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Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of “what you need to be in time in life.” Live interesting until you play in the box


What is BucketList?

Translated from English “bucket” is “bucket”, and “list” is “list”. Bucket list, bucket list? Of course no.

BucketList comes from the idiomatic phrase “kick the bucket”, which means to die, stretch your legs, cover yourself with a copper basin.

Therefore, BucketList is a list of things to do while living in the world.

More specifically, it is a list of what you need to see, what to learn, what to try, do and feel in this world. And for which there is only one chance – your life.

Many have seen and remember Rob Reiner ‘s excellent film Until I Played in the Box (The Bucket List, 2007). It is based on the idea of ​​a Bucket list. According to the plot, the heroes of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, by the will of fate, find themselves in the same hospital ward. They have absolutely nothing in common. One is an ordinary mechanic who has made ends meet all his life and makes “to-do lists”, and the other is a billionaire who has not been surprised at anything for a long time.

They have only one thing in common – cancer. Having learned that they did not have long to live, the guys decided to “come off at last”.

See the cherry blossoms in bloom.

After the release of the movie, the idea of ​​BucketLists became incredibly popular. Today Bill Clinton, Jane Fond, Cameron Diaz and other celebrities have such lists.

How does BucketList differ from ToDo and Wish List?

BucketList is not just a list of tasks or “wishes”.

Essentially, it’s a wishlist. Only really important, worthwhile, the implementation of which makes us better and happier. This is the key difference between Bucket List and Wish List. Perhaps buying a new car that you have wanted for so long will make you happier, but will it make you better, wiser, more experienced?

BucketList is always a bit of overcoming yourself. This is a way to make sure that you spend your resources (time, health, talent) on what is important, on what you truly want.

As for to-do lists, in todo we write out an action plan to achieve goals, and BucketList sets them. Making a list of what you need to do while living is a choice of life guidelines.

This is especially important when life seems to be at an impasse. From the point of view of psychology, it is not enough to imply a goal (to store it somewhere in the subcortex of the subconscious) – it needs to be formulated. Putting desires in writing, we, thereby, give them specificity.

Perform at the circus.

Another important psychological point – BucketList helps to understand how short life is. Try to write such a list of 50, 100 or more items, the thought “How to do it all ?!” will immediately begin to throb in your head.

BucketList is a great motivator. Act. Take action now!

Where do you get ideas for a bucket list?

Out of my head. How long have you wanted to do something? The first step is to write down the accumulated dreams. Do not be afraid if you see too long a list: it motivates you to fulfill your goals in life faster, makes you think that it is short enough, and treat it accordingly. From childhood I saw myself as a gifted photographer, but became a builder? It’s okay, we will retrain. It’s never too late. You can at least try, the main thing is not to be afraid!

Spy on. Like at school. On the Internet, many publish their bucket lists – of course, it is not a fact that their dreams will interest you, but it may well be that they will inspire you, remind you of some important moments for you. You can even take advantage of the offers of modern online services, which present various bucket lists with ideas of all kinds, from travel to self-education and self-improvement.

To dream up. Imagine that you are living on the last day / week / month / year. Yes, it’s scary, even goosebumps, excitement, so many things I would like … That’s all that you would like to try, write it down in your bucket list. Whenever possible, follow one of the items on the list.

Gradually, you will see and make sure that fulfilling your dreams, it turns out, is not so difficult.

What sources can you draw desires from?

From my own head. Initially, the list is always filled with one’s own immersion in one’s rich and deep inner world. Guiding questions – “What have I been dreaming of since childhood?”, “What do I really want to try?”, “What do I want to learn?”, “Where do I want to go?” Remember everything that you have always dreamed about, and boldly bring this is on the list (all my life gnaws at the dream of a big trip? we enter “to make a trip around the world” or “to go around the country by hitchhiking”).

From someone else’s sheets. When your own ideas are running out, it’s not a sin to take advantage of others. I reread a dozen bucket lists and gladly added a lot of interesting items to my list (Hmm, this guy wrote himself “to swim with dolphins?” Cool idea! “To visit the lighthouse?” I also take it for myself!).

From special services. There are several English-language sites that not only help maintain such lists, but also contain entire directories of unusual ideas. Leafing through the pages with ideas, you can feel that some of them resonated, and drag it off to yourself ( ). “Fly on a paraglider, hang glider, airplane, hot air balloon … Wow,” fly in a hot air balloon “! – wrote it down! “

From the events of the surrounding world. When the bucket list becomes your new reality, ideas start periodically flying in from the surrounding space. These are catch-the-eye news, posts of readable communities, reports and photos from friends on social networks. Headline from the news: “The world’s tallest botanical greenhouse will open in the city in the summer” – Wow! be sure to “visit the world’s tallest greenhouse”!

What to keep in mind for bucket list owners

  1. A bucket list is what you really want, which will help you improve your life, bring a lot of pleasant impressions and wonderful memories. Wishlist cannot be “wrong”, so feel free to add any of your ideas to the list.
  2. The list can be any goal in terms of difficulty. As those dreams, the fulfillment of which takes several years, and those that can be realized in a couple of hours.
  3. A person changes over time – so do desires. It is normal to adjust your bucket list over time: remove some goals and add new ones.
  4. Fix in some way each completed item. Let it be an audio recording, photo, video – it doesn’t matter. This is not just proof, but it will also remind you of pleasant moments.
  5. Don’t limit the bucket list. It is very common that people want to write down 50 ideas, 100 or 150. The articles “100 ideas to make life interesting”, “120 things you should definitely try” and similar articles are also distributed on the Internet. In fact, the number of points is not that important, it can change over time.
  6. Go hard on your dreams. Didn’t it work the first time? Nothing wrong. This is not a reason to be upset. Your goal is not to do everything the first time, but to make your dream come true.

Traveler and scientist, multiple Guinness Book of Records record holder – as a child, he wrote down the bucket list to explore the Nile, find unknown tribes, conquer the most difficult peaks and many other far from easy achievable goals. And he succeeded. You will succeed too

What desires should be included in the bucket list

Execution of any item from the bucket list, as a rule, does not imply any particular practical benefit. A correct desire, if it comes from your very depths, cannot have answers to the questions “why?”, “Why?” and why?”. Such desires do not need external reasons. Only one thing can be said about them – “I want it, and that’s it!” And most importantly, it’s enough. Questions are useless, because these desires are not generated by the mind, and they are checked for truth only by the emotions that arose when they were formulated. Moreover, the scale of desires does not matter – it does not matter whether it will take a couple of hours or a couple of years to fulfill them. The only indicator is the accompanying euphoria! Well, and a drop of fear, indicating that you will have to cross the border of your comfort zone.

Cross the equator. Ride an ostrich. Look into an active volcano. Play the bagpipes. Go to a fortune teller. Spend the night in a medieval castle. Hug a koala. Participate in the great tomato battle. What for? For what? I have no idea. I want it, and that’s it!

What desires shouldn’t leak into the bucket list

It is very difficult to describe what desires worthy of the list should be. This is, first of all, a matter of self-confidence, courage and intuition. But it is very easy to draw up an approximate list of rules, which desires should not fall into it. Here are some tips on what not to add to the bucket list:

Desires to buy things for the sake of the things themselves. Do not confuse a bucket list with a wish-list (a popular list of what you want to receive as a gift) or with a shopping list, albeit significant in size. Wrong: “buy a new laptop”, because the old one has fallen apart and is loaded every other time. What do you actually need a laptop for? He’s just a tool. That’s right: “write a novel”, but for this, you may have to quickly buy a new laptop.

Common actions masquerading as desires. Do not confuse a bucket list with a to-do-list (to-do-list – a list of planned tasks that should lead to the implementation of the intended goals). Do not list what you already plan to do, as well as actions that do not have emotional coloring and independent value for you. Wrong: “go to the grocery store” because you want to eat. That’s right: “take a taxi to the bakery”, because our people don’t do that.

Someone else’s desires that have lodged in your head. Do not succumb to public opinion, fleeting fashion and outside pressure. Wrong: “get the latest iPhone as a gift” because everyone around them wants it. That’s right: “buy an old push-button Nokia”, because I have long wanted to plunge into the past and take a break from social networks. One more example. Wrong: do not write the item “go to Albania”, because my mother will scold. That’s right: “send a postcard from the Albanian capital to your relatives”.

Your desires, fulfilled by someone else’s hands. Remember that only your own desires are listed on the list, which means that their fulfillment should depend only on you. Therefore, do not try to achieve something from other people. Wrong to “teach a child to cook” because that would be helpful. That’s right: “learn how to cook paella” and do it so well that the child gets inspired and wants to follow an example.

Vague desires. You need to clearly understand for yourself when the desire will be finally fulfilled. Each point must suggest a final point, otherwise it is not possible to cross it out. Wrong to “be the best at work” so that everyone can see my irreplaceability. That’s right: “get the certificate of the best employee of the month” and hang it on the wall.

How List Items Become Milestones

It is common knowledge that writing plans dramatically increases the chances of their successful completion. I can absolutely say that making a wishlist has greatly enriched my life. Not that before the bucket list we lived a quiet and measured life. But after it was compiled and published, our dreams began to be forced into reality. I will never forget how we got caught in the rain at a multi-thousand bike parade, how we looked at the city from a height of the 62nd floor, how we drove through the winter forest on a dog sled. Over the past year, we have deleted more than 50 items from the list, and looking back, I can say that it was a very busy time – we got a huge number of impressions and came even closer to understanding what it means to “live interesting”.

Try to create your own bucket list, and, most likely, it will significantly change your perception of the world and greatly enrich your life. But do not relax, because the presence of a list in itself, although it increases the chances of the fulfillment of desires, does not guarantee this. Cross out the points consistently, do not postpone their implementation until later. Do you still remember the full name of the bucket list? “What I want to be in time before I play in the box.” I don’t want to lead to sad thoughts, but, alas, we all will someday see what this box looks like from the inside. And no one knows exactly when it will happen. I hope that this will not happen very soon, and I also hope that by this time our lists will grow unimaginably and will be almost completely fulfilled. In this case, the memory of your adventures will remain for centuries, and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will while away many winter evenings,

And the last tip, crossing out almost all the recommendations described above. In case you have already put a pen over a blank sheet of paper and formulated a couple of points in your head. Your list is made by you, you will also do it. Therefore, your bucket list is your rules. I am sure that there are no two people in the world with the same set of desires. As well as with the same ideas about when, where, with whom and how exactly they can be performed. Therefore, feel free to modify the bucket list and add whatever comes to mind in it in any form. The main thing is that when you introduce the next item, a wave of inspiration rolls over you, your eyes light up and goosebumps run down your spine at the thought of what you will feel after completing what you have just written. This is the set of emotions you should feel when adding a new item to your list. And this, perhaps,

How do I compose a BucketList?

There are special services for this. For example and There are also numerous mobile applications (offtopic: I could not find a single really convenient and beautiful one; if you know one, please write in the comments).

Give one salary to charity.

The principle of operation of services for compiling lists of what you need to do while you live in the world is similar. You can maintain your BucketList anywhere in the world, read other people’s dreams, and share your own with the world.

But you don’t have to use a special service to compose a BucketList. Many people do it on their blog or on a regular piece of paper.

Learn horseback riding.

If you are fired up to write your BucketList, then please pay attention to the following recommendations.

6 Steps to the Perfect Bucket List:

  1. Imagine. When you sit down to write BucketList, the first 15-20 points will most likely be related to travel (people always dream of going where they have never been), and then a stupor will come. This is normal. Just remember that you are making a list of things to do in life, and life is not only about travel. Imagine. Have you always wanted to change your hair color, have a pet, or learn sign language? If ideas remain scarce, check out other people’s BucketLists – it’s inspiring.
  2. Group. To make it easier to fantasize, highlight 5-7 areas of your life that are interesting to you – travel, creativity, education, food, sports, overcoming fears, etc. After that, write 10-20 wishes in each subgroup. This makes filling the BucketList much easier.
  3. Don’t waste your time. BucketList is a kind of life improvement plan. You shouldn’t write something like “make repairs” there. Remember the difference between a to-do list and a Wish List.
  4. Be realistic. BucketList is a great way to dream. But if you want not an abstract, but a working tool, then you need to be realistic. It is unlikely that the desire to “fly to Mars” will someday become a reality, simply because humanity has not yet figured out how to do it.
  5. Update. Re-read and rewrite your BucketList periodically. Life changes, you change. If at the age of 18 you dream of jumping with a parachute, then it is not a fact that at 30 you will want it so much. This is normal.
  6. Publish BucketList. This is a bold but important step. If you share your BucketList on social networks, publish it on your blog pages, or simply let your close friends read it, you are committing to following it. Social responsibility, the desire not to fall in the eyes of others will help you to take more seriously the implementation of the Bucket list.

See the northern lights.


Get creative and think about things you haven’t done yet. It doesn’t have to be some incredibly complex and difficult task (after all, our bucket list is only for the summer), but it’s good if they are interesting.

For example, you can go rock climbing or windsurfing, fly in a hot air balloon, start learning a new language or any other new skill, etc.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

Combine business with pleasure.

The main rule of the traditional bucket list is to write down only those desires, the fulfillment of which will make you better and happier. This is really great for the long term, but the summer schedule might not be taken so seriously.

Try to keep the balance between things that will give you great pleasure and things that will also benefit you. So you can include a famous pub crawl in your list and balance it with a beach trip or a run.

One of the best ways to do this is to create several categories — for example, “travel,” “entertainment,” “sports,” “something new,” and come up with the same number of tasks for each of them.

Be realistic.

There is no point in carefully crafting a huge and inspiring list if you don’t have the time and energy to do it all. Make it real: Either limit yourself to 10-20 items, or include in the list a lot of traditional summer, but simple enough entertainment – for example, “eat a watermelon”.

Share your list.

Finished making your summer bucket list? Then why not share it on social media? And if you are not ready to show the result to everyone you know, try at least sending your list to close friends. This way you will have less chance of forgetting about it and more motivation to complete all the points.

In addition, you can inspire your loved ones by your example and find a company to fulfill the items on your bucket list.

Compilation rules

  • There are no restrictions. You can make up for more than one year. You will delete some actions, add some. If you want to sing with your favorite artist on the same stage, then just stop dreaming, add this item to your list.
  • Reality. Yes, this is probably the only limitation. Unfortunately, you cannot become the ruler of the universe.
  • Do not dream, but act. If you want to sing, sign up for a course. If you sit back, then you will not perform a couple of actions in your entire life.
  • Specific plan. All items are dream goals. And the goal requires order, self-control, full dedication. It is not necessary to make plans for all goals at once. Slowly, step by step, move up the list.Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box
  • Share your dreams with friends, colleagues, family. Some points cannot be completed without interaction with other people. Perhaps there are many who can help you. And you, in turn, help others. If you’re not a shy person, start a blog and post your progress.
  • This list should motivate you, not despair. If something does not work out, do not give up. You just worked little. Please try again.
  • Do not be trifles. Build a house is a list for the Bucket list, make repairs is a To Do List.
  • To make it easier to perceive – break everything into groups.

Now I will give you examples of cases, divided by subject matter.


Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

You can choose either a separate country or city, or a specific place.

  1. Visit the Louvre.
  2. Visit the Hermitage.
  3. Visit Paris.
  4. Visit Italy.
  5. Move to live in another country.
  6. Take a trip in a mobile home.
  7. Live a whole week in a tent.
  8. Relax on a small island.
  9. Visit the old castle.


Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

  1. Learn to draw, sing, knit, sew. These are lengthy processes, so they cannot be classified as To Do List.
  2. Write a book.
  3. Perform on the same stage with your favorite singer or singer.
  4. Go to a concert of your favorite band.
  5. Create a piece of music.
  6. Learn to photograph.


Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

  1. Become a director of your company.
  2. Start your own business.
  3. Give a speech to a large number of people.
  4. Earn a million.

A family

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

  1. Marry.
  2. Build a strong family.
  3. Raise one, two, three (as many as possible) children. Compare your abilities and capabilities.
  4. Provide a good life for your parents, for example, buy a country house.
  5. Buy yourself a house by the sea.
  6. Build a house.


Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

  1. Read 100 books on self-development.
  2. Spend 24 hours in complete silence.
  3. Meditate for 100 days in a row.
  4. Learn English to Advanced.
  5. Learn 5 languages.
  6. Get into the Guinness Book of Records (you yourself decide for what merits).
  7. Learn to get up early.

Charity and helping people

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

  1. Donate blood. It is necessary to decide on this.
  2. Become a volunteer (as an option, if there are contraindications to donation).
  3. Help the orphanage with things, attention, toys.
  4. Adopt a dog or cat.

Are you ready to conquer the peaks and test your capabilities? Tell us in the comments if you have a Bucket list. Have you managed to do something already? If not, do not despair – the whole life is ahead.

Ideas for a bucket list:

1 Start meditating. Opening up the facets of yourself is interesting.

2 Go to a game (football, hockey, basketball). Buy popcorn and support your favorite team with chants.

3 Write a novel.

4 Sit on the sun-drenched terrace of a Parisian cafe and enjoy breakfast.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

5 Get caught in the rain (fog) in London.

6 Walk through the woods with a kerosene lamp in hand. The crackle of dry grass and cones underfoot will bring atmosphere, and a lighted lamp will add romance and non-triviality to the process.

7 Spend the night at the beach alone (or with a close circle of friends). Let it be a sea, a lake or a river. The main thing is the atmosphere is important: a bonfire, a blanket and the swaying of waves (swimming in clothes is welcome).

8 Give birth to a child (bring up, send to study at a prestigious university).

9 Go on a car trip around the edge (region) with friends (family).

Russia is such a unique and incredibly huge country that sometimes we do not even know what is happening next to us: be surprised at the existence of old wooden schools in villages, forgotten and remote sights of centuries ago, abandoned ancient monuments, strange and bizarre elements of nature.

10 Get a hobby of photographing the most beautiful doors in different cities of the world (you can start with your own city). Create a unique collection of doors from noble and ordinary houses.

11 Learn to cook “cozy” dishes from different cuisines of the world: shepherd’s pie, onion soup, non-alcoholic ginger beer, cheese fondue. And be sure to read their history and traditions with which they are associated.

12 Parachute jump (bungee jumping).

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

13 Rent out and buy a dream car.

14 Ride bicycles with friends to the most remote and unexplored places: let your old and beloved city open up in a new way. Take food and water in your backpacks: it never hurts to get lost a little))

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

15 Keep a diary.

16 See the Northern Lights in Reykjavik.

17 Jump into the ice-hole in winter.

18 Do charity work.

19 Spend New Year’s or Christmas in a chalet (or some wooden house) with a bright fireplace and hot mulled wine.

20 Sail on a catamaran in the Caribbean with a cigar in your mouth.

21 Have an active hobby – learning to snowboard, master a mountain bike, start skiing or try dancing.

22 Visit a hot spring. Basking in hot water when it is -20 outside is an unforgettable experience.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

23 Walk barefoot in the rain.

24 Swim on a wooden boat, paddling slowly and swimming in green bays (or vice versa, on a boat with a breeze and lapping waves).

25 Buy a life jacket and try your hand at water skiing!

26 Make a surprise holiday for a loved one. Let it be as the Americans love it: when dozens of friends shout “surprise”, jumping out from behind the furniture, or it will be a calm and beautiful evening, but full of various “amenities”.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

27 Throw a party with friends in the country. Create the most varied and fun cocktails. Prepare punch in a huge bowl and pour it over the glasses with a ladle. Repeat until dawn).

28 Build a house.

29 If you already have a house / cottage, you can organize the yard in a new way. Take care of the redevelopment of the local area to your liking:

put a table with chairs for a leisurely morning breakfast in nature;

plant flowers to always keep fresh bouquets in the house;

decorate the yard with lanterns, and all kinds of lamps in order to light them in the evening;

set up a campfire area: and celebrate the evenings by the fire with your friends.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

30 Visit Scandinavian countries. Try it.

31 Get in the habit of reading one book a week.

32 For animal lovers: start actively participating in animal care, organize charitable programs to protect and support stray animals, look for sponsors for nurseries, etc.

33 Try yourself in amateur theater. Go to study at a theater studio. Learn the basics of stage movement, acting, movement.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

34 Go to study in any other studio for adults: learn ballet for adults, go to design courses, to an art studio for adults, to refresher courses in your profession, sports sections (for example, boxing).

35 Go horseback riding.

36 Gondola ride in Venice.

37 To take parents to the sea.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

38 Visit port cities in Europe.

39 Travel by car in Europe. Look into villages, see lavender fields, buy cheese from a local cheese maker.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

40 Try oysters.

41 Visit Disneyland.

42 Become a blogger. Start a blog.

43 Plant a tree. A whole park is better.

44 Build a ranch. Buy horses and start a farm.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

45 Visit the Vienna Opera (in Austria).

46 Drink beer with sausages in Germany (Czech Republic).

47 Learn to photograph like a pro. Filming your family every day, capturing children – how children grow and how they develop.

Bucketlist | he is a life list or a list of "what you need to be in time in life." Live interesting until you play in the box

48 Take an electric train in any direction unnecessarily, and then back.

49 Come up with a business project.

50 Help parents (children) make their dream come true.

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