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How to understand that you met your man


How to understand that he is the only person destined for you by fate? Most women have asked themselves this question at least once in the first days of dating, on the eve of a wedding, or during difficult periods of a relationship. This is fine. However, how can you understand that he is the one?

Every woman dreams of building strong harmonious relationships, meeting the right one, living a long happy life with him. Many half their lives are looking for their “prince on a white horse", peering into their partner and asking the main question: “Is this him?” How to understand that next to you is the same man?

Happy relationship: dream or truth of life

First, let’s figure out what a happy relationship is? What are they? In my opinion, a happy relationship is a harmonious relationship in which each partner feels self-confident, free. These are relationships in which absolute, total trust in each other comes first, where everything is built on mutual respect. Trusting a partner means feeling safe, and safety, in turn, is one of the most important basic needs of every person.

Trust in a relationship is about a clear sense of freedom for each of the partners, when you feel good both together and apart, when you absolutely calmly accept the choice of a partner to spend tonight in the company of friends, and at the same time you yourself spend time qualitatively and fully. Trust is also about the fact that you can be naked, sick, sad, crying, in need of care, or spend the whole day at home in your favorite stretched sportswear and T-shirt, not thinking if you are good enough, and continue to feel the most loved and desired. .

Is this my man?

So how do you know if it’s him? Your candy-bouquet period is over, but you continue to receive compliments and signs of attention, everything is just as good and easy for you together, you make common plans, and in moments of conflict situations, you both “smooth out” sharp corners. This is exactly HE, if both you and he do not put on "masks", do not seek to correct each other, do not try to meet each other’s expectations, but allow each other to just be themselves.

And in conclusion, I will say: always listen to your heart! It alone will always give the most accurate and most honest answer to all your questions! The Universe always sends us signs that we can ignore, or we can accept and understand. Trust yourself, your inner voice and the universe. Be happy, beauty!

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