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How to help a man delay pleasure


Often it is women who complain about their partners, saying that they end up in bed too quickly and do not have time to please them. Although this will not upset anyone, because no matter what the relationship is, you still want to feel like in heaven, at least occasionally, but you want to. Unsurprisingly, resentment over the duration of intimacy can ruin relationships both in and out of the bedroom. But are there any ways to solve this problem?

It is very frustrating when your partner cums quickly during sex and then just stops all activity. Even worse, if at the same time he says “it was amazing", turns on his side and falls asleep. According to statistics, from 40 to 70 percent of men are subjected to premature ejaculation. What is the cause of this problem and is there a way to deal with it?

1 Choose poses wisely

Certain sex positions can make him cum much faster. Others, on the contrary, can help him to hold out much longer. The best positions are those in which you are on top, or side, such as "spoon". A more difficult position for a man to last longer is missionary, back on all fours or standing. The idea is that it’s good for a man to stay physically more relaxed, so any position in which he has to exert all his strength will most likely not help him control ejaculation.

2 Use lubricant

If during sex your partner experiences too much physical pressure on the head of the penis, this can make him cum faster. Therefore, if you do not have enough natural lubrication, buy a quality lubricant. If your partner is too passionate and in a hurry to start penetrative sex, try to pause until you feel that you are fully warmed up.

3 Have more sex

If you rarely have sex, your partner will constantly feel aroused like a teenager, and at the moment of intimacy he will definitely not be able to control himself for a long time. Practice helps you get better at everything, so you should develop the habit of regular sex and maybe then your partner will stop cumming so quickly.

4 Set the right tempo

Try to slow down, relax and enjoy the change of pace. It may also be helpful for your partner to sometimes stop deep thrusting and just do smaller ones until he calms down a bit. And if that’s too much, he may pull away completely and perform oral sex on you until his arousal level drops sufficiently.

5 Work on stress

If your partner is anxious and stressed about how to please you, the stress of this can affect the duration of your intercourse. Therefore, even if he comes very quickly every time, let him feel that you still get great pleasure from intimate life together, this will help in the long run.

6 Develop Ejaculation Control Naturally

There are several effective techniques you can use during lovemaking to help your partner learn to control their arousal levels. It may take time to see good results, but it’s worth a try as it can help you save money and avoid medication in the long run. A relatively simple technique to try is the start-stop method, which he can practice on his own or with you. There are other ways, such as the compression technique and kegel exercises.

7 Go to the second run

Your partner will most likely last longer the second time around. So don’t let the sex end just because he came once. Keep enjoying each other in other ways, and when he’s ready again, he’ll likely be in better control of his arousal.

8 Don’t forget to breathe

Breathing can play an important role. Remind him to slow down and take a longer, deeper breath if his breathing becomes fast and shallow. More broadly, try to help him relax during sex. If you feel that he is tense, relax him with massage movements or soothing words.

9 Prelude, and more

The idea is to use foreplay to balance the level of arousal. Men sometimes turn on faster and stronger than women. Therefore, in the beginning it is better to focus on your pleasure, and not rush into oral or penetrative sex. When you eventually have sex, your partner won’t have to hold back for long, as you’ll already be more aroused from the foreplay.

10 Spray prolongator

Desensitizing sprays are especially helpful for men suffering from premature ejaculation due to physical sensitivity. They contain a special substance that reduces sensitivity – usually benzocaine or lidocaine. The spray creates a desensitizing film around the penis to reduce sensitivity without any numbing effect. It is enough to apply the remedy 5-10 minutes before sex, and it will relieve arousal and give a man the opportunity to stay in bed much longer.

11 Slow down condoms

Retarding condoms, like sprays, also contain a special ingredient. They help delay ejaculation, making sexual intercourse longer. The effect is achieved due to the action of a local anesthetic – lidocaine hydrochloride. So if your partner has no problem wearing condoms in general, they can help him control himself. They are also very easy to find and are sold in many pharmacies and most adult stores.

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