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Lipsticks for pale skin: 10 shades that will definitely suit you


In fact, there are many successful lipstick shades for girls with fair skin. This palette includes natural, bright and even very deep tones. We tell and show which lipstick is suitable for pale skin using the example of girls with different hair colors.

The selection of cosmetics begins with basic knowledge: the shades of make-up products should match your color type and skin tone. Otherwise, you can forget about the harmony of the image. In this article, we will show the best shades of lipsticks for pale skin, because it is the owners of the cold color type, which includes very light, almost transparent shades of porcelain and ivory, who often encounter myths about this. Many people think that if they have pale skin, then the choice of lipsticks for them is limited. Not at all!

Let’s find out what shades of lipsticks girls with pale skin should focus on.

cold pink

Owners of a very light skin tone and red hair, like Emma Stone, it is recommended to give preference to lipsticks of cold pink shades (purple derivative). They have enough color to light up your face and give it more vibrancy. If you are a blonde, a rich pink color will work too.


Red lipstick is always a good choice. For fair-skinned girls, a classic scarlet shade is a win-win solution. If you start from hair color, then red lipstick with pinkish pigment is well suited for blondes, cold and deep shades of red with a blue undertone, and redheads should prefer muted dark red lipsticks. Too defiant shades combined with bright hair can create some kind of imbalance.


You might think that classic wine lipstick is boring and old-fashioned, but this deep and rich color is perfect if you have fair skin. Dark lips give a pale face a more daring, confident and sexy look, emphasizing the insight of the look. Girls with blond and red hair are recommended more muted tones of a dark red palette, and owners of chestnut, chocolate and black hair can safely experiment with wine, burgundy and even the darkest “vampire" shades of lipsticks. 

Muted coral

Coral pink lipsticks actually work wonders for fair-skinned girls, especially if you want your lips to look more vibrant. Blondes and red-haired women of a cool color type are best to bet on muted coral pigments in matte and cream finishes – they will add more warmth to the image. Brunettes are less fortunate here: makeup artists recommend that they avoid coral color in lip makeup.

Light pink

Light pink lipstick, tinted balm or delicate rose lip gloss may seem too light or even pale for your skin tone, but as practice shows, this is a big misconception. This shade will bring lightness and romantic mood to your look, and hair color and eye makeup will help to place the right accents, which will add the necessary contrasting notes.

orange red

Red with an orange undertone is a new classic in lip makeup. This category of lipsticks is ideal for those who have a cool color type of appearance and red hair. If you are one of them, pay attention to brick, terracotta tones. If you are a blonde with blue eyes, warm salmon shades of lipsticks will suit you, and a harmonious combination with natural blond hair will emphasize a bright red-orange color on your lips. This lipstick will add fire to the image!


Where without your favorite nude lipsticks? Despite many misconceptions, everyday skin tones flatter fair skin tones just as much as red and pink lipsticks. And all without exception – and blondes, and brown-haired women, and redheads. The only tip from the pros: use a lip liner that matches your chosen lipstick shade so that your face does not look too pale.


When it comes to daring, plum lipsticks come into their own. First of all, brunettes with a cold color type should not be afraid of such deep berry shades. Plum will beautifully complement the mysterious atmosphere of your porcelain skin and make you look really amazing. Focus on plum lipsticks with blue and purple undertones. But girls with light strands should prefer less saturated plum tones.


Peach lipstick is good because, like nude, you can wear it every day. Whether you’re heading to work, getting ready for a party, or meeting up with friends for coffee, peach lips will always go well with pale skin tones. For owners of natural light brown and golden hair, the classic shade of peach is best suited, and blondes with ivory skin will not go wrong with translucent peach shades of glosses and balms. 

matte fuchsia

Another lipstick color that is great for everyday use by fair-skinned fashionistas is fuchsia with a matte finish. In fact, this is the best lipstick color for fair skin if you want to go out without the rest of the makeup. The brightest shade of the pink palette will set the right accent on your face, making the lips the center of attention, emphasize the eyes and will be in harmony with any hair color.