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Liquid highlighters: top 5 budget funds


Highlighter is a necessary thing, but often unreasonably expensive. The editors tell you what budget finds you should fill up your cosmetic bag to always shine.

Just a few years ago, we only heard about such a new word in makeup as a highlighter, and today this product has become a must-have for millions of girls and makeup artists around the world. And no wonder, because aggressive contouring and matte tone are a thing of the past.

The sensational beauty product with reflective shiny particles is loved because it can be used to give a beautiful glow to the skin, make it fresher, rested and well-groomed, as if just after a session with a beautician. The product also allows you to sculpt the face, visually correct the oval, mask some imperfections and brighten the skin. In this article we are talking about liquid highlighters and share cool products no more than 400 hryvnia.

Why you need a liquid highlighter

A liquid highlighter, or primer with fine shimmery particles, is usually used as a base under make-up, applied after a day cream under a foundation to give a delicate glow to the entire face. When in contact with the skin, it helps to make a light and natural coating, creating the effect of a “second skin" and a natural glow from within.

When choosing such a highlighter, there is an important nuance: it should not contain large reflective particles, otherwise, instead of a beautifully shimmering face, you will get excessive disco-style shine. The choice of shade is also important – focus on the undertone of your skin.

How and where to apply

The basic rule of strobing is: we highlight everything that needs to be emphasized on the face. Therefore, this remedy is applied strictly to the areas that need to be highlighted, namely the cheekbones, the corners of the eyes, the back of the nose, the “tick” above the upper lip, the area above and below the eyebrow. These are the areas of the face that the light falls on first.

If the highlighter is applied under the tone as a primer, it is distributed in a thin even layer over the entire face using a beauty blender or fingertips. It can also be mixed with foundation for an even, illuminated skin effect.

Budget liquid highlighters

To help you make your choice, we’ve rounded up five proven products to look out for if you’re looking for the best liquid highlighter at the right price. Take note, after all, natural radiance has been in trend for more than one season.

Maybelline New York, Master Strobing 

Maybelline Master Strobing Highlighter has the lightest consistency and a pleasant creamy texture, thanks to which the product is applied evenly without clogging pores and without preventing the skin from breathing. The formula with moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients leaves the face fresh and rejuvenated. It stays on all day long and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Universal shades perfectly complement any makeup and emphasize the natural beauty of the face. Apply the product to those areas that you want to highlight and lighten. Volume 25 ml. Approximate price 200 UAH.

Nyx, Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator

Liquid highlighters: top 5 budget funds

The legendary Nyx liquid highlighters are used even by eminent celebrity makeup artists, so you can not go wrong with the choice of such a tool. We recommend adopting this multifunctional product that can be used on the face and body. Its main task is to improve the color of the skin, giving it a radiant look and the very effect of glowing from the inside. Use to highlight cheekbones, cleavage and shoulders for an evening look, or use as a make-up base. Bonus – moisturizing formula for dry skin. Volume 18 ml. Estimated price 300 UAH.

Mary Kay, Illuminating Drops

Liquid highlighters: top 5 budget funds

Another cool beauty find is the highlighter fluid in drops from Mary Kay, which will emphasize the relief of the face, visually smooth out the unevenness of its color and texture. Suitable for dry and dull skin, this moisturizing treatment helps restore a fresh, rested look and natural radiance. Use over tone to place highlights where needed, or blend with primer or foundation. Volume 15 ml. Estimated price 400 UAH.

Inglot, AMC Face And Body Illuminator

Liquid highlighters: top 5 budget funds

Inglot Shimmer Illuminator Cream is a weightless beauty product that delicately enhances the face and body while hiding minor imperfections and drawing attention away from them. The main advantage of the product is its light formula without oils that weigh down the epidermis and clog pores. For the effect of attractive radiance, mother-of-pearl molecules in the composition are responsible, which gently reflect light, making the skin radiant and visually smooth. Can be mixed with foundation or worn alone to enhance color and brighten skin. Volume 15 ml. Approximate price 330 UAH.

Catrice, Liquid Luminizer Strobing Pen

Liquid highlighters: top 5 budget funds

Liquid highlighter-luminizer from the German brand Catrice will be an excellent choice if you want to always keep your faithful beauty assistant close at hand and not have problems with application. Thanks to the convenient pencil format, the product can be easily applied to the corners of the eyes, and it is also easy to place accents on the brow bone, cleft lips and cheekbones. The highlighter has a pleasant texture, is evenly distributed and lasts throughout the day without clogging pores and allowing the skin to breathe normally. Suitable for creating both everyday and professional make-up. Volume 3.5 ml. Approximate price 150 UAH.

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