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How to quickly get out of bed in the morning: useful tips. Simple advice on how to get out of bed “painless”.


How to get out of bed when it’s hard for you

Calculate Sleep Time Based on a 90 Minute Cycle

Any dream, as we know, is divided into cycles. Each of them lasts 90 minutes. Your goal is to wake up at the end of the cycle so it will be easier to get up. The recommended sleep time is six or seven and a half hours. If you slept for 8 hours, wake up in the middle of the cycle, this will not in the best way affect your well-being, it will be more difficult to get up.

Set the alarm at a distance from the bed

If it is close, and even more so – on your hand, it is so easy to turn it off and fall asleep again. If he stands at a distance, you will have to get up. This is a very effective trick for our body. The main thing is not to go back to bed again. Another option is to ask someone to influence you. The effect will be something like a crying baby, you have to get up, whether you like it or not. If you do not have children, any person who can influence you, at least by pouring water, will do. But you can think of another, less stressful way.

Drink some water

The first thing many of us do when we wake up is to start a coffee marathon trying to recharge our batteries. However, our body loses about 1 liter of fluid overnight, and this supply needs to be replenished. Vivifying moisture will give you energy, and you can avoid crawling under the covers for a long time. To speed up the process even more, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water. It will be a real energy cocktail.

Find a source of natural light

Sunlight stops our body’s production of melatonin. Look out the window, this will allow you to wake up faster and make you get out of bed, because you will not want to sleep anymore. If there is no window in your room or it is still dark outside, you will have to use an artificial light source – a lightbox, a table lamp or a lamp. However, the effect will not be as noticeable and it will be a little harder to get up.

Turn up the music

Going to the shower in the morning (better than cool than cold), turn on incendiary music. This will allow any remaining sleep to escape. In general, the day should be started with a positive, so that the good mood is preserved until the evening. Therefore, the rise must be made as positive as possible. And what, if not music, can cheer us up. Dancing, by the way, is also very welcome.

How to quickly get out of bed in the morning: useful tips. Simple advice on how to get out of bed "painless".

These are the tricks you can use to quickly get out from under the covers and start a new day full of interesting discoveries and incredible achievements. Do you have your own secrets of a quick rise?

The roosters are not the same. Morning sounds

It’s a big mistake to keep your phone within reach of your hands. Agree, if the stimulus is nearby, the ability to muffle it is much higher than, say, if the sound is somewhere far away (you don’t need to leave the alarm clock in another room, it’s enough to make you lift the case).

Put light and fun music on the call. This will charge you with a positive attitude. In the case of terrifying music, ringing of bells or beeping pressure on the brain, we expose ourselves to even more stress, although awakening is already our first shock.

Do not put off the alarm in the same way. Our brain will perceive that only the first one rang and we can still sleep, but we are not getting enough sleep, but falling into another stage of sleep, which will make us even more overwhelmed. So wake up right away.

Miniature charging you don’t want to miss. Favorite part of the morning

No, this is not about active physical exercises that make us tired and break our body in the morning. It’s about sipping). It’s simple: open your eyes – cut your feet – raise your hands – and stretch your heels in one direction, with your hands in the other direction. Then you will definitely want to twist your body … and fall asleep again, but not worth it. Stretch and twist on the bed so that your legs hang down to the floor and gently lift your body. Sit down and think how good your body just felt. Smile)

Motivational sheets. To-do lists.

This is some kind of fun for which I like to wake up. In the evening, I come up with classes for the morning and write them down on a piece of paper, you feel strong spirit from the fact that you crossed out the task you had conceived from the sheet. The usual morning rituals, such as brushing your teeth, drinking coffee, and taking the keys, may be written there.

But I like to come up with all sorts of little things such as: open a window, make a face in the mirror, sing a verse of an obsessive song, fold cards, money, two trunks … say a motivating phrase for the day (you got out of bed, it means you have already overcome yourself, you are strong in spirit, you could, it was the hardest part, and then everything will be light), every time a new phrase, etc.

Simplify your morning as much as possible

The thought that I needed not only to get up, but to make decisions immediately, drove me into a state close to a stupor. If you work outside the home, you start to get nervous about what to wear, what to take with you, remember the tasks for the day … These thoughts make you feel bad – you want to freeze and not move, preferably never. I couldn’t bring myself to open the closet to choose clothes.

If my partner didn’t cook my breakfast, I wouldn’t eat anything because I wouldn’t find the strength to choose between cereal and a sandwich.

But every depression has “bright spots” – short periods when there is a clarification. For me, they happened mainly in the evenings, when the mood swings reached the point of “bearable”. I grabbed them to spread the straws and to ease the morning suffering as much as possible. I laid out clothes next to the bed – right down to panties, bra and tights. I packed my bag, put the cosmetics I needed on the washing machine, and thought about what to eat for breakfast. So my morning became almost autonomous: after sleep I could act without burdening my brain.

This removed the fear of decisions. I was no longer so afraid to get out of bed: it no longer seemed to me that a million and one choices would immediately rush at me that had to be made. I fully automated my morning.

Structure your time

The situation is more difficult if you work from home. On the one hand, you don’t need to rush anywhere. And on the other hand, you don’t need to rush anywhere. Unfortunately, this requires even more self-discipline, which you probably don’t have the strength for right now. Structure your morning as much as possible. You should have a plan for literally every 10 minutes: I get up, brush my teeth, put coffee in a coffee pot … The more detailed the schedule, the easier it will be to implement this plan.

You shouldn’t leave yourself room for thought. Leave space for depression to seep – she will take advantage of it, rest assured. But when your head and hands are busy with action, your brain gets “tighter.”

It doesn’t matter which part of the plan you implement. The main thing is that you have a plan for this time. Praise yourself, even if you did two out of ten, and remember to tell yourself that this is already a tremendous success.

Control the “bank account”

The Talking Brains podcast had a wonderful episode in which a 20-year-old psychologist Dr. Irene Kerzhnerman recommended treating our mental energy like a bank account: “Everything we do requires energy from us. And there are things that we need to “recharge the battery”. They are usually divided into five categories: eating, sleeping, reading, laughing and moving. ” Continuing with the bank account metaphor, that’s income, and everything else is expenses.

If you are overtaken by depression, it’s time to recalculate, because the disease – depending on the severity – is a tax on your income of about 50%. Try to treat life like a bank account. Suppose a person wakes up and has 1000 energy points in his pocket. He spends 1-2 points on a routine like brushing his teeth, walking the dog, or making breakfast. Then, probably, it takes him about 200-300 points for a difficult task at work, but he goes to lunch, laughs with friends and reads an interesting book during breaks, thereby compensating for the costs. Maybe after work he goes to the gym, gets another 400 points and by the end of the day he is in positive territory.

Well done, man! We envy you. But this is not the case with us.

Instead of waking up with 1000 points, we wake up with 500 or 300 … Try to estimate how many points you will give yourself at the beginning of the day. I know the answer I want the most is “0” or “1”, but try to be realistic. Give yourself some space.

What a person without depression will take a pair of glasses for will require much more from you. Write down each action that takes away strength. For example: get out of bed (100), brush your teeth (50), take a shower (400), put on makeup (1000) … Now look at what you can throw out of this list if you don’t have enough points to live on. Or think about how to replenish your energy balance.

Draw a table where in one column indicate the action, in the second – how many points do you think it will take you, and in the third – how many points it actually took. I understand this may sound silly. But many actions are much easier to perform when you are ready for them than when you think about them. Planning itself calms the nervous system and activates the cerebral cortex.

Try this for at least a few days. Do not forget to write down what gives you strength. So you will assess whether everything is in order with your “score” and how to fix the situation.

Do one thing

Sometimes we want too much of ourselves. And then this endless line “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t” floats in my head – until we give up, cover ourselves with a blanket over our heads and do not allow ourselves to fall asleep.

Don’t let apathy take over your consciousness. I know it’s easier said than done, because I was there too. But we underestimate ourselves even when we are depressed. You don’t have to plan to move mountains and build a crystal palace, just get up and do one thing.

If you are overwhelmed by the pile of dishes in the kitchen, get up and wash one cup. Only one. It will not take much time and effort, and you will make a dash out of your swamp, and it will be much more valuable. If you feel the energy to wash the plate as well – great, go ahead! If not, everything is fine too. Go back to bed if you want to and praise yourself for getting up and doing something. See, it’s not that difficult. Or, on the contrary, it is incredibly difficult. And then all the more you should consider yourself a fine fellow.

Find a buddy for your morning workout

Since childhood, we have known the power of the influence of friendly support. Why not use it to form early wake-up habits as well? Perhaps there are no early risers in your environment. Then let’s listen to Jen Seracuse, director of FLEX Pilates in New York, who loves to use Twitter. She offers:

Ask your coach or workout buddy to tweet you for workout. Your six in the morning pictures at the gym is a great reason to be proud.

The use of the Internet greatly expands the circle of people for choosing a mate for morning workouts. For example, you can negotiate mutual control with a person from a different time zone. Just remember: you need not only check-in at the gym, but also a quality workout.

Peppermint candies in your bedside table

Brett Hobel, founder of Hoebel Fitness, coach on NBC’s Season 11 Weighted and Happy, recommends using mints to wake up. He explains his advice as follows:

When the alarm rings, you do not get out of bed, but throw a lollipop into your mouth. It will not only freshen your breath, but also wake up the body, whet your appetite. When the second alarm sounds, you can easily jump out of bed in order to turn on the heat.

An interesting use of the sucking reflex. The main thing is not to choke on the lollipop. By the way, a little pre-workout candy can lower cortisol levels and ease morning stress.

How to get out of bed in the morning: how to fall asleep correctly

I have studied a lot of different literature on how to get ready for bed in order to quickly get out of bed in the morning and feel full, cheerful, fun and efficient. Based on the information received, I compiled a “lullaby” for an adult, which is worth trying at least once to assess the degree of its effectiveness.


| # 1. Become a stranger to yourself | This means that you literally need to forget about all your problems, worries and some affairs. Just turn off your brain for a while. |
| # 2. Do not eat or drink anything a few hours before bed. | Any food or drink stimulates the brain, making you unable to fall asleep normally. |
| Number 3. Wear natural fabric pajamas and shower | Cleansing your skin before bed, which can also breathe if you choose quality pajamas, will help you avoid intoxication. |
| No. 4. Do some eye exercises and do breathing exercises | Exercises for the eyes and breathing exercises can be found on the Internet. |
| No. 5. Listen to relaxing music before bed | Even if hard rock relaxes you, you can turn it on yourself – you should like the music. |
| No. 6. Get some fresh air for at least 10 minutes | You can just go to the balcony if you don’t want to go outside. |
| No. 7. Turn off all lights in the room completely | Any light source will interfere with your sleep. |
| No. 8. Fall asleep on your side | In this position, according to scientists, the lymph is cleared best of all, and in the morning a person feels cheerful. |

For several years in a row I have been using the technique developed by Canadian trainer Craig Ballantyne. Its essence is as follows.

How to learn to get up early?

The essence of the technique



| 10 hours before bedtime | Do not drink coffee or any other beverage that contains caffeine. |
| 3 hours before bedtime | Do not eat or drink anything (you can only have a glass of pure non-carbonated water). |
| 2 hours before bedtime | Don’t work. |
| 1 hour before bedtime | Do not use the telephone, watch TV, or sit in front of the monitor. |
| 0 | The number of repetitions of the transfer of the time set on the alarm. |

Why is quality sleep important for waking up early?

How to quickly get out of bed in the morning: useful tips. Simple advice on how to get out of bed "painless".

Why wake up early?

Now let’s talk about what our sleep should be so that in the morning with sunrise we can wake up in a great mood.

Please note: an adult aged 18-65 should sleep 7-9 hours at night so that no disruptions occur to his health.

In addition to the fact that you need to observe the sleep regimen, you also need to understand its cyclical nature, and it is individual for each person. For example, one person might go to bed at 10:00 pm and wake up calmly at 6:00 am, but they may feel great. And another in the same regime may feel overwhelmed.

A modern person can very easily calculate the time at which he needs to wake up. To do this, you need to buy yourself a fitness tracker, install an application on your phone, through which you set up a health alarm. It will turn on at the most suitable time for you, so that you can easily wake up and feel good.

If you do not sleep well, then this will entail a number of negative consequences.




| Decreased cognitive function | Memory, attention, thinking, speech are impaired. |
| Immunity weakens | Poor quality sleep leads to the fact that a person becomes very vulnerable to various diseases. |
| Overeating and obesity | Not getting enough sleep leads to the release of the hunger hormone ghrelin. The person ceases to control his appetite. |
| Decreased productivity | The work that a person can complete in an hour, he does in 3-4 hours. Moreover, the quality is greatly reduced. |

The list of negative consequences can be continued for a long time. You may not immediately notice them, but still one important nuance will interfere with your life – you will not be able to get out of bed in the morning, because you will constantly feel one desire – to sleep.

How to get out of bed: surefire ways to wake up easily

What to do to wake up easily?

If you decide to get used to waking up early, then there are some proven methods that can help you.

The ways



| # 1. Set your favorite song on the alarm | Hearing it, your brain will immediately program itself to be positive, and you will wake up in a good mood. You may spend a few more minutes in bed, but you won’t be able to fall asleep. |
| # 2. Leave your alarm clock in another room | To turn it off, you will definitely have to get out of bed and go to the other room. The brain will perceive this as a signal that it will no longer sleep. |
| Number 3. Sleep in the cool | The brain will be saturated with oxygen overnight, you will quickly wake up and feel cheerful. |
| No. 4. Play music and dance | This is a great alternative to charging. In addition to stretching, you will also be charged with positive energy. |
| No. 5. Make yourself a nice breakfast | It should look like a restaurant one – beautiful dishes, the best quality coffee and fresh pastries. All this does not have to be prepared on your own – you can order delivery. |

All that remains for you is to put yourself in order and run to conquer the world in a great mood, with a smile. Good luck and happiness will favor a cheerful person! Remember that the law of attraction works in life – what you radiate is what you get!

How to get out of bed in the morning:

Short term energy

There are five-minute levers that will boost your energy 100% quickly, but it will soon run out just as quickly.

  • Sport.

This is the most important stimulant for me. When muscles are energized, I am energized with them. When I see the daily progress of my workouts, it inspires me to new ones.
From sports, I love morning jogging most of all, but because of winter I have to do strength training and yoga at home.


  • A bouncy shower.

Especially if it’s an ice shower outside in a pine forest. Wow, I have goosebumps))

  • Watching an inspiring video from an athlete / businessman … my example.

An example is important for human psychology. If I see that someone has already walked the path that I am walking, it becomes easier for me. Feeling that I am not alone.

  • Sing to the guitar, play the synthesizer, recite a verse in front of the mirror, dance to your favorite music.
  • Learn something that will stay with me and hone my skill. Either a beautiful guitar busting, or a song of cool performers. Anything.
  • Make a quick cleanup.
  • Close the case that I have been putting off for a long time.
  • Write a plan for the next week / day. List of tasks / report / summarize.

Keeping a diary of results helps you track changes and get inspired

Long term energy

This is a list that inspires you every second of your journey. This is your meaning and deep motives for waking up in the morning and taking action.

  • Writing goals for a year / 5 years / whole life.
  • Analyze your childhood traumas and create an environment for working through them.
  • Visualization / Working with beliefs / Acknowledgments diary, etc.
  • Reading literature that changes the worldview.
  • Write a blog post or article. Create something!

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