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Adiponectin: how the hormone that can burn fat works


Hormones are involved in every process that takes place in your body. And while some of them contribute to weight gain, as cortisol does, others help to gain harmony. Yes, we are talking about adiponectin, which is called the “enemy of cortisol".

The hormone adiponectin cannot be blamed for the sins that estrogen and cortisol are guilty of. Its excess does not cause a feeling of hunger and does not provoke the appearance of body fat. It’s quite the opposite – adiponectin destroys them and makes us slimmer.

What is adiponectin

Cortisol levels in the blood rise in response to stress. Since most residents of megacities live in a state of permanent neurosis, the “stress hormone” literally wears out your body. Because of it, the liver generates glucose 24 hours a day – and you suffer from constant bouts of hunger. High cortisol makes you eat more sweets and starchy foods. It also lowers muscle tone. In general, until you manage to take the “stress hormone”, you won’t be able to get rid of extra pounds. Many in this situation begin to blame genetics or the notorious "wide bone".

But why are we talking about cortisol when the article is about adiponectin? These hormones are closely related to each other. Adiponectin suppresses the rise in cortisol levels and fights the symptoms of depression. The higher its concentration in the blood, the easier we relate to unpleasant situations. Adiponectin actually neutralizes stress so that it does not harm the body. And this is another reason to consider it the main enemy of cortisol!

How does adiponectin affect weight loss?

Adiponectin: how the hormone that can burn fat works

Adipose tissue is responsible for the production and release of adiponectin. During pregnancy, the hormone is secreted in low concentrations by the placenta. When you gain weight, its level begins to decline rapidly. Foreign scientists associate adiponectin deficiency with cardiovascular and endocrine diseases. It also supports insulin sensitivity, without which type II diabetes develops. 

In fact, adiponectin gives our body a "command" to burn fat. A high level of the hormone speeds up the metabolism and promotes the use of carbohydrates for energy from fat stores. 

How to increase the level of adiponectin and get rid of a couple of extra pounds? Eat more fiber, fish, cabbage, pumpkin seeds and spinach – they stimulate the production of the hormone. And, of course, increase the level of physical activity. When playing sports, blood sugar levels decrease: glucose enters adipose tissues, where it participates in the production of adiponectin. To achieve maximum results, choose loads that involve all muscle groups.