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How to start exercising – a beginner’s guide. How to force yourself to exercise


A little about the benefits of sports

Regular physical activity is a great way to improve not only your figure, but also your health. Therefore, before you start playing sports at home from scratch, you need to talk a little about the benefits of exercise.

Physical activity helps us lose weight and maintain the correct weight, muscle mass, and reduces the risk of numerous diseases. In addition, exercise has been shown to improve mood, stimulate brain activity, and have a beneficial effect on sleep and libido. They also help maintain the correct energy level. Thus, they help us to improve our life on all fronts, to improve both our figure and health.

Exercise types

Physical activity is represented by a huge number of different types. The most common ones are:

  • Aerobics. Typically, these exercises are the backbone of any fitness program and include periods of continuous movement. This is, for example, running, swimming or dancing.
  • Power. Increases muscle strength and endurance. These are, for example, lifting weights, sprinting, plyometrics.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics. Assumes basic body movements performed at an average aerobic pace without exercise equipment. These are, for example, squats, lunges, pull-ups, push-ups.
  • High-intensity interval training. It involves alternating at the beginning of high-intensity exercises, and after – low or rest.
  • Exercises to develop resilience. Helps strengthen muscles and improve motor coordination. These include, for example, Pilates and general strengthening exercises.
  • Exercises to develop flexibility. Promotes muscle recovery, improved motor coordination and injury prevention. These include yoga and various individual stretching exercises.

These groups of exercises can be performed both together and separately.

Sport should be not only beneficial, but also enjoyable, so try to choose the type of sport that will suit you. The modern sports industry offers a lot of different programs, from which everyone can choose something that suits him.

Where to begin?

It is important to start playing sports correctly – a lot depends on the start. Before proceeding directly to training, consider the following things:

You need to check your health

The beginning of sports is an important stage, and initially you need to understand that it will not harm you, and for this you need to exclude the presence of contraindications, consult a specialist and undergo an examination.

This condition is especially important for those who have never been involved in sports before, have certain health features or advanced age. A specialist will help you choose the optimal load option that will only be beneficial.

Planning and setting goals

“I want to start playing sports – where to start?” Is a fairly popular question. Initially, it is important to make a plan that will include your goals and how to achieve them. Keep the steps as simple as possible at first, and as your fitness improves, you will make them more difficult.

For example, if your goal is to run 5 kilometers, then to begin with, you can add several shorter distances to the plan. When you cope with them, add a certain number of meters until you have mastered all the desired 5 km. Starting with realistic, small, and achievable goals will increase your chances of success and won’t give up. If you immediately set an unfeasible bar, it can discourage you from playing sports in general.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Sport should become your habit

Another important point in how to start playing sports from scratch is to make exercise a part of your life on an ongoing basis. They should become your habit so you can cultivate responsibility and discipline.

Choose a time you will devote to sports – morning, for example, or evening after work. Now get into your head the installation that this is the time you are training – without excuses and laziness.

Managing your own goals

If you engage in such self-management, you will understand that there is nothing easier than doing at home. Where to begin? Perhaps, with the selection of a set of exercises. At first, they should be general, preparatory, which are performed regularly.

Then you can move on to specific muscle groups. Finding information is not as difficult as it seems:

  • on the Internet;
  • in books on healthy lifestyles;
  • through consultations with professional trainers, who will gladly tell you what exactly needs to be done.

Sports should be at the same time every day.

Leafing through glossy magazines

Have you ever had such a situation? You flip through another magazine and see fit, trained bodies in the photos. Then go to the mirror and examine yourself skeptically. The difference is felt. But, despite the graphic processing of the images in the glossy edition, the painstaking work on their appearance among the models is immediately visible.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

What is not an incentive for you? Great motivation, how to make yourself swing and achieve results in photos.

If you decide, then try to look at the chiseled figures of the models more often. And the burning urge to run to the gym will appear more often.

Advantages of classes

If you develop a healthy habit of playing sports, you are guaranteed to get great results:

  • all muscle groups will tighten;
  • gain self-confidence;
  • overcome laziness;
  • become healthier;
  • mood will improve;
  • the time spent on travel to fitness rooms will be reduced;
  • save money.

Exercise is beneficial during pregnancy for lactating women. When the baby grows up, you can easily accustom him to your workouts. This is another plus for sports achievements.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Regardless of the condition, gender, age, you can start training at home. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment, for a start you can find everything at home. For example, for men, dumbbells can replace plastic bottles with liquid, cereals.

The only thing that will be required is to change the attitude towards sports, improve your character, fostering will, dedication, self-discipline. The consistency of classes organizes the personality, gives order to the daily routine.

The main thing is to start. It is not easy for everyone to decide on this, but we must clearly realize that sport is a solution to many problems.

It is not difficult to do this at home if you know the basic approaches.

Competition method

You can force yourself to train at home every day through competition. To do this, you can arrange a competition with your friends. For example, determine who will pull up the most on the horizontal bar or run. faster distance.

As a prize, you can choose a sum of money or a nice gift.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Competition Ideas:

  • the number of dropped kilograms;
  • speed of passing a distance of 1.5 or 3 km;
  • who will stay in the bar longer, etc.

It is important to choose a meaningful prize. Then there will be an incentive to fight for it. Excitement and a competitive mood are good for developing motivation. It is important that the goals are realistically achievable. In other words, if three competitors do not have any physical fitness, then you should not expect quick results. It takes months of training to run 3 km.

Keep track of your mood

Coming to a workout with the thought that you are a complete zero in fitness, do not hope that it will be useful or the desire to continue exercising. But statements like “I love fitness,” “I can do everything,” and others can help us fall in love with fitness. This conclusion was made by scientists from Michigan, USA.

Therefore, even if today you do not go to class, then at least think about how much benefit the training can bring you and remember the sensations that you have after it. This will also help you take a step towards regular movement.

A scientific approach

Abraham Maslow classified the hierarchy of people’s needs. Depending on your interests and needs, you can choose the right way to motivate for everyone.

Thus, the physiological needs for food, water, housing, as well as the need for security are provided with material benefits. The more money you have, the better living conditions you create for yourself. Therefore, by becoming attached to the main issue, you can stimulate yourself and force yourself to swing at home, as an option – to save your budget. Thus, you allow yourself to spend the cost of a gym membership for other purposes.

Social needs can be met by communication with other exercising people. After all, tomorrow you will be able to communicate and exchange opinions again. And this is a reason not to miss classes again.

You get recognition and respect in the team by showing certain achievements in your business. It will be pleasant for you if newbies come up and ask for advice from you as a person who understands correct training? Great motivation, isn’t it?

Self-realization, achieving success, and wanting to be the best are great goals to make yourself swing. How do you get to a professional level by letting you skip workouts? The correct answer is no way. Only self-control and full dedication will help you reach the heights of glory and success in your endeavors.

Simple metamorphosis

According to scientists, in 21 days your regular training will turn from an annoying duty into a habit when everything is done on autopilot.

To do this, follow the elementary, but mandatory rules: exercise every day, in no case skip workouts and do not give yourself indulgences, otherwise you will have to do everything all over again.

The most interesting thing is that this principle works for any action: did you want to learn how to wake up at 6 in the morning, decided to brush your teeth strictly for 3 minutes or sleep every day during the day.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

The most important point: do everything strictly and accurately according to the schedule so that your body enters a new rhythm.

Despite the fact that scientists are talking about a period of 21 days, take into account the individual characteristics of each organism. One person will develop a new habit in 15 days, while another will need exactly a month.

Memo Notes

Some people keep records on a regular basis, making plans for the next day or week. This is a great way to manage your time and keep up with many of your issues.

Therefore, add the required workout column to your daily routine. In this way, you can force yourself to swing daily. Planning for purchases or business meetings, as well as constant physical activity will become part of the daily routine.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

After a while, you will notice that the urge to work out in the gym appears on its own.

Play weak

Setting a specific goal is a great way to motivate. Gradually increasing the load, you move in small steps to the intended result.

For example, do push-ups a hundred times or pull up 20 times. And the most important thing is to conduct an internal dialogue to convince of the necessity. You can, you are strong or strong, after a few sessions, you can easily show others that you are a purposeful person. And most importantly, you will prove to yourself that you are not a weakling.

Involve friends and family in your plans

Many people try to look their best in the eyes of others. Therefore, the next method is to tell your friends or family about your new plans and goals. Such a psychological technique will force you to take a responsible approach to business, because you gave your word to other people. And in this case, you will not think about how to force yourself to go to workout. You don’t want to fall in front of others. Such public statements further stimulate you to take a responsible approach to business.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

It could be some kind of achievement in training, or just the intention to go to the gym regularly. You don’t want to deceive your loved ones, do you?

Happiness companion

When you are doing any business, no matter what it is, alone, there is no control, self-organization. You can allow yourself an extra break for rest, a snack, or other distractions. But when a like-minded person appears nearby, everything changes dramatically.

First, you can always discuss achievements, failures, exchange opinions.

Secondly, there is a certain competitive spirit for both. You don’t want to be lazy anymore while your gym buddy is struggling on a treadmill, for example. On the contrary, there will be a desire to overtake him on the same simulator or, at least, to run on equal terms. Agree, the motivation is great.

Thirdly, the training itself will become more positive. You do not have to start with acquaintances in a new field, but you can immediately start classes. And in this way, time will pass unnoticed and with a positive attitude.

Just don’t get confused: you came to study. And then how to force yourself to swing and train when there is so much to discuss with a friend?

Find a coach

If there is no partner, then start working with a coach. There are at least two reasons why a coach can help you overcome laziness and start exercising.

Firstly, this is a prerequisite, if you are a beginner and do not understand anything about these instruments of torture, it will help preserve your health.

Secondly, for each missed workout, the coach will make you familiar with Dante’s theory, nine circles of hell will be provided for you, and the tenth will be a bonus.

After the first unreasonable pass, you will want to either never miss training again, or leave as far as possible from your city, country or even planet.

Find your sport

The first thing to do is find the sport that will inspire you to continue practicing. Try different sports directions that suit your inner needs and preferences, and most importantly, your physical health. Sport should not cripple. Therefore, before starting classes, go for a medical examination and find out if you have any disorders that may become a contraindication to one or another type of physical activity.

Most guys prefer strength training to build muscle and make the body more prominent. For a person who accumulates a lot of aggressive energy during the day, it is best to throw it out in boxing, hand-to-hand fighting. Those who like to reflect on philosophical topics can try themselves in martial arts.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

For fans of less intense activities, aerobic training is suitable:

  • yoga;
  • Pilates;
  • callanetics;
  • stretching.

Women who want to have not only a fit figure, but also learn how to move beautifully, will definitely appreciate one of the dance directions:

  • half dance;
  • strip of plastic;
  • hip hop;
  • salsa;
  • tverk;
  • Latin American tango.

In general, the choice is huge. To get started, buy a one-time visit for the type of activity you like. Feeling uplifted after training? Then get a subscription.

You can train in groups or individually.

The great thing about group workouts is that your overall energy will feed you. Especially when on the next approach you feel an irresistible urge to surrender. Looking at the neighbor to the right or left, persistently continuing to perform the exercise by the sweat of your brow, you, too, will find the strength to continue.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Those who are too shy or prefer an individual approach should work with a personal trainer. He will draw up your personal training plan depending on the level of training and the desired result.

Look for external sources of motivation

Having chosen for yourself a suitable type of physical activity that suits your goals (weight loss, development of endurance, flexibility, strength, reaction, improvement of health indicators, correction of body proportions, etc.), it is worth starting to search for sources of motivation from the outside.

At first, you will have enough volitional efforts. But strength can quickly run dry. Then the support of relatives and close friends will help. However, to play sports systematically, you need a powerful source of intrinsic motivation.

You can try to find it on the Internet. There are many bloggers on Instagram who share their achievements with subscribers. Someone managed to lose weight from 100 to 55 kg, someone learned to sit on twine, pull up 50 times, push up 100 times, ran a marathon, etc.

Try to find someone whose example will inspire you to go to the gym not only a couple of times a week, but in general every day.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

If you could not find such a person, then maybe you should become a public person yourself? In your social media account, post your sports goal and regularly post photos and posts that will tell you about your results and successes. Public opinion is a very powerful source of motivation. Even if the interest of the audience fades over time, you will already develop a habit of sports.

Don’t want to post anything on social media? Then make a bet with your friends to achieve a certain sports result. You don’t want to be a loser, do you? By the way, this method is perfect if you don’t know how to get a man to play sports. Just take it to “weak”.

Spend money on sports

How can you trade in the morning a sweet dream in a warm bed for a run through the cold city streets? If you, like me, are not ready for this, then there is another option – spend money on buying a treadmill for training at home. Exercise machines are not cheap, and the desire to work off the money spent will be your incentive. Especially when the simulator reproachfully looks out from under the clothes hung on it.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Another option is to buy a gym membership for a month, six months, or a year. Or purchase of classes with a personal trainer. And they are even more expensive. In this case, greed must defeat the sudden attack of laziness. With strong-willed efforts, you will have to get up from the couch and go to workout.

Be sure to indulge in the purchase of beautifully shaped and comfortable workout shoes. Well-known sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma constantly come up with new technologies, materials, ultra-fashionable style of clothing for sports. You will want to wear such things more often.

Even if you didn’t plan on going to workout today, wear a fitness uniform or tracksuit. Look at yourself in the mirror again. How does she sit? Feeling fit and handsome? Or maybe you should do a few exercises right now without changing into your home clothes?

Set small goals for yourself

To achieve your global goal, break it down into small tasks. Each task should have a specific due date. For example, if you want to run a 40 km marathon, then you need to start with small distances:

  • 1 week – 10 km;
  • Week 2 – 12 km;
  • Week 3 – 15 km;
  • Week 4 – 20 km;
  • Week 5 – 25 km;
  • 6 weeks – 30 km;
  • Week 7 – 40 km.

So the body will gradually get used to the stresses associated with long-distance running. The same approach should be used in order to lose weight, for example, by 30 kg.

Each completed task will bring you closer to achieving the desired result.

Encourage yourself

For every little achievement, indulge yourself in pleasant things related to sports. We ran the required distance and bought ourselves new, even more comfortable sneakers. Have lost 5 kg – ate a delicious sports bar or went to a spa massage.

But in no case exhaust yourself with punishments for skipping workouts or eating a piece of cake with an increase in the number of approaches. A physically unprepared person will begin to suffer from an impossible load. And then goodbye to the joy of sports.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

This approach will end up hating the sport and quitting training if you do extra effort. Some trainers recommend working with 80% return. Let’s say you can do 10 push-ups and die from fatigue and muscle tension. Or you can perform 8 push-ups relatively calmly. So increase the number of push-ups gradually, day by day. And the joy of playing sports will only increase. The main thing is not to stop training!


The ideal motivation to force yourself to exercise is an argument with someone you know.

Especially if this dispute is not just for interest, but for some weighty subject.

Believe me, although our body is lazy, it is not a fool.

If you send a signal to your brain that for every kilogram you lose you will get closer and closer to getting, for example, five thousand rubles, then it will do everything possible so that you move your plump legs right into the hall, like Forest Gapm. And even laziness is not a hindrance here.

Create an information vacuum

At home, you will always be distracted by something: a phone call or a cat who at the most inopportune moment wanted affection, or household members. To focus on your workout, create an information vacuum. Lock the door to the room, mute your phone, warn your family not to distract you. Otherwise, it is easy to break off right in the middle of the session: the child will enter the room to ask for something or the phone will ring. You will lose the rhythm and will not return to the lesson.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Fitness for parents. How to train at home with your child

Exercise with a baby, a helpful example, and other ideas for getting kids involved in sports at home.

Don’t expect quick results

This life hack is more likely for those who can give up. Most people who go to the gym expect a quick result. From three workouts, they expect dozens of lost pounds, which have been gorged with titanic work for years.

I can confidently say that this will not happen if you did not sell your soul to the devil.

I described the situation with the expectation of quick results and the resulting burnout in the article How to pump up a thin guy.

The result is never quick, so even after a month, if you don’t get the body of your dreams, don’t despair, everything will be there, but not right away.

Start small if it doesn’t work out big

If you are in a serious mood, but suddenly do not want to, try to negotiate with yourself. Promise to do just one exercise, or shorten the workout to 10 minutes. If after them you get involved and continue to practice – great, if not, then at least you tried. Maybe next time 10 minutes will stretch to 15, then to 20, as a result you will get into a rhythm and you yourself want to train longer.


No excuses: how to start exercising at home

Too hot. Too cold. It’s too dark. This is too early. Too late. You can come up with a lot of excuses and postpone your workout until tomorrow. But it is important to understand that sports are not just a way to lose weight, but also the key to a healthy body. We understand that the first workouts are difficult, so we tell you how to force yourself to start playing sports at home.

If you just can’t find the strength in yourself and start practicing, then you just don’t have enough motivation. This is true, and we know how to solve this problem. Even professional athletes periodically give up and do not want to sweat in the gym again. We will tell you step by step how to start playing sports at home and not quit after the first workout.

Consultation with a doctor

Consult your doctor before starting your workouts. Even if you decide to start exercising at home. The item is especially important for those who have never practiced before and are over 45 years old. The examination will definitely reveal health problems or possible contraindications that can lead to injury in the classroom. The health map optimizes your workouts. You will be able to plan a functional sports program according to your needs and capabilities.

Workout plan

Once you’ve decided to start exercising from scratch, try putting together an exercise and training plan. Be sure to add points of what you want to achieve and how you plan to go towards your goal. Goals can be very different – from losing weight to relieving back pain.

Sport as a good habit

The key to sporting success is regularity. Try to last at least a month for exercise to become your habit.

With a workout plan, you will be able to control the process and develop a habit in the long term. Do the exercises at the same time every day. Important: do not repeat the same exercises, otherwise you will get bored with your daily routine.

How to accustom yourself to sports and where to start?

Firstly, morning exercises show the best results. Secondly, urgent matters that may arise during the day will not allow you to miss a workout at 8 o’clock in the morning. If now you start to say, “But I’m a night owl, I can’t get up so early.” This is an excuse. Getting used to sports is not as difficult as it seems: you just have to start. Then the morning awakening will provide you with vigor, good mood for the whole day and will give you a reason to be proud of yourself, having received satisfaction from the accomplished goal.

The habit should be formed over several weeks until it is “firmly on its feet.” After a while, when a person notices changes in his body, he no longer wants to return to the starting position. From now on, this habit will work for you.

If in the course of classes you constantly monitor the time, then the chosen program is not suitable. CrossFit may be too much of a challenge yet, try the Zumba gym. By the trial method, you will definitely be able to find your own version of fitness.

It is very important to feel comfortable within yourself in the classroom. The same goes for the personal trainer: a person must make him want to come back to the gym again and again. If you feel that the coach is not to your liking and there are no visible changes, then try working with other specialists.

Fitness should not affect the body by pain and fatigue. These consequences can be caused by overzealousness. It is necessary to adhere to the optimal pace of exercise for yourself so as not to get injured and unwanted results.

Modern technologies can be the helpers for habit formation. Today, there are handy sports apps that help you achieve the desired results.

Generate pleasant signals to signal that you are about to start fitness. For example, drink a protein shake before going to the gym. If you follow such a complex regime, then everything will be brought to automatism, and the result will not be long in coming.

Make a playlist before you start your workout: your favorite tracks with an intense rhythm or dance style, podcasts for easy runs, or even audiobooks will help you to distract from the complexity of classes and stop tracking the time.

Keep a workout log to keep track of your exercise schedule and progress. It is possible both in writing and online. Record the duration of the workout, your state of health and further goals.

Walking is also a way to train yourself for sports. Walk as often as your daily routine allows. The pedometer will help you regulate the distance traveled and count the number of calories burned.

Exercise motivation and goal setting

First of all, it is important to have a clear motivation for training. Be aware of what they give you, what all this is for.

For me, for example, a strong motivating factor is the realization that without physical activity, the function of cleansing the body is difficult, I already wrote about this here. The saying “Movement is life” is not just a catch phrase. If you understand this issue, you will realize that without a daily hour of physical activity, a person clogs himself up, brings on chronic diseases and brings death closer.

Think about your personal motivation. One gets rid of diseases, for another, the goal is a beautiful figure, the third dreams of losing weight, the fourth prepares for competitions, and so on.

Visualizing your goal helps a lot. Print a sheet of purpose and hang it in a prominent place. In the case of losing weight, for example, a phrase like “Give me 65 kg by August 1, 2016!” (insert your numbers). If you attach such a sheet to the refrigerator, it will also motivate you to eat less. You can hang your photo near a large mirror, where you like your figure (as an option, a photo of a model or athlete that you have chosen as your ideal). Look at the target photo daily and compare with what you see in the mirror. Actively encourages training!

Yesterday I read a shocking example on the site “Fitness for Smart People” by trainer Roman Pomazanov (one of my Internet teachers) that helps to understand what strong motivation is. Imagine being caught in the middle of a city with a bout of diarrhea. Have you presented? I have no doubt that you will sweep away all obstacles and move without delay, laziness and doubt towards your goal (do you understand what will be your goal in this case)?

Just as strongly you need to strive to achieve the chosen goal. Realize: you will achieve it or you will not have peace!

How and why to keep a training diary

A workout diary is a great tool for anyone looking for how to force themselves to exercise. You not only report in it to yourself about the conduct of each specific workout, but you can always assess your workload in general. Do I have a sufficiently active lifestyle? Am I getting closer to my goal? Isn’t it time to set new goals?

We start a notebook, line up the sheets for the required number of vertical columns (according to the number of types of your workouts) and make horizontal columns for dates. In the resulting cells every day (or on the days set aside for training, if you have a different schedule of classes) we put marks on performance. I worked out – put a plus sign: what a fine fellow I am!

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

My old workout diary

Make as many graphs in your diary as you want to control your actions. You can keep a couple of spare counts. When you start taking care of yourself, new ideas constantly arise and you want to supplement the schedule with some new practices.

It is helpful to write down the parameters you intend to change in the diary. Let’s say it’s body weight or waist size, or something else. Take measurements at regular intervals and record the results. This will track the dynamics. This is very motivating.

Positive emotions are helpful in how to force yourself to exercise

Train without strain. Do not torture or overwork yourself. Increase the pace or load gradually, while maintaining a pleasant sensation from each session.

Accompany physical activity with any additional positive that is available. Think about what would be pleasant for you?

For example, I run to the soundtrack (listening to audiobooks). Very good!

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

I photograph myself on my morning run.

I spend my homework (strength training, stretching) on ​​a pleasant and (or) useful sound background for me: I turn on a program about travel, a KVN recording, I load some developmental lecture on my computer, and so on.

Beautiful sportswear can give additional pleasant emotions. Even if you work out at home and no one sees you, do not be lazy to change into beautiful workout clothes during classes. It’s inspiring, honestly!

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

How to force yourself to exercise?
One way is to reward yourself with fresh juice after your workout!

You can give yourself small gifts after each workout (if you have enough opportunities). Please yourself with something tasty and healthy (juice-fresh is well suited). Only, I beg you, not with buns, sweets or cakes, otherwise you will negate the effort spent on training!

In general, there is no end for creativity. Find the positive. Use it as extra leverage to get yourself up and running. Everything for the victory!

What if you don’t feel like training at all today?

There are different situations in life. What to do if, for some reason, you cannot or do not want to fulfill the training plan planned in advance today?

In this case, as a wise mentor taught me, it is imperative to complete a part of the training volume (at least 10%). Please note: you can’t just skip a planned lesson (running or whatever you had for today) so as not to get discouraged.

Run not 1 hour, but at least 5-10 minutes. Do not three or four sets of exercises, but one. I think you get the idea.

With this approach, the body will receive the usual type of load (and it does not matter which is in a lighter volume) and will remain in good shape. In addition, there will be no mental anguish, because you have overcome yourself and forced to train. And next time, work at full strength.

Here are some simple tips to help you integrate sport into your life in a systematic way.

  • Find what gives you pleasure. Try as many sports options as possible until you find something that is truly interesting and fun for you. Search and it will definitely be found. Even if for this you have to try dozens of sports. Sport is not only a fitness room, running or barbell, it can be yoga, Pilates, zumba, crossfit, any team games (volleyball, basketball, football, and so on).

  • Find a group of friends to study with you. It’s much easier and more fun at the same time. All the awkward moments and mistakes, which will be the first time, will become a reason for laughter, and you will feel more confident. In addition, if you meet with friends at the gym, then you just won’t be able to go. You cannot miss this meeting. If you don’t have the right company, then find yourself a good coach who will motivate you and wait at the appointed time. Your coach will not only follow the technique of performing the exercises, and select the right complex for you in accordance with your goals, but also take the time of breaks between sets with conversations.

    Communication and positive emotions will be another reason to go to workout. Having a coach will keep you from skipping a workout. Even if he is loyal to passes, you yourself will be ashamed to miss training days, since you will be bound by obligations with another person. It is important that communication with the trainer is comfortable for you, he should make you want to return to the gym again and again. If you do not feel comfortable in communication, then it may be worth trying another trainer.

  • Make a promise to yourself to reach the first results by all means. Highlight a specific sports goal – lose 5 kg, run 10 kilometers or 100 meters in 10 seconds. The more specific and understandable the goal, the easier it will be to achieve it. Break it down into several parts and achieve the first tangible results, this will become your additional motivator on the way to the goal and regular training.

  • Create a workout environment. Our body works on biorhythms, and they differ from person to person. Someone is more comfortable doing it in the morning, someone in the evening. Try both and choose what works best for you. If possible, give preference to morning workouts, if this does not contradict your biorhythms. Since in the morning you are not yet loaded with additional tasks that can distract you in the evening or tire you so that there will be no time for training at all.
    How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise
    Small rituals that set you up for regular exercise work well. You can come up with a sequence of actions that will prepare you for training – prepare a shape and a container for water, put your phone on charge, create a playlist of tracks for training. Each time you perform the selected sequence of actions before training, you program your brain. If you want to skip a workout some day, you just need to start following these simple steps to get into the right mood and get to the workout itself.

  • Take action. Even if you don’t feel like doing today, still do a few movements, just 10 minutes. Reduce your workout to 10-15 minutes, but don’t skip it. Any workout is better than no workout. And 10 minutes quite often turns into 40-50 minutes of active work. The main thing is to get into the flow, and there the body itself wants to continue training.

  • Use modern technologies and gadgets, they will help you not to forget about the chosen habit, as well as track the progress of its implementation, and all this in a playful way. This can be fitness bracelets, a tracker, applications in a mobile phone, and so on.

In general, any excuses about age, family, work or lack of money are just excuses, if you want to introduce regular training into your life, it is not as difficult as it might seem.

Lack of time – on everyone’s lips

Aaaa, well, yes, of course, how can we do without it))). I do not have time for training (I work / study a lot, and I get tired), and in general, I do not know what I will do there, how to train correctly, etc. and other crap of your pathetic subconscious.

I will say this: if you do not want to change anything (and this is how it is, admit it, at least to yourself), then stay in the ass. Yes Yes exactly. Everyone has work or study, everyone has a lot of things to do, worries, problems, etc. But, be that as it may – you yourself make your choice. If you want – you will find the time, if you do not want – you will find the reason. There is no third.

As I said earlier, your wretched subconscious mind gives out a thousand reasons (excuses) just not to do this or that … It is ready for anything, so long as you do not leave your comfort zone.

Comfort zone: let the secret come to light

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

A comfort zone is a certain area of ​​living space that gives a person (brain) a feeling of comfort, security, coziness … In case you decide to leave the comfort zone (leave it) well, for example, lift your ass out of the chair and go to the gym, or quit and find a new job, go on vacation abroad, etc. your brain will immediately begin to give out hard “pretzels”, because it senses the zone of risk, zone of testing, zone of tension and possible danger.

He is not comfortable doing this, he does not want this. You (your brain) will come up with a thousand excuses just not to do this .. it is ready to do anything in order for you to stay inside this zone. That is why, for many people (including me), going out of the comfort zone is very “difficult” and even “scary” (very strong discomfort).

However, be that as it may, you need to break yourself. You need to ACT, ACT and ACT AGAIN !!!! Now, if you are reading this, right NOW, after reading this article, you should find (via the Internet, or friends, or a newspaper, see for yourself) a gym in your city (preferably closer to you), collect a bag (sneakers, water necessarily and sportswear) and go to workout.

If you do all this, pack your bag and go on your way, you have already left the COMFORT ZONE (leave it), you will be 100% uncomfortable and possibly even scared (scary), because your brain has already begun to issue those same “pretzels”, but you need to overcome yourself (break in other words) and move on, having come to the hall, you will feel even worse (MAYBE, I don’t know), because there will be a lot of new things, a lot of new people, a new environment, everything new is shorter … everyone will be to look and stare at you, you will feel awkward (perhaps), but all this is “tinsel”, and after you practice, everything will pass, everything will turn out by itself. For you, this will become the norm (it will enter your comfort zone), you will see that there is nothing terrible there … and everything will be fine. Trust me.

Trust me, I went through it all myself. Just start by doing what I described above. Do not be afraid. All sometime (sooner or later), but in any case, start from scratch. So it was with me, so it will be with you.

Many now, perhaps, will think and say: “Well … I’m not ready yet.” Well, what can I tell you? This is the same situation with the comfort zone. You will never be READY (A). Do you understand? That is why you need to act right now, otherwise nothing will change.

Perhaps you will say – I need more information on how to exercise (exercise), eat, etc.? This is all BOTH! So I recently had 2 clients who told me how they googled on the topics: “Fitness and pregnancy”, and the second one “How to quickly remove a double chin?” their brain gave them excuses, in style it is all nonsense, it will not help, or maybe not worth it, maybe I will only harm, etc. and in the end, they never achieved anything, lived on the excuses of their subconscious, but in the end, they still got out of their comfort zone and began to act, contacting me for personal advice. And voila.

Therefore, remember: you do not need more information, you need to step out of your comfort zone and start, first of all, to act. And only then along the way – study, etc.

I think so, even if you come to the gym, knowing absolutely nothing about what and how to do, you will not perform exercises correctly, not correctly set loads, etc. in general, do everything through your ass, you will get out of your comfort zone and in any case, well, I don’t know … you will burn an order of magnitude more calories than if you read about the next diet on the Internet. Do you understand? (this is just an example).

Do you understand this analogy? …

Nobody, but at least I, do not know such people who achieve their goals by moving in a straight line. It’s impossible! Well, this does not happen. When I started my training, I didn’t know anything at all, I did the exercises incorrectly, I studied the technique for years … I trained according to a clumsy split (training program), as horrible, in fact, in general, I did everything through my ass, but I, AT LEAST, WENT OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE AND MOVE, MOVE, MOVE !!!!

And now, take a look, I am writing these articles, I am sharing useful experience (information), and after all, years earlier, I was the same as you are now: “oak-oak” … in general, stop looking for excuses for your condition, start acting, damn it … Inaction (in our case) is the worst.

How to force yourself to exercise: in addition to what has been said …

Recommendation # 1. Counting funds for a fitness club

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Perhaps you should specifically buy the most expensive gym membership for hard-earned money (this is necessary, other people’s funds will not work – they are not as valuable as your own, therefore only from your own pocket) and again, perhaps, out of frugality you will walk to workout as cute. (this is a great motivation: “I paid the loot – damn it, I have to go, I’m a fool or something to waste such money …” This will make your lazy ass go to the gym)).

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

By the way, maybe you should think about personal training with a fitness instructor (who, by the way, takes a decent amount of money for his services). It will work just like an expensive fitness club. That is, you can take both, and it will be very sorry = if you throw money away (that is, pay, but you won’t walk). For some, it’s so pity that they will devour themselves from the inside))).

Perhaps it is worth choosing a not too expensive room – but take personal consultations = i.e. choose one thing (but spend a decent amount of hard earned money anyway). Decide for yourself.

Recommendation number 2. Subscription (card) for a certain time

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

In normal fitness clubs there are subscriptions (cards) for a certain time. For example, a card – visiting the hall until 11.00. So you clearly know that you need to visit the gym before this time (11.00) otherwise – the training burned out (you will not be allowed). This recommendation perfectly disciplines walking at the same time to workout. And not that I bought myself an unlimited card, and you know that there is nowhere to rush, in the morning you say this: “that something has fallen, I’ll go for lunch, lunch came – you ate from the belly, and you say, oh no – in the evening for sure I go, evening comes – and a new otmaza … “.

Recommendation No. 3. Find yourself a training partner (boyfriend / girlfriend, whatever) who has a “addiction / habit (call it what you want)” to train regularly.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Pay attention to whoever will not fit. We need an experienced one who has been engaged (trains) for a long time. The trick is that if you find a person like you (a beginner), then with a high probability, he will quickly quit training (this is a harsh reality, most people are eliminated, for example, 10 guys come to the gym and only 1 of them stays there for life (ps figuratively)).

So, if your partner (beginner) quits training, then there is a high probability that you too … (perhaps not immediately – but after a while).

Therefore, you only need an experienced partner, who, by the way, in addition to motivation for regular training, will also help you (how to do this or that exercise, what and how to do, how to eat, etc., in general, there are a lot of advantages).

Minus, perhaps, only one)) you will find such a person – this is a great rarity. Still worth a try.

Recommendation No. 4. Set a clear goal for yourself.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Many people underestimate this nonsense)). However, it works. And it works as follows: when you clearly know what you want to achieve (when you have a specific goal), you take specific actions (steps) to achieve it, and gradually, day after day, you all change and change (closer and closer to her, his goal).

However, it is very important not to set abstract goals for yourself (well, for example, I want to lose weight or I want to build muscle). <= You can’t do that. You need to set specific goals, if you lose weight, then by how many kg? If you build muscles, then how much? How much? Well, the essence, I think, is clear.

How does it look in practice?

Let’s say your goal is to lose weight (burn fat) by 15 kilograms. And so, you take concrete actions (steps) to achieve it, a week has passed, you have lost -2 kilograms (oops, you are happy), another week has passed and another -2-3 kg (you are happy again, wildly happy), it took another 2-3 weeks – you lost 5-8 kg, as a result, you look better and better in the mirror day after day, your soul becomes warmer (the goal is getting closer and closer, I look better and better).

Do you see how it works? This is great motivation.

However, there is one very important nuance here, which I must inform you about: in any case, do not set multiple goals for yourself. Yes, yes, many people (guys and girls) set too many goals for themselves at once, well, for example: “I want to lose weight, and at the same time pump up (build muscle)” or “I want to be strong, enduring, fast, and mass I want to gain and lose weight a little “…)))

Do you understand? you can’t do that, only 1 goal. Reaching it, you can switch (proceed) to another (to another).

Recommendation No. 5. We draw up a plan to achieve this goal.

How to start exercising - a beginner's guide. How to force yourself to exercise

Once you’ve set yourself a specific goal, make a plan to achieve it.

For example, if your goal is to build muscle, then consider:

  1. What kind of training program you will need to use.
  2. How long will you need to go to the gym? (3 times a week or 5 or …)
  3. What exercises to do? How many to do per workout?
  4. How many SETs should be done in exercises?
  5. How many repetitions of the exercises should be done?
  6. and much more…

The more carefully you plan all this, the faster you will achieve your goal. So much the better for you.

Perhaps it is worth contacting professionals in their field (who will help you with all this, saving a lot of time, money, effort, energy, etc.).

Well, after you have made a plan, it is vital for you)) to stick to it, without deviating (being distracted).

For dessert – watch this video, and shudder from what you see, comparing yourself to it:

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