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Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out


Remote Learning: Secrets of Self-Organization

Eliminate information noise

Information noise is an unfiltered stream of information in which the usefulness of the received data decreases in direct proportion to the amount of this data. Simply put, this is everything that distracts you from your activities: instant messengers, social networks, email, games, and so on.

You might think of yourself as a multitasking guru, but scientists have found that doing multiple things at the same time lowers your IQ by about 10 points. If during the lesson you are distracted by the phone or extraneous browser tabs, you will not learn new material well.

Install a site blocker and enable it while online, viewing records or solving remote sensing. Just do not forget to add to the list of exceptions. And in order not to be distracted by the phone, give it to your parents during class and ask them not to give it to you until you finish with the lessons. Harsh life hack for study, but it works!

Just get started!

Imagine the situation. Morning: you are in a great mood, you promised yourself to watch two webinars and do three DZ. Lunch: You read a book, played a game, watched YouTube with the firm conviction that you are about to sit down for lessons. Evening: you walked the dog, helped your mom with cleaning, but you never got to school.

You feel awful after a day like this, don’t you? I am tormented by remorse for putting off all day and not doing really important work. This is called procrastination.

Psychologists believe that it is usually caused by fear or conflict. What if I decide my homework for a “deuce”? What if the parents fight again over physics? Even when we want to do something, the fear of failure, criticism, or stress forces us to fight with ourselves. But there is a life hack for successful study and not only that will help to overcome fears.

Take no more than 48 hours to the DZ

The work fills all the time allotted for it, says Parkinson’s Law. If the lesson is once a week, then there is a high probability that you will drag on with your homework until the last, or you will do one task a day. Due to this approach, debts often accumulate.

Do DZ with your friends

When I went to the kitchen to drink tea five times, when I learned the VK feed by heart, and the Go to Tasks button did not press, call a Foxford friend or mentor for help – this is an excellent life hack for distance learning.

This is a cool opportunity to combine business with pleasure – to chat and do homework. Please note: we are not talking about cheating. Any fool can cheat! Truly smart people discuss tasks, exchange knowledge and come to the right solution with collective intelligence.

Use a voice recorder

A sound recorder is a must-have when:

  • You learn a complex poem. If you have already read the text three times, and nothing is deposited in your head, say the poem on the recorder. Listen to it while you are doing household chores or walking, and then repeat it aloud several times. You will be surprised how quickly and well you memorize rebellious rhymes.
  • Preparing for the test. Introduce yourself on the exam. You pulled out a ticket and should start answering right away. Record your impromptu and listen again. At what point did you get lost? Where did you get confused or say too much? You definitely need to repeat these moments before the test.
  • Preparing for a public appearance. Audio recording will not only allow you to learn speech, as in the case of a poem, but will also help to place intonation stresses, get used to the sound of your voice, and even to some extent overcome anxiety.


The brighter the information is framed and the more often it catches your eye, the faster and better it is remembered. You can visualize the lessons using:

  • Stickers – great for memorizing formulas, foreign words, definitions. They can be glued all over the apartment.
  • Sketching is illustrated notes with characters, quotes, arrows, and other elements that help structure, remember, and make sense of information. Useful for learning difficult topics.

Read about other methods of memorizing information in our article. And also many interesting life hacks for schoolchildren can be learned from emotional intelligence classes.

Look for information correctly

If you need any additional information for the lesson, knowing the tricks of the search engines, you can get it in a few minutes:

  • To find the exact phrase or word form, enclose it in quotation marks.
  • To find a word from a quote that you forgot, put the entire quote in quotation marks, and mark the missing word with an asterisk. “Frost and sun; day *!”
  • To find a document with a specific word, precede it with + without a space. Example: fuel combustion + tasks.
  • To exclude a word from the search, place a minus sign in front of it. Example: Napoleon cake.
  • To search for information on a specific site, start your search query with the word site followed by a colon. Example: site: “attestation”.
  • To find a specific type of document, enter the mime operator, add a colon and the type of the desired document. For example: a tutorial on algebra mime: pdf.

Foxford’s online home school instructors recommend broadening your horizons on research sites. Remember, Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information.

Use “hot keys”

Hot keys (keyboard shortcut or hot key) are combinations of buttons on the keyboard that simplify and speed up computer work.

Keyboard accelerators that can come in handy during online classes:


  • Win + spacebar – switch input language and keyboard layout.
  • Win + PrtScr – take a screenshot and save it in your images folder.
  • Win + Home – minimize all windows except the active one (restores all windows when pressed again).
  • Ctrl + Shift + T – restore the last closed tab.


  • Command + Shift + 3 – Screenshot.
  • Command + F – Find a word in the text.
  • Command + Z – Restore the last closed tab.
  • Command + Options + H – Hide windows other than open.

And in order to respond quickly in the lesson chat, it is useful to master the touch typing method.

Useful life hacks for school

So that the school does not turn into a place for the child where you do not want to go, you need to be able to interest the child by creating an interesting world for him, in which he will receive knowledge useful for life.

This will help you not only modern gadgets, but also ingenuity. To inspire you for creative ideas, we have collected the best life hacks for a school for girls and boys:

  1. Children all the time lose their notebooks in which they do class and homework. To prevent this from happening, you need to make bright inscriptions with the name of the academic discipline, and stick them on each notebook.
  2. Textbooks should contain bookmarks. They can be anything and always stay where the child finished studying. You must accustom your child to this from an early age, so that he does not forget where he left off. If you do not welcome the covers, then paint the spines of each notebook in a different color. Let your writing notebooks be blue and maths green.
  3. Always put scotch tape in your child’s briefcase so that he can use it in any situation.
  4. When you collect the “brake” for the child, put apples in it, which are pretreated with lemon juice so that they do not oxidize.
  5. Use colored sticky notes to jot down plans for your child – priority tasks that he needs to accomplish. Such a life hack is urgently needed for a 5th grade student, when the load is already increased, and he must be attentive to his health.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

  1. Notebooks must be wrapped in files or special covers should be made for them so that they do not wrinkle. The child must be accustomed to order.
  2. Be sure to put handkerchiefs in your child’s portfolio. It is desirable that there are as many of them as possible. With their help, the student will be able to wrap a wounded finger, put handkerchiefs in shoes that are wet.
  3. If the child has a test, then put fruit gum or something fragrant in his portfolio. Psychologists are convinced that such a life hack will help a 6th grade student better cope with the task.
  4. To help your child remember information better, teach him to write notes. It is important that he uses color highlights when doing this. Only you have to come up with and strictly indicate what green should mean, that red, yellow. Such a life hack will help a 7th grade student better remember the information that is taught to him.
  5. Teach your child that you need to collect a portfolio for school in the evening, so as not to forget anything important.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

  1. To make it easier for a child to write some kind of difficult test, you can use this life hack of a cheat sheet for school: buy a bottle of water in advance, scan its label, change everything that is written on it in small print, print it on a color printer, and then glue it on the bottle. This way the teacher will not notice anything when the child needs to spy on what he has forgotten.
  2. When putting together your student’s gym uniform, just roll the stuff into rolls. So they will definitely not wrinkle and will look neat.
  3. The following life hack for school is useful for both boys and girls. If the child cannot learn the poem, then do not force him to memorize. Let him read the poem aloud several times – at this time you must record it on the recorder. Then let the child read the poem several times to himself, and put on headphones, from which the poem will sound. It will be stored in the child’s memory.
  4. If you ask a lot about literature, you don’t have to read everything, especially if the child is very busy during the day. You will need such a new life hack for school as a player or the same phone. Download books in audio recordings, let the child listen to them on the way.
  5. Cool life hacks for school include modern gadget applications, with which a child can download various applications to his phone or tablet and be able to use textbooks, manuals and articles offline when he needs it.

Life hacks that are useful for schoolchildren

Idea number 1. DIY calendar. To do this, you will need multi-colored self-adhesive stickers and a large photo frame. Stickers should include important events, birthdays and planned events. At the end of the month, it is enough to remove them and attach new stickers for the next month.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

Idea number 2. Glider for the week. And in order not to forget about important events within a week, it is worth creating a calendar for yourself with a schedule for the week, which will record important things for each day, purchases, daily routine and more. You can also add a habit tracker to it, mark how many pages have been read in a particular book, or simply mark how much water you drink per day. Keeping track of everything is difficult, but possible. To create this item, you will need quality paper, pencils or felt-tip pens.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

Idea number 3. Unique black lead pencils. You can find many beautiful pencils in stores, but hand-made, they will become unique and inimitable. It is enough to take ordinary pencils and multi-colored decorative tape. Color combinations, cuts between the usual pencil color and tape, other decor – all this is at your discretion. Alternatively, you can decorate pencils or pens with colored dots (using nail polish). It is not only fun and creative, but also beautiful.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

Idea number 4. Pencil holder. And where will all the new beautiful accessories be stored. You can make a unique unusual stand for them. To do this, you need an ordinary jar (glass or metal) and a tourniquet of optimal thickness. With the help of glue (better than hot – it is safer) it is necessary to gradually wrap the jar with a tourniquet, completely covering the surface. This solution looks not only beautiful, but also very fashionable, because now the trend is for naturalness.

Idea number 5. DIY pencil case. To carry your favorite pens and pencils, you can sew a pencil case yourself. It is enough to take a long piece of fabric, sew in a zipper and tie a nice bow on the edge. You can decorate it using gel pens.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

Idea number 6. Beautiful and unusual notebooks. To make notebooks different from those sold in the store, you can use colored tape, colored paper for decoration, wrapping paper. Plus, you can print your favorite pictures, quotes and place them on the cover for inspiration. One has only to start fantasizing.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

Idea number 7. Beautiful push pins. If you don’t like the bright colors of the pushpins, change them. Just take nail polish and use it to create beautiful and unusual patterns on the buttons. They will retain their properties, but they will become even more beautiful.

Thus, you can diversify your educational process without much effort, simply by using imagination and improvised materials, stationery. It’s definitely worth a try.

Difficulty remembering the lesson schedule? Take a photo and set it on the screen

Alas, this is not a photo of a cool star. And not even awesome gear. This is just a class schedule. But on the other hand, after a couple of days, you will easily remember what the third lesson was on Wednesday. Visual memory works wonders!

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

The rainbow marker is the best option for underlining!

Just put some dots on the main marker in different colors! Beautiful underlining is pleasing to the eye. And when you get bored, just write the marker well, and it will return to its original form.

Use a drill to sharpen a large number of pencils

Just insert the pencil where you want to insert the drill. A very effective method, but do not forget about accuracy and care.

Zipper clip

Broken zipper on your pencil case or backpack? No problem – just insert a paperclip or snap ring from the key fob.

For a good lesson assimilation, read the lecture material before bed.

Sleep works wonders. If you overlook the lectures of the day before taking a break, they will be almost completely imprinted in the brain. The only thing is to observe the regimen and it is precisely to go to bed, and not to faint from exhaustion at three o’clock in the morning.

In order not to forget about additional activities, fill out the calendar on your phone

Stickers and notebooks are rubbish that takes up space and strives to get lost at the right time. Fill in your google calendar, and the right smartphone will promptly remind you of your classes and that you need to prepare for them.

Phone notebook

If you want to discreetly sit with your phone in class or on a couple, you will need a notebook or thick notebook. Make the markings and then in any convenient way cut the paper in the center. When you are done, you will have a regular notebook, inside of which you can put your phone and quietly sit in the lesson. You can hold the notebook vertically in your hand and then nothing will be noticeable at all. If there is a teacher next to you, just turn over the previous sheet and, as if nothing had happened, write on it. Let’s turn a little: in general, in the classroom you need to study, and not sit on the phone.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

How to learn a verse quickly

Sometimes, but sometimes, rather often, it is very difficult to learn a poem. To cope with it quickly, teach it not to yourself, but out loud. Read and repeat aloud. But just words and phrases, no matter how many cramps there are, “will fly into the tube.” Memory best of all clings to images. Imagine visually, and if possible, even in sounds, every plot, every word in lines – so memorize the verse without difficulty. It’s almost like watching a movie.

To prove the role of imagination in memorizing poems and other texts, we will give an example. If you love music, for example, rap, then you know the lyrics by heart, because when you listen to songs, then everything – music and words play vividly in your imagination. Probably everyone knows the video from YouTube, in which the boy easily read the composition “Tumbler” by Oksimiron during the literature lesson. The teacher was pleased.

Also, be sure to read the poem a couple of times before bed, it’s helpful. When you wake up, you will already know him well. This way you will learn the poem 4 times faster than usual.

Homemade notepad

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

If you have a lot of unnecessary sheets with holes, then make a notebook or notebook out of an elastic band and a paper clip. Thread the elastic through the paperclip first, then thread the elastic through each of the holes. Pull the elastic out of the other hole, connect with a paper clip. That’s it, now the sheets are securely fastened. This notebook can be used as a draft.

Reminder for homework

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

The next life hack is for those who regularly do their homework. In order not to forget which assigned exercises and tasks have been completed and which have not yet begun, write down on a piece of paper everything that needs to be done in academic subjects. Hang this piece of paper in a prominent place – wall, monitor. Cross out what you have done as you complete the assignment. During the day, you will be distracted from notes and forget about business, but the piece of paper will constantly remind you to get back to business.

Life hack “heart” for girls

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

You will need multi-colored paper clips. Bend a paperclip as shown in the video. Next, just put a paper clip on the cover of your notebook. It turned out to be a beautiful heart-shaped decoration. This is a handy bookmark.

Replacing the eraser

If you wrote something wrong with a pencil, and you urgently need to erase it, and the eraser is not at hand, use a thing with a rubber surface. For example, a sharpener with rubber pads. Any eraser perfectly erases the pencil mark.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

Using a smartphone in class

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

Often you want to sit on your phone in class, watch photos and videos. But the teacher can notice how you click on the screen. To prevent him from noticing this, just make a stylus from a pen. So he will think that you are writing.

Card file of notebooks

For girls and boys, to easily search for their notebooks in the table, stick stickers with the names of the objects on the back. Fold the notebooks on the shelf with the stickers facing out. The next time you need it, you can easily find the notebook you need.

Breakfast before school

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

The simplest and healthiest breakfast for a teenager is oatmeal. This porridge is brewed for about 5 minutes. And if you also make a couple of sandwiches with sausage and cheese for it, then 100 percent, a hearty breakfast is guaranteed to you.

Cheat sheet instead of a label

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

A plastic beverage bottle can be used as a cheat sheet. More precisely, its label. Remove the label from the bottle, scan it and erase the list of the composition of the drink in Photoshop. Instead, write the required formulas or solutions. Then print the label on a color printer and attach it back to the bottle.

Portfolio collection

Life hack for forgetful girls and boys. Pack your portfolio in the evening, so you reduce the risk of forgetting something. We recommend placing the assembled briefcase near the front door, so as not to forget it in the morning.

Take notes correctly

Highlight all topics, important thoughts and words with a marker. Use diagrams to convey and consolidate information more conveniently. Take notes in the margins to know the points to pay attention to. If the teacher gives you new formulas every lesson, then write them down at the end of the notebook. Thus, preparation for the test will become much easier.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

Make your notes as sketchy as possible – this will help you better assimilate the material and quickly fix it in a notebook.

Quick fix for non-writing ballpoint pen

Everyone has come across a situation where the pen of a writing instrument is filled with ink, but refuses to leave it on paper. Several life calls will help to cope with this nuisance:

  • Exhale sharply onto the ball tip of the rod and blow into it for a couple of seconds.

  • Shake the handle vigorously. Grab it from the side of the cap and shake it, as you do with a thermometer when measuring temperature. Such manipulation will help in those circumstances if air bubbles have entered the rod.

  • Take any fire-generating device and aim the flame at the tip of the writing device. Do this shortly, otherwise the handle may crack or explode. Then try painting your stationery on thick paper.Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

    A pen that refuses to write can be heated over a fire

At the time of a malfunction, the writing device should be disassembled and inspected from all sides. This will help make sure the ink is not leaking or staining you or your school supplies.

Silent smartphone use

Many people use the phone while studying, but there are situations when it rings or vibrates at the most inopportune moment. If the sound does not bother you, then it can noticeably annoy the classmate or teacher. In such cases, put your phone in airplane mode, and it will no longer bother others with its notifications.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

Put your smartphone in airplane mode so as not to receive annoying messages during the lesson

Straightening landscape sheets

If A4 sheets are frayed in a backpack, and important information was recorded on them, then a regular printer will cope with straightening this paper carrier. Smooth out the wrinkled document with your hands so that it goes into print without any problems. Print a blank Word document and no new characters will appear on your sheet, but it will be completely flat.

Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

The printer will help smooth out wrinkled check sheets.

Effectively wipes the pen off paper without leaving marks

Removing ink from paper can be caused by a variety of reasons: a bad mark in a diary, a mistake in a test or homework, etc.

  • Take a cotton swab and place it in nail polish remover. Cover the problem area with the solution and secure the stick to it, then wait a couple of minutes. Next, use gauze to gently wipe off unnecessary ink.Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

    To erase a deuce from a notebook will help nail polish remover

  • Place a piece of tape over the desired patch and gently tear it off. To completely remove the inscription, this procedure needs to be done several times.

Bookmarks for books from improvised means

You can make a special device for marking the desired page in the book yourself.

  1. Prepare one paperclip and apply glue to both sides of the paperclip. Attach two beads to the place where the glue mixture is applied, which will make it easier to find the bookmark in the book.Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

    Cute bookmarks can be made with beads

  2. Cut off the bottom and sides of the file. Cut the leftover polyethylene into equal pieces to be used as tabs. The advantage of this method is the ability to decorate your device in any way you want.Life hacks for learning in an online school. Life hacks for school that really help out

    Bookmark can be made from a file for papers

For notes in the book, things of any material are suitable, but it is better to use durable items for the long service of the prepared bookmarks.

Memorizing new foreign words

Modern students in many schools learn two compulsory foreign languages. Memorizing foreign expressions from the abundant flow of information is not always easy. Copy any hard-to-remember words onto adhesive stickers and place them under your phone cover or in another prominent place. Now they will almost always be in sight, and the brain will not be able to refuse to remember them.

Stickers with foreign words will help you quickly learn the language

Life hacks for physical education

Physical education is an important subject that allows you to maintain health, and if the teacher is in a good mood, then play outdoor games. But the problem remains: for physical education, you need a sports uniform that you need to carry with you. They are not allowed to attend other lessons.

In the first months of autumn and spring, when weather conditions permit, physical education takes place outside. And after them, each student is faced with a problem: how to fold the form so that sneakers or sneakers do not stain it. There is a great life hack for this: put shoe covers on your sneakers. After that, they can be safely transported along with the form.

To make the form take up less space and not wrinkle, it should be folded in a tube. Life hacks for school for girls, who often need only a T-shirt, shorts and knee-highs for physical education, are recommended to do the following: fold a bag from one golf course, compactly fold shorts and a T-shirt. Roll everything up and put it in a golf bag. So the sports uniform takes up a minimum of space.

Sports uniforms

To compactly fold the form so that it does not wrinkle yet, simply roll it into rolls. There are many videos on the web on how to do this. Thus, it will not be remembered and will take up less space.

Do your sneakers smell bad after exercise? There is a solution!

A couple of tea bags will solve the problem. Just put them inside your shoes overnight. Dry and unused, of course.

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