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How to break the energy connection with any person? Energy vampires. Negativity is contagious


What is energy vampirism

At its core, energy vampirism is a connection between two people, where one is a vampire, “feeding” the life force and energy of another person, and the second, in turn, is a donor. This phenomenon is quite common in the modern world, and originates from ancient times.

Vampirism is of two types:

  1. conscious – very rare. At the same time, a person, realizing that they do not like someone, that they avoid communicating with him, will specifically look for a meeting with him. If the “vampire” knows that a person who is negatively disposed towards him is in some place, he will do that to be next to him, will seek contact or simply appear more often in front of him;
  2. unconscious – most often. The “vampire” does not understand why some people around him are negative towards him, even if there was no place for conflicts or quarrels. This feeling is most often depressing.

Actually, the very “pumping” of energy is simple and it is based on the elementary laws of physics. Our energy is not tangible, but it can be conventionally called a substance or substance. Imagine two glasses. In one, the water is poured to the brim, and in the other – to the middle or less. And if you pour some of the water into a glass with less liquid, then the water level in them will be approximately the same. It is the same with people: a person with a small supply of energy forces steals them from another, who has much more of them. To feed the energetic vampire requires contact – conversation and breaking the defenses of your aura.

Causes of occurrence

The main reason for the emergence of energy vampirism is negative emotions. They can arise constantly or periodically, a person suffers and seeks salvation in the person of close and familiar people.

Most often, energy vampires are people with mental disorders, depressed or creative personalities, people offended by fate and those who are negatively disposed towards literally everything.

To get rid of this scourge, the “vampire” needs to get rid of negative thoughts. For more information on how to do this, see the article “Negative Human Thoughts”. It is also worth finding energy replenishment in something else. For example, find hobbies according to your interests, walk more, travel and attend interesting events. In general, do those things that bring positive emotions.

How to recognize an energy vampire

“Vampires” quench their energy thirst in different ways:

  • They stir up scandals by being at the center of them and encouraging others to take part in the conflict.
  • Complains to others about his life, resentment, bosses, evoking feelings of compassion and mercy in people.
  • They cause people to feel guilty and awkward for the slightest trifles – from rearranged mugs to an accidental collision.

Pay attention to the other person’s eyes if you feel uncomfortable every time you talk to them. If at the beginning of a conversation his gaze is dull, and his eyes are sad, and at the end they sparkle and become expressive – you are in front of a typical energy vampire.

Other signs:

  • The most important thing is that after communicating with a person, you feel fatigue, emptiness and loss of strength. You can’t concentrate, everything starts to annoy. Even at the end of the conversation, at the mere mention of this person, you feel uncomfortable.
  • You don’t see this person being cheerful. He always complains, always upset and dissatisfied with something.
  • Not a single scandal is complete without the participation of an energy vampire. He becomes either an instigator or a provocateur, an instigator of a quarrel.
  • Any words spoken by this person seem to be lies, even if you are sure that they are not.
  • The “vampire” is not interested in how to solve his problem. The main thing for him is to tell you in detail about her, so that you show any feelings necessary to feed him.
  • These people are real intriguers, manipulators, and malefactors.

Let’s give an example

A person complains to you about the lack of funds for some important and urgent purchase. Let’s say the following dialogue takes place:

  • You: “Let me borrow you. How much do you need?”

  • He / she: “No, don’t. I don’t want to owe it, and I don’t know when I will be able to give it back. “

  • You: “Ask for an advance payment at work, they should understand you.”

  • He / she: “No, it’s useless, we have a chef-miser.”

  • You: “Take a loan, you have a permanent job.”

  • He / she: “Oh well, did you see what the rates are now?”

  • You: “Then ask your parents, they will definitely help.”

  • He / she: “I do not want to bother the old people, they will again say that I will not achieve anything in this life.” etc.

That is, a person is not at all interested in solving a problem, at least how many options you will not offer him. The conversation can continue until you yourself leave the aggressor. But at the same time, you still have an unpleasant aftertaste, a feeling of guilt for not being able to help. And therein lies the “vampire” trap. The longer you play this peculiar game, the more overwhelmed you find yourself at the end of it.

Although a person can do everything unconsciously. And to manipulate others – too. He just doesn’t know how to do it differently.

How to protect yourself

Of course, the most ideal scenario would be to stay away from energy vampires. But this person can be your colleague, boss, close relative, or even a loved one. You can’t run away and cut off your contacts.

Remember the main rule – behave with restraint, calm and judicious with energy vampires. Do not fall for their provocations, laugh and smile more often. Learn to say a clear “no” when this person asks you for a favor, so as not to be guilty before him later.

Experts advise to build a barrier between yourself and the energy vampire, protecting your energy from it. Psychologists call this barrier the visualization method. As a barrier, imagine what you like best: a dome, a cocoon, a flask, a wall, a fireball, a shield, a door – whatever you want. Try to put up this barrier to protect against energy leakage. To do this, at the next conversation with the “vampire”, imagine that this very dome or cocoon is falling on you, or a wall / door, etc., becomes between you and the interlocutor. You are protected, and so are your emotions. And if, with such visualization, you feel lightness and a little detachment, it means that you did everything right, and the defense worked.

If the “vampire” is your friend or good acquaintance, use the attack method. If she starts yelling at you, do the same. Complains constantly? Do not forget to complain to her and call her in the middle of the night. In tears, tell her that your tights were torn, and tomorrow to work, or a light bulb burned out, or had a bad dream, in general, anything, just to unsettle a person. Better yet, keep contacts with such a person to a minimum.

People often use protective amulets and amulets, it seems to us, this is self-hypnosis.

Help your loved one find other sources of inspiration and energy – this is meditation, doing your favorite things, interesting books, a walk, vacation and even a long-awaited gift.

Try to surround yourself only with positive-minded people who bring joy and happy emotions into your life. Share your happiness with them, exchange positive emotions, and strengthen the strength of the spirit. And then energy vampirism will never touch you and will not be scary at all.

How people become energy vampires

In our time, unconscious vampirism occurs quite often, even among close people. Unconsciously, people stick to other people’s positive emotions, because they lack their own.

Such people are characterized by emotional instability, an unstable mental state, a lack of firm self-confidence and a conscious attitude towards life. If such a person finds himself in a difficult life situation, experiences stress, falls into prolonged depression or becomes seriously ill, then he will satisfy the energy hunger that has arisen at the expense of relatives, friends, acquaintances.

Without knowing it, he begins to draw vitality and suck energy from the people around him.

By the way, babies and old people are also characterized by “vampirism.” Small children are very active in learning about the world and spend a huge amount of energy on this. whims, demanding attention and playing together, which is why many young parents feel exhausted and exhausted.

In old people, due to old age, vital energy decreases for natural reasons. Many elderly people who lack activity and positive communication begin to steal other people’s energy with their eternal discontent and grumbling.

Much more dangerous are people who deliberately steal the life force from others. Energy “bloodsuckers” are conventionally divided into 2 types.

  1. Lunar. This type includes eternal whiners and incorrigible pessimists. They love to complain and colorfully describe their troubles, causing in the interlocutor a feeling of compassion and severe mental pain. At this moment, a person who empathizes with the energy vampire throws out a powerful stream of vital energy, which goes directly to the “bloodsucker”.
  2. Solar. These are hypercommunicative, active and obsessive people who show their interest in others too persistently. They will not calm down until they have pulled out all the necessary information from the interlocutor, along with his vitality and energy. By their nature, such vampires are aggressive, greedy and selfish.

Consequences of communicating with the energovampire

Your senses will help to understand that you communicated with the energy vampire. You may experience the following symptoms and conditions:

  • fatigue;
  • despondency;
  • loss of interest in life;
  • decreased ability to work;
  • headache;
  • insomnia;
  • loss of appetite;
  • nervous breakdown;
  • feelings of guilt and fear.

Here is not the entire list of symptoms, but only the main ones. You will not necessarily experience all of them. However, if after communicating with a specific person who may seem absolutely positive, 2-3 symptoms from this list consistently appear, then you may suspect this person of vampirism.

How to recognize an energy vampire

The vampire energy can be calculated in one of the following ways:

  • by external signs;
  • by behavior;
  • by date of birth.


Despite the fact that the energy vampire looks like an ordinary person, there are still certain characteristic features in his appearance.

Some of the most important signs are drooping corners of the mouth, as well as wrinkles around the mouth and between the eyebrows. This suggests that a person is constantly dissatisfied with something, has a quarrelsome and capricious character and actively expresses his indignation with facial expressions. Most often, such deep mimic wrinkles are observed in the elderly. If you notice such signs in a young man, then I advise you to be very careful with him when communicating.

An indirect sign of an energy vampire is a dull look, which becomes bright and expressive after energizing. Most often, the “ghoul” has a thin physique.

But, of course, one cannot determine the energy vampire by the appearance alone. He betrays himself much more vividly by his behavior.

By behavior

The energy vampire behaves as follows:

  1. Constantly complains, tries to evoke compassion and sympathy for himself. He is never in a good mood.
  2. Provokes quarrels and fights around him, thus attracting attention to himself. Gets involved in all scandals. Negative emotions of other people give him an energy boost.
  3. He lies, is hypocritical and never speaks sincerely. Loves to destroy other people’s relationships and friendships. He does not fulfill his promises, denies his own words, does not return borrowed money on time, is late for meetings and does not warn about it.
  4. He talks about his problems, but at the same time refuses all the proposed solutions. He has no purpose to solve problems. He wants to cause a feeling of guilt in the interlocutor by the fact that he is powerless to help him.
  5. Manipulates people to feel needed. Traps his prey with a variety of threats. This behavior can be found in families where everyday vampirism is present. For example, a husband constantly provokes scandals and threatens to leave his wife. She, in turn, begs him not to leave. This feeds the vampire, because in fact he is not going to abandon his energy donor.
  6. Likes to weave intrigues and spread false rumors and gossip in the team. This behavior is more typical for girls.
  7. He strives to be the first in everything and tries to win at any cost in order to assert himself.
  8. Clings to open people who have no personal boundaries. Such people simply cannot say “no” and refuse to communicate with the vampire.

One of the indirect signs of an energy vampire is its tendency to go to extremes. He becomes an extreme, can get married on the third day after meeting, breaks off relations with close relatives after the slightest minor quarrel.

Also energy “bloodsuckers” like to irritate the people around them with their actions. To do this, they can specifically:

  • drum on the table with your fingers;
  • creak a chair;
  • talk loudly on the phone;
  • listen to music so that the whole area can hear.

And yet the most obvious sign of an energy vampire is how you feel. If even at the thought of such a man or woman you feel sad, you feel empty and uncomfortable, then it is better to stop communicating with him.

By date of birth

A person’s propensity for vampirism can be determined by the date of his birth. Add up all the digits for your date of birth. If you get a two-digit number, then these 2 numbers must also be added. The result should be a single-digit number that will characterize the subject.

So, decoding the result:

  1. Numbers 1, 2. Man is an energy vampire. Intentionally or not, he steals energy from those around him, replenishing his stock of vigor and vitality.
  2. Numbers 3, 6, 8. This result suggests that a person is not able to take energy from others. At the same time, vampires will not be able to profit from his vitality. Such a person is completely neutral, has a powerful energy that creates an impenetrable shield around him.
  3. Number 4. A person born under this number is very contradictory and ambiguous. He can be completely neutral and then move into the energy vampire category. Depending on the life situation, such a person can turn out to be a leader who will lead entire nations, or an insatiable tyrant can grow up.
  4. The numbers are 5.7. These are human donors, favorite victims of energy vampires. They should always be careful when dealing with other people.
  5. Number 9. These are people with a huge supply of positive energy, which they can easily control. They have a tremendous potential from birth that must be unleashed.

If you recognize an energy vampire in your environment, do not rush to immediately break off relations with him. Especially if it’s a close relative. Learn to behave correctly and protect yourself from his attempts to energize at your expense.

Types of energy vampires

There are many reasons why people become “energy suckers”. But what are the so-called donors to do? Is it possible to humbly share energy with them? Of course not. Vitality is given to us for development, self-improvement, and not for feeding others. Therefore, we must spend them on ourselves. How to understand that a person is an energy vampire? Almost all ghouls fall into one of the following categories.

Imaginary friends

How does an energy vampire behave, who really needs to profit from someone else’s power? Usually he tries to get into the trust of the victim, so he praises her in every way, tries to please. Many people love flattery, which is why energetically strong, successful people acquire crowds of admirers, friends who enthusiastically watch their every step.

These very admirers, deep in their hearts, most often envy or even hate their “idol”. But while he is energetically strong, they will be friends with him. When the donor begins to have a black streak in his life, his strength will run out, they will be the first to leave him, and will throw mud at him. If you have friends who will not speak words across to you, take a closer look at them. Maybe a real energetic vampire is hiding behind a mask of politeness?

Skillful manipulator

Vampires endowed with power, force resort to manipulation. It can be a boss, a husband, or a colleague. Even mom can be an energy vampire. The favorite trick of the manipulator is ignorance, obsession, or direction on the wrong path. The essence of any technique is to piss you off, make you share energy.

Obsession is annoying. If the donor tries to resist, the vampire makes him feel guilty. Ignoring is annoying. When a person starts screaming, getting angry, energy is released. And the energy vampire needs it. You can also steal life force by giving tasks, the result of which is not needed by anyone.

Whiner Victim

People who constantly whine, complain about life, also do not have much energy. The calculation of the energy vampire is simple – it steals energy, taking away free time from the donor. Such a person craves pity, but at the same time does not want to follow the advice. He finds any excuses why this or that advice is not suitable for the unfortunate one.

Rude Aggressor

Active vampires belong to this category. They are also called solar. They are very inventive, one might even say talented. Their talent manifests itself in a skillful provocation to a conflict. Such bloodsuckers seek to evoke any strong emotion in the donor – anger, anger, resentment, irritation. Even a short flash requires a lot of energy. It is with her that the vampire revels.

If among your acquaintances, friends or colleagues there are people who match the above descriptions, take a closer look at them. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to someone, or at least cut down on communication with an energy vampire. How to fight back such people and how to protect your biofield will be discussed in the following articles.

In the meantime, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the course of the Master of Bioenergy Sergei Ratner “Secrets of Energy Protection”. A well-known psychic and clairvoyant will talk about the methods of recognizing energy attacks, methods of protecting oneself, loved ones, and one’s home from negativity. You will also receive meditations that increase your energy potential. The course is free, so everyone can cleanse themselves of negative energies.


Many have heard of energy vampires. Someone thinks this is a fiction, someone believes in them, but we all certainly divide people: into those with whom we want to communicate and into those with whom we are not comfortable communicating.

All this happens due to the individual characteristics of the psyche and energy of each of us. But it happens that after communicating with a person of the second type, the interlocutor feels: weakness, depression, irritation and even a headache. And if this is repeated with each of your conversations, then congratulations, a real energy vampire is communicating with you.

Why does a person become an energy vampire? Negative attitude, larvae, violation of communication with God, damage, evil eye, old age, illness – all these are possible causes of energy vampirism. There are many reasons – the result is the same: “There is not enough vital energy.” If a person is not fed from space or from Mother Nature, then he begins to feed himself in a simpler way – he takes away the ready psychic energy from another person, that is, he becomes an energy vampire.

I do not know who counted, but there is an opinion that approximately 30% of the population are energy vampires.

Perhaps this is so, but these 30% can be divided into those who “vampire” unconsciously and those who take away vital energy consciously.

The second type is especially dangerous, but first you need to recognize the vampire by sight

The first sign

The human soul is very sensitive to everything, therefore, first of all, you need to pay attention to your inner feelings. Excitement, anxiety, you don’t want to look your interlocutor in the eye and want to leave as soon as possible – all these are signals from the soul that you shouldn’t talk to this person.

Second sign

You feel that the other person is trying to throw you out of balance. This is usually done in one of three ways.

  1. The vampire yells at you, provokes a scandal, enrages or tears. He can even hit a person, but then he tries to calm him down and caress him;
  2. The vampire does not seem to say anything bad, but with his buzzing conversation he pisses off the interlocutor. As a final – your patience is exhausted;
  3. The vampire is very corny in speech, revolves around the interlocutor and tries to touch him, or better to hug him.

Third sign

After communicating with a vampire, you feel: weakness, depression, sometimes a headache comes.


If you don’t know how to break the energy connection, then here are some techniques that will help you. You can do them at any time convenient for you: even at home, even on the street or at work.

On every day

If you know how to work with chakras, then here is a simple method to break all attachments:

  1. Get into a comfortable position and relax.
  2. You need to ground yourself. Imagine a dark brown pillar extending from your first Muladhara chakra in the tailbone region down to the center of the Earth.
  3. Walk through each chakra, starting with the first. Imagine that you are removing all the dark spots or any growths on them with your hands, cleaning each with an imaginary vacuum cleaner.

We remove the resentment

If someone has offended you, then you should try to clean yourself up as soon as possible, without accumulating anything.

How to break the energy connection with a person:

  1. Imagine your abuser standing in front of you.
  2. Run two tubes at chest level that go from you to him. Energy flows from him to you through one tube, and from you to him through the other.
  3. Take imaginary scissors. To heighten the effect, you can take real scissors and do the same with them.
  4. Cut off both tubes.
  5. You close the ends of your tubes to each other on yourself.
  6. You wash the offender’s pipes between you on it.

Relationship room

If you have accumulated too many grievances and it is rather problematic to work through this with each person, then this technique can help you.

How to break an energy connection:

  1. Get into a comfortable position and relax. In the background you can turn on your favorite music, meditation music or mantra.
  2. Let go of thoughts and try to stop the internal dialogue.
  3. Imagine that your head is a room, and all the furniture in it is your offenders. Let’s say a wardrobe is a father, a floor lamp is a mother, a chair is a former partner, a chandelier is a boss, an armchair is a colleague, a table is a saleswoman in a store who is nasty to you, and so on.
  4. Start taking all the items out of the room.
  5. When the space is completely cleared, push yourself out of the room by any means: pull by the ear, bulldoze, or fly away in a hot air balloon.
  6. Look into your room through a keyhole or window. If it is still empty, come out of your trance. And if there are still some items, take them out again until the room is completely empty.

Communication with the “donor”

How, in practice, do energy vampires take energy from their “donors”?

They imperceptibly sit on their necks and hang their legs, because the reaction of others to their inferiority is compassion and pity. Thanks to the sincere compassion of others, they manage to maintain their strength and survive in society.

  1. They receive energy replenishment due to the constant attraction of attention to themselves in negative ways: around them there are only problems, interpersonal friction, disagreements, fights.

    Pushing people together, they observe this and enjoy it.

  2. Those inclined to vampirism are distinguished by unwillingness to change for the better, love to destroy other people’s friendships and relationships, hypocrisy and play on both fronts, incongruence with others.

  3. Vampires are waiting for the most unexpected moment to strike, when their victim is weak and not at all ready to defend.

  4. Soul-drinkers are so powerful that even if they are not around, the leakage of energy is caused by simple thoughts about them.

  5. The vampire is helped to assert his authority by creating a sense of guilt in the “donor”. The more they apologize to him and lose their self-esteem, the more extensive the flow of energy.

  6. The vampire uses the openness of a person, harming any spoken word at the right moment for them.

  7. The power absorber tries to win at any cost, he will prove his innocence by the most terrible methods.

  8. Any vampire is a skilled manipulator who loves to pull his puppets by the strings.

The vampire not only harms everyone around, but, first of all, himself. If you realize your condition and really want to get rid of it, then it’s not too late to become a normal person.

How can you see it in yourself?

If you consider it impossible for yourself to get happy love in honest ways, then this is one of the signs of vampirism.

If there is no self-confidence, self-sufficiency, spiritual strength in loneliness, this once again confirms the existence of a problem.

In the event that you do not feel harmony with yourself, do not want to see the strength of your own spirit, and all beliefs and perceptions cause negative sensations, it is time to urgently change yourself completely, both outside and inside.

Because you are an energy vampire who cannot reproduce positive energy, but who feeds on someone else’s

How to stop being one?

How do you stop being an energy vampire?

Firstly, in order to kill vampirism in oneself, it is important to want to do it, and not for someone else, but first of all for oneself. According to experienced psychologists, this is one of the most important conditions.

Second, it’s important to channel your naturally strong data in the right direction. Developmental activities can help you develop your own energy rather than absorbing it from others.

Someone can be helped by daily music making, and someone – persistent strength training. There are dozens of ways to spend your time profitably without harming anyone: embroidery, knitting, wood burning, reading, writing, dancing and much more.

Psychologists note the special benefits of spending time with animals, as they are able to positively influence on the mental level.

Literally two horse riding lessons a week will help you see the world in completely new positive colors.

Dolphin therapy is an innovative method .

The smartest mammals themselves will understand what the problem is and will help at the level of brain activity.

Thirdly, it is worth trying to listen more, talk less, show a sincere interest in what is happening in the lives of others, adopt a benevolent smile and maintain this benevolence not only externally, but also internally, without causing any sorrow or harm.

Everything in the world comes back like a boomerang: the more you are open to people, the more you will receive in return.

By cultivating positive qualities in yourself, you will push the vampire further and further until he disappears completely and never returns.

It is recommended to be in an environment where there are many plants. Our green brothers will fill with energy. The sun’s rays can become a good “pill” from vampirism due to their strong energy flow.

If possible, you need to ask relatives and friends for help. They will help control the process of receiving emotions, determine whether you are on the right path and, when necessary, direct you to the true path.

It is important not to neglect walks in the fresh air, to find an opportunity to go on a trip.

Let it not be very distant, but it is guaranteed to give a pleasant experience.

In general, anything that can evoke feelings of joy, independence, self-esteem, and strength is suitable for recovery.

It should be understood that the path of healing is long and thorny, but an incredible desire will help overcome all obstacles on the way. It is worth putting a lot of patience and a lot of love for everything around in your invisible backpack, and then everything will work out for sure.

So, to stop being an energy vampire is real. You should not be afraid to remove all trash emotions from your life, such as anger, hatred, indifference, ill will.

Life can be made beautiful without feeding someone else’s misfortune. Everything necessary for a correct and harmonious existence has already been laid down by intelligent nature in ourselves. It remains only to correctly use what was sent from above.

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