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Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike


What is a road bike and its features

In terms of performance, the road bike can be compared to a racing car. Riding such a bike off-road is sheer torment, but for racing on a flat asphalt road, this is the best choice. In terms of speed, road bikes are among the fastest.

The highway is “sharpened” for driving at maximum speed on a good road. The wheels are thin, the tires are inflated to eight atmospheres, for minimal friction between asphalt and tires. The frame, wheels, steering wheel are made as light as possible. The total weight of the bike is 5 kg. There is no cushioning to get the best roll on hard, level ground. Therefore, the road bike is not the best choice for driving on bad roads or, even more so, off-road. But the high speed fully compensates for this perceived inconvenience.

So, in terms of its characteristics, a road bike is suitable for:

  • lovers of cycling and high speeds;
  • people who practice driving on specially coated tracks;
  • this one is great – the best choice for long and high-speed driving (provided the roads are suitable). For example, for a long tour with a support car. The road bike is not suitable for transporting bulky and heavy luggage.

A road bike has the following design characteristics:

  • Low weight of the frame and other components;
  • The steering wheel is in the shape of a “ram’s horn”. This improves the ride comfort even in strong headwind conditions;
  • Lightweight narrow wheels;
  • Front fork made of carbon fiber, which makes the bike lightweight and durable at the same time;
  • There are no pendants;
  • In modern modifications, iron is not used for the manufacture of frames. Frames are made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloys;
  • The male and female versions are very different in size;
  • Typically, road bikes are not equipped with rack mounts found on mountain bikes and commuting models. This means that at the same time with the purchase of a bike, you need to attend to the purchase of a backpack to accommodate the necessary things in it.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bikeThe advantages of this type of bike include:

  • high speed;
  • light weight, aesthetic appearance.

The downsides are:

  • limited area of ​​choice due to sensitivity to the quality of the road surface;
  • inability for everyday training.

Before you go to buy a road bike, pay attention to the following nuances to make your final choice:

  • The amount of money you are willing to spend. After all, buying a bike alone is not enough. You will need a whole range of tools and accessories, equipment and a set of spare parts;
  • Decide which option is preferable for you: professional assembly of the bike in the store or self-assembly. It depends on your own experience.

Choosing a road bike – what to look for

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bikeThe first thing to consider before making a choice is compliance with the anthropometric characteristics of the potential owner. First of all, this is growth, since the choice of the frame is based on this indicator. For the convenience of selection, special size tables have been developed, which indicate the ratio between a person’s height (cm) and frame dimensions (cm). Despite the fact that the table is quite suitable for most of the buyers, “fitting” will not hurt. This applies to people with a non-standard figure and those who experience individual discomfort when landing. Before making a choice, it is advisable to test several models, and then choose the one that does not cause uncomfortable sensations. Running-in is a desirable procedure and should not be neglected if possible.

To check the compliance of the data indicated in the table with reality, use another selection method:

  • Stand the road bike upright, support it;
  • Stand over the top tube of the frame so that it is located between the legs;
  • The minimum distance from the frame to the groin is 60 mm, the optimal distance is 100 mm (a vertically placed palm should freely pass into this area);
  • If the gap between your groin and frame is too large, try a larger one. If the gap is too small, try a smaller model.

There are other characteristics to choose from, in addition to the size:

  • Sit on the bike, look at the front wheel hub. The projection of the bushing should be approximately in the middle of the body. If this is not the case, then either the road bike does not fit your height, or the saddle is not adjusted correctly;
  • The saddle of the bike should be adjusted so that the foot in the lower position should be almost straight. This achieves an optimal body fit for a road bike: about 90 degrees;
  • Pay attention that your hands rest freely on the steering wheel. If you can hardly reach the brake levers, then the road bike is too long for you, the choice is unsuccessful, you will have to look for a shorter model;
  • The handlebar should be approximately the same width as the shoulders.

Children’s copies are selected according to the same principle. There are special tables for children, but they do not always correspond to the actual growth rate of the child. It is advisable to purchase a road bike for 3-4 years. Making a choice annually is a rather expensive undertaking.

Buying additional road bike accessories

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bikeThis is also an important point, since they will protect the rider on the road:

  • A helmet is a must because driving on a highway is more dangerous than driving on hills and country roads;
  • Elbow pads with knee pads protect the cyclist in the event of a fall;
  • Gloves – do not allow you to get calluses due to constant friction on the steering wheel;
  • Backpack. Its choice is necessary to accommodate personal belongings, since the road bike does not have rack mounts;
  • Rearview mirror. The mass will slightly increase, but the mirror makes it possible to better control the environment;
  • Special clothing with shoes. It does not restrict movement, it is made of “breathable” material, which is important for long trips.

Aerobike Road Bike

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

It resembles a spaceship, the most “fashionable” and modern. It features a flat frame and high-profile wheels. Such a high-speed bike is used for flat racing, where the cyclist works at speeds of 35 km / h. Bicycles of the Aerobike group are heavier than mountain bicycles, but they good aerodynamics The frames are stiff but not the lightest Suitable for trained athletes and experienced amateurs High-profile wheels, aero-wheels, rim brakes are an expensive “body kit” that improves aerodynamics. how uncomfortable it will be.

Endurance Road Bike

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Not as aerodynamic as the Aero, not as light as for mountain group races, but very comfortable. With a rigid frame, manufacturers can add a shock absorbing seat post and handlebar. This bike is designed for long races and training.

Time trial bike

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

The time trial bike is designed to race between 15 and 55 minutes. The task of such bicycles is to provide maximum aerodynamics, speed, even to the detriment of the rider’s convenience. No unnecessary details. These bikes are suitable for professional athletes.

Triathlon bicycle

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Reminds of a racing car. High profile wheels, seat tube more upright than other bikes, aerodynamic fit, lounger. To participate in triathlon competitions, there are places for storing a camera, food (gels, bars), and water.

How to choose the type of bike

If you are just getting started in cycling or triathlon, and you just want a road bike, but to be comfortable and versatile, then start with a mountain road bike. In a mountain bike, the riding position is initially set for maximum pedaling efficiency so that all muscles work. In training, this bike will be useful for building the right muscles. It is also suitable for the first triathlon and cycling competitions. If your riding level does not allow you to reach speeds above 35-40 km / h, then all aerodynamic improvements will not work. Therefore, you should not look towards expensive and too high-tech cars yet. Plus, a good technician will be able to give you a triathlon road bike ride.

If you have experience and good physical shape, you compete and are ready to buy a second (third …) bike, then you need to choose a bike with a good body kit, aerodynamic characteristics, which will help you improve your results.

It should be remembered that the best aerodynamic Time Trial may not suit you for participating in a triathlon. As we said above, races from a timed start lasts no more than an hour. The bike is designed in such a way that, at the expense of comfort, the best aerodynamics are achieved. In a triathlon, you spend 2-3-4 hours in the saddle, so you can’t sacrifice a seat.

If you are planning to ride a group race, then you will not be allowed to use a preparation bike because it will compromise the safety of the peloton.

There are many subtleties in cycling. It is difficult for both a beginner and a well-trained athlete to navigate in all the little things. Therefore, we advise you to contact MySportExpert, where experts will help you buy your first road bike or choose a bike for other tasks.

What’s the most important thing about a bike for a beginner and experienced rider?

To be an extension of you.

Especially for beginners, your comfort is key. How your body responds to training. The frame, seat, handlebar, pedals are the points of contact that affect the pedaling feel, fit and comfort. Even if you are already an experienced athlete and think that now you will get on any bike and ride fast, you still need comfort. This is an important psychological moment that allows you to train longer, more efficiently, and realize your potential in competitions.

The price of a bike is formed from the cost of the frame and body kit. Even the most expensive equipment (wheels, brakes, shifting systems) will not be able to provide you with comfortable pedaling. Therefore, after you have chosen and bought a sports bike, you need to customize it for you, set the fit.

Correct fit:

  1. reduces the risk of injury;
  2. makes the ride comfortable;
  3. increases pedaling efficiency;
  4. adapts the bike to your needs.

Experienced cyclists may feel that setting the fit is more relevant. But this is not the case. Landing should be displayed for everyone! Beginners and amateurs, on the other hand, are at risk, because they can quickly get injured due to improper functioning of muscles and joints.

What types of highways are on sale

Which company to choose a bike

By design, road bikes are divided into three types:

  • universal;
  • walking;
  • racing.

Universal bicycles are most often consistent with the philistine concept of “road bike”. Designed for long distance travel: 50 to 250 km at a time. The recommended frequency of use is several times a week. Once or twice a year, you can roll out on group trips with a length of more than 250 km.

The geometry of the frame provides a semi-tilted position of the cyclist: the angle of inclination to the horizontal plane is within 70 degrees.

The walking version is equipped with a straight MTB steering wheel and is suitable for those who, in principle, do not accept a “ram steering wheel” and do not like to ride in a bent state. Unlike all-round road bikes, touring bikes offer a straighter body position and better side-to-side visibility. Also suitable for low speed travel. This type of SB is sometimes referred to as hybrids.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike
This model combines the comfort of straight steering with the speed of a road bike.

A racing road bike is the lightest and most dynamic bike: carbon frame, “weightless” and strong wheels, high-quality attachments. This bike is designed for competitions, marathons and road travel. The geometry of the frame “flexes” the rider, a very low fit, and therefore practically zero air resistance even in headwinds. The cost in comparison with a station wagon and a walking model will be much higher. However, it’s worth remembering that a road bike is never cheap.

Optional accessories

Riding a road bike is a specific discipline, and you can’t do without additional purchases.

A helmet is a must for a road cyclist. Road travel is dangerous and requires more safety than forest trails or hills.

Knee pads and elbow pads provide protection for hands and feet in the event of a fall, increase the level of safety and alertness.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike
And you can also purchase and protect the body

Gloves will prevent calluses from crawling out from constant friction on the steering wheel and add softness to your hands.

Backpack. There are no rack mounts and baskets on the road bike. Therefore, all personal belongings will have to be carried on your back. However, it is much more convenient in comparison with the trunk.

Cycling clothing and special footwear. Often, it is the road racers who wear professional clothing when traveling – cycling shorts, a special jacket, a T-shirt, a vest, cycling shoes – all together or of a choice. Professional clothing does not interfere with movement, in addition, it is lightweight, heat-insulating and “breathable”, which is extremely important on long high-speed trips.

A rearview mirror will slightly increase the weight of the bike, but it will allow you to better control the situation. One mirror is placed on the left side, two on both ends of the steering wheel.

The bike lock will provide protection against theft in the city, and the headlight will illuminate the path in the dark. The rear flashing reflector will make the cyclist visible on the road from the side.

A set of tools: wrenches, hexagons, screwdrivers, pullers, assemblies – everything that can be useful in the repair of a two-wheeled horse. It is recommended not only to buy additional cameras and a pump, but also to take it with you on the road.

Bike frame

The frame is the backbone of the bike. It accounts for the largest part of the price of a bicycle. Frames are made from different materials, most often steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber (carbon). Each of these materials has its own benefits.

Aluminum is the most popular material for inexpensive bicycles. It is a cheap material and is great for road bikes as it is quite tough and lightweight. In recent years, aluminum frames are increasingly characterized by advanced features and interesting design solutions.

The best models of aluminum frames are made with butted pipes, when the wall thickness of the pipe is different in different areas. This makes the frames lighter and more comfortable to ride. Premium frames: Deda, Easton, Columbus.

Steel can also be used to make excellent road frames. However, today it is more commonly used for custom-made and touring bicycles. It is heavier than aluminum, but has properties that allow for good ride comfort. However, recent steel frame models from Columbus and Reynolds have proven that steel can be used to make lightweight, high-quality road bikes, although they are not cheap.

Titanium, once considered a completely exotic material, combines the lightness of aluminum with the strength of steel. If not for the price, it could be an ideal material for the production of frames. However, titanium frames are slowly but steadily becoming more affordable.

Finally, we get to carbon fiber, or carbon fiber. No doubt, most riders would like the frame of their two-wheeled horse to be made from it. It was once a very expensive choice, but today some models of frames made of carbon fiber are available at quite affordable prices.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

It should be noted, however, that the quality of the carbon frames is not the same. There is a huge difference between the expensive and the cheap version, which depends on the type of fiber, production technology and many other factors. Carbon is convenient in that it allows designers to easily embody their ideas in terms of design. This material is very lightweight, and when properly handled, a frame made of it combines rigidity and comfort.

While many are looking for a carbon frame, aluminum shouldn’t be discounted either. It often happens that the aluminum frame has higher quality wheels and a more interesting set of components (system, cassette, brakes, etc.) than the carbon versions for the same price. The pleasure of riding such a bike will be higher than a carbon frame that comes with not the best wheels and components, which some manufacturers do to reduce the overall price of the bike. Therefore, you should not put carbon in the main candidates for your purchase just because your friend already has a bike on carbon!

Adjusting the bike

If the bike generally fits your height, but you still feel some discomfort, do not forget that there is still the possibility of adjusting the handlebar, the height of the seatpost and the saddle itself in the longitudinal direction. In this regard, of course, it is best to make a purchase in a good bike shop, where you will be given professional advice and help to make a “fitting” correctly.


The components (often referred to as group sets) include the drivetrain and brakes. Today, this market is dominated by three manufacturers – Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. In terms of prices for “newbie” models, the most popular products are from Shimano.

The line of components from Shimano in ascending order to the highest level (in quality and price) is as follows: 2300, Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace. Campagnolo offers components (in the same ascending order) under the names Veloce, Centaur, Athena, Chorus, Record and (top-end) Super Record. SRAM offers four road group sets: Apex (Starter), Rival, Force and Red. For a higher price, you get lighter weight and better performance.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Each sprocket system (this is the front end of the transmission that the pedals are attached to) has a different gearshift design and can be selected based on personal preference. Shimano and Campagnolo also offer electronic shifting versions of drivetrains, but they are not cheap. However, over time, this type of transmission will become cheaper and more accessible to the general public.


Weight is one of the main criteria for a good road car, it directly depends on what the frame is made of: Steel: used in amateur and tourist destinations. A few decades ago, road and cyclocross races were made of steel, and there are many interesting examples among them. Advantages: low cost, high reliability, viscous and shivering away from the road. Disadvantages: large weight, corrosion, springy. Steel: Used for hobby and tourism purposes. A few decades ago, road and cyclocross races were made of steel, and there are many interesting examples among them. Advantages: low cost, high reliability, viscous and shivering away from the road. Disadvantages: large weight, corrosion, springy. Titanium:
Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike
has properties similar to steel, but weighs less, does not corrode. Like steel, it is springy and not very suitable for sports. The main disadvantage is the high cost, which is due to the complexity of material processing. Aluminum: the most common material from which both relatively cheap and sports-grade models are made today. The advantages will be a good, acceptable cost, lightness in comparison with steel, not susceptible to rusting. Disadvantages: poorly reduces shaking, accumulates fatigue, which affects the operating time (the average period is 5 years with active use). Aluminum:
Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike
the most common material from which both relatively cheap and sports-grade models are made today. The advantages will be a good, acceptable cost, lightness in comparison with steel, not susceptible to rusting. Disadvantages: poorly reduces shaking, accumulates fatigue, which affects the operating time (the average period is 5 years with active use). Carbon: This is carbon fiber that is lightweight and has sufficient strength. Advantages: lightness, good vibration reduction, at the same time it is characterized by rigidity, original appearance. Cons: expensive, a huge percentage of questionable Chinese products, easy to damage if used carelessly.
Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

When planning to buy a carbon road bike, you may notice a significant difference in price between options from different manufacturers. You need to understand that not every carbon fiber creation has the necessary strength characteristics and weakly bends under load. When choosing, you should pay attention to the brand, documents confirming the authenticity, the terms of the guarantee.
The price tag for a quality carbon road bike can’t be small. Available products will not be able to boast of a well-calibrated design, will walk when pedaling, or vice versa, be very rigid, and can also break at the most inopportune moment.

Stem and its length:

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike
Offsets are of different lengths 80-160 mm. The wider, the more stable the bike behaves at speed, the turns are smoother, the turning into the turn occurs due to the shift in the center of gravity of the body. With a short offset, the control is very sharp and “jerked”. The turning radius is reduced. Many athletes choose longer stems (140 mm), remove all extension rings and frames smaller, thereby making the most elongated “recumbent” fit.


There are currently 2 types of brakes: U-Brakes: the most common at the moment. They are “pliers” that clamp the rim from 2 sides with rubber brake pads when the handle is pressed. A wire rope is being used. The main advantages are low weight. Cons: they slow down worse in rain and mud, wash the rim. U-Brakes: Most common at the moment. They are “pliers” clamping the rim from 2 sides with rubber brake pads when the handle is pressed. A wire rope is being used. The main advantages are low weight. Cons: they slow down worse in rain and mud, wash the rim. Disk:
Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike
the disc is rigidly attached to the wheel hub, the machine mounted on the frame or fork, when the handle is pressed, grips the disc with special pads made of abrasive material. There are mechanical disc brakes or hydraulics. Mechanical ones are more reliable, hydraulic ones are most often installed on sports models, it is easier to control the braking force on them. Pros: Better control of braking, less weathering, no rim wear. Cons: heavier than U-brakes by an average of 350-400 grams.


Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike
The transmission includes connecting rods and chainrings, front and rear derailleurs, cassette, chain and coins (pistols). A quality transmission gives smooth and precise shifting. Earlier we wrote an article on hardware levels.

Cranks: vary in length, match the rider’s height and leg length and discipline, sprint cranks choose longer cranks for more leverage. The lengths range from 155 to 182.5 cm. They have 2 or one stars. Recently, the system with one star is gaining momentum, but on tracks with a large number of climbs, they put the “compact” system – with two stars 50 – 34.
Cassette:this is a rear set of sprockets installed on the hub drum, which set of speeds and their number depends on the gear ratio of the front sprockets and the cassette. The more teeth on the rear sprocket and the lower the reduction torque on the front sprocket, the easier it is to ride uphill. In order to travel the same distance on a light gear, you will need to make more pedal revolutions than on a higher one, where there will be a large sprocket in front, a small one in the back. The cassettes have stars 11 -25, 11 is a small star, 25 is a large one.
Chain:element experiencing maximum stress, therefore requiring attention. Over time, the chain tends to stretch, which leads to wear on the stars and cassette, without waiting for this it needs to be changed, the old ones can break at the moment of heavy load, check it more often. The chain requires lubrication, lubricate with oil that attracts dirt to a minimum and is easy to clean. Chains differ depending on the number of asterisks (8 -11) and the level, the higher it is, the more expensive and technologically advanced materials are used.

Steel frames

Old, strong, durable material. But heavy and not rigid enough for a sports bike. Nowadays, steel bicycles are practically not produced, and you do not need a steel bike.

Aluminum frames

The most common material for bicycle frames. Much lighter and more rigid than a steel frame. Most modern bicycles are assembled on an aluminum frame.

Due to the rigidity on an aluminum frame, it is not as comfortable as on a steel or carbon one, but the problem can be solved. For added comfort, carbon fiber forks, carbon handlebars and seat posts are installed. An aluminum frame with a carbon fork is a great option for a road bike.

Carbon frames

Carbon is a fashionable material in cycling. Lightweight, tough, good vibration damping. But, contrary to popular belief, it is not always the easiest. A cheap carbon frame can be heavier than an expensive aluminum frame. The main advantage of carbon is that the rigidity of the frame can be different in the right places. Carbon is also easier to aerodynamically adjust during production.

Do you need a carbon frame on your first bike? Why not? If you come across a good option at a sale, feel free to take it.

For group races

The classic frame familiar to everyone. The most common version of road bikes. This is what we recommend to acquire for beginners. Versatility, accessibility, practicality – what you need for the first highway.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

For time trial and triathlon

These bicycles are called TT (time trial) or cutters. A specially shaped aerodynamic frame that is used in time trial racing and long distance triathlon. The chopper is not intended for commuting or simple rides, and it’s inconvenient. As a first bike, this is definitely not worth buying.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Choose a classic frame for group racing. The chopper should not be used as a primary bike.

Factors influencing the rating

Let’s take a look at a few basic parameters that affect the choice of a particular model.


Top road bikes 2018 – 2019 include:

  • the ability to develop any speed;
  • insignificant weight;
  • ease of use;
  • participation in the development of all muscle groups;
  • attractive design.


The 2018-2019 road bike is made of carbon fiber and weighs less than 8 kg. Depending on the purpose of use, road bikes are divided into amateur and professional.

Amateur ones are represented by a walking modification, which most often cannot qualify for inclusion in the rating. They can be used both for short health trips and for high-speed travel over long distances. The bike is equipped with a straight handlebar, provides a level position of the cyclist in the saddle, which guarantees a better lateral view.

The list of professional models includes:

  • universal;
  • track;
  • triathlon.

Most of them consistently rank among the top models.


Road bikes. How to choose your first road bikeThe rating of qualities that a road bike must have include:

  • lightweight frame – minimizing the weight of the highway allows it to develop good speed and maintain dynamics. The best road bikes are made of carbon fiber, which, in addition to being lightweight, also has unique strengths. The ranking of the best models 2018 – 2019 also includes models made of aluminum;
  • the unique shape of the handlebars – the structure curved in the shape of ram’s horns has good aerodynamic properties and allows the cyclist to change the position of his hands during long trips, providing a prize rating;
  • rigid structure of the front fork – the presence of a shock absorber would play a negative role in the dynamics of the bike, swinging it and not allowing it to accelerate;
  • large wheels with narrow tires guarantee better acceleration, stable high speed and the ability to coast for a long time. Tire thickness does not exceed 22 mm;
  • advanced transmission – the classic highway has a proven 3 to 8 gear system. Models included in the rating also have 27 combinations;
  • reliable brakes – the caliper braking system is highly reliable, while its weight remains quite low.

The road bike of the 2018-2019 model does not come with pedals. They are selected individually, taking into account the characteristics and size of the cyclist’s legs. Also on the list of nuances that highlight the flow of a road bike is the high saddle setting. The appropriate level is determined directly by the rider, however, the saddle must always be located above the handlebars to improve aerodynamic properties.

The rating of the undoubted advantages of highways includes:

  • speed characteristics exceeding those of mountain or walking bikes by 3-7 km / h and reaching 60 km / h;
  • the best indicator of stability at high speeds.

Significant disadvantages include only low stability, great and poor maneuverability at low speed.

By Rosa Pininfarina

Italians know a lot about road bikes. De Rosa Pininfarina is an original project that has become the embodiment of De Rosa technologies accumulated over many years, and a collaboration in the Pininfarina design bureau. Prices for this model can go up to 11,000 euros.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

De Rosa Pininfarina bicycle

Colnago C60

The star profile of the pipes is a distinctive design element that has proven its worth. This is one of the few bicycles that is still assembled by hand. This model is also used by UAE Team Emirates and Gazprom-RusVelo. Prices for this bike can go up to € 12,000.

Colnago C60 bicycle

Cervélo S5

Created by the Canadian company Cervélo. The bike has one of the most aerodynamic frames designed for group starts. This model is used by renowned cyclist Mark Cavendish and his Dimension Data team. Price up to 10,000 euros.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Cervélo S5 bicycle


This bike has firmly established itself in the top of the best road bikes. It won a lot of different professional starts, and the classic frame design still finds fans all over the world. Prices can go up to 12,000 euros.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Bicycle Cannondale SUPERSIX EVO

Bianchi Oltre XR4

This is the third bike developed by Italian engineers. And the manufacturer Bianchi itself is one of the oldest in the world. This model has won many world cycling titles. Prices go up to 9,000 euros.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Bianchi Oltre XR4 bicycle

Giant TCX SLR 2

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

The dynamism and capabilities of the model will amaze any lover of fast driving. The frame, made of aluminum, is optimal and allows you to cycle many hours every day. The saddle is specially designed for sports riding at high speeds. The bike has a hydraulic disc brake system, which is reliable. The rigid carbon fork guarantees the rider excellent handling, and the wide tires provide easy acceleration on the smooth asphalt road. The carbon fiber seatpost, according to users, provides a soft, vibration-free ride. The tubes are specially designed for competition, they do not have sharp edges to make it easier to carry the bike on the shoulder.


  • wheel diameter – 28 inches;
  • semi-professional equipment;
  • Shimano 105 derailleur;
  • the ability to install a trunk;
  • suitable for driving on any road surface.


  • high cost – 117 thousand rubles

Giant Defy 2 Disc

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bikeThe model is ideal for covering huge distances. The lightweight butted aluminum frame AluxX SL has disc brake mounts. The bike is designed for high speed rides, so it has a specially designed sport saddle for added comfort on long journeys. The road bike has mechanical disc brakes for quick stopping. The aluminum road platform has received many rave reviews. The bike has won a large number of awards, was named the best in several parameters, and also received the “Bike of the Year” award.


  • wheel diameter – 28 inches;
  • excellent ride quality;
  • professional level of equipment;
  • Shimano Tiagra derailleur;
  • improved rigidity and control.


  • relatively expensive – 58 thousand rubles.

Cube Hyde

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Designed for daily workouts on flat roads as there is no cushioning. Has Shimano Acera drive. The saddle is sporty and the handlebars are straight. The frame is made of durable yet lightweight aluminum and is stable. The road bike is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake system, which provides a quick stop even on wet road surfaces. The bike rims are decorated with thick ribbed tires.


  • wheel diameter – 29 inches;
  • 27 speeds;
  • 9 stars in the cassette;
  • double rim;
  • Shimano Deore derailleur;
  • rigid fork design.


  • relatively expensive – 48 thousand rubles.

Scott speedster 60

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Like many counterparts in this price range, it is made of an aluminum frame with a fork made of the same metal. The bike has an 11-toothed sprocket that allows you to control the transport both on flat surfaces and when descending, which is facilitated by an aggressive geometry.

Scott created the first large road bike. Although the frame and wheels are relatively light compared to some of its competitors.


Frame material Aluminum
Wheel diameter 28 inch
Brake type Rim mechanical
Number of speeds fourteen
Weight 10.34 kg

The average price is approximately 55,000 rubles.


  • Lightweight bike compared to peers
  • Stylish design


  • It is not very comfortable to descend due to the non-progressive braking system
  • Not suitable for winter driving

An excellent frame, the bike brakes very well and calmly, the speed is high. At first it was uncomfortable to ride, but after a week my aluminum horse became like a native. Scott speedster 60 is a long distance without sacrificing your own comfort and an excellent base for an upgrade.

Fuji Bikes Track Classic

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike

Fuji Track is a modern cycling track with classic styling and great performance. He is stable and efficient, so he is ready to lead a difficult track competition. The bike is reliable and ideal for scrolling through city traffic on your daily commute.

The double frame provides stability and a smooth ride. The bike is equipped with front and rear brakes for optimal safety.


Frame material Aluminum
Wheel diameter 28 inch
Brake type Rim
Number of speeds one
Weight 9.8 kg

The price is about 24 thousand rubles.


  • Suitable for those on a budget
  • High quality components


  • Not the best quality tires, they wash quickly and get very dirty
  • No winter tires

I bought a used bike, traveled around the floor of the Crimea. A decent model for the first purchase. Good bushings will last a long time when maintained.


The Italian company Pinarello deserves the first place among road bike manufacturers. She began to produce bicycles for a long time. The founder of the company was the Italian Giovanni Pinarello, himself a professional cyclist. At the end of his sporting career in 1952, he began a commercial bicycle business. Since then, the company has gained worldwide fame.

Bicycle frames are designed in Italy, carbon fiber is purchased from the Japanese company Toray (the only one trusted by Pinarello), and manufactured in China or Taiwan, where the company is located. The frames are then returned to Italy, where the bicycles are hand-assembled and painted. As a result, each Pinarello model is unique to some extent. Much attention is paid to the production of details. And also at the Italian factory, bicycles undergo strict quality control.

The company sells only 20-30 thousand bicycles per year, which is incomparable with the millions of sales of other giants. Probably, quality is above all for this company. The main part of the production is exported, Pinarello bicycles are bought with great pleasure in Japan, USA, Spain and Australia. The road bikes of this company have gained special fame, they are the best.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike 

Pinarello DOGMA 65.1 Think2

The model from the Italian company you already know brought victory in seven stages of the Tour de France in 2013 and secured two places at once on the podium. The weight of the carbon frame of this bike is 920 grams, the total weight without pedals and bottle holder is 6.85 kg. The rigid aluminum wheels are fitted with Continental tires. Of course, there are models that are lighter, with better aerodynamic characteristics, but, as the cyclists themselves admit, the DOGMA 65.1 Think2 has no equal in terms of the set of parameters.

Road bikes. How to choose your first road bike 

Who most often uses a training bike?

Often, amateurs and professionals who participate in individual and team time trial races want to buy a dressing bike. Also, a highly specialized road bike model is indispensable in triathlon competitions, in which drafting is strictly prohibited. A special aerodynamic frame with a rudder in the form of a sunbed, as well as specific aerodynamic wheels, practically do not resist the flow of incoming air.
So, if you are planning to take part in serious cycling races, a dressing bike will not only help you successfully pass a long distance, but will also be required by the technical regulations of the competition.

What to look for when choosing a training bike?

In order to choose the right model of a dressing bike, it is worth considering the fact that they are divided into 2 types:

  1. Time Trial (TT) – time trial.
  2. Triathlon.

When choosing a split highway, you should not be guided only by the size of its structure.

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