorable soil is created for the development of prostatitis.
  5. Mechanical damage. The increased mechanical effect on the glans penis, especially in the absence or insufficient lubricant content, causes the formation of microcracks, irritations, edema and hematomas. These conditions can not only cause discomfort and pain, but also increase the likelihood of infection.
  6. Hormonal Disorders. During masturbation, not only testosterone is produced, but also adrenaline, which should normally be degraded during physical activity. In this case, they accumulate in the body, which leads to damage to the cells of the pancreas and an increase in the risk of developing diabetes mellitus, as well as physical exhaustion due to the increased breakdown of fats and proteins.

Frequent masturbation causes hormonal disruptions. Sexual arousal provokes an adrenaline rush, which can only be neutralized by physical activity. During natural sex, a man moves, and intensively, but during masturbation, he does not. The result is a minimum of physical effort, a maximum of nervous tension. Frequent release of testosterone along with sperm also imbalances the endocrine system.

Diabetes mellitus is a frequent companion of avid masturbators. The reason is that adrenaline triggers the release of glucose, but there is nowhere to dispose of it (there is no physical activity). As a result, the load on the pancreas is seriously increasing. In addition, excess adrenaline leads to increased breakdown of fats and proteins, which makes men who abuse masturbation painfully thin and physically weak.

The most common consequence of masturbation abuse is the inability to achieve ejaculation during natural intercourse or impotence. Such men lose all value to women as sexual partners. There are several reasons:

  • Reconfiguring the receptors of the head of the penis. During masturbation, a man performs all the movements exactly according to his needs, acting on the most sensitive areas with optimal effort (maladaptive masturbation). Receptors get used to just such stimulation and no longer respond to another. Neither vaginal nor oral sex satisfies a man anymore.
  • Syndrome of unjustified expectations. Masturbators often use pornographic materials illustrating perverted forms of sexual intercourse as a stimulation of arousal. In real life, most women do not correspond to the formed type and do not excite a man.
  • Exhaustion of the genital centers, early ejaculation. In some men, due to constant masturbation, the head becomes very sensitive, and the genital centers located in the lumbar spinal cord become hyperexcitable. As a result, ejaculation occurs not only when inserted into the vagina, but also simply from the touch of clothing (without arousal). Such an orgasm does not bring pleasure.
  • Sexual Failure Anxiety Expectation Syndrome (STOSF). One of the reasons for its occurrence is a subconscious fear of the consequences of masturbation. The man is excited, but before the introduction into the vagina, the penis falls.

With frequent contact of the head with the hands, the risk of infection in the urethra increases significantly. In particular, Escherichia coli, which is considered one of the main causative agents of prostatitis, can easily enter the genital tract. Due to frequent masturbation, the head and foreskin swell, blood circulation in the pelvic region is disrupted, and prerequisites for the development of urogenital pathologies appear.

How to quit masturbation and restore potency

It is possible to restore normal sexual reflexes and psyche only by refusing to masturbate. The advice to avoid viewing provocative materials does not always work. A man who is accustomed to masturbating will do it without any video sequence, out of habit. The main thing is to realize that there is a problem and analyze the damage done to the body.

Not every man decides to consult a psychologist with the problem of masturbation. The reason is not only shyness, but also the high cost of such services (in Moscow, the price for 40 minutes of consultation on sexology reaches 7-9 thousand rubles). Communication with like-minded people and a joint fight against the addiction can be no less effective.

For premature ejaculation, doctors recommend total abstinence (no masturbation and no sex). The centers of ejaculation must recover, and this can take more than one month. If the situation is reversed (ejaculation does not occur), then masturbation should be replaced by normal natural sex with a woman. Both are prescribed B vitamins, which contribute to the normalization of the functioning of nerve fibers. In some cases, it is necessary to take tranquilizers, antidepressants.

Key recommendations for men who decide to stop masturbating:

  1. Do not stay in bed in the morning. Morning erections often provoke the act of masturbation, so you need to get up as soon as possible, empty your bladder and go to the shower.
  2. Do physical work, go to the gym regularly, exercise endurance. Fatigue relieves sexual tension well.
  3. Expand your social circle, meet new people, get fresh impressions.
  4. Start being realized in the areas of career and family building.

After giving up masturbation, men notice an improvement in hearing and vision, sharpening of attention, and increased efficiency. Also, cravings for sugar and alcohol are reduced, digestion is stabilized.

Many men, when refusing to masturbate, successfully use methods of getting rid of alcohol or alcohol, since obsessive masturbation is also a serious addiction.

Long absence of sex

One of my acquaintances became a widow quite early. One child is almost disabled, the second is very small, money is very bad, as my husband drank heavily, and they could hardly make ends meet. In general, by the time she remembered about the stronger sex, it seemed to her that she not only forgot how to do sex, but also flirt, and generally rest and have fun. She came to me, says: I used to be groovy, I loved to flirt, I was ready to start flirting with every man. Now they only talk to me, I want to hide in a corner and become invisible. It seems that I am old, scary and nothing will work for me.

Another friend had been chasing her ex-man for three years, unable to believe that there was nothing to return anything. Then I tried to date someone else in order to forget the first one, but the relationship fell apart in just a month. It didn’t even come to bed with another man. Now she says that there are no real men left and it’s time to get a dog. Such conclusions are not uncommon if a man has not been there for a long time.

There are many such stories, and psychologists say that the point is not in men, but in the fact that women, once seriously burned, begin to think that all men are bad. They are all the same for them, all enemies. Until a woman gets rid of this complex, nothing will change in her personal life. And you need to change, because love is the feeling for the sake of which it is worth overcoming your fears, curing your complexes and looking for a couple.

What to do if you haven’t had sex for a long time

Single women quickly get used to taking everything into their own hands, keeping everything under control. But in a relationship with a man, including in sex, you need to give the initiative to him. It is he who will show by his actions how much time it takes to kiss, when to take off the underwear and what position to take. Therefore, no matter how long you live without sex, remember that a man will show everything and even do everything himself. If you are frightened to portray a log, a good man will always find a way to make a sensual willow out of such a log. Another option is that he will not even be surprised, because many women behave in this way during their first sex. Nobody expects frames from porn films from you.

What is sex and its need for a woman

From the point of view of physiology, sex is a process of reproducing one’s own kind. Psychologists call this pleasure and satisfaction associated with sexual desires. A person needs a satisfying and regular sex life.

In women, during sexual intercourse, the uterus and vaginal walls are massaged, eliminating many gynecological diseases. But it was also noted that sometimes the absence of sexual pleasures does not manifest itself in anything negative outwardly.

Most likely, this is due to the fact that sex is a secondary physiological need. However, without causing physical disorders, its deficiency nevertheless affects the deterioration of a woman’s behavior and her emotional state. Mental depression and early aging are possible.

It has been proven that psychologically a woman experiences more pleasure from sex than a man. Only for her, the main thing is emotions, and not the process itself.

Therefore, even meeting very rarely with a beloved man, she will receive pleasure that supports her physical and mental state.

Having sex with her beloved, she feels desired and feels anxious experiences, which has a positive effect on her well-being and on her appearance.

Medicine about the benefits of sex

  1. Having sex increases testosterone, which enhances sexual desire, strengthens bones and muscles, together with estrogen normalizes the work of the heart and blood vessels.
  2. Regular sex twice a week reduces the occurrence of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes in women. Improved peripheral circulation prevents varicose veins disease.
  3. The resulting prolactin improves the sense of smell.
  4. A good intercourse can both tone up and lull you as needed.
  5. Sex is an antidepressant for stress, depression, depression. And antiviral for flu and colds.

What a woman who has no sex is deprived of

During sexual intercourse, in contact with the body of a partner, a woman feels peace, and the production of the hormone oxytocin improves well-being. The girl owes her good mood to another hormone – endorphin.

Menopause is a serious period in a woman’s life. At this time, sex is especially useful, as it protects the uterus from disease, increasing its tone, stimulates the body, and supports the production of estrogens, which also affect lubrication.

Sexually active women experience less stressful conditions. They have less pain during menstruation due to a good contraction of the uterus. This is possible if she experiences intense sensual pleasure, which not every partner can give.

You can even lose a little weight with the help of sexual entertainment. Having sex presumably stimulates the brain, improving its mental capacity. And weekly sex prolongs life.

The only beneficial thing that happens to a woman if there is no sex is the ability to avoid all sorts of inflammatory sexually transmitted diseases.

Signs that stand out for women living without sex for a long time

So if you decide that you are ready for a new relationship, then the first step is to buy beautiful underwear (not in the closet, but for regular wear), high-heeled shoes. Start shaving your legs and other private areas regularly. After that, men will not have to wait long, because no matter how bad their intuition works, they see women who are ready for a relationship from afar. Remember that if a woman has not had sex for a long time, then she begins to have health, mental and mood problems. Do not allow this, because high-quality and safe sex is the key to good health and mood!

  1. Most often, such manifestations are noticeable as nervousness, irritability, anger and even sometimes aggression for no apparent reason.
  2. She sees her whole life in black and white with rare gray tones, she is not happy enough. He perceives everything around him more tragically than others.
  3. Lack of progesterone causes skin inflammation. The mammary glands are saggy and the muscles of the body are weak.
  4. Lack of collagen, released during sex, ages the skin, which loses its elasticity and firmness.
  5. The onset of insomnia does not allow you to fully rest and recuperate during a night’s sleep. This is due to the sedative oxytocin that appears during orgasm.
  6. Low self-esteem.

But do not despair if there is no sex – life did not end there. You can find many ways to diversify it and make it no less interesting, bringing satisfaction and health benefits.

Sexual renaissance

Doctors have carried out just a huge amount of research confirming that abstaining from sexual activity is extremely dangerous for a person’s mental and physical health. However, no one says that you need to have sex with the first person you come across. Far from it, this is far from the case. Sexual life can only be beneficial if you have sex with someone who is very close to you.

According to doctors, if the lack of sex does not make you uncomfortable, then there is no serious reason to worry. After all, each person has a different sexual activity. Someone lacks two sexual intercourses a day, and someone can do without sex for months or even years.

Listen to scientists

Conducting various scientific studies confirms that lack of sexual activity destroys all areas of human life. So, intimate fasting can lead to mental and physical health disorders, spoil your mood and cause many other problems.

Wrong thinking

There is an opinion that the lack of sexual activity helps to conceive a child. So, if a man refuses sex for several days in a row, then the amount of sperm produced during this period will increase, which means that the likelihood of conception will increase. However, scientists say that abstinence does not always lead to the onset of the much-desired pregnancy. In addition, it can provoke a number of other problems. Therefore, it is very important for a happy family life to have sex as often as possible.

Some people believe that living without sex can be rejuvenating and provide many physical and spiritual benefits to the body. But this is far from the case. Lack of amorous pleasures will only accelerate the aging process of the body, as well as worsen the activity of the central nervous system.

What is the danger of lack of sexuality for men

It is very difficult for a representative of the stronger sex without an intimate life. A man just needs to be sexually active in order to procreate. If a representative of the stronger sex simply does not have enough sex at home, he may deliberately commit adultery. After all, this is the physiological need of the body, and there is no getting away from it. Let’s take a closer look at what sexual abstinence can lead to in men.

Male problems

A long life without sex can lead to problems with potency. Every man dreams of being healthy, sexually active and not knowing what premature ejaculation, prostatitis and serious erection problems are. At the same time, keep in mind that abstinence is dangerous for both guys and older members of the stronger sex.

The older the man, the more difficult it will be to restore his sexual function. But once again it is worth mentioning that sex will be beneficial only if it is part of family life. Indiscriminate sex life can cause even more trouble than problems with potency.

The emergence of problems of the nervous system

Irregular sex life leads to the development of mental instability. As you know, during intercourse, a large amount of testosterone is produced in the male body. An insufficient level of this hormone in the male body affects the emotional state.

All about the benefits and harms of abstinence in men. What can daily masturbation lead to?

A person becomes dissatisfied with his life. Depression and bad mood haunt him. As a result, problems arise at work and in the personal sphere. Therefore, regular sex life will help a man stay calm and balanced in any situation.

Sex in a person’s life

Sex in the life of any healthy person is a very important component of the quality of life in general. Doctors, psychologists, sexologists unanimously declare that without regular sexual intercourse, a person’s life deteriorates significantly. Moreover, at all levels: health suffers, first of all, mental balance is destroyed, and, as a result, serious problems begin in professional activity, relations with others deteriorate.

If we consider sex as a function for procreation, then we can assume that it is enough for a person exactly as many times as he is ready to have children. Even the Bible speaks of sinfulness, if you make love “in vain”, for pleasure. Masturbation is also strongly condemned. But sex for people is also a source of pleasure, joy. This is an expression of love for a partner, trust. So what harm can abstinence do

Sex and woman

For a woman, sex is primarily about health. As strange as it may sound, the lack of a regular sex life leads to a lot of problems just like a woman. Outwardly, this is practically not expressed in any way, except that a dull look, but a sad or irritated expression on his face. But something unpleasant happens inside.

During intercourse, the man acts as a massager. During proximity, the penis perfectly massages the uterus, the wall of the vagina, and disperses stagnant blood. Abstinence can lead to stagnation. The pelvic organs are seriously affected by this. There is a high likelihood of developing diseases such as fibroids, chronic pelvic pain, which occur as a result of poor blood circulation.

The body can begin to reduce the production of female hormones responsible for youth and beauty. It is no secret that many women, having entered the period of menopause, write off themselves. The body does not forgive such mistakes, and the body begins to age very quickly. The mobility of the joints decreases, the condition of the skin, hair, nails worsens. Bones become fragile, and very often osteoporosis begins to develop. Here’s what doctors have to say about the link between illness and lack of sex:

All about the benefits and harms of abstinence in men. What can daily masturbation lead to?

  • Testosterone. It is important not only for men. For a woman, this hormone plays a significant role. It makes muscles and bones stronger and more resilient. And when paired with estrogen, it has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Regular sex significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. And the well-coordinated work of the peripheral parts of the vascular system negates the risk of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.
  • Prolactin, which grows during lovemaking and accumulates, is responsible for the possibility of conceiving, carrying and then feeding a child. If a woman does not have a regular sex life, she is in constant chronic stress, stress causes the growth of prolactin, and the excess of this hormone interferes with conception. So a lot depends on him. And its rate, in turn, depends on the regularity of sex.
  • Great sex works like an energizer or a sedative. Moreover, the body itself knows what reaction to cause: either it will lull you, or the motor will insert. It all depends on the physical condition of the woman. By the way, professional athletes know this feature: before important competitions, they try to squeeze all the juices out of their men, so that they can shine later.

All about the benefits and harms of abstinence in men. What can daily masturbation lead to?

  • Sex is an excellent adjuster of the depression. Men know perfectly well that if a woman is a little out of her mind, then she needs a good shake. And yes, this is not a myth at all that an evil madam, if caught and persuaded to have sex, will show miracles in bed, and then they will purr affectionately.

The state of mind suffers no less. Everyone knows the joke about an unclaimed woman. The grumpy and constantly irritated ladies are directly told: “Yes, you should have a peasant, my dear, to” fry “it properly. And then you are a shrew from a shrew! “. But it’s true, when a woman has a long abstinence, she becomes always irritated, angry, hysterical person. Moreover, due to upbringing, many deny masturbation. But refusal from masturbation is a crime against oneself. Well, there is no man, well now. But there are all kinds of devices to get relaxation. And do not be ashamed of this, because health is much more important than fear of a dildo.

Sex and man

And for men, the lack of sex is even worse than for women. everyone has heard about the so-called “sailor’s syndrome”. Someone knows him personally. This is erectile dysfunction. Simply put, false impotence, which is accompanied by accelerated ejaculation. This happens due to the fact that the body simply turns off unclaimed functions, so as not to waste energy on them and concentrate on more important tasks. After all, a man who craves sex is not capable of making adequate decisions. Therefore, the body and drowns out the libido, and with it the erection.

Of course, with the restoration of regularity, this syndrome disappears, but how many nerves go away during this time ?! Moreover, the man decides that he is impotent and further drives himself into the trap of abstinence.

How to find out that a man has not had a girlfriend for a long time

Men do not consider the importance of hormone balance when deciding on voluntary abstinence. The serious frustration that occurs as a result of the withdrawal from sexual pleasures leads to visible changes. If a man has not had a permanent partner for a long time, and sex has become rare, this will have an impact on all areas of life and activity.

Dissatisfaction affects health, ability to work, sleep and social issues. There are signs that most clearly betray the absence of intimacy.


A man who has not had violent sex for a long time is forced to suffer from insomnia. Sex itself has nothing to do with sleep, but in the process of getting pleasure, substances are produced that directly affect the quality of a night’s rest.

Sleep with abstinence does not go well for the following reasons:

  • there is no effective physical and emotional discharge;
  • oxytocin, the hormone responsible for relaxation, is poorly produced;
  • the harm from daily stressful stimuli increases.

At first, insomnia may seem like a one-off phenomenon, not related to giving up bed games, but over time, sleep problems become chronic. It is possible to solve the problem by taking sleeping pills with the permission of the attending physician, but this will be symptomatic treatment.

To normalize sleep, you need to eliminate the cause, that is, restore a stable sex life.


Premature aging at a relatively young age is also the fruit of abstinence. The human body does not provide for a regulatory hormonal mechanism that normalizes balance in the event of prolonged neglect of basic needs. Therefore, a lack of sex provokes premature rapid aging. The reason for this phenomenon is a complex of changes in the hormonal background, a violation of the cycles of biochemical reactions.

The main male sex hormone is testosterone. It is he who is responsible for maintaining muscle mass, skin elasticity, endurance, and joint health. He participates in other processes aimed at ensuring the vital activity of the body, but indirectly. If a man does not have sex, testosterone is produced in smaller quantities, so the body’s needs are not met.

Skin inflammation

For a teenager, a rash on the skin is normal. Mature men who make love regularly have healthy skin. The exception is rare pathologies, infections or serious diseases of the endocrine system.

Intimacy allows you to maintain the balance of hormones at a stable level. Lack of fleshly pleasures leads to a sharp imbalance. The skin is an indicator of these changes in the body. Due to the surge in hormones, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively, and the defense mechanisms weaken. Inflammation develops, the skin becomes covered with unaesthetic and painful acne.

Breaks down on others

Psychologists call this state sublimation. Sexual energy is looking for a way out. In the absence of the realization of the basic instinct, it does not go anywhere, but finds a way out in breakdowns. This is not the only emotional problem that abstinence leads to. Here’s how you can tell that a man hasn’t had passionate sex for a long time:

  • excessive sensitivity;
  • resentment;
  • emotional instability;
  • irascibility;
  • decreased self-control;
  • fits of anger for no good reason.

The reason for these phenomena is the effect of abstinence on hormonal levels. If the period of sexual dissatisfaction does not drag on, then with the normalization of intimate life, these manifestations disappear. When sex does not recover, there is a risk of developing unpleasant character traits that will be difficult to eradicate.

Drinks pain relievers often

Lowering the pain threshold is another sign of testosterone deficiency. But not only because of this, during the period of sexual hunger, men suppress frequent pain with drugs. Lack of discharge leads to disruption of the functioning of the autonomic system. Stress provokes the development of migraines, severe headache attacks.

Exacerbating the situation is physical stress, which leads to exhaustion. Pains can be of different localization, but due to the deficiency of male hormones, they are felt more strongly.

Constantly sick

Another area that affects the effects of sexual hunger is immunity. Hypersensitive defense mechanisms react with lightning speed to changes in hormonal levels and begin to function at half strength. Already a month later, without an intimate discharge, the man has a sharp deterioration in health. Over time, this develops into chronic health problems.

The effect on the immune system is manifested in such things:

  • increased susceptibility to viruses and pathogenic bacteria;
  • diseases are more severe than with regular sexual activity;
  • non-dangerous diseases are accompanied by complications;
  • the body’s immune response is weakened;
  • the risk of the transition of diseases to a chronic form increases.

Added to these problems is the lack of stress relief, an increase in body weight against the background of hormonal changes. Together, all these factors significantly reduce the body’s ability to resist attacking bacteria and viruses.

Negative aspects

Frequent masturbation significantly increases the likelihood of developing disorders in the functioning of such systems of the male body:

  • Nervous.
  • Reproductive.
  • Urogenital.

These systems are responsible for the vitality of a person, his ability to reproduce, and his mental state. Therefore, in the event that their health suffers from engaging in masturbation, it should be abandoned.

Let’s take a closer look at the main negative impacts and potential problems.

Masturbation is regarded as a pathology in cases where an adult often engages in it and prefers this process to sexual contact with a partner. Answering the question of how masturbation is useful, there are several reasons, but its harm to health is definitely greater.

Damage to the nervous system

The negative effect on the nervous system is primarily due to the release of a high dose of adrenaline, which occurs during sexual arousal. This hormone has a stimulating effect, tones, accelerates the passage of nerve impulses. At the same time, it exacerbates negative emotions: increased nervousness, irritability, anxiety and psychological stress, thereby depleting the nervous system and causing stress. One of the ways nature provides for relieving nervous tension is physical activity, which is observed during natural intercourse, after which relaxation is felt. With masturbation, there are no loads, the man does not feel complete satisfaction, which has a detrimental effect on the nerve centers.

Under the influence of adrenaline, a large amount of glucose is released, which is broken down to obtain the energy necessary for physical activity during natural sexual intercourse. While masturbating, a man does not experience physical stress, as a result of which an excess of unbroken glucose accumulates. This leads to an increased load on the pancreas, which is one of the risks of developing diabetes. Also, adrenaline promotes the active breakdown of proteins, which explains the low body weight inherent in many masturbators.

With frequent masturbation, serious psychoemotional disorders gradually develop. A man stops responding to natural stimuli, sexual arousal does not arise when watching erotic films, stimulating erogenous zones. As a result, a person becomes isolated, his circle of communication is narrowed up to the complete cessation of contact with people, a number of complexes are formed.

Weakened reproductive ability

Decreased sperm motility and vitality – excessive squeezing of the base of the penis during masturbation has a negative effect on the vessels responsible for the blood supply to the vas deferens and testicles. As a result, the testes do not receive the required amount of oxygen and nutrients, which negatively affects spermatogenesis. In the spermogram, many immobile spermatozoa with structural defects, incapable of fertilization, are found.

  • Erectile dysfunction – a combination of normal functioning of the nervous, circulatory and muscular systems is necessary for sexual arousal and erection. Frequent masturbation weakens the muscles of the prostate gland, which contributes to the development of congestion and inflammation. This is one of the reasons that masturbation with prostatitis is prohibited. Insufficient strength of the inguinal muscles explains the weak erection.
  • Sexual disorders – impaired capillary circulation leads to insufficient blood filling of the cavernous bodies, which causes a weak erection and a decrease in arousal. With a psychopathological form of masturbation, a man has a high probability of developing problems with ejaculation, for which he does not have enough sexual contact with a woman, and additional stimulation with his hands is needed.

Violations of the genitourinary organs

  • Infection of the urethra – during masturbation, pathogens of infectious and inflammatory diseases may be introduced into the urethra into the urethra.
  • Varicocele – thinning of blood vessels as a result of frequent masturbation leads to the appearance of areas of varicose veins of the testicles and spermatic cords.

Prostatitis and masturbation are incompatible, since masturbation is associated with increased blood flow to the prostate gland, which significantly increases the likelihood of an exacerbation of the inflammatory process.

  • Torsion of the testis – with a sharp movement or excessive pressure, twisting of the spermatic cord is possible. To eliminate the violation, surgical intervention is required.
  • Balanoposthitis – due to frequent excessive friction, inflammation of the head of the penis and foreskin develops.
  • Paraphimosis is a disorder that manifests itself in the infringement of the canal head by prepuce tissues, as a result of which the blood supply to the organ is disrupted, swelling develops, and if untreated, necrosis.
  • Colliculitis – studies have shown that frequent masturbation is the cause of inflammation of the seminal tubercle in every tenth patient.

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