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Things to do in class when it gets boring. What can you do in the lesson if you’re bored?


Find the cause of boredom

It is important to find out what exactly causes boredom, because only then can you find a solution to the problem. What could be the reasons:

  1. Don’t like the subject. It is possible that boredom occurs only in certain lessons, while other activities are interesting. Maybe you don’t like the subject itself or the teacher’s teaching style.
  2. The subject is too difficult. If a student does not keep up with others, if the subject is difficult for him or he does not understand the teacher’s explanations, then such lessons can also cause boredom.
  3. The item is too light. The opposite situation is also possible: it seems to the student that everything that the teacher says he has already heard.
  4. Inability to concentrate. Another common cause of boredom is that the student cannot force himself to gather and concentrate, so he is not involved in the learning process.

It also happens that the student is simply bored with studying. In this case, you need to ask yourself: is this a good approach to learning, what are the prospects for the future with such an attitude to learning?

Determine the cause of your boredom at school

What can you do in class when you’re bored?

There are some simple ways to distract yourself from a boring subject:

  1. Create animation. It is necessary to take a notebook or notebook with at least 10 sheets of pages. Closer to the edge of the page, a man or any other object is drawn. On the following pages, the little man gradually changes his position, raises his arms, walks, etc. Quickly flipping through the pages, you can observe a simple animation of movement;
  2. Master origami. Of course, you won’t be able to come up with a sheet bending scheme to create an animal on your own. Therefore, it is better to find the necessary instructions on the Internet in advance and already make entertaining crafts using them. At first, it will turn out a little crooked, but after some practice, the whole class will admire the created cranes or frogs;
  3. Make a paper airplane and launch it. It is better to do this when the teacher has left the class, so that you can safely pick up an airplane that has landed on the floor;
  4. Compose poetry. A great way to show your creative talent;
  5. Play a game on your smartphone. The main thing is not to forget to turn off the sound;
  6. Train your left hand. Writing with your left hand even a simple sentence will not be easy. The handwriting will become like someone else’s, very clumsy and even a little funny. Alternatively, you can try writing with both hands at the same time;
  7. Observe classmates. A great opportunity to feel like a spy and develop observation skills. If you try very hard, you can see the content of the correspondence on the smartphone of the classmate sitting in front;
  8. Make a to-do list for the near future. A great way to remember all the cases that were constantly shelved. Already at home, you can re-read the list and get down to doing all the things. For example, cleaning the room, signing notebooks, checking the computer with an antivirus, etc.

Paper games

  1. Tic-tac-toe. – The simplest entertainment for you and your neighbor in the lesson. Play until you become a pro!
  2. Caricature. Become a pro cartoonist. Draw funny portraits of every teacher or teacher explaining this lesson. For fun – put a piece of paper on the desks.
  3. Play some questions with answers. – Write your question on a piece of paper, wrap it in a thin strip and write only the beginning of the question. For example:
    Question – Why does our teacher have such a red nose?
    First word – Why?
    Give your neighbor a piece of paper, let him answer the question, wrap the strip and write his question. Then, unfold and laugh together. You can immediately ask the topic of questions, for example: “Computer science teacher”.
  4. Sea battle. This is a game for two on a couple. Have fun – smash the enemy fleet!
  5. Gallows. Play the gallows with your neighbor – guess the word before they hang you.
  6. Note. Write the dumbest note and send it through the rows without an addressee. Let the classmates distract from the teacher’s squealing and puzzle over to whom the note is addressed.
  7. Create a cartoon. Take a notebook, or use a notebook and try to make your own cartoon, drawing a slightly changing image in the corner of each leaf. Then, quickly flip through the pages – your cartoon has come to life!
  8. Chewed paper shelling. Use it as a gun – an empty handle.
  9. Draw a maze – develop your brain. Create on a piece of paper your own labyrinth with dead ends, exits, entrances, deceitful ways. I will suggest a neighbor on a desk to find a way out of your labyrinth.
  10. Fortuneteller. Fold a fortune teller out of paper and tell fortunes to your neighbors.
  11. Origami. Learn to fold interesting crafts out of paper – origami. What if a real master wakes up in you?
  12. Anagram. Play anagram game with your neighbor. Come up with a long word and form new words out of it. Whoever has more words won.
  13. Let the airplane go through the class. Fold an airplane out of paper and launch it (it will be especially effective if you are sitting on the back desk).
  14. Application form. Make a wonderful questionnaire and let them go to the class – let them be distracted. For example, have them write down how they can use their shoes in class.
  15. Verse. You don’t know what to do if you are sitting alone – write a verse, poem or ode. Let the rest be jealous of your talent!

Where does boredom come from?

Usually in the classroom it is boring if the teacher (teacher, teacher) does not bother too much with the presentation of the material, but, following the template, simply gives you a certain portion of knowledge.

Things to do in class when it gets boring. What can you do in the lesson if you're bored?

Boredom can have many reasons.

He does not come up with any intellectual games, puzzles, puzzles, which could change the monotonous environment of the educational process.

Another option is the teacher’s lack of oratorical data: a quiet voice, an emotionally uninteresting speech, a lack of live communication with the audience.

As a rule, for such teachers, classes become endless torture.

Another option is your personal dislike for a particular teacher, due to the fact that he is not interesting as a person (his whole life is devoted to science), he cannot support other topics of conversation.

Or a negative attitude was formed due to your not very good relationship (resentment about unfair grading, excessive requirements for your preparation, and indulgences for the preparation of others)

An equally common cause of boredom in class can be the following:

  1. Recent vacations (the body has not yet reorganized to a working mood).
  2. Falling in love or, on the contrary, tragedy.
  3. Hunger (when you know that after this lesson you will go to the cafeteria).
  4. Misunderstanding of the subject being studied.
  5. Good weather (there is a desire to be outside right now) or, on the contrary, cloudy weather (there is a need for hot tea, a warm blanket and a good comedy).
  6. General indifference of the audience to the lecturer (everyone is busy with their own business, although the class is quiet)
  7. This lesson is the last one for today (all thoughts about home are in my head)

Any of these reasons can put you in front of the question, what to do in the lesson? And you can think of a lot.

They are used to getting what they want immediately.

How often can you hear such conversations: “I want to eat!” – “Now let’s go to the store”, “I want to drink!” – “Here’s some juice”, “I’m bored!” – “Take my phone.”

The ability to postpone reward is one of the most important factors for success. It helps you not to give up under stress. Parents often forget about this, because they want to make their child happy right now. But this will only hurt in the future. Children will not be ready for difficulties.

Surprise box

Things to do in class when it gets boring. What can you do in the lesson if you're bored?

Be prepared to be forced to clean up. This is a simple enough prank for which you need a simple box and filler. It all depends on whether you like the teacher or your classmate or not. Imagine: you all came to the office, sat down and waited for the teacher. There is a box on the cabinet with a bright inscription (well, for example, “Condoms” or “Drugs”). The teacher enters the office and sees this box. First, the teacher will try to find out who brought this box and what is it doing on the cabinet? At this moment you can to say that your hated classmate (Petya, Vasya, Zhenya, etc.) brought a box and for some reason put it upstairs. The teacher calls your classmate and forgive me to remove the box from the cabinet. The student takes the box off and falls on his head … pencil shavings … Or scraps of newspaper. “Following the surprise, joyful laughter from the class will fall out of the box. The secret is simple. You take a box of any size, fill it with confetti or something else, and put it on the cabinet, after cutting the tape connecting the bottom of the box. Due to the fact that the bottom will not hold the filler out of the box, everything will fall.

Tricks and practical jokes in the lesson

  1. Nicknames. Give nicknames to all your classmates. Write it down on a piece of paper, and then let it go through the rows.
  2. Confess your love. Write a declaration of love to a classmate (classmate). Turn around and read it, and then ask: Well, how will it go?
  3. A wonderful find. Bring in advance from home some moronic object (old torn sock, leaky slippers, rusty rim from the toilet bowl) and put it on the teacher’s table before the lesson.
  4. Sound. Download an interesting sound to your phone (the sound of breaking glass, the screeching of a girl, the creak of a door, the hissing of a snake, etc.) and when silence comes in the class, turn on this sound.
  5. Balloon. Slowly inflate the balloon, but do not tie it – at the right time, release the inflated balloon – let it dive with a terrible sound at your neighbors or teacher – laughter and fun are guaranteed.
  6. We drop our pens. Encourage classmates to take turns dropping their pens on the floor during class. See how the teacher responds.
  7. Make a call early. Record the school bell ringing on your recorder and turn it on early. The teacher will be surprised!
  8. Sudden control. If your teacher likes to do sudden cuts of knowledge or tests, get the whole class to sign the sheets with one name. The teacher will be surprised when he starts checking 30 works signed by Marfutina Alexandra.
  9. Asylum. Nothing to do in class? – clasp your head with your hands and sit, swinging to the sides. When the teacher asks what’s the matter? – answer that you are tormented by voices inside your head again

They don’t have social skills

Children used to play outside. In communicating with each other, they developed social skills. Now they spend more and more time at the computer and telephone. Parents themselves are also more likely to choose electronic devices instead of playing games or talking with children. But a smartphone will not teach your child to communicate.

What to do in class with a classmate?

A neighbor can keep company in the following entertainment:

  • Tic-tac-toe. It’s hard to find a better known game. Its main advantage is speed. From the beginning to the end of the game, at least 20 seconds pass;
  • Sea battle. The game in this game lasts about 10 minutes. Therefore, it is better not to start sea battles if the teacher is to return in a couple of minutes;
  • Labyrinth. It is necessary to draw an intricate labyrinth on a piece of paper and give it to a neighbor on a desk. Let him try to find a way out of it. The game will become even more exciting if you give your neighbor only a few minutes to find a way out;
  • Guess the subject. A certain object should be thought of, for example, a watermelon. The neighbor should ask questions and receive only yes or no in response. For example, a friend asks: “Is this item edible?”, “Is it large?” and so on. As a result, according to the totality of positive and negative answers, the neighbor must determine which particular object is hidden;
  • How much paste is left in the pen? We have to invite a friend to guess how much paste is left in the ballpoint pen of this or that classmate. It is best to choose two answers: more or less than half. Of course, the selected student’s pen should not be transparent. The winner of the game is not necessarily the luckiest one. After all, attentiveness and a good memory are still required here. You need to remember how long a classmate has been using his pen. This will allow you to roughly determine the amount of paste in it.

Change of cups!

Remember the scene from Alice in Wonderland by L. Carroll? Yes, that crazy tea party! Every few minutes the phrase “Change of cups! Transition!” and all the participants in the tea party changed cups and places. Why not play crazy tea in class or with a couple? Bring a cup from home in advance and give everyone a drink (Lipton, for example). Hide the cups under the table so that the teacher does not see them and coordinate in time. After a certain time, someone from the group shouts out “Change of cups! Transition!” You take out the cups, put them on the table and switch places. As soon as you sit down, do not forget to take a sip from the cup (if you do not hesitate, of course). And so you change every few minutes until the end of the class, or until something stops you.

Excellent strategy game “Points”:

Things to do in class when it gets boring. What can you do in the lesson if you're bored?

A game for two – for you and your deskmate. The task is to surround the opponent’s points with dots of your color. Opponents take turns putting dots at the intersection of the lines of the sheet in a cage, each with its own color. When you create a continuous (vertically, horizontally, diagonally) closed line, an area is formed. If there are enemy points inside it (and there may be points that are not occupied by someone else’s points), then this is considered an encirclement area, in which it is further prohibited to put a point on any of the players. If there are no opponent’s points, then the area is free and points can be placed in it.

The ability to work of the organism depends on the quality of rest, including good mental activity will be possible only if during the break you will have a short respite for the “boiled brain”.

Things to do in class when it gets boring. What can you do in the lesson if you're bored?

Outdoor games at recess are a great rest, the main thing is not to overdo it

Therefore, it is extremely important at recess to radically change the type of activity, moving away from mental games, conversations and actions as much as possible.

For maximum relaxation, you should listen to music (give preference to classical music or with elements of nature sounds).

By the way, this will also dispose you to further better memorizing theoretical information.

It is also worth taking up outdoor games (higher than feet from the ground, classics, etc.), which are so popular at school.

But you need not to overdo it with physical activity, because after long-term “tagging” the body will not rest, but rather get tired.

For emotional relief, in addition to standard communication with peers, you need to try to joke as much as possible (tell jokes, funny stories from life), discuss a popular TV show, leaf through glossy magazines together in the library room, or do origami.

It is absolutely not worthwhile to engage in preparation for study at recess, for this you have home time allotted specifically for these needs.

The personality of the teacher

Things to do in class when it gets boring. What can you do in the lesson if you're bored?

A charismatic teacher or instructor is one of the best gifts of fate. Meeting with him can turn fate. Parents’ arguments are no longer the most important. But, one hundred percent charisma is not observed in any team. And in the teacher’s room, too, despite their assurances that a teacher is not a profession, but a vocation.

There are ordinary teachers, but there are also many who, for a long time, have aroused a slight hostility towards the younger representatives of the human race. Or not easy. Teachers are not chosen in much the same way as parents. You will not constantly run from one school to another or start anew to enter an institute with a different bias. We will adapt.

How to overcome boredom: basic methods

If the subject itself or the teacher’s manner of explanation causes boredom, then you can try to look for other sources of information. For example, other literature, additional reading on the subject, interesting video materials may arouse interest.

Teachers are not always ready to change their way of presenting the material, and then you can independently find a more effective and fun approach to learning

Moreover, now a large number of Internet resources with a variety of teaching methods are offered.

Take to school not only textbooks, but also books that are interesting to you so that you can occupy yourself in a boring lesson. You can also prepare for your next lesson or start doing your homework.

Things to do in class when it gets boring. What can you do in the lesson if you're bored?

Find a more effective learning approach

It happens that boredom does not arise because of the subject itself or the manner in which the teacher presents the material, but because the student cannot concentrate. This can be due to lack of sleep, lack of energy, and even dehydration. Make it a habit to take a small bottle of water, compote or fruit drink, an apple, cereal or chocolate bars to school – all this will give you a boost of energy and invigorate.

If boredom is due to the fact that the lesson is poorly absorbed, then try to listen carefully and delve into what the teacher is explaining. Feel free to ask for help and re-explanation: the main goal of learning is to gain knowledge, not pretend you understand.

If the subject is difficult, then you can ask the parents to hire a tutor: one-on-one lessons with the teacher will make it easier and faster to master the material

If, on the contrary, the subject is given very easily, the level is too simple, then such students can use textbooks for in-depth study of the subject or transfer to a stronger class.

Things to do in class when it gets boring. What can you do in the lesson if you're bored?

If the subject is easy, use the mastery textbooks

High school students got bored

Take to school not only textbooks, but also an interesting book. Place it on the table on top of the textbook or on your lap.

Develop your reaction and concentration.

You can, if you did not prepare well for the next lesson or did not complete your homework, catch up now. Ask your neighbor to give to write off.

If a caring mother put an apple in your briefcase, do not forget about it. Take care yourself that there is always a bottle of water or fruit drink. Water is life, there is nothing to be ashamed of, take out a bottle and drink. And health plus and killed 30 seconds. Dehydration can lead to unpleasant consequences.

You can take a piece of paper and start drawing on it. After all, Pushkin drew profiles of cute female heads in the margins of his manuscripts. Probably helps creativity. Draw a cartoon of a teacher or teacher.

Do not forget that you were lucky enough to live in a time when there are mobile phones and the Internet in them. Upload interesting games there. There is even nothing to say, if there is an opportunity to go online in the classroom, then there should be no problems with boredom.

What if you’re bored at school?

Finding an interesting activity does not have to be right in the classroom. If there is free time at school during recess, then this is also an excellent reason to entertain yourself with the following games :

  • One word answer. The bottom line is to open a textbook, find questions on a topic already covered and try to answer them in one word. It’s not as easy as it sounds. At the same time, you can test your knowledge;
  • Beautiful capital letter. It’s time to add some variety to your own school records. We need to come up with an expressive method of writing all the letters in the alphabet. You can lengthen the ends of the letters, turning them into curls, or somehow show your own imagination. With an invented beautiful handwriting, it is worth writing only the first letter in each new paragraph, so as not to surprise the teacher too much when checking the notebook;
  • Random words. 5-10 pairs of numbers are written on a piece of paper. The first number corresponds to the page number in the textbook, and the second to the word on it. For example, “16-22” means that on page 16 you need to find the 22nd word and write it down. Prepositions and conjunctions can be ignored. In total, you should get several random words, from which you need to make a sentence. To make things easier, you can allow yourself to add verbs and nouns.

We fight the disease “mortal boredom – green melancholy”

If you become unbearably bored, try to find an activity that minimally distracts the teacher from the lesson and others from work, because some of the children are still interested in the material being told.

Things to do in class when it gets boring. What can you do in the lesson if you're bored?

Take discreet headphones from home just in case

Try to quietly listen to music, an audiobook, flip through photos, play a game on your phone, or watch a movie online.

You can try to compose a poem, and if you don’t have the ability to rhyme, you can just draw caricatures of the poems or songs you know.

You can count how many times the teacher will repeat the same word or remark to someone.

During the lesson, there is a chance to have time to make a to-do list for the weekend or a shopping list for the next trip to the store.

A list of your classmates’ belongings, for example, taking into account color schemes, will also significantly kill your time.

Just like with music, you should try to get your favorite book out of your bag and start reading it, or prepare for another academic subject.

A good option would be to make funny cartoons for everyone in the audience, play cities with a neighbor (in writing), tic-tac-toe, words, charades, puzzles and other well-known games.

It used to be popular to run a questionnaire by class – correspondence, something like online communication, but on a piece of paper, you can revive this tradition.

By the way, the quieter you choose your lesson and can prepare it, the less chance you will have of being caught by the teacher.

Remember: you need to attract the minimum attention of others to your “educational entertainment”!

Attitude towards educational institution

A lighter option is the case when the child does not like to study, but he likes the very stay at school. He loves school – no study. The good thing is that in the morning, when you try to wake up, still with your eyes closed, you will not hear “I don’t want to go to school!” For him, this is the motivation for going to school. During breaks with friends or girlfriends, the child will be guaranteed fun. Although you can get bored with close friends.

In a college, institute or university, the motivation is different – a conscious desire to get a profession. A powerful incentive that ignores little things like boredom.

Primitiveness of programs

Time flies, but the programs of the subjects studied remain the same. Sometimes parents of younger schoolchildren are surprised, “And we also learned this poem by Agnia Barto by heart!”.

Lucky for mathematics – an abstract science with applied meaning. The rules in it are of a contractual nature and there is no point in changing them. As for other items, some of them are constantly changing. The Methodists can’t keep up with them.

Our students are people enlightened in all fields of knowledge. The media are open to them. What is surprising if it gets boring during such lessons.

The situation is no better in higher educational institutions. Honored teachers have the title of professors, but they are not always so creative as to deviate from their own monographs half a century ago. This is one of the few places where people continue to work “after retirement age”.

If a couple or lesson is completely bored, try to cheer yourself up as in the video

For everyone – pretend you are listening to the teacher or instructor. Our body and mind are interconnected. If you have an alert expression on your face, it is quite possible that you will actually start listening.

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