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Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health


Definition of the concept

In medicine, addiction is seen as an inadequately increased or uncontrolled susceptibility and craving for a particular action or substance. Moreover, such an obsessive state leads to the development of addiction. That is why a person, in order to satisfy his addiction, is forced either to increase the dose of a certain substance, or to intensify his behavioral tactics.

What are the dependencies?

People in the modern world are far from ideal. Experts say that today there are more than 60 types of dependencies. Moreover, all of them are divided into two large groups. It:

  1. Chemical. With these types of addiction, a person develops a craving for a certain substance entering his body from the outside.
  2. Psychological addiction. The principle of development of this type of addiction is similar to the chemical one. The difference between these two groups lies only in the fact that the substance that causes addiction does not enter the body from the outside. It is created directly by himself.

How to get rid of any addiction in 5 steps

A rare person does not have addictions in his life. Unfortunately, we can be at the mercy of many habits and circumstances: smoking, alcohol, drugs, the Internet (social networks), television, gambling, sex, etc. Is it possible to reduce their detrimental effect on your life or to completely overcome them? We analyze the ways how to get rid of addiction.

Let’s first define for ourselves what addiction is and why it arises. Addiction is a compulsive disorder that is difficult to control. This is where all our thoughts and emotions are directed, and it interferes with interaction with society and, in general, can threaten life.

Addictions develop for many reasons. For example, addiction can arise from social, emotional, or environmental pressures. Changes in the environment, family problems, change of company of friends or place of work threaten the usual comfort, safety and way of life. When threatened, we succumb to negative emotions that prevent us from adequately coping with the situation. Moreover, lack of confidence in our strengths and capabilities, low self-esteem, a strong desire to get rid of anxiety and stress push us to the habits with which we hide behind, close ourselves from reality and try to overcome the uncertainty of life. Addiction provides an illusory sense of control and a kind of salvation, but in fact it distracts attention from real problems.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

And also their dependence appears because of the desire to fit into this or that company, to be needed, fashionable and to feel their importance. The desire to attract the attention of a certain group of people sometimes has a very deplorable effect on the inner state of a person striving for this.

How to deal with all sorts of addictions, where to start?

You need to start from your head

Everything is within us. As one Nepalese thinker and writer put it, “We are dependent on our thoughts. We can’t change anything if we don’t change our thinking. ” That is why try to find the roots of your addiction before you get rid of it: what forces you to do things that interfere with your normal life over and over again. And admit that you have it. Without recognition, the struggle will not begin. Ask yourself the question: what is my addiction, what prevents me from living? Can I control this condition? How can I affect this addiction?

Awareness and acceptance of addiction is the first and necessary step to drive the process of change. But in order to start this process, you must actually want to live differently. You need to be prepared for difficulties, disruptions and worries. Ask yourself: why should I change something? Why should this be done now and not later?

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

If you don’t have enough compelling reasons to start transforming today, then you may not have the perseverance and motivation to achieve the results you want. Therefore, it is very important to answer these questions and find real reasons for change.

Take responsibility

You should not blame anyone or anything for your addictions, shift obligations and justify your actions.

Instead, analyze what drove you to addiction, and try to accept your own responsibility for every decision and action that led to this state. After all, no matter what happens, whoever provokes us to certain actions, the last word is always ours, we choose our own path. What happened in the past cannot be changed in any way, you can only work through the consequences and move on, building new opportunities.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

It is very important not only not to blame people and circumstances for what was done, but also ourselves. Once you’ve realized and acknowledged addiction, forgive yourself and take on new challenges. And also think about how your addiction has affected your relationships with other people, whether what happened interferes with interaction with those you love and whom you value. Reach out to these people and explain that you are at a new stage in your life, regret what happened, and need support in the future.

Take a look at yourself and do some introspection.

Ask questions:

  • Why did I do this?
  • What are the patterns in actions?
  • What (who) usually provokes addiction?
  • How can you get around these temptations?
  • What do you think during and after playing / taking alcohol / drugs / being on social networks, etc.?
  • Do you believe in deliverance?
  • What fears arise before the “new” life?
  • What is their reason?
  • How can you get rid of addiction and spend your free time with benefit?

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

By answering these questions, you analyze yourself, your feelings and actions. Indicate the causal relationship of addiction. Moreover, the answers will help you understand why you value your addictions so much and why it is so difficult to get rid of them.

Plan for the future

After the self-assessment phase, you can sketch out a plan for your new life that will replace the addiction. This does not mean that you need to come up with a new addiction of this kind, no. Addiction is a habit that has developed over time and is deeply rooted in the psyche. And in order to eliminate it, you need to find a healthy replacement that meets your same needs.

For example, people smoke for many reasons. Some to relieve stress, others for social reasons, and still others simply because the habit makes you feel comfortable and safe. And in order to eliminate this dependence, each person must realize what needs he satisfies. And also replace them with a new habit that meets the same needs. Someone escapes cigarettes with sweets, chewing gum or breathing exercises. Everyone has their own ways, depending on the reasons. To make it easier for you to understand, try to answer the questions: how can I get what I need without smoking cigarettes? What can help me meet my basic needs?

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

Basically, you need to make sure that indulging your addiction is no longer worth your time and effort, that it’s time to get rid of it. Your new healthy habit / hobby is of much greater value.

Active action

Your goal is to gradually come to a new way of life until it becomes familiar. This, of course, will not be easy. Perhaps you will return to past addictions and suffer small failures. There is nothing wrong with that, this is normal. Admit you made a mistake and move on. The main thing is that there is aspiration and confidence in the best changes.

When you’ve achieved some victory over addictions, reward yourself with something special. For example, take an unplanned day off or take a walk in a pleasant company that will not remind you of your past life and push you into addiction.

And don’t expect to be free from addiction in a day, a week, or even a month. This is a long-term process that takes time. That is why do not lose vigilance and perseverance, and you will definitely achieve the fact that addiction will no longer have power over you.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

Step # 1: admit that you have an addiction

We cannot get rid of who knows what. The classic in solving any problem is first to admit that they are.

I can’t quit smoking if I’m sure: “What’s wrong with that? I only have two cigarettes a day! There is my friend in a whole pack, and I … “If I believe that caffeine is necessary for me to wake up in the morning, and in principle I am not ready to consider other ways to increase my energy, then I’m unlikely to get rid of the habit of drinking coffee.

So, first realize this: the absence of these things will temporarily make your life less beautiful and make you a little nervous.

Step # 2: write a list of why you need to break your addiction

You will need this list so that when you are tempted to spit on everything, you can read it and remember – why did you start all this. A kind of list-reminder-motivator.

For example, you can write like this: “If I stop eating sweets, then I will look slimmer, my skin condition will improve, I will be able to respect myself for bringing this thing to an end, my hormones will improve, I will be able to get pregnant, my acne will go away and PMS … “

Or like this: “If I quit smoking, I will sleep better at night, I will not cough, I will get a fresh look and I will smell delicious.”

It is important to follow through with the search for motivation. I recommend writing such lists not just: “I want to stop eating donuts in order to be thin and everyone likes it”, but always ask myself the question “Why?”.

Why should I be thin, smell delicious and have a blooming appearance? To get acquainted with an interesting individual of the opposite sex, to be loved, so as not to suffer from embarrassment when even XL does not fit me in the fitting room, and a caring saleswoman asks whether to bring me trousers in a larger size … There may be a million reasons, you need to find their.

By the way! If it turns out that you will not get much by getting rid of your addictions, maybe already at the first stage you will change your mind about giving up sweets / cigarettes / alcohol / social networks …

Perhaps you wanted to spit on the fitting room saleswoman and like yourself the way you are. And those who are dear to you love you in any size – even in L, even in XXXL. And a cup of coffee in the morning in silence is associated with something super pleasant, and you are not ready to give it up in order to increase your energy level.

How to get rid of addiction to a person – 7 steps:

We figured out what addiction is and how it originates. Now let’s discuss how to get rid of addiction to a person. Here are seven powerful steps to getting rid of addiction. Having passed them, you will learn to live a full life and will continue to build only harmonious and healthy relationships:

Step # 1: Realize

The first thing to do to get out of addiction is to realize and accept that you have it. You must tell your brain firmly and confidently that you have an addiction, and today you decided to start getting rid of it. This step is no less important than all the others, because your brain has been accustomed to thinking from early childhood that this is love, not addiction. Tell your subconscious mind that it was wrong for a long time, and now you know the whole truth and are ready for change.

Step # 2: make a decision

The next step is the decision to leave the toxic relationship that you are currently in, or the decision to change yourself, while continuing to remain in this union. If you decide to change without leaving the relationship, the partner will either pull up to you and change too (if you are truly dear to him), or fall off like bark from an old tree. Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human healthBecause an addictive relationship in a couple is always supported by both partners, their shared addiction is a magnet that keeps them close to each other. And, if you change and get rid of the addiction, your partner will have nothing to do next to you without the same nourishment.

It can be a union, for example, “tyrant-victim” or “narcissist-victim”. In such a pair, both people play a role that contributes to maintaining the relationship. And if one of the partners suddenly begins to leave the role of an addict, then the other will be out of work. He will either have to change for the sake of a healthy relationship, or leave this union. Therefore, the second step that you need to take in order to get out of an addicted relationship is to leave your partner, or accept that he, left out of work, will most likely leave on his own.

I also made a video for you about what neurotic addiction is, how it differs from love, and how to get rid of it:

Step # 3: stop enduring

Dependent people who seek to dissolve in a partner, to become a part of him, tend to be “terpila”. Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human healthWhen they do not like something, they prefer not to voice their displeasure and be silent in a rag. In order to unlearn this habit, you need to learn how to say no, defend your boundaries, not tolerate what you don’t like, and, if possible, not do what you don’t want to do.

In order for you to be able to learn this, I wrote for you the book “Into a happy relationship through self-love.” After reading it, you will become a person who knows how to talk about your needs, defend your boundaries and interests and satisfy them.

By completing tasks according to the book, you will be able to get rid of emotional dependence, become a full and complete person who does not need another person to fill the inner emptiness. You can fill it yourself, yourself and your life.

The book will allow you to know and love yourself, and through understanding yourself you will learn to love another in a healthy way, without dependence and sacrificial behavior. Jealousy, control, and inner insecurity will gradually disappear from your life. You will be able to express yourself in a relationship freely and spontaneously, without fear of losing a partner. Because you will be whole and filled with love for yourself.

Step # 4: fill the void

In a dependent relationship, you are facing your partner and your back to yourself. Your personal life is far from the first place for you, much more important is the life of your chosen one. So turn 180 degrees and see your own life. Addiction is when your partner gives you something that you don’t give yourself. As if there is an emptiness in your soul, and your partner fills this emptiness with his presence. This emptiness is from self-dislike. Start filling this hole with love today. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write a list of what your partner gives you. Maybe joy? Feeling needed? Or, for example, care? Gives you a thrill in your soul?

Try to write a long list and then look at each item and think about the last time you gave it to yourself. And without delay, from today start giving yourself everything that you did not give before. Remember: respect, love, interest, care are mutual feelings. Only those who respect themselves are respected. Take care of those who take care of themselves. They show sincere interest in relation to those who are interesting to themselves. No one is obliged to love you, even if you do not love yourself. Healthy relationships are built on those feelings that each partner already knows how to give to himself. Start to respect, love yourself, take care of yourself, and take an interest in yourself. Do to yourself everything that you thought you could only get from your partner before.

Step # 5: get to know yourself

Start getting to know yourself again. To do this, write a list of a hundred things that bring you joy and pleasure, and a list of a hundred “want”. What gives you joy and pleasure? What do you want?

Write these two lists (be sure to go up to one hundred points in each!). You may not be able to do this in one go. But do not try to abandon this business! Once you have a few items from each list ready, start incorporating them into your daily plan every day. At least one of each. Learn to fulfill your desires yourself and give yourself joy. So you will gradually come out of dependence.

Step # 6: Become an independent person

The main problem of addiction is that it is poorly understood by the person himself, and therefore it is so difficult to deal with it on his own. In most cases, this situation requires the help of a specialist.

I am a psychologist and I provide individual consultations via Skype. Together with you at the consultation, we will be able to determine what exactly in your life caused the formation of your addictive behavior. Until these processes are recognized, they seem to control you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

But when you learn to understand and be aware of them, they will become under your control, and then you will have a choice of what to do with it. Understanding the causes of addictive behavior will allow you to manage and free yourself from it. And it is almost impossible to fully understand these reasons on your own.

You can sign up for a consultation with me through VKontakte, Instagram or the form on the website. You can get acquainted with the cost of services and the scheme of work here. You can read reviews about me and my work or leave the link.

On one side of the scales lie fear and excuses, and on the other – freedom and your happy life!

Step # 7: start building harmonious relationships

In order to get rid of toxic relationships, you can get out of them and learn to love yourself and give yourself the love that you have always lacked. But how to check that you have already got rid of the dependent position one hundred percent? If you have not left your partner and made changes over yourself, while remaining in the relationship, then your feelings should change to the opposite. There should be no more suffering in a relationship. When you are with your partner, you should feel at ease and at ease. Happily, joyfully and calmly.Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

In the event that you got out of a relationship in which you suffered and were addicted, then in order to check how much you have changed, start building a new relationship. To do this, I suggest you read the articles on dating “How to Fall in Love with Yourself” and “Why I Don’t Have a Couple.” Relationships in the modern world are needed in order to share happiness and joy. A person can share happiness when he knows how to generate it, how to make himself happy.

Mature and conscientious people are looking for those who themselves can be happy. They are more willing to enter into relationships with those who are self-sufficient. A psychologically mature person unconsciously thinks about a potential partner: “If she is happy, then she can make me happy too. If she is joyful, then she knows how to generate this joy, and she will be able to teach me too. “

People already have their own problems. Conscious people, unlike addicts, enter into relationships to be happier. Therefore, after you go through all the proposed steps and enter into a new relationship, you will attract the same mature person to you, because someone who loves to suffer has nothing to do with someone who knows how to generate happiness.

About internet addiction

For the first time this term was used by Ivan Golderg in 1994. He did not mean a disease comparable to alcoholism or drug addiction, but rather a problem associated with stress and low self-control of a person. Nevertheless, this term has stuck to this day and has acquired a dramatic connotation over the years.

This disease has not yet been fully studied by psychologists, but the reasons for addiction lie on the surface. This can be an attempt to compensate for unfulfilled needs (for example, to make “real” friends) or a person’s inability to build relationships in real life, or problems with self-esteem.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

In these cases, the roots of the problem go much deeper: in upbringing and the atmosphere in the family. Very often, children and adolescents who are faced with a rude attitude towards themselves find an outlet in the vastness of the world wide web. The constant need for recognition, likes and more followers is forcing them to go to social networks more and more.

Internet addiction among adolescents is most acute. This is a big problem in modern society.

Symptoms of Internet Addiction

In order to clearly determine whether you are addicted or not, you need to answer the questions presented honestly, without trying to deceive yourself.

  1. All household chores are also performed by you carefully, as before, or everything is done hastily, so that you can sit down at the computer and relax as soon as possible, and leave some chores for later.
  2. Do you get irritated the moment people close to you make a comment that you spend a lot of time at the computer?
  3. How much time do you set aside for a night’s sleep? Do you limit the time spent at the computer.
  4. During your free time at work, you immediately turn to social networks and online games.
  5. What do you give more preference to, active rest, or spend the whole day off at the computer.
  6. How often do you go to the computer immediately after sleeping.

If you answered more questions in a positive way, then you should definitely think about the fact that you are exposed to the influence of the Internet.

Key indicators of internet addiction

  1. Frequent headaches, restless sleep or its complete disturbance.
  2. Irregular meals.
  3. Neglect of hygiene procedures.
  4. Irritable if it is not possible to be online.
  5. Real life fades into the background. Complete refusal to communicate with real people.
  6. Willingness to spend all money on a computer and the Internet.
  7. Forcing conflicts with others.
  8. Health problems manifested by back pain and dry eyes.

Types of internet addiction

Internet addiction is comparable by many doctors to alcoholism or drug addiction. People lose touch with the world around them, because they find an alternative to it in the vastness of the network. They don’t see the point in meeting friends – you can chat in instant messengers or make a video call.

Before the Internet, the last invention that really influenced communication was the table.

Clay Shirki

Instead of shopping, people also use the Internet, and other entertainment is replaced by online games, forums, watching videos or just surfing.

Gambling addiction

This type of addiction is the most popular. Not only adolescents, but also adults are susceptible to it. Everything can start very harmlessly. A person just tries to fill his free time with playing, but gradually the game takes up all of his time. Playing online games makes it much easier for a person to achieve success than in real life.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

Often, due to such dependence, families break up, and people fall into a dire financial situation, spending all their savings on games.

Gambling addiction

This is due to the development of online casinos and the spread of cash games. The engagement in such activities is much higher than in online games, because there is an opportunity to quickly win cash prizes.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

Internet addiction

The victims of this addiction are those who have problems communicating with people in reality.

In such a situation, a person spends a lot of time on dating sites, forums, social networks. He longs to constantly meet new people, creates a certain image for himself.

Such addiction is often prone to adolescents who are influenced by hormonal changes. It can be difficult for them to build relationships with people in real life, so they do it on the Internet.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

An adult can also face such addiction. This happens if he has not learned to communicate or has too low self-esteem.

Information addiction

Initially, a person tries to learn something new, but, studying a page with a topic he needs, he is fond of reading comments, advertising and begins to wander aimlessly through the vastness of the network, sorting through information.

It is very difficult for a person to do without new information, he keeps track of all the news. Often, this negatively affects his mood.

This type of addiction does not bring a person any new knowledge, but it affects his memory and makes him distracted.

I’ve heard that a million monkeys with typewriters can do all of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we are convinced that this is not true.

Robert Wilenski

Sex addiction

The reasons for this dependence are dissatisfaction in real life, inability to talk about their problems to loved ones.

This can be with both teenagers and adults. People suffering from such addiction constantly need to browse sites on prohibited topics, download obscene videos or even distribute them on the Internet.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

It looks like harmless entertainment, but in reality it is detrimental to people’s lives. The consequences of internet addiction can be very serious.

How to deal with internet addiction on your own

It is possible to overcome Internet addiction if the patient himself desires. Only in this case, any measures aimed at eliminating addiction will be effective. Family and friends can encourage a person to treatment through unobtrusive conversations that will help the addict consider the problem, its consequences and want to cope with it.

According to various studies, about 10% of users worldwide are Internet addicts today. Despite the lack of official recognition of the problem in Russia, Internet addiction is already taken into account in many countries around the world.

Fighting internet addiction on your own includes the following steps:

  • Assessment of habits. At this stage, you need to understand what attracts the Internet. To do this, just hold a piece of paper and a pen next to you and write down the sites you visit, the amount of time you spend on them.
  • Pause. Dependency is something that is done automatically. At the second stage, it is necessary to break the chain: desire – habit – automatic action by inserting pauses between them. For example, if you want to enter a social network, you need to wait and try to keep yourself busy with other things. You can motivate yourself to pause with a persistent desire to change your life.
  • Break. Once you enter the site, you should try to take breaks from work. To do this, you can ask loved ones to distract themselves or set an alarm every 30 minutes. During your rest, you can do the cleaning of the workplace or room, do exercises, call relatives or friends.
  • Trigger selection is the reason why the internet has come into existence and has become too time consuming. This can be done based on the notes made in the first stage. Next, you need to understand why there is a deep immersion in the virtual world. This can be quarrels and conflicts in the family or at work, stress, fatigue, boredom or secret desires.
  • Choice of replacement. Having defined the trigger, you need to find a replacement for it. The replacement should be bright, positive, fun, so much so that there is always a desire to give up Internet surfing in her favor. This can be listening to your favorite music, playing sports, drawing, learning a foreign language, keeping a personal diary, or talking with family or loved ones. Successful trigger replacement will allow further fight against addiction to continue.
  • Changing habits. After a replacement trigger has been found, you should refer to it every time you want to “go out” to the World Wide Web, while the time for working with the replacement should gradually increase. Thus, an automatic substitution of habits will occur – Internet addiction will be replaced by a more useful activity (drawing, sports, communication).
  • Understanding the purpose. The goal of fighting internet addiction is not to throw away your laptop, computer or phone and be always offline. Modern gadgets can be used for useful purposes, such as learning or broadening one’s horizons. At this stage, it is necessary to understand that wasting time on the Internet deprives of all social and material benefits and, ultimately, turns a healthy and sane person into a sedentary skeleton.
  • Planning. This technique allows you to maximize the load of time with activities that are not related to the Internet or gadgets. The schedule for the day must be drawn up as tightly as possible so that the craving for sitting out time on the World Wide Web does not arise.
  • Disconnection. To avoid distraction from planned activities, you can temporarily turn off your computer or the Internet. Modern devices allow you to set an operation timer and turn off the network for a while. This will help eliminate the temptation to return to your habit.
  • Time limit for the Internet. It is not worthwhile to completely exclude the possibility of online communication, as it is an integral part of the modern world. But your online time should be kept as short as possible. For example, it can be 15 minutes in the afternoon and evening to check and reply to messages, view the weather and the latest news. Going online should be clearly at the set time and only after the planned tasks have been completed.
  • Sleep as a priority. Most users love to immerse themselves in the virtual world before bed, and in vain. The fact is that it is just before bedtime that suppression of all body functions occurs, so it is extremely difficult to control the time on the network. According to some studies, a lack of sleep makes a person more susceptible to the Internet.

It is not possible to overcome Internet addiction right away – it takes time. Even if there is a breakdown, you should not give up – you can start fighting the habit over again.

Step-by-step instructions on how to deal with Internet addiction

Not sure where to start? Then explore these few simple tips that you can apply today. It is best to start the fight against computer addiction with small, simple steps in assessing and changing habits, the ability to lead a balanced life.

The first steps.

Assess your habits. First, think about what fascinates you the most on the Internet? Why are you losing track of time? To do this, keep a pen / pencil and a handy small piece of paper with you for several days, divided into sections: social networks, YouTube, instagram, searching and reading information. In it, record any of your movements on the Internet, putting a mark next to these things on a piece of paper. This will help you understand what you are dealing with.

Train yourself to take a short pause. Addiction is something that we often do automatically, without thinking. Therefore, after determining your habits, you should try to break this chain: desire-habit-automatic action, inserting a short pause between them. For example, when you have the urge to play online, just stop for a few seconds.

During this pause ask yourself: “I have thought so many times how to get rid of gambling addiction? Do I really want to sit down to play again and is this habit stronger than me? Even if after that you still succumb to your desire, since the Internet has tied you in a chain, but what is important is that there has already been some small pause in your automatic actions.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

There is a short break every hour. Even when stuck on sites that you are passionate about, try to take a two minute break once an hour. Set up a reminder on your computer to remind you every hour of the break you need. As soon as the reminder pops up, get up from the table and walk for 5-10 minutes instead of two. Do some push-ups or squats. You can even do a short cleaning of a room or workplace. Talk to someone in person. Drink some water and eat some fruit.

Returning to your computer, try closing the open browser (not minimizing, but closing it) and doing something unrelated to it before returning to the Internet. For example, draw some kind of graph or create a table in XML, draw a picture in Photoshop. It will be difficult at first, but it will become easier over time and the duration of the breaks will increase.

Changing habits

When it comes to how to get rid of computer addiction, then an important step is to completely change a person’s habits. It may take a month or two or more to completely change your internet addiction habit, but it’s worth it. Because any change made in half will not last long.

Start with the biggest trigger. So you’ve identified your habits and learned how to take short breaks as recommended above. Now it is important to find out your most common triggers – the things that cause you to “hide, save yourself” on the Internet. These can be conflicts in the workplace, fatigue, stress, family quarrels, unwillingness to do homework, boredom, secret passions. Whatever your triggers are, choose the one that most often prompts you to surf the web. If there are several, just draw one of them.

Choose a replacement. Think about the best way to replace checking e-mail, social networks, computer games or surfing the world wide web in search of any information? Choose something positive and fun that can be done in 5 minutes whenever you are overwhelmed by your chosen trigger.

This can be audio listening to several pages of a novel, keeping a personal diary, sports activities, a walk, drawing cartoons, reading anecdotes, or practice in learning a foreign language. The subsequent fight against Internet addiction will only be effective when you learn to replace the trigger that is happening to you with your chosen occupation. This will help break the chain of addiction.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

Replacing an old habit with a new one. Practice a new habit each time after a trigger occurs. Do not allow any exceptions, otherwise it is unlikely that you will be able to create a positive habit. A new habit is formed much faster and stronger if done consistently right after the trigger. Being inconsistent and still slow to replace it means letting the old habit stay in place.

Even if you’ve fallen off a few times, that doesn’t mean you have to give up – just start over and try to be more consistent. Find out why you failed and plan to overcome that obstacle. At the same time, set a rule for yourself – no exceptions, as much as you would not like it!

Learn to lead a balanced life

Ultimately, it’s good to have an idea of ​​what life will be like if you don’t have the power of internet addiction. What will be your success at work, school? How will you look if you are not constantly surfing the Internet? How much will your health and appearance improve? But for this you need to understand and do something.

Understand the correct purpose of your actions. The goal is not to eliminate all sources of information and be disconnected from the online world. This does not mean throwing your iPhone, tablet, or laptop away. These tools are incredibly useful and even necessary (some people use them to make their living). There are many positive aspects to them.

But when it comes to how to overcome Internet addiction, it is important not to let these sources of information control your life and not turn yourself into a skeleton sitting in front of the monitor. On the contrary, lead a life in which there is enough useful time for other activities.

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

Make a schedule of things to do. Plan a non-internet to-do list. This will help you to reserve time for these activities. For example, if you want to exercise, set aside some time during the week for exercise (even 30 minutes 3 times a week). Include in the schedule time for guests, for walks alone, for some hobbies: fishing, sports, sauna with friends – whatever you see fit.

Work without distraction. Each morning, identify 1-3 important things that you are going to do that day. Do the first thing before diving into email or internet surfing games. Getting down to the second important thing for today, close your Internet browser (if you can). As a last resort, ask someone at home to turn off the router and leave it off for an hour.

Turn off all notifications on your computer and mobile device before your third scheduled task. Close everything except what you need to complete your task. There is at least one explanation for all these actions: you must learn to focus on performing a specific task if you want to get rid of Internet addiction and fight it.

Limit the amount of time you are online. Plan a (short) time for your sources of information. Think about how often you want to check your email and your social media pages (or other sites)? Choose a time and schedule for the use of these tools in your life, also setting a limit – twice a day for only 15 minutes per session. This limit allows for the efficient use of a limited time. Encouraging to decide what is important in the limit of this time to do on the Internet, and not wander aimlessly on the World Wide Web.

Choose your sources wisely. Eliminate all sources of information, leaving only those without which you cannot do. Sometimes we only use these things because everyone else has them. Or because today it is popular to have a page on Instagram, Facebook or Vkontakte, but at the same time they do not in the least improve or make our life easier. For example, some have deleted their accounts from classmates, and have not looked at their Facebook, Instagram or Vkontakte pages for over a year. Their life goes on!

Effective ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to deal with addiction: advice. Bad habits, their types and impact on human health

You can do this to save yourself from endlessly looking at things that are not very important. Or you can choose to bookmark only 10 really good blogs, not 50 that once caught your attention. Your time and attention are invaluable, so you should only waste it on what really makes your life better.

Make sleep a priority. Lack of rest makes us less able to concentrate, which means it is faster and easier to deviate from planned self-control. According to some studies, it also makes us more receptive to the internet.

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