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Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics


Origin story

If it weren’t for the economic crisis that hit Italy after the end of World War II, the lungo might not have been invented. During this time, Italian coffee drinkers on a budget were faced with the fact that they could not afford more than 1 cup of espresso for breakfast. 30-35 g of tonic drink – small portion, especially for breakfast. And to afford doppio or triplo (double or triple dose) – use 2-3 times more grains. Back then, for most Italians, such spending was an unaffordable luxury.

The method discovered by the barista in the post-war years is as follows: the volume of espresso increases at least 2 times due to an increase in the amount of water; the preparation time of the drink also increases (hence the name of the coffee: “lungo” – “long”).

Due to this, the effect of the maximum concentration of caffeine in the liquid is achieved, i.e. the output is not a diluted espresso, but an almost equally concentrated and more saturated with alkaloids and tannin psychostimulating product.

Lungo or Americano

Often, society confuses these drinks due to the similarity in the composition of the ingredients, as well as the volume and appearance. However, their taste and character sometimes differ significantly from each other.

Let’s look more specifically:

Americano Lungo
prepared by adding boiling water to a serving of espresso the liquid involved in the preparation of the drink is passed through the coffee during the extraction process
comes out tender and not very rich in taste the brightest, strongest and most awakening than Americano, includes more bitterness in the taste
V ranges from 200 to 250ml V ranges from 90 to 180ml
little or no creamy foam creamy foam is dense, like in espresso
the effect of vivacity is weak there is more caffeine in the composition than in American, accordingly, it awakens better

It is noticeable that these 2 drinks still have many differences. With this information, it will be easier for you not to confuse them.

Differences from espresso

The main difference between the drinks in V. The classic espresso brew is half that of the lungo. By no means, this is not all that distinguishes them. In the second product, bitterness is felt more, it is the most intense.

In time, it takes twice as long to prepare a long espresso. It is not as useful as the “traditional” replacement. The basis is the almost complete evaporation of essential oils from the coffee beans as a result of the increased steaming period. In addition, due to the loss of important taste qualities of the raw material, coffee comes out with a bitterness.

Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics

How the Lungo coffee drink came about

There is a myth that explains the origin of such a drink. To begin with, lungo was intended to offend Americans.

After a while, the Italians came up with a slightly different way of cooking lungo.

They started pouring more water. The resulting drink is slightly bitter and has more caffeine.

Features of Longo coffee

The drink is prepared only in coffee machines, capsule and carob coffee makers. A turka (cezve) is not suitable for these purposes.


Lungo Espresso is a medium-sized black coffee prepared and served without adding milk or cream. It takes more time to prepare it. True quality can only be achieved with the right choice of grain variety, skillful blending, the right degree of roasting and the quality of grinding.

Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics

Useful properties and taste

Lungo helps to get rid of drowsiness, activates the work of brain cells, and has a beneficial effect on intestinal motility. By acting on nerve receptors, it provides a strong stimulus for mental and physical activity.

One of the taste features of a properly prepared drink is its characteristic bitterness. The coffee turns out to be quite rich and bright also due to the maximum disclosure of tannins and the evaporation of essential oils during prolonged extraction.

These components get into the liquid and give the coffee taste a unique personality and originality.


Lungo is a low-calorie, protein-rich drink. 100 g contains 2-3 kcal, while 70% of the contents are carbohydrates, 9% are fats, 20% are proteins. With the addition of a standard lump of sugar or 1 tsp. honey, the nutritional value of this type of coffee increases by about 20 kcal. It will become even slightly more nutritious when garnished with whipped cream (or milk froth) and grated chocolate.

How to serve and drink

The standard cup size in which the drink is served is 90-110 ml. You need to drink it hot. In coffee shops, in addition to a mug with lungo, a saucer is placed in front of the guest and a small spoon is placed next to it.

To enjoy your meal more, it is recommended to order an oriental sweet or macaroons for dessert.

As for sweeteners, they are not added to the coffee machine to brew this drink. But not everyone will like the rich strength of lungo, therefore, in order to soften it a little, the guest is offered sugar and honey in separate containers.

Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics

The second serving option is in a tall glass. Coffee is poured into it, garnished with whipped cream or fluffy milk foam.

What is lungo served?

Ready-made coffee can be served in espresso cups with a volume of at least 120 ml. Traditionally, espresso-based recipe pans are thick-walled so that the liquid does not cool down too quickly.

You can find lungo cups on sale, with volumes ranging from 170 to 280 ml. They fill up to half or a third of the drink and keep the temperature of the finished coffee longer.

Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classicsCharacteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics

The difference between lungo coffee and cappuccino

Lungo and cappuccino are completely different drinks, although both are based on espresso.

  • A cappuccino is an espresso to which warmed and frothed milk has been added. The total volume of the drink is 180-220 ml.
  • Lungo is served without milk, takes longer to brew than espresso and with more water. Compared to a standard serving, espresso has a greater volume and strength. The volume of lungo is 50-70 ml.

Differences from ristretto

Ristretto is denser and stronger, with a little liquid added.

Lungo – in the composition of oils and essential elements that do not have time to be extracted in other types of production.

How much does a cup of lungo cost?

In cafes and bars lungo costs from 60 to 200 rubles, depending on the class of the institution. Lungo capsules have a price tag of 360-400 rubles for a pack of 10 pieces, so a serving costs 36-40 rubles.

Coffee brewed in your own kitchen will cost 12-15 rubles for 1 cup of this wonderful drink.

Three lungo recipes

There are several ways to make this invigorating and rich drink. It will not work in a Turk. For this purpose, you need to use a coffee machine or geyser coffee maker. Let’s consider the most interesting options.

Classic version

The main raw materials are ground grains of medium or coarse grinding. It is important that they are fresh. A combination of Arabica and Robusta is considered a classic option for lungo. Light bitterness and rich acidity complement each other perfectly.

After preparing the raw materials, you can start cooking. The ground mixture must be poured into the coffee machine. Tamp it down. Fill with water. For 10 grams of grains, 100 ml of water is used. This amount of ingredients will make 1 standard mug of coffee.

Set the cooking time to 1.5 or 2 minutes. It’s all.

Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics

Cold Italian drink

Italian coffee differs from traditional coffee in its low temperature. It is recommended to cook it in hot weather to rest and relax.

For it you will need water, a ground mixture of Robusta and Arabica, as well as sugar. The ingredients are mixed and placed in the coffee machine. Cooking time is 2 minutes.

When the drink is ready, pour it into a glass goblet, add 3 ice cubes. In order for the sugar to melt, it will have to be stirred for a long time. This is not always convenient, so Italians almost never use this component when preparing espresso.

To give the drink an interesting sweet flavor, it is recommended to make a creamy mixture.

To do this, whip heavy cream into a lush foam, and then mix it with grated dark chocolate. The blank is laid out on top of the glass.

Australian cooking

This is one of the more interesting lungo coffees. The recipe was suggested by Australian barista champion Matt Perger.

A distinctive feature of the drink is the use of lightly roasted beans. This technology allows you to preserve the maximum amount of useful properties of Arabica. Essential oils, due to the short simmering time on the fire, practically do not evaporate. As a result, coffee has a rich, sour aroma and taste.

According to Matt Perger, it is enough to keep the grains on fire for only 30-40 seconds to get a tasty lungo. The workpiece must be passed through a filter previously moistened with water.

Australian invigorating coffee has a tart aftertaste, light color, rich aroma and high gravity.

Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics

What do lungo drink with?

The task of the recipe is to give the maximum dose of caffeine, so milk is not added to the classic lungo, but sugar or honey is added, which soften the bitterness of the drink.

A traditional addition to lungo is macaroon or kurabiye.

Submission rules

Lungo espresso is usually served with a glass of plain, non-carbonated and pre-chilled water. It is drunk before drinking coffee (or even before every next sip) to refresh the sensitivity of the taste buds. Water is also useful if the drink seemed too bitter or endowed with excessive sourness.

The drink is poured into porcelain cups with the thickest possible walls. As an alternative, goblets made of glass, shaped like an inverted cone, are sometimes used. To keep the lungo hot for a long time, they are preheated with steam. The volume of the dishes is 180-200 ml. coffee (with crema) takes up less than half of it.

The optimum temperature of the drink when serving is + 65-70 ° C (if it is not a “summer”, chilled version of it).

For this type (unlike espresso), it is customary to serve a little sugar and / or a small container with honey. It goes well with hard cheeses. And from desserts, cookies (the most popular is almond), chocolate (mostly of bitter varieties) and baklava (or other types of oriental sweets).

Serving Lungo Coffee Correctly

For serving lungo, choose porcelain cups that have thick walls. The volume is approximately two hundred milliliters. The cup is less than half full. Serve without milk, honey or sugar. Served on a saucer.

A cold drink is served in a tall glass.


It will take up to 10 grams of ground coffee, water – from 60 to 120 milliliters.

Recipe 1

  • Load the coffee machine with coarse coffee.
  • Heat a cup with thickened walls.
  • A drink is prepared for half a minute. During this time, the mixture receives twice as much water, gives off tannins, caffeine, essential oils are squeezed out.

A glass of classic lungo in the morning is a natural energy drink for the whole day.

Recipe 2

Prepared according to the scheme of the first recipe. You need to take the same amount of ingredients and heat the dishes. The peculiarity is that the flow of water lasts one minute. After prolonged extraction, lungo is very bitter.

Use a coarse or fine grind. The portion of the drink depends on this. Those who like to cheer up will receive 60 – 120 ml of strong tart coffee.

Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics


The recipe was created by Australian barista Matt Perger. It was he who proposed to easily roast light coffee beans and grind them as much as possible. The Australian lungo is prepared in an espresso machine for 30 seconds.

Matty Perger’s life hack – filtering brewed coffee. It is passed through a wet paper filter to filter out the grains. It turns out pure, without impurities of lungo. To experience the real taste and aftertaste, you need to chill a little.

Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics

Thai Iced Coffee

The country of white sands and incredibly polite people treats its guests to the unusual “Oleng”.

  • brewed strong espresso
  • cream
  • finely ground almonds
  • sugar
  • cardamom (don’t get carried away so as not to overdo it with this spice)
  • ice

The cooking process is not that complicated. Place a saucepan over medium heat, pour in the cream, cardamom and sugar. Wait until the cream begins to boil, remove the pan from the heat. We insist under the lid for 15 minutes what we got, after which we add grated almonds. We put ice in large glasses, depending on who likes it. And we pour the drink, we drink from the straw.

Cold mint coffee

The universal “Oleng” is good because you can add syrup to it and then its taste will be even more interesting. Try mint syrup for real Thai iced mint coffee. You will definitely like it.

Vietnamese iced coffee

Considering that in Vietnam people spend many hours on the street, trading, and sometimes literally living in busy streets, they came up with a very simple refreshing cocktail. Its name sounds very melodic – cà phê sua đá, which literally means iced coffee with ice.

Even in ancient times, when it was difficult with dairy products in Vietnam, people began to replace them with condensed milk, which was easier to get. This drink is famous for its strength and sweet vigor. In short, coffee perfection in a short time and a taste that you will remember for a long time.

  • Ground coffee Bongiorno Cirocco
  • Condensed milk
  • Ice

How to cook:

Pour condensed milk at the bottom of the cup, then carefully pour the brewed coffee through a sieve. We supplement all this with a hefty handful of crushed ice and drink to the sounds of scooter motors on Vietnamese roads and songs of cheerful inhabitants of this sunny country.

If you would like to dilute your drink a little, you can try another method of making Vietnamese frappe. Add syrups or spices, and decorate the coffee with cream in the glass. By the way, a glass for Olenga is perfect for you, it will contain all the ingredients and it will be convenient for you to enjoy the taste, sipping it through a straw.


On a hot day, chilled lungo will give the taste of coolness.


  • coffee – 8 – 10 g;
  • water – up to 80 ml;
  • sugar to taste;
  • ice – 3 – 5 cubes;
  • milk foam – 2 – tablespoons;
  • grated chocolate.

Sugar and ice are placed in the cooked lungo, poured into a tall transparent dish. Sprinkle grated dark chocolate on top of the froth.

It is recommended to drink a long espresso in the morning before 11 o’clock, so as not to provoke overexcitation of the nervous system.

Characteristics and rules for making lungo coffee. Lungo coffee is the most invigorating of the coffee classics

Possible harm to the drink and contraindications

If you allow yourself a cup in the afternoon or evening, then manifestations of increased excitability, nervousness and even sleep disturbances are possible.

This type of coffee is contraindicated in children. For people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or unstable blood pressure, disorders of the nervous system, it must be completely excluded from the diet. Pregnant women are also better off abstaining from lungo. But if the body requires or it is difficult to give up the habit, then you can pamper yourself, but rarely and with caution.

Longo espresso coffee is rightly considered the best way to wake up from sleep and recharge your energy for the whole day.

Important Tips for Drinking Lungo Coffee

Residents of Italy are of the opinion that it is better to enjoy this drink in the morning. It is intended for people who are eager to wake up and get down to work quickly.

  1. Only use freshly ground coffee beans. Volatile components instantly evaporate and, if in other manufacturing variations there is a chance to stock up for several days in advance, here it is necessary to grind a fresh norm from time to time.
  2. Choose your grains wisely, they should be free of bitterness and sour taste. Buy the most expensive and highest quality varieties.
  3. In the mix, use mainly arabica – 80%, rather than robusta – 20%, the product will come out richer. This is a quality formula derived by time.
  4. Use a medium grind, in this case all the useful ingredients can come out into the water. With a fine grind, the taste will be burnt and bitter, with a coarse grind – not aromatic, sour.
  5. The increased caffeine content motivates mental work, so you can pamper yourself with a portion of good Lungo, combine business with pleasure, planning to start working on an intellectual task.

To achieve the maximum taste of the drink, it is necessary to choose only the best ingredients for preparing the drink. Eliminate the collection of liquid from the tap – give preference to bottled water. If you want to supplement the drink with milk, check out its composition and date of manufacture.

Let’s summarize

Lungo coffee is the result of one of the methods of making coffee, which differs from espresso by its high caffeine content and an extraordinary taste with a bitter taste.

The coffee is brewed using the usual amount of espresso coffee, but twice the amount of water passed through the tablet.

Espresso has a more intense taste, but does not invigorate enough, and with the addition of water it turns into Americano without changing its properties.

A true classic lungo can only be brewed in a coffee machine, but there are many alternative cooking options that will be close to the original in taste and tonic properties.

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