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How to make strawberry legs smooth


Red or dark dots on the legs after epilation resemble the pockmarked surface of a strawberry, which is why they are called “strawberry legs”, or “strawberry legs”. A berry is one thing, presentable shins and calves are another. Why does this effect happen and how to get rid of it?

What are these dots?

The reason for the appearance of points on the legs is clogged pores (as on the face), inflamed hair follicles in them, ingrown hairs and dead skin cells. If the pores are not closed immediately after hair removal manipulations, bacteria, sebum, dead skin cells and other "garbage" get into them, which causes inflammation of the hair follicle. From the outside it looks like dark dots. The owners of dark hair and dense vegetation are especially prone to the “strawberry” surface of epilated legs. 

What causes dots to appear?

  • Dull shave. Follow the timely replacement of the cartridge on a reusable razor, and use disposable razors ONCE, the savings will lead to even more expenses! Also, make sure your razor is clean and dry (it’s best to store it in your first aid kit away from moisture, which will dull the blade faster and create rust).
  • Sweat. Workouts, heat, unseasonable clothes make you sweat, sweat mixes with fine particles of everything in the world and clogs your pores. 
  • Thin skin and acne prone. If you have problems with pimples on your face, then it is more likely that "strawberry skin" will appear, as this is a kind of non-pimple.

What to do?

  • Use a sharp and clean razor and be sure to apply shaving cream, gel or foam: they help to lift the hair and shave thoroughly without the formation of ingrown hairs. Do not replace special products with shower gels or soap, as you will dry out the skin and provoke inflammation.
  • Shave your legs along the hairline without pressing the razor hard. After the procedure, douse your feet with cold water.
  • Shower more often, especially after exercising or being out in the heat. 
  • Be sure to moisturize the skin of the legs before and after shaving – soft creams with a strong moisturizing effect.
  • Periodically carry out exfoliation, or exfoliation procedures for keratinized skin particles. Soft belongings and peels are a must-have in the cosmetic bag of those who are prone to "strawberry" legs.
  • Remove inflammation with products with salicylic or glycolic acid in the composition. For example, your facial toner and acne products are suitable for this.

If you clean, moisturize, disinfect, and shave your legs properly, but the spots don’t go away after a few weeks, see your doctor. It will help to find the cause of the persistent infection in the pores and eliminate it.

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