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How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon – recipes for making a drink at home


The history of the emergence of the lemon drink

Lemonade gained great popularity in France at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. It was prepared from natural lemon juice and mineral waters, sugar was added. Such ingredients were not available to everyone, and only members of the nobility could afford a refreshing drink.

The connoisseur of everything new Peter 1 brought the recipe for a lemon drink to Russia. The local nobility liked the lemonade. The tsar ordered “lemonade to be drunk at assemblies,” and the Russian nobles happily fulfilled the autocrat’s order.

Orange juice appeared in Russia under Peter 1

In Soviet times, lemonade became a real national treasure. The drink was sold on tap, and in bottles, it was also prepared at home and served to the table. Its main ingredients were lemons and sugar.

They began to prepare lemonade from oranges at home later, and by chance, when they discovered that much less sugar, which was in short supply, needed to be added to the juice of this fruit.

Useful properties of lemon

For people who are experiencing an acute shortage of free time, you can stock up on homemade lemonade in concentrated form. If a strong feeling of thirst arises, such a drink is simply diluted with water. The citrus fruit used to make lemonade contains:

  • pectin, dietary fiber;
  • organic acids;
  • antioxidants, calcium, iron;
  • potassium, sodium, manganese, boron.
  1. Lemon is an excellent natural immunomodulator. This fruit and drinks based on it helps to maintain excellent well-being during a massive flu epidemic.
  2. Citrus helps to strengthen blood vessels, increases their elasticity. The fruit contains rutin, which prevents the occurrence of bleeding and the development of thrombophlebitis.
  3. Lemon helps to normalize blood sugar levels. The bioflavonoids present in the fruit help to slow down the aging process, improve the complexion.
  4. Lemon also contains retinol, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the organs of vision.
  5. Citric acid present in the fruit takes an active part in the fat burning process. Therefore, homemade lemonade is useful for women who want to get rid of unwanted pounds. / Li>

What are the benefits of lemon water

Various versions of drinks based on lemon and ordinary water have been known to people for a very long time.

First of all, they spread in those regions where lemon trees grew, so it cannot be said that even our ancestors loved this drink.

Lemon appears to be native to India or another country in the same geographic area.

The plant was brought to the Middle East and Europe in the 12th century.

The most famous and delicious drink based on this citrus is, of course, lemonade.

Since the 17th century, it was cooked at home, and a century later, industrial production began.

Both classic homemade and industrial lemonade contain sugar (the second is in rather high concentrations, like any sweet soda), and therefore it is difficult to call them especially useful for health.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Delicious and healthy lemonade

Lemon Refreshing Water is an excellent replacement for lemonade and regular water. It is healthier than the first, tastier than the second and easy to prepare.

In particular, such water contributes to:

  1. Stabilize digestion
  2. Slimming
  3. Improving skin condition and color

Why is lemon water, being a completely uncomplicated drink, has such a healing effect on the human body?

The secret lies in the properties of the ingredients.

Water is a universal solvent necessary to accelerate biochemical processes in cells and intercellular space.

It delivers useful substances to the most distant corners of the body, and also additionally saturates tissues with oxygen, gives them tone and elasticity.

Tip: you should not use tap water for drinking, even filtered or boiled water – artesian or spring water will be more useful.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Start your day with a glass of lemon water

Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, which has immunostimulating, disinfecting and tonic properties.

The acid in the citrus composition stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and accelerates digestion.

There is information that lemon has the effect of a mild laxative and helps in the complex cleaning of the body from toxins and toxins.

Lemon water is especially famous in the fight against excess weight: indeed, regular use of the drink in the morning helps to get rid of several kilograms, make the waist thinner and the stomach more toned.

The merit of the discovery is attributed to the British doctor T. Chong, who created her own weight loss program based on a recipe for making water with lemon.

Many world stars have become adherents of this program: in particular, Beyoncé. The singer has thrown off about ten kilograms, and just look at her figure now!

Tip: The optimal effect will be achieved by combining water with lemon with sports and a healthy lifestyle. Remember: liquid is an adjuvant that accelerates and enhances the effect of other ways to lose weight.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Even such a healthy drink has contraindications.

It is worth noting that lemon water has its own contraindications.

It should not be drunk by people suffering from ulcers and other stomach ailments, as acidic foods and drinks only worsen their condition.

If in doubt, consult a nutritionist, and listen carefully to your own body: if drinking such a liquid causes discomfort, do not drink it.

Of course, it is important not only to know how to properly prepare water with lemon, but also the rules for its use.

This is how you can get the most out of incorporating the drink into your diet.

Drink lemon liquid:

  1. One glass at a time. A more abundant use will only clog the stomach, because it is not a matter of quantity, but of quality.
  2. On empty stomach. Drink the liquid as soon as you wake up, half an hour before your first meal and before starting your hygiene procedures.
  3. Fresh. Do not be lazy to prepare a drink right before drinking – most of the beneficial properties will evaporate from it overnight in the refrigerator.
  4. Through a straw. This will help minimize the corrosive effect of acid (lemon juice) on tooth enamel.

Also, half an hour after drinking, nutritionists recommend a hearty breakfast.

Pay attention to the first meal, do not snack on the go, eat porridge, scrambled eggs or a juicy sandwich.

From lemons and oranges

It is this combination of citruses that has a universal balanced taste, which is loved by both children and sooo adults. We need:

  • one lemon;
  • two oranges;
  • ¾ glasses of sugar;
  • three liters of filtered water.

It is better to choose citrus fruits with a thin skin. If you come across fruits with a thick skin, then it is better to remove 2/3 of the indicated portion of the zest. Otherwise, the taste will be bitter.

How to make a drink for the whole family?

  1. Pour boiling water over the fruit and remove the fine zest from half a lemon and a whole orange.
  2. Put one liter of water to boil. We add the rest of the water cold. It will be more useful this way.
  3. Peel the citrus and peel off the white layer. It also gives bitterness, but we don’t need it.
  4. Squeeze out the juice from all fruits and strain from the seeds. Juice from oranges should be poured all at once, but lemon juice should be poured in small portions, controlling the acid.
  5. Dissolve sugar in boiling water, lower the zest and cake. Boil for literally 2-3 minutes and turn off. At this point, you can put an star anise star, which will give a spicy aroma. Let the liquid cool for a quarter of an hour, then strain into a jug.
  6. Pour in fresh orange and lemon. Add sugar if necessary. Dilute with the remaining water and set to cool. Bon Appetit!

In just a few minutes we get 3 liters of a wonderful aromatic drink rich in vitamins!

Homemade lemonade storage rules

Homemade lemonade can be kept in the refrigerator for several days. And the prepared concentrate can be stored at a temperature of about + 5 ° C for a week.

Homemade lemonade is sweeter and more acidic: a table of ratios

To make a drink from orange and lemon at home, it is very important to know the approximate proportions. After all, little children also want to drink delicious lemonade, but the acid concentration for them should be minimal. There are other refreshing drinkers who also need to be careful with excess acidity.

Therefore, we present the ratio of the number of oranges and lemons for making various versions of lemonade at home.

volume of the finished drink number of oranges number of lemons amount of sugar
1 cup (250 ml) 2 slices 1 slice 25 *
0,5 l 4 slices 2 slices fifty
1 l 1 piece 0.5 fruit 100
2 l 2 pieces 1 piece 200
3 l 3 pieces 1.5 pieces 300

* 25 g of sugar is a tablespoon with a small hill. Accordingly, 100 g is 5 such spoons, 200 g – 10 spoons, etc.

This table shows that the classic ratio of oranges to lemons is 2: 1. On the other hand, you can take these citruses in equal amounts or even in the opposite proportion – 2 lemons and 2 large oranges.

By experimenting with tastes like this, you can get both a sweeter and more sour version. You can also balance the balance by adding sugar or citric acid.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

There can be no unequivocal answer here, because often babies are generally contraindicated in any citrus fruits due to allergic reactions. On the other hand, oranges, lemons and tangerines are a source of pectin, fiber, vitamins and other nutrients.

In general, pediatricians recommend gradually introducing oranges starting at 10-12 months. Therefore, most babies can sometimes also feast on lemonade (preferably not very sour).

Making lemonade with honey

With honey, a particularly healing homemade lemonade is obtained, therefore, in order to enhance its beneficial properties, ginger is often also added to it.

  • 350 g lemons;
  • 220 g of ginger root;
  • 150 g of honey;
  • 50 g sugar;
  • 3 liters of purified water.
  1. Peel the ginger and rub it on a fine grater.
  2. The zest is also rubbed from the prepared lemons.
  3. Pour a mixture of lemon zest, chopped ginger and sugar with one liter of water and heat to a temperature of + 100 ° C.
  4. Cool and filter the resulting broth through cheesecloth or sieve.
  5. Juice is squeezed out of the pulp of the lemons and mixed with the cooled mixture.
  6. Add honey and remaining water.

Lemonade recipe additions

  1. To make lemonade from oranges and lemons, you need to take only ripe fresh fruits. Stayed, missing or too overripe citrus fruits will not work, they will only spoil the taste of the drink.
  2. The proportions of the main ingredients, i.e. lemon and orange, may vary. In our recipe, this is 2: 2. But the ratio can be freely changed, depending on your taste preferences.

Use more orange citrus fruits than yellow ones, but only if you prefer sweet drinks with a slight sourness. The ideal combination in this case would be: 2 oranges – 1 lemon. But with a large amount of preparation, you can take 3-4 oranges per 1 lemon.

If you like a distinctly sour taste, then add more lemon than orange. In this case, the proportions will be as follows:

  • 2 lemons – 1 orange;
  • 3-4 lemons – 2 oranges;
  • 5-6 lemons – 3-4 oranges, etc. Everything will depend on the volume of the drink.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Freeze fruit for lemonade

You can also make lemonade from frozen fruits. Their processing technology is the same as for ordinary fresh citrus fruits. To freeze food – you need:

  • wash the fruit first;
  • then pour boiling water over them;
  • and only then put in the freezer overnight.

The next day, oranges and lemons are processed using the same recipe technology that we gave above in the recipe.

Homemade lemonade ingredients and inventory

  • Oranges

We choose the ripe and brightest fruits – they should not be yellowish or with damage on the peel, since it will also be needed to prepare a drink.

  • Sugar

We take regular granulated sugar and, depending on the amount of oranges, add it to homemade lemonade. Approximate proportions are half a kilo for 4 large fruits.

  • Lemon or citric acid

We add them as desired and better after we try to make lemonade according to the classic recipe. They are needed to add additional acidity, but it may not be needed.

  • Water

You will need water from a bottle, cooler or filtered water. The proportions are 10 liters per 4 oranges, we proceed from them. You can make the drink more concentrated, then pour in the water in parts, adding 5 liters at once, and then the rest.

  • Meat grinder, blender or grater

Any of these chopping tools will come in handy – it all depends on your capabilities and personal tastes.

Frozen orange lemonade

  • 2 large oranges;
  • 10 grams of citric acid (usually 1 sachet);
  • 1 lemon;
  • 250 grams of sugar;
  • 4 liters of cold purified water.


  1. Rinse the oranges under running water. Put to cool in the freezer for 1 day. After the specified time has elapsed, remove the fruits and defrost a little. Load into a blender to chop.
  2. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice. Pour the resulting mixture with 2 liters of cold drinking water. Mix well with a spoon and leave to infuse for 1/4 hour.
  3. Add granulated sugar and citric acid. Dilute the mixture with 2 more liters of water. Mix well. Let stand for 1/4 hour. Then strain the juice into a deep pitcher.
  4. Store ready-made lemonade in the refrigerator. Many people note that the drink tastes like orange sparkling water.

Original drink options with other fruits

What other fruits can you take for making lemonade at home? Strictly speaking, any. And even some vegetables – for example, the same cucumber, which has a neutral taste and at the same time gives an additional refreshing aroma.

You can also make a drink in a combined way – first, brew the fruit with a small amount of boiling water, let it stand for half an hour, and then dilute it with pre-chilled water. The only thing to consider is the proportions. For 2 liters of water we take 2 oranges, 1 lemon and the following additional components:

  • 2 small cucumbers without skin;
  • 5-6 peeled kiwis
  • 1 grapefruit (can be taken instead of lemon);
  • 300-400 g pitted cherries;
  • 2-3 medium apples of any kind;
  • 3 ripe peaches (or nectarines);
  • 1 kg of watermelon pulp (it will also serve as the main source of water);
  • the same amount of melon pulp;
  • berry mix – 300 g of a mixture of raspberries, black, red currants and other berries.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Of course, all these components must be added separately – for example, orange with lemon and watermelon or orange with lemon and peaches, etc. On the other hand, no one forbids both experimenting and making a unique author’s recipe for a drink.

At the same time, in any case, it will rightfully be considered lemonade, since it is based on citrus fruits, and other ingredients enrich the dish with their spicy flavors.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home


  • First comes the preparation of ice – pour water into the molds, it should freeze.
  • Ginger should be washed, peeled, grated. It will take 0.5 tsp. squeezed ginger juice.
  • Honey (1 to 3 tablespoons) must be heated in a water bath so that it becomes liquid. If he is already like that, then you can do without a bath. Mix with a little warm water until dissolved.
  • Then cut the cucumbers (1 large or several small ones) lengthwise to create small slices. Place them already in the container for the drink. There is also dissolved honey and ginger juice. Mix.
  • The composition is poured with sparkling water, and stirred again.

It’s all. But for a more pleasant taste and appearance of the drink, you can put lime slices, basil, mint, lemon balm in a glass. And up – ice.

After that, the cucumber drink is ready for consumption. Do you want me to please you? It will be useful not only for the banal quenching of thirst, but also for weight loss.

Why freeze oranges for lemonade

Today, every housewife can make juice from frozen oranges at home. It has been proven that with proper preparation, vegetables and fruits do not lose their beneficial properties. Freezing helps you get a cold refreshing drink quickly without adding ice.

To freeze oranges, it is important to choose large and juicy fruits without external damage. For juicing, the following varieties are best suited: Parson Brown, Valencia, Hamlin. You can also choose fruits with red pulp to surprise guests with an unusual aroma and taste: Moro fornication, Sanguinelli.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home
Red orange juice is more aromatic, but does not go well with mint

By freezing several kilograms of oranges, you will be able to prepare a delicious and healthy orange drink at any time of the year. They can be frozen with the skin, or peeled.

The first method is more priority, because after freezing the peel of these citrus fruits loses its bitterness, which makes it possible to use it in cooking. This not only favorably affects the taste, but also makes the lemonade healthier. Whole citrus will not go into a blender or meat grinder, and cutting frozen fruits is very difficult. Therefore, before placing them in the freezer, you can cut them into rings or wedges.

It is not necessary to peel oranges from the freezer, they are simply grinded with a blender. To prepare lemonade, add mineral water, mint, spices. If you need to peel a frozen orange, you can use a regular fruit and vegetable grater.

Peeled and sliced ​​oranges often have time to let the juice flow, so each of them is frozen in a suitable container, placing them at a short distance so that they do not freeze. The bags cannot be used, as the thin peel of the peeled fruit will freeze to the plastic.

Sparkling and still water

You can prepare lemon-orange lemonade with or without gas. If a carbonated drink is preferable for you, then use carbonated or mineral unsalted water in preparation.

For those who are a supporter of non-carbonated drinks, it is better to add plain drinking water (necessarily boiled) or taken from the pump room to lemonade.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Add ice

A drink prepared at home should not be inferior in terms of its “freshness effect” to a store drink. To do this, add as much ice as possible to the lemonade.

Sometimes, as a decoration, a layer of colored ice is laid out on the bottom of the glass, as a result, it turns out beautifully and fresh.

Natural raw materials

Only natural ingredients should be used to make lemonade. It is not worth adding canned fruits, packaged juices and other products in their natural form to the drink. Only freshly squeezed juices and raw fruit slices are able to maximally provide the drink with a pleasant taste and great benefits from consumption.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Knowing all the rules of preparation, it is not difficult to make homemade lemonade on your own. The orange and lemon recipe is just one variation of the summer drink, so feel free to experiment and add new ingredients to the lemonade.

Listen to advice on how to make a refreshing drink at home and feel free to bring it to life. Enjoy preparing vitamin “nectar” in summer for the whole family – and be healthy all year round.

Bon Appetit!

Frozen orange lemonade

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

If you have only one orange left in your fridge, this is not a reason to deprive yourself of a delicious drink! I share a proven step-by-step recipe for a delicious frozen orange lemonade:

  1. In a saucepan, heat a liter of water and dissolve 0.4-0.5 kg of granulated sugar.
  2. Grate frozen citrus there.
  3. Dissolve a tablespoon of citric acid. Let it infuse for at least 4 hours, or better all night.
  4. Pour in 5 liters of water. The lemonade is ready.

The good thing about lemonades is that they can be simple or carbonated. You can use a variety of fillers – ginger, jam, syrups. To get a carbonated drink, it is enough to prepare the base and dilute with unsalted soda. For example, the option with raspberry jam is especially good:

  1. Squeeze the juice out of one lemon.
  2. Rub a glass of raspberry jam into a jug through a sieve.
  3. Dissolve with a liter of soda and pour in the juice. Done. The taste does not differ from the purchased drink.


The raspberry-ginger composition, which can be cooked at home, has a wonderful taste and undoubted benefits.

  1. First, let’s prepare the sugar syrup. Water (1 liter) must be put on fire, and after boiling add sugar (180 g). Dissolve, stirring constantly, and turn off.
  2. Add grated raspberry cake to this syrup (berries need 200-250 g). The puree will come in handy later.
  3. Ginger is chopped on a grater and poured with raspberry-sugar syrup. The composition is infused until it cools completely.
  4. Now you can strain it and add raspberry puree and soda water (again 1 liter).

Again, the finished drink can be freshened with ice cubes.

Features of making lemonade from lemons

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

The citrus cooling drink has a simple preparation scheme. Regardless of the recipe for lemonade from lemons, certain features must be considered:

  • All citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit), other fruits and herbs must be fresh. If the ingredients have been lying for a long time before, the taste of the drink will be smeared and unexpressed.
  • The amount of sugar depends a lot on your taste preferences. It is also worth considering how sour the lemons themselves are. You do not need to overdo it with sugar, otherwise the drink will become cloying, and there will be no citrus hue at all.
  • It is important to leave the lemonade infused. On average, this will take from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Overexposure for longer than this time is not worth it, because the drink may become too concentrated and with an admixture of bitterness.

How to make lemonade quickly at home: the cold way

Let’s start by remembering the classic ratio: for 1 lemon – about 100 g of sugar and 300 ml of water (1 large glass or 1.5 standard glasses). Other components can be added as desired.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

Step 1. We wash the lemon, cut into several pieces and remove the seeds. The zest can be removed or left unpeeled.

Step 2. Get lemon juice using a blender, juicer or by hand.

Step 3. Pour it into water and add sugar to it.

Step 4. Stir thoroughly until completely dissolved, cool, add ice.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

It seems that this recipe for homemade lemonade from lemons is such that it couldn’t be easier. However, there are some tricks here:

  1. First of all, it is better to keep citruses in hot (but not boiling water) for a few minutes before cooking. Alternatively, put them in a microwave oven on medium power for 1-2 minutes. Due to the thermal effect, the lemon will more readily give juice, and will also enrich the drink with an even greater aroma.
  2. Another interesting trick is to roll the lemon on the table, pressing hard on it. Here’s how to do it.
  1. How to squeeze juice by hand is understandable. This can be done either without any devices at all, or with the help of a convenient squeezer.
  2. Or you can use an electric juicer, blender, or even a meat grinder.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at homeHow to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

But how does it taste better? Oddly enough, but in this case, the “manual”, lean approach does not work as well as the automated option. The fact is that you can only squeeze juice from the pulp by hand.

But grinding the skin in this way at home is unlikely to work. But a mechanical device will grind the zest, and then homemade lemonade from lemon, orange or other citrus fruits will turn out not only tasty, but also fragrant.

Video on how to make soda with soda and vinegar

Soda water can be made simply by mixing sugar, soda and citric acid in water. And you can arrange a real chemical reaction, due to which a large amount of gas will arise, which can be used to enrich almost any drink.

Thanks to this method, you can make a soda from anything, even tea. Imagine making tea with citrus, then carbonating it, and please, you can not buy a delicious favorite drink, but make it yourself.

This method is used in the industry to create many drinks that we buy in the store. And sometimes we spend a lot of money on it. So isn’t it better to learn how to make carbonated cocktails at home?

Just be careful while cooking. Still, this is working with gases and with the pressure that it creates.

Soda with lemon and frozen berries for the bar

The next number of the citrus program was prepared by frozen berries from languid blackberries and incendiary raspberries. They will merge deliciously in a citrus cocktail and leave a trace of frosty freshness.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

With this drink, you can easily cope with the heat that reigns around. Let’s create it soon!

Ingredients (for 1 serving of drink):

  • 14 Art. frozen blackberries;
  • 14 Art. frozen raspberries;
  • 90 ml. non-alcoholic gin and tonic;
  • 0.5 citrus;
  • 1 tsp Sahara.


1 Let’s freeze the berries first. Place them in a bowl and rinse thoroughly in warm water. Then spread the berries on a towel and let them dry.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

2 Then take a comfortable flat mold and line it with parchment paper. Place the berries on it carefully. Leave a distance between them so that the treats do not stick to each other. Put the berries in the freezer for about 1-1.5 hours.

If you already have frozen berries in the freezer, then the cooking time will be significantly reduced.

3 Let’s go to a cocktail. Squeeze the washed and cut citrus juice into a bowl. Strain it into a prepared shaker or decanter.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

4 Add gin, tonic, sugar and 2 ice cubes to the juice. Mix the ingredients vigorously. Try a cocktail.

If it lacks acid, then add more citrus juice to it. Not enough sand – sweeten the drink.

5 As time passes, remove the berries from the freezer and fill the cocktail with them. Pour it into a glass. On top of it, you can put a piece of citrus, ice and mint for beauty.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Ah, how rhythmically the berries dance in an embrace with citrus. And how nice it will be to drink them. Do this and let your heart remember their indescribable taste and fresh breath.

Lemonade recipe for kids

In order to make lemonade for children at home, for 4 cups of the drink we need:

  • 3/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 cup lemon juice (from about 5 lemons)
  • 1-2 cups of cold water

How we will cook:

  1. Pour the icing sugar into a container and pour boiling water there (for safety, it is better to do this for an adult).
  2. Stir to completely dissolve the sugar in the water. Place the jar of sugar syrup in the refrigerator to chill. To speed up the process, you can add ice to the pitcher.
  3. While the sugar syrup is cooling, squeeze the lemon juice. It takes about five or six lemons to make one cup of lemon juice.
  4. Strain freshly squeezed lemon juice into a jug of chilled sugar syrup. Add one to two cups of cold water to your taste and stir.
  5. Season your lemonade with lemon slices, mint leaves, rose petals or pretty straws and enjoy!

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Homemade lemonade benefits

A drink made at home has many advantages over a purchased one. First, it will serve as an irreplaceable source of vitamins that our body needs. Secondly, it will preserve natural ingredients, since they will not be replaced by us with flavors and dyes. There are many cooking options, even without adding gas. Thirdly, an invigorating drink will strengthen the immune system at any time of the year. Fourth, you can make homemade lemonade without spending a lot of money. A couple of oranges will make as much as four liters of a natural drink.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home
Lemonade is a source of essential vitamins

How to make a party nail out of ordinary products?

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

I would like to pay special attention to exotic tastes. For example – watermelon fusion with basil.

  • Boil a glass of water in a small saucepan. Dissolve an incomplete glass of sugar and add 3 sprigs of basil. Green basil is more peppery, while purple is softer.
  • After an hour, catch the sprigs of herbs and pour the syrup into a decanter.
  • In a blender bowl, whisk about 2 kg of pitted watermelon pulp.
  • Squeeze the citrus juice into the decanter and add the fresh watermelon. That’s it, a sumptuous refreshing lemonade is ready!

Mint and lemon are arguably the best pairing for a summer refreshment.

How to make a refreshing lemon and mint drink – recipe


  • fresh lemons – 490 g;
  • – 1 large bundle;
  • filtered water – 3 l;
  • granulated sugar – 250 g.


First of all, to prepare a drink, we set the water to boil on a fire, while dissolving granulated sugar in it. Its amount can be varied depending on the desired sweetness of the finished beverage. We leave the workpiece to cool, after which we squeeze the lemon juice to it, add also a little zest and lay the mint. It must first be washed and chopped or rubbed with a pestle.

The drink will be absolutely ready after it has been infused for two to four hours in the refrigerator. When serving, we supplement each glass of the drink with a lemon wedge and a sprig of mint.

Ginger, Lemon and Mint Drink


  • fresh lemons – 490 g;
  • – 40-60 g;
  • filtered water – 3 l;
  • granulated sugar – 250 g.


Starting to prepare the drink, wash the lemons, scald with boiling water, cut in half and squeeze the juice. We do not discard the pulp and zest, but cut it into pieces and put it in the blender bowl. Ginger root, rinse, peel, also cut into small pieces and send to lemon. Throw in the fresh mint sprigs, previously washed with cold water and dried, add granulated sugar and add quite a bit of water. We break through the mass in the device before converting it into puree, after which we transfer it to a suitable container and fill it with the remaining water. Let the contents of the vessel brew for a while, and then squeeze it out with a gauze cut well, separating the hard component and this time discarding it.

Add lemon juice to the resulting aromatic liquid, mix, pour the finished drink into a jug and put it in the refrigerator to cool.

When serving, we supplement the drink in a glass with ice cubes, a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.

If desired, the drink can be made even more useful by replacing granulated sugar with honey.

Summer drink with mint, orange and lemon


  • fresh lemons – 370 g;
  • fresh oranges – 520;
  • fresh mint – 1 large bunch;
  • filtered water – 2 l;
  • granulated sugar – 120-150 g.


In order for the citrus peel not to taste bitter in the drink, wash the fruits and pour boiling water over them for two minutes. After that, cut the oranges and lemons in half, squeeze out the juice, and additionally cut the pulp into slices, which we put in a jug or other container for preparing a drink. Put the previously washed and chopped fresh mint sprigs there and grind the mass with a pestle or crush. Mix the granulated sugar with a small amount of water and put it on the stove. Warm up the mixture, stirring, until all the crystals dissolve, and then let it cool and pour over the citrus and mint. Pour the rest of the water and squeezed lemon and orange juice into the container, place the drink on the refrigerator shelf and let it brew for at least two hours.


There is a recipe for a wonderful strawberry-ginger lemonade.

  1. Water (250 ml) is poured into a saucepan, sugar (100 g), ginger (root, chopped by any means) and lemon zest (can be large pieces) must be added to it. Boil for about 5 minutes.
  2. Squeeze juice from 2 lemons, and cut the strawberries into plates. Mix them with slightly cooled ginger-citrus syrup. The tincture should cool completely.
  3. Then strain and mix with cool sparkling water (approximately equal proportions). Best consumed in ice-filled glasses.

With the addition of strawberries

Juicy strawberries give the drink an unusual, memorable taste. This homemade lemonade will be especially enjoyed by children. The drink contains the following ingredients:

  • honey 200 grams, 850 ml of water;
  • 220 grams of ripe strawberries;
  • 180 ml lemon juice;
  • crushed ice, mint leaves.

The beverage preparation process is presented below:

  1. Put honey in a separate saucepan and add 250 ml of water. The resulting ingredients are mixed until smooth.
  2. Pour the strawberries into a colander. The berries are thoroughly washed in warm water, cut into four equal parts and chopped in a blender.
  3. Then add the honey mixture. Then you need to grind all the components to a puree state.
  4. The right amount of juice is squeezed out of 3-4 lemons. The resulting drink is filtered into a decanter.
  5. The juice is mixed with the strawberry puree and the remaining water. You can add a few ice cubes and a small amount of mint to the finished drink.

Secrets of making delicious lemonade at home

With these little secrets, your lemonade will taste even better.

1 Basically, we all use store-bought citrus fruits. Therefore, it is advisable to scald them with boiling water before adding the crushed peel to cocktails. This will remove any chemical deposits from the surface of the fruit. And wipe them dry after washing.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

2 For drinks, use only fresh and quality fruit. This also applies to juices: only freshly squeezed nectars should be present in your cocktails.

3 Pay attention to the quality of the water. If it is homemade, be sure to filter it and then boil it or buy bottled water.

4 Look at the expiration dates of the soda. It should also be fresh and of high quality.

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

5 Never, under any circumstances, add sugar at the end of making cocktails, or before serving them. Always carefully transform the initial sand into syrup, and only then add other ingredients to it. Otherwise, sweet crystals will not squeak very pleasantly on your teeth. Do you need it?

6 Add cinnamon or vanilla to the sugar syrup for your smoothie and the taste will delight you. Then do not forget to strain the drink from the pieces of spices. Only taste should remain in it!

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

7 About honey. It can be a great alternative to sugar. And add it to warm liquids, not hot ones. Otherwise, honey will lose its beneficial properties.

8 And a nice idea for dessert. Place pieces of fruit, berries, or herbs such as mint in ice cube trays. Freeze with water. These ice cubes will look spectacular in your incomparable drinks!

You are now a magician. And knowledge has become your magic wand. Use them correctly and your lemonades will sparkle with taste and bright emotions!

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

Heat, heat … We are looking forward to it at the beginning of spring. We rejoice in the heat on the first days of summer and say “Enough!” To her when we literally melt …

And in order to stay in shape and feel great in the hot time, a refreshing, unique and so dear lemonade rushes to your aid. It fills you to your fingertips and lovingly quenches your deep thirst.

You will thank yourself for the delicious recipes and the sparkling cocktail in the fridge. Cook it every day. Always different. Then your family, with gratitude and love for you, will calmly sigh in the summer heat!

Non-alcoholic “Mojito”

This homemade lemonade with mint and lemon is easy to prepare. In the summer heat, such a drink perfectly saves you from the heat. The mojito contains:

  • half a lime, 2 sprigs of peppermint;
  • 450 ml of mineral sparkling water;
  • sugar to taste, 7 ice cubes.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Cut the lime into two equal halves. One of them is cut into neat rings. Chop the mint: by hand or with a blender.
  2. The above ingredients are mixed in a separate glass container. After that, add the right amount of sugar.
  3. Water is poured into the container. Homemade lemonade is thoroughly mixed, ice cubes are added.

This drink goes well with fruits or berries. Mineral water can be replaced with other carbonated drinks (Sprite or Schweppes).

Homemade tarragon lemonade

How to make lemonade at home from lemon. Lemonade with lemon - recipes for making a drink at home

For those who want to try something new, I suggest trying a luxurious lemonade with a spicy aroma and an unforgettable taste – a recipe from tarragon. The drink turns out to be a little less than one and a half liters and it is very appropriate for a bachelorette party, because of its exquisite aroma.

You will need a few ingredients:

  • a large lemon with a thick peel;
  • 50 g fresh tarragon (this is about 7-8 branches);
  • 3 tbsp. l. Sahara;
  • 1.2 l. water.

Wash the lemon thoroughly and pour boiling water over it. So the fruit will reveal its delicious aroma, but excess bitterness will be removed. You don’t need to squeeze lemon juice, just cut it into cubes. In a blender bowl, whisk chopped citrus, chopped tarragon and sugar. Stir the mixture in a jug of water, cover with a lid, let it infuse overnight. After 8 hours, strain, pour into glasses and enjoy the bright taste.


Making lemonade at home from lemon is not at all as difficult as it seems. But for any occasion, you can serve a beautifully decorated homemade healing drink on the table.

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