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Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee


Why is a coffee drink invigorating?

If you are offered a “cup of invigorating drink”, you will no doubt understand – we are talking about coffee. But why does it energize and keep you awake? What is the mechanism of its action? This will be answered by the “energetic” composition, which includes:

  1. a vasoconstrictor with a hypertensive effect – caffeine known to everyone;
  2. vasodilators with hypotensive properties such as theobromine, theophylline and vitamin PP;
  3. other substances – fats, cofedubic acid, nitrogenous compounds, phenolic pyridine derivatives, acetic acid and others.

Immediately after drinking a cup of coffee, caffeine is rapidly absorbed, which leads to an increase in blood pressure. In addition, caffeine has a molecular structure similar to adenosine, a substance that regulates the mechanisms of wakefulness and sleep. By replacing adenosine, caffeine prevents it from binding to adenosine receptors and signaling the desire for sleep. You can read more about the effect of coffee on the brain in a separate article.

In just a quarter of an hour you will feel the tonic effect of the drink: fatigue and general weakness will go away, and vigor and clarity of thought will replace them.

How is the tonic effect manifested?

  1. Awakening from sleep. Accompanied by the activation of mental processes and the disappearance of inhibition.
  2. Heart palpitations. Blood pressure or breathing may increase due to the rapid saturation of the brain with oxygen.
  3. Active work of the gastrointestinal tract. Appetite appears, accompanied by the secretion of gastric juice.
  4. Acceleration of metabolism. The body gets rid of toxins, it becomes easier for it.

Without an additional cup of coffee “dope”, the burst of energy is quickly replaced by a state of fatigue, and this is natural. The initially obtained high concentration of caffeine begins to decrease, and vasodilator compounds are knocked out in the lead – the exact opposite of vasoconstrictor caffeine. The pressure decreases, and the short-term tonic effect develops into malaise. Do not rush to sip another coffee at this stage. She threatens with increased heartbeat, tinnitus, insomnia, excessive excitability. All this also applies to coffee pills, as well as any other foods and drinks containing caffeine.

However, in the morning, a rested body does not need a new dose of caffeine. Even after removing coffee from the body, adenosine receptors are blocked for 5-6 hours and do not indicate fatigue.

2-3 cups of coffee can block about 50% of the receptors for up to 6 hours. More drink does not increase the effect.

Now let’s talk about other drinks that replace natural coffee and have similar properties and effects on the human body.

What can be replaced – 6 options

Coffee isn’t the only way to recharge. Its energizing element, caffeine, is found in various foods. These are tea leaves, cocoa beans, nuts, cola and others.

You can enhance the invigorating effect of coffee not by its quantity, but by combining it with other products, for example, with juice or a slice of grapefruit or lemon. So what can you drink instead of your morning coffee?

1 Black tea

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffeeThe triumphal procession of tea around the world has been going on for much more than a millennium. This is not surprising: the content of various chemicals in it reaches 300 species.

Mechanism of action: Tein, especially in freshly brewed quality tea, has a positive effect on the brain: the functional parts of the brain begin to work quickly and in a coordinated manner.

A person feels cheerfulness, lightness in the body, a decrease in the feeling of fatigue. According to Professor Pavlov I.P., thein starts the processes of excitement and slows down the processes of inhibition. Due to the dilated vessels, oxygen is able to reach all cells. The heart works more actively, sensitivity increases.

Useful properties: Tea contains many essential minerals (for example, calcium, manganese, fluorine). Scientists estimate that about 4 cups of black tea can provide the human body with a daily requirement of important minerals.

Theine, similar in properties to caffeine, gives not a short-term, but a stable effect, clarifies consciousness, does not provoke extremes in behavior. In addition, the absence of alkaloids allows you not to distract attention, and with regular use, increase the tone of the body and the nervous system.

2 Green tea

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee For its healing properties, a large amount of vitamins and other useful substances, green tea was nicknamed “a pharmacy in a cup”.

Mechanism of action : The tonic effect of green tea is provided by the caffeine (theine) contained in it. Although it exceeds the amount of caffeine in coffee, it works softer and longer due to the fact that it is combined with tannin.

The tonic effect is maximally manifested in the first half hour, and then decreases very slowly over the course of 4-5 hours. It’s nice that after the excitement caused by the tea, there is no oppression. There are other benefits of green tea as a tonic drink:

  1. Acceleration of the formation of conditioned reflexes. Due to the enhancement of excitation processes with constant inhibition processes in the nervous system.
  2. Increased reaction speed. Since the processing of information and the transmission of nerve impulses by the brain is accelerated.
  3. Long-term tonic effect on the nervous system. A certain set of a complex of vitamins and microelements is responsible for this. It helps to increase resistance to extreme irritants.

Also, green tea improves memory and attention of a person.

Energy from green tea is received not only by the brain, but also by the human muscular system. By indirectly affecting the body, the drink makes it easier to endure large physical and nervous stress, for which travelers, hunters, geologists love it.

Green tea contains 10 times more vitamin P than black tea. In addition, hundreds of other vitamins, amino acids and trace elements are a guarantee of the usefulness of the drink. Its protein substances make tea as nutritious as legumes, fluoride protects teeth from caries, iodine has a positive effect on memory, potassium supports the work of the cardiovascular system. However, the chemical composition of green tea is variable and depends on many factors.

Benefits: Green tea retains more nutrients than black, red and yellow teas due to the fact that it does not undergo fermentation. And its exclusive feature is not to release useless or harmful substances into the solution.

3 Chicory

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffeeMechanism of action: The tonic effect of chicory is provided by its beneficial effect on all body systems.

Chicory is ideal for hypertension (gently reduces blood pressure), potassium and B vitamins normalize the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, acting similarly to antidepressants, relieves irritation and fatigue.

Active ingredients: Chicory root contains a lot of super-useful substances, vitamins and compounds. It is rich in vitamins, in particular of group B, tannins, carotene, etc. Chicory has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and metabolism, and this is provided by a high concentration of inulin. Interestingly, soluble chicory retains all the beneficial substances, since during its manufacture the dried root extract is not subjected to chemical processing.

Chicory Benefits: So is it good to drink chicory instead of coffee? It is an almost ideal coffee substitute for pregnant women. Chicory is a benefit for the body, the absence of caffeine and contraindications, the taste is close to coffee. Chicory can also be drunk before bed.

Despite the fact that the first mentions of chicory refer to Ancient Egypt, as a drink it began to be consumed only from the 18th century. And today it is included in the menu of many kindergartens.

4 Cocoa

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee Despite having less tonic effect than morning coffee, cocoa is a popular drink.

Mechanism of action: Thanks to the tonic substances – caffeine, theophylline, theobromine – and the antidepressant phenylephylamine, cocoa promotes maximum concentration of attention and mental activity, the appearance of good mood, and an increase in endurance.

Untreated (cold) cocoa quickly regenerates muscles after hard physical work, competition or sports activities. In this parameter, it even surpasses drinks specially intended for athletes. But the ability to influence mood immediately removes this product from the list of people prone to panic and experience anxiety attacks.

Active substances: in cocoa beans, from which cocoa is subsequently obtained, there are about 300 different substances that carry both benefits and harm to the body. Magnesium is good for bones, relaxes muscles, and helps you cope with stress. Iron fights anemia. Chromium maintains the required glucose levels. Serotonin protects against depression. Bioflavonoids neutralize the action of reactive oxygen species that stimulate the growth of neoplasms.

Benefits: The chocolate tree is the only plant that contains anandamide and affects the brain by increasing endorphin levels.

5 Invigorating herbal teas

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee Herbal teas can have various effects – soothing or tonic, medicinal or vitamin …

The absence of caffeine in herbal teas allows them to be consumed with high blood pressure, as well as for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. With invigorating and toning herbal teas, you will get rid of fatigue, restore strength and energy.

Which invigorating herbal teas are worth trying?

  1. Hypericum. In addition to raising vigor, it will cure mild depression.
  2. From rose hips and leaves of Chinese magnolia vine. It will increase efficiency and enhance attention due to the action of ascorbic acid and B vitamins.
  3. From sage and rosemary. Essential oils from them quickly evaporate, so such teas do not persist for a long time.
  4. From ginger root with honey. It has a warming and invigorating effect and improves brain activity.
  5. With lemon balm (lemon mint) – relieves increased fatigue.
  6. From a mixture of valerian root, motherwort herb and hawthorn fruit – relieves depression and improves mood.

Adding honey or sugar to herbal tea can both decrease and increase its medicinal effect.

6 Contrast / cold shower

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee A tonic drink is not the only way to wake up quickly and efficiently; to get a boost of energy for the whole day, a contrast or cold shower does an excellent job.

Cold shower: The contact of cold water on the skin is stressful for the body, which stimulates the increased release of adrenaline by the adrenal glands. Of course, cheerfulness is provided in this way, however, such procedures are contraindicated for people with heart disease.

Contrast shower: Contrast shower involves alternating hot (up to 45 degrees), sometimes medium (about 35 degrees) and cold (up to 20 degrees) water. Warm water relaxes, cold water serves to strengthen blood vessels and increase their tone. Sudden temperature changes help to strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve blood circulation, increase immunity, harden and refresh.

A contrast shower should start with the hottest water possible and end with cold water.

And some nutritionists advise trying to drink only water in the morning, instead of tea and coffee.

For other replacement drinks, see the infographic:

TOP-10 products that will invigorate better than coffee:

1 Chocolate – yes, only qualitative (you may remember that I recommend LIND 85%) Chocolate helps us to get the hormones of joy, in which you will fly like a butterfly

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee

2 Water is a common cause of fatigue and dehydration. Start your morning with a glass of water and you will be happy

3 berries – a charge of vitamins and energy is provided to you

4 fruits, especially citrus fruits – vitamin C will make you wake up, fill you with vigor and energy

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee

5 nuts are nutritious, contain a lot of nutrients, your brain will immediately start working more actively

6 green tea – contains caffeine but is an antioxidant. Gives a boost of vivacity for a longer period than coffee

7 favorite oatmeal – contains tons of fiber, is a complex carbohydrate, and gives tons of energy for the whole day. However, like most cereals

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee

8 bananas – yes, they are not recommended for actively losing weight, but if you do not have enough strength – an excellent substitute for sweets

9 eggs are one of the favorite sources of protein, as they have a complete amino acid composition that helps the body to work actively

10 meat / fish – you know I’m not a vegetarian. The body spends a lot of time on protein processing, the feeling of satiety after a protein meal lasts longer, which means that there will be more strength and energy.

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee

Whole Grain Products

For a reason, whole grain dishes are considered an excellent option for a healthy and hearty breakfast. They help to slow down the release of glucose and thereby give the necessary boost of vitality and burst of energy.

To awaken the body from sleep, you can eat not only cereals, but also any other whole grains. Couscous, bulgur, quinoa, and even whole grain bread can help you get the most out of your body in the morning.


If you are looking for energy sources of nutrition, then seaweed should definitely interest you. Why exactly are they? Seaweed and noria contain the main energy mineral iodine. Through its biochemical reactions and interactions with thyroid hormones, this element can help the body wake up naturally. Try adding this healthy product to your morning diet, and after a week you will notice positive changes.

1 Chocolate

A great alternative to coffee is a piece of dark chocolate. Cocoa contains vitamins and minerals that activate the brain and give you strength for several hours. This alternative also has a very significant pleasant bonus: chocolate promotes the release of the “happiness hormone” serotonin into the bloodstream. Therefore, feel free to include a few pieces of chocolate in your breakfast. The main thing to remember is that chocolate contains a lot of sugar, so you shouldn’t eat it on an empty stomach.

2 Yogurt

Try replacing your cup of coffee with a healthier yogurt. It contains magnesium, a natural source of energy. Above all, opt for unflavored yoghurts, as fruit supplements are high in preservatives and sugars.

3 Foods with added red pepper

Dishes with red pepper can speed up the metabolism, which is important for the body in the morning: thanks to this, you will feel a surge of energy. If eating spicy food at the beginning of the day seems impossible, try drinking a glass of tomato juice with a pinch of red pepper (assuming there are no stomach problems). This drink invigorates better than strong coffee.

4 Nuts

Nuts, especially almonds, are rich in B vitamins and magnesium, due to which, using them, a person feels a surge of strength and energy. However, it is definitely not worth eating too many nuts, since this is a very high-calorie product. The daily norm is 30 g.

5 Corn and oatmeal

Healthy corn and oatmeal are great substitutes for coffee in the morning. The fiber and complex carbohydrates contained in cereals raise vitality, give energy and increase brain activity.

6 Spinach

Spinach is rich in provitamin A, mineral salts, iodine and proteins. Thanks to its beneficial properties, spinach invigorates in the morning even better than caffeine. If you find it difficult to eat a salad with spinach leaves in the morning, you can make an invigorating smoothie with a beautiful emerald color or scrambled eggs.

7 Sprouted wheat

One of the healthiest alternatives to coffee is wheat germ. Wheat grains contain calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, B vitamins and many other essential substances for the body. At the moment of germination, the content of biologically valuable elements in the grains increases significantly.

To achieve the effect of vivacity and satiety, an adult needs 2-3 tablespoons of wheat grains in the morning. You can buy ready-made grains or learn to germinate them at home, it’s not difficult.

8 Berries

Fresh berries contain antioxidants that affect the functioning of the brain and nervous system and make a person energetic and productive. Of course, eating fresh berries every day outside the summer season is quite expensive, so in the morning you can pamper yourself with freshly frozen black currants, which are a storehouse of nutrients.


If you find it difficult to cope with fatigue, you should include raw almonds in your diet. The kernels of this nut are great at fighting drowsiness and lethargy. What’s the secret? Of course, in the unique composition of the product, which includes:

• magnesium;
• vitamin E;
• protein.

It is thanks to this combination that the body receives enough energy so that drowsiness and fatigue do not occur.

Drinking water

Scientists have proven that our body experiences tremendous stress when it lacks water. Dehydration provokes headaches, drowsiness, migraines, fatigue, lethargy. To avoid this, it is recommended to start the day not with a cup of your usual coffee, but with a glass of clean drinking water.

A nice bonus will be a good metabolism. So water is not only an excellent tool in the fight for vigor, but also an aid in losing weight.

9 Eggs

Eggs are a great alternative to a cup of coffee. They are rich in vitamins, protein and minerals, so they give a person the necessary energy in the morning and quickly restore the body after physical exertion. Plus, eggs will never get bored as you can cook them differently every day and add different foods to them, such as spinach or tomatoes.

10 Apples

Apples contain fructose, a natural stimulant that helps the body invigorate. These fruits make the brain quickly engage in work, so you can safely replace your morning coffee with a juicy apple. However, it is worth remembering that the effect of one fruit lasts no more than two hours.

6 Spices

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee

Of course, spices are not a complete meal. But if you add the right spices to your breakfast, waking up will be quick and painless. Cinnamon, paprika, black and red peppers, cumin (cumin) will help speed up the metabolism and invigorate the body. They can be added to different dishes, for example, cinnamon will successfully emphasize the taste of oatmeal, pepper and paprika will add spice to an omelet, and cumin will be an excellent addition to vegetable stews or baked meat.

8 Honey

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee

Honey can be added to tea or added to baked goods instead of sugar. / Photo:

Many nutritionists and gastroenterologists recommend drinking tea with honey for breakfast. In their opinion, such a drink will kill two birds with one stone: firstly, honey contains natural sugars, processing which the body awakens in a matter of minutes. And, secondly, these substances are removed very slowly, so you can stay awake for several hours. Honey can be added not only to tea. It will also be an excellent alternative to jam and preserves, it will sound great in porridge or fruit salad.

11 Meat

As strange as it may sound, but meat also helps to wake up in the morning. Due to the large amount of protein in meat, the human body that uses it begins to actively produce energy.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect the same immediate invigorating effect from meat as from caffeine, but after a meat breakfast you will feel more active during the day. That said, you don’t have to eat a whole steak in the morning – try adding a small amount of meat to your eggs or making a meat sandwich.

12 Bananas

Bananas are the perfect coffee alternative. They contain a large amount of potassium, and the more potassium in the human body, the better it feels. Bananas also contain 3 natural types of sugar: sucrose, fructose and glucose, and in combination with dietary fiber, they provide a tremendous boost of energy, sufficient for an hour and a half of active work. Try eating a banana in the morning for a boost of energy. But not on an empty stomach.

ways to cheer up without coffee

Coffee is also worth taking note of for those who are not averse to skipping a couple of cocktails on Fridays: back in 2009, in experiments on mice, coffee was found to help relieve alcohol-induced fatigue and neutralize its relaxing effect when needed. In general, there are no reasons to give up coffee if you love it – only it invigorates not everyone. Here are some other effective and safe ways to come to your senses.

Take your eyes off the screen

Fortunately, the scientific community does not yet have conclusive evidence that the “blue” or “blue” light of smartphones, tablets and laptops affects the skin like UV radiation, increasing the risk of melanoma or photoaging. However, researchers have little doubt that such light negatively affects our well-being. We are talking primarily about sensations of loss of focus, dryness and burning sensation in the eyes – symptoms that undermine productivity and often provoke headaches. This can happen after two or three hours of continuous work at the computer, not to mention a whole working day.

When you feel that everything is floating in front of your eyes, and they themselves are closing, although you have slept, try to distract from the screen and look out the window. Better yet, do your school-like eye exercises by alternately looking in different directions.

Eat something savory

Often, lethargy and the urge to lie down in the middle of the day are not due to natural laziness, but to low blood sugar. Moreover, this state can occur not only in a state of hunger, but also after a heavy meal with a large amount of carbohydrates: the release of insulin quickly reduces their level in the blood, while simultaneously promoting the “sleepy” effects of other substances, tryptophan and serotonin. While the quickest way to raise your blood sugar is to eat something sweet, the energy boost after the candy doesn’t last long, followed by destructive fatigue.

Studies show that the body responds best to fiber and healthy fats, so a home-made avocado sandwich will come in handy. Do not forget about foods high in iron (white beans, lentils, spinach, dark chocolate), a deficiency of which can cause a breakdown. Vitamin C helps the body to assimilate iron – there is a lot of it in bell peppers, cauliflower and citrus fruits.

Drink some water

And once again about the eternal: if you are hungry, irritated or tired – drink a glass of water. As you know, thirst is often identified as hunger, and a glass of cool water copes with stress no worse than valerian. It is important that when there is a lack of fluid, the body begins to lack energy – perhaps the same one that is needed to complete a project, write a text, make a presentation of a product, or wake up properly.

The official recommendations indicate the volume not of water, but of liquid in general – this is 3.7 liters per day for men and 2.7 liters for women. The liquid can come with food and various drinks, but still, so as not to imperceptibly go overboard with sugar or calories, it makes sense to drink a glass of clean water from time to time.

Take a walk

Perhaps, if the daylight hours were longer, we would not have such a need for coffee and other energy drinks. In any case, research data indicate that daylight is one of the factors that allows you to remain optimistic and cheerful throughout the day. There is interesting data that the blue light emitted by the screens of gadgets can also invigorate, but there are still few such experiments, and the doses of blue light in them were much higher than those that we get when working at a computer.

In the conditions of the harsh Russian winter and no less harsh autumn and spring, we spend most of the year among shades of gray, which cannot but affect the general state of the body. Lack of sun exposure leads to a lack of vitamin D, which reduces the risk of depression and improves mood in the short term. This vitamin as a food supplement has been shown to many people. In the summer, its production is also difficult, because we protect the skin from the sun’s rays – but now, while the sun is not too aggressive, a walk during the day will help to cheer up.

Dance like no one sees

Dance, jump, spin and just move to instantly cheer up. Experts constantly say that even a small daily activity can improve health indicators and help the functioning of all body systems – including improving concentration and attention. And this works not only in the case of systematic exercise – so you don’t have to plan anything in advance. For example, one study found that sleepiness simply disappears when you start moving.

So start falling asleep at your desk – turn on your favorite dance video, stand up and repeat the movements; it will help you distract yourself and reset your head to start working with renewed vigor. We like the dance in the “” style from the TV series “Clinic”.

Take a deep breath

Scientists have proven that deep, measured breathing is one of the best ways to deal with stress overload. This is very convenient if you need to calm down here and now, and not at home, where you can take a hot bath, having achieved the same effect. Deep breathing can not only calm, but also tune in to a wave of cheerfulness and vitality.

It’s very simple: the more air you breathe in, the more oxygen enters your bloodstream – and the more energy your cells have. A small life hack: breathing “from the stomach”, which is practiced in yoga, will allow you to draw more air into your lungs and, accordingly, get more bonuses.

Climb! Products that invigorate as well as coffee. What will cheer up in the morning besides coffee

Listen to music

Judging by the number of experiments aimed at studying the effect of music on the body and its connection with human characteristics, scientists are mostly desperate music lovers. For example, they recently found out that “musical creeps” indicate a special structure of the brain, and men who prefer rock music have higher testosterone levels. But in this case, we are interested in something else: music helps to concentrate – although those who are always disturbed by it do not believe in this.

In fact, music as a background for work is not suitable for everyone – and it is ideal for monotonous actions that require constant repetition. And one more scientific observation regarding music: in a 2011 study, it was found that favorite tracks, if a person listens to them for fifteen minutes or longer, contribute to the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that affects the processes of motivation and learning. Rammstein, Rihanna or “Molly”? Anything, as long as you really like it.

Chew gum

Probably, everyone has heard at least once that the chewing reflex helps to memorize information. There is a rational kernel in this statement, but it is wrong to talk about memorization alone. There is evidence that chewing movements can help focus, especially when it comes to an urgent and important task. You can experiment with chewing apple slices or nuts – but regular sugar-free gum is also a great option.

Scientists have found that chewing gum can be an effective way to combat daytime sleepiness by speeding up blood circulation and activating certain areas of the brain. Another study found that chewing gum effectively relieves anxiety about the task at hand and – watch out! – improves understanding of the information just received.

Watch videos with animals

Can’t get away from adorable Aggie’s account, have breakfast and dinner with Rylai the fox and spend half of your lunch break refreshing? Welcome to the club of the people who do the right thing: research shows that watching videos like these not only boosts your mood, but also boosts your brain activity. A typical example: in a 2015 study of 7,000 people, respondents said that videos with kittens increase their energy and help them cope with the negative environment around them.

Despite the fact that these assessments are subjective, scientists believe that there is an effect: if not the videos themselves, then self-persuasion works. On the other hand, if we recall the scientific claims that viewing pictures of puppies by newlyweds increases their chances of happiness in marriage, the conclusion about the effectiveness of videos with animals seems quite normal.

Have sex

In addition to many other health benefits, regular sex, according to Italian scientists, can increase “brain power”, while reducing stress levels. This is also evidenced by an American study in which it was found that quality sex stimulates the growth of cells in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning. During orgasm, the neurons in the brain are more active and use more oxygen, which in turn provides the brain with more nutrients, as shown by MRI.

For the sake of fairness, we note that physical exercises have a similar effect on the hippocampus – but nothing interferes with actively moving and having sex. Perhaps this will allow for a double effect.


If none of the above helps, take a nap. According to scientists, a nap (5 to 25 minutes) about 6-7 hours before you go to bed to spend the night there is a great way to deal with sleepiness and lack of motivation. Interestingly, the authors of a 2008 study called naps in the afternoon a more effective investment in well-being than sleeping on the weekends or using caffeine during the day.

Other studies agree with the finding, showing that sleeping in the middle of the day improves learning ability, positively affects memory, and enhances creative thinking. Nowadays there is a lot of talk about polyphasic sleep, the “invention” of which is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci – however, this biohacker method still has more opponents than supporters.

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