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Star example: fashionable haircuts for a round face


The good news for chubby fashionistas is that you don’t have to be limited to the same hairstyle you’ve been doing for years. We have selected the best women’s haircuts for round face shapes that offer a variety of styling options, regardless of the length, texture or color of the hair. The stars prove it!

If you have a round face and are embarrassed by your cute cheeks, try a hairdresser to fix the problem. A poorly chosen hairstyle can emphasize roundness, while the right haircut can balance the curves of your face well, showing off your beautiful smile, bright eyes, dimples and other attractive features. We show current haircuts for a round face using the example of stars!

texture bob

Despite the fact that Margot Robbie is the owner of a square face, her signature haircut will be a great solution for chubby girls. A layered bob looks fashionable and casual, adding texture to the look and adding lightness and relaxation. Multiple layers throughout the head create volume, while flowing waves soften the roundness of the face. You can style your hair to one side or part it in a deep, lightly combed parting like Lucy Hale does.

haircut step

Selena Gomez, Halle Berry, Milla Jovovich, Hailey Bieber, Alexa Chung are just a few of the Hollywood celebrities who managed to try on one of the most trendy haircuts of 2021, which will remain popular this year. Stylish and daring step, which came to us from the time of rock and roll and drive, is again at the peak of fame. This layered cut suits straight, wavy and curly hair textures and looks great with or without bangs. Layering increases volume at the top of the hairstyle, which visually lengthens the face.

Laying on one side

Miranda Kerr prefers styling with soft curls and almost always removes strands from one side of her face, laying them to the side with hair accessories. This is the simplest asymmetrical hairstyle that helps to correct a round face, making it visually more oval. The same technique is often used by actress Olivia Munn.

Long straight hair

Stylists consider a combination of a round face and a ragged haircut to be a win-win solution. And they also advise the owners of this form to adhere to the basic rule for hair styling – do not allow volume on the sides. Therefore, long straight hair is what you need. The smooth texture and invisible torn layers that frame the oval of the face are very successful in correcting and slimming it. Take a cue from Mila Kunis and Alexandra Daddario.

Elongated caret

A bob for elongation (with and without asymmetry) became a trend a few years ago and is gaining more and more popularity today. The hair is neither too long nor too short, and the length gives you the freedom to play with your styling. Try to keep the haircut exactly this length, below the chin and almost to the shoulders. Don’t forget about the volume at the roots and the "ladder" on the sides to outline the shape. Actresses Lucy Hale and Jennifer Lawrence demonstrate the beauty of such a haircut for a round face.

Graduated haircut for medium hair

Gigi Hadid and Scarlett Johansson choose layered textured haircuts for medium length hair. And this is an ideal option for those who want something special, but are not yet ready to sacrifice length. This haircut will keep the length, while the layers and texture will instantly freshen up the style. While the volume at the crown is able to slightly lengthen and narrow the round face. To diversify the image, give your hair a slight waviness.

Long curls

Those who love their long hair as much as Chrissy Teigen and Olivia Munn do not have to part with it. Just choose hairstyles for round faces that will hide the "chubby cheeks" and hide all the roundness that embarrasses you. The easiest option is soft voluminous curls laid on a straight or side parting.

Pixie with bangs

With a round face, like Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Hudson, it is recommended to wear high hairstyles and haircuts – they visually make the oval more correct. The actresses have had some interesting pixie cuts, but this version, with long side-swept bangs, best emphasizes their soft features and femininity. We are armed!

side parting

If you want to visually stretch your face, a side parting will save you. Get inspired by the image of actress Emma Stone, her stylists know a lot about good styling. A long bob with a straight cut and straightened hair is the perfect combo for everyday hairstyles. And if you want something more dressy, soft curls, like Alexa Chung, will be a great way to diversify the style.

beach waves

Adored by millions of girls, beach waves, which recreate the effect of beach styling, are also suitable for owners of a round face shape. This hairstyle is not too voluminous, but it has enough height to give the impression that your face has become slimmer. Slight waviness creates the illusion of a long face, but very curly hair, on the contrary, emphasizes its round shape, so be careful. No wonder Drew Barrymore loves this style so much.

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