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7 perfumes for the New Year mood


What flavors will help you get in the holiday spirit? We advise you to choose between gourmand and woody compositions with notes of coconut, rum, vanilla and spicy cloves.

7 perfumes for the New Year mood – from gourmet to provocative.

Lush, Lord Of Misrule

7 perfumes for the New Year mood

The English brand produces natural cosmetics and fragrances. One of the brand’s bestsellers is a limited edition New Year’s perfume with an interesting history. It was inspired by the story of the Lord of Disorder or the Abbot of Recklessness. He was responsible for the fun during the Christmas festivities. Lord Of Misrule just embodies the festive atmosphere due to notes of patchouli, black pepper, vanilla and cloves.

Free State of Orange, Christmas at the Balcony

7 perfumes for the New Year mood

The provocative niche brand promises that this fragrance will help you turn New Year’s Eve into a flirtatious party. The role of the best aphrodisiac confidently claims a perfume with chords of cinnamon, orange pop, honey and chili peppers. Do you feel the intensity of passions growing?

Mugler, Angel Star of Dreams Eau de Nuit 

7 perfumes for the New Year mood

Angel receives a new limited edition every year. The first of them was released in 1992: Mugler’s fragrance became a trendsetter for gourmands, which is still relevant today. The version with a luxurious pear for fragrance smells of vanilla, patchouli and praline. Thanks to this method of application, the fragrance falls on the skin with a light haze. No stains on the evening dress!

Demeter Fragrance, Christmas In New York

7 perfumes for the New Year mood

The concentration of Eau de cologne makes this fragrance the best friend of girls who prefer unobtrusive perfumes. Christmas In New York smells like a Christmas market somewhere in Europe: sweet chestnuts, gingerbread and mulled wine. What you need in the era of closed borders and a pandemic!

Mancera, Holidays

7 perfumes for the New Year mood

Another travel perfume that tells the story of a vacation in a tropical country. The smell of sunscreen, coconut pulp and exotic sandalwood will help you warm up on cold winter evenings.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Fragile

7 perfumes for the New Year mood

Perfume for those who are not indifferent to collecting snow globes. It opens with sensual floral accords of jasmine, tuberose and powdery iris. 

Chanel, Chanel No 5 Eau De Parfum

7 perfumes for the New Year mood

Perfume that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in the coming year. The classic aldehyde composition has long been considered one of the most popular evening fragrances in the world. Ylang-ylang, neroli and animalic accords form a cool floral trail that most of us are familiar with.

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