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How to change wipers on a car: step by step replacement process. How to replace wipers on a car


Causes of wear

Replacement can occur for various reasons. As a result of the ingress of dust, sand, dirt, as well as careless use, it often causes wear:

  • fastening the lever.
  • janitor.
  • gum brushes.

A wiper that clears the view on the windshield is an indispensable element for safe driving.

Work in harsh conditions

They work not only on rainy days, but also when using window cleaner and glass stain remover.

It dabs with liquids of various ingredients.

When the car is washed, the body dries out and is waxed to protect the paintwork, but the wiper itself is not so protected.

Wipers and mounts are very susceptible to components

How often do you need to change the wipers

Nobody will give you an unambiguous answer, but on average, about 1-2 times a year. Many car enthusiasts start replacing only when they are unhappy with their unproductive work. The service life is influenced by many factors:

  • the use of chemicals in car washes;
  • negative temperature effects;
  • price factor;
  • the quality of the wipers;
  • in winter, the road is covered with salt, sand, etc. and this has a destructive effect.

As a result of all these influences, the rubber quickly “dubs”, and accordingly the fit is significantly reduced. This is also affected by the condition of the hinges (applies to frame wipers).

When the glass is cleaned with only 3-4 strokes, and the area of ​​the wipers’ work on the glass becomes clearly visible, then it’s time to change. This problem is not present for brushes with a wear indicator (special paint is applied). When its color changes, it means that a replacement is needed. Approximately this check should be done once a year.

Step-by-step replacement instructions

Replacing the wipers always means not a complete replacement, but only its component. They always consist of 3 main elements:

  • metal holder connected to the lower arm;
  • the lower arm leaves the glass;
  • the rubber brush itself.

It is the brush that is a consumable that needs to be changed frequently. Their cost ranges from 300-700 rubles. Original products will cost more. First, you need to determine which wipers are best for you.

The assortment is quite rich, models from different brands: frame, frameless, hybrid. All of them, of course, have both positive and negative qualities. Therefore, it is best to follow only the recommendations of the car manufacturer and not the advice on the market. They give exact parameters, and even describe specific brands, indicating the exact catalog number.

Some manufacturers who release these products immediately put the applicable model and brand of the machine. So that even a little knowledgeable person can understand to which machine a particular part is applicable.

If this option does not suit you, then select similar ones installed, if, of course, you are satisfied with their quality of work.

Take measurements before going to the store. Because for most cars, they are individual and you definitely need to measure both wipers. If you find it difficult to determine the species yourself, then carefully remove the old brushes. Do not forget to just put a cloth under the wiper arms so that the glass does not come into contact with metal.

How to change wipers on a car: step by step replacement process. How to replace wipers on a car

Detaching old wipers

A hook mount is most often used on modern cars. Its dismantling and installation is quite simple:

  1. Inspect the attachment point, find the latch and open it.
  2. If you find rust, then you can treat it at the joints with WD-40 liquid for better removal.
  3. It is necessary to carefully remove the lever from the glass and put it in the extreme position. He is raised, holding on to the mount, to the metal holder of the wipers. And they are always brought to a stable position (towards the hood). Remember to raise the lever all the way to prevent the spring from triggering.
  4. In the place where the brush blade is aligned with the holder and there is a plastic plug. She holds the blade, press on it and disconnect the brush. You don’t have to stand on ceremony, she has already worked her way.
  5. Sometimes, to replace some models, it will be necessary to slightly change the position of the flags, it is they who hold it in place.
  6. We replace the wipers, insert them into the holder and turn the rubber element until the hook takes its place. We fix it and return the entire wiper to its original position.
  7. We carry out similar actions with the second wiper. In the end, it is useful to check if the right and left wiper are in place.

We recommend:

Engine cooling system sealant – an overview of the best manufacturers

The main thing here is to prevent the pressure spring from acting on the glass, so be careful. And for insurance, always lay a thick cloth over the glass. If the car has another mount such as: Pushbutton, Sidepin, Pinchtab, Pushbutton, etc., then with some ingenuity, you will figure them out too.

Sometimes, instructions for dismantling and installation are attached to the packaging of new brushes. This helps to understand how to install them, even with a less common mount. The process of installing new wipers is the reverse process, there should be no problems. An exception can only be for universal adapters.

They are produced by well-known brands. They are applicable even to previous generations of vehicles. If you can’t, ask more experienced friends for help, they will help. Or to a service station, where you can be serviced and instructed at the same time. And the next time will be more successful.

“Pin lock” mount

The pin lock is used in Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Seat vehicles.
Buy wiper brushes with Pin lock fastening.
Learn more about the “Pin lock” mount and video instructions for installation.
How to change wipers on a car: step by step replacement process. How to replace wipers on a car

Preparing to change wipers

To replace the wipers, it is not necessary to go to a car repair shop; this simple repair is easy to do yourself. Modern wipers are installed without the help of tools, and for outdated models you need:

  • Screwdriver Set;
  • pliers;
  • rags or napkins;
  • washing liquid for car glass.

The installation diagram is identical for almost most vehicles.

First you need to figure out what type of wipers belong to:

  • wireframe – the most common model;

  • frameless – improved design of the frame wiper;

  • hybrid – the most modern design, combines the frame, spoiler and hinge system:

Next, determine which of the parts requires replacement:

  • a lever extended from the bottom of the glass profile;
  • a metal blade attached to the lever;
  • rubber brush.

All parts must correspond to the type of fastening:

Attachment types Description Installation
Hook Common mount with standard dimensions Insert the structure into the groove, and fasten it on the hook
Button Reliable fastening method At the base, the cleaner is fixed with a button
Side Pin, Claw, Top Lock The design is simple and robust The pin is secured with a small protrusion
Side clamp Pioneers – French manufacturers Fixed with antenna clip
Bayonet lock The simplest design, small in size, with two holes is used in trucks Fastened with screws
Universal adapter Fully factory mounted Fits most mounts

Before buying, make accurate measurements of old replacement blades. New cleaners must be the same size as the old ones. In order not to be mistaken, the best option is to come to the store with old wipers.

How to remove the wipers correctly

If you install the wipers yourself, before starting work, you must protect the windshield from possible damage. To do this, cover it with foam rubber or a thick towel and start removing the wipers:

  1. Raise the metal lever from the windshield, fix it perpendicular to the profile. He must take a stable position so that the spring does not return the wiper to its original position.
  2. Remove the old wiper blade. To do this, press on a plastic clip, hook or latch that secures the brush, while the joint will move apart, which will release the worn out part.

Some car brands are equipped with wipers with flag indicators installed in the body. As soon as the set of rubber bands is worn out and becomes unusable, the flags change position, and the rubber itself will fall off the wipers.

Signs of wear on the wiper blades

However, most wipers are equipped with conventional rubber blades, with no wear indicators. Inexperienced drivers do not always know what the danger of driving with windshield wipers, the rubber of which is badly and unevenly worn out. The result can be disastrous – if the brushes are so bare that metal bulges out in some places, this will inevitably lead to deep scratches on the glass and to a significant deterioration in visibility. And this is already fraught with an increase in the likelihood of emergencies.

How often do you have to change the wiper blades? Oddly enough, it largely depends on which region of the country you live in.

In high latitudes, humidity is high for most of the year, which suggests more frequent use of windshield wipers and, accordingly, accelerated wear of rubber. In addition, in such conditions, moisture and light contribute their considerable contribution to the destruction of brushes, therefore in the northern part of Russia the frequency of replacement of windshield wipers is at least once a year.

On the contrary, in the south, the humidity is much lower, especially in the summer, but due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation, rubber also suffers, cracking and collapsing. So here, too, the resource of the brushes is small – a year and a half.

If you believe the statistics based on studies conducted in different countries, the average service life of a pair of brushes is 12-15 months, which is in good agreement with domestic practice.

But in order to understand that the life of the wipers is coming to an end, you need to know the symptoms that indicate problems with the wiper.

Let’s list them:

  • after turning on the wipers, uncleaned or wet stripes remain in the same places, which can expand over time. This can be the result of pieces of dirt adhering to the brush edge, which can be solved quite simply by cleaning the edge of the rubber band. If this does not help, it means that the brush is completely worn out in some places and must be replaced immediately;
  • wipers move in jerks, while they cling to the glass, vibrating strongly and creating a characteristic rather loud sounding creak. The problem may be that the brushes are dirty, which should be washed, or the frame is jammed, which does not turn at the right angle – then you need to put it in place. If the problem persists, you can try rinsing the glass itself or even polishing it slightly. When this does not help, it remains only to change the wipers included;
  • when the wipers are in operation, large wet or dirty areas remain on the window that are not captured by the brushes. This is a consequence of the deformation of the elastic bands, which is manifested by their bending in certain places. As a rule, replacing the wipers completely solves the problem, otherwise you will have to change the wipers entirely;
  • deformation of the rubber band holder can lead to the same consequences. In this case, the surface of the wipers will not adhere tightly to the glass, which will be manifested by the appearance of untouched areas. It is treated by replacing the brushes or the entire mechanism.

As you have already noticed, many wiper malfunctions require replacing either the brushes or the entire wiper. The fact is that rubber brushes are usually subject to wear. The pressure blade and the lever rarely fail, mainly as a result of mechanical influences, so at first it is worth trying to replace only the brushes, and only if the result is unsatisfactory, replace the entire set.

The brushes, by the way, can have different sizes, so it is extremely desirable to remove the old ones before going to the store and measure their length – on some car models, even the left and right rubber bands can have different lengths. This fact must be taken into account.


The new wiper is easy to put in place of the old one, the main thing is that the brush must go through all the attachment points, like the previous one. Place the short and long wipers in their respective places.

Replacing the frame cleaner:

A characteristic click will indicate the correct installation.

The second brush and rear wiper are also replaced.

On outdated car models, there are T-shaped mounts, they are removed with a flat screwdriver, some mounts are fastened with screws.

Replacing a frameless glass cleaner:

The process of replacing rubber bands on a frameless cleaner is very simple, for this you remove the side plastic plugs and take out the rubber band, which is held by two metal plates. The main thing is not to break the metal base.

This is what the gum of a frameless cleaner looks like:

Replacing rubber bands on hybrid wipers:

The hybrid model has a protective cover that keeps water and debris out of the structure.

  1. Remove the steel parts with pliers.
  2. Take out the old rubber band.
  3. Thread a new rubber band through each fastener until it stops, they should fall into the second groove in the rubber.
  4. Slide the steel guides into the first groove of the elastic band, the slots of the steel part must remain on the side of the stop.
  5. Check the elastic is firmly seated.

You can watch the video for step-by-step instructions for replacing wipers.

Recommendations for use

The windshield wiper should not run dry, the windshield washer fluid must be selected of high quality, according to the season.

In the parking lot in frosty weather, so that the wipers do not freeze, they must be raised.

Heavily iced glass must be cleaned independently using a scraper.

Periodically flush the wipers, remove clogged sand and small debris.

It is almost impossible to restore worn-out parts and experts recommend changing them:

  • every six months, at the beginning of the summer and winter periods;
  • after every 30,000 km.

The quality of the wipers’ work directly depends on adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions, which he applies to the used windshield wipers and, for your own safety, you must remember to change them in time.

Replacement indicator

Today, modern models of “wipers” are equipped with a special mark that allows you to determine when you need to replace the wiper blades. Most often, such products have a special mark in the form of a square or a circle on the body of the model itself. Usually it is applied with special paint, therefore, when installing such a cleaner, first remove the protective film from it.

As a result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation and bad weather conditions, the paint will change color, which will indicate the need to replace the wiper. Moreover, such an indicator will not react to mechanical damage and cleaning fluids.

When is it time to change the wipers on the car

In the process of driving training, future drivers are informed about not only the functioning of the car as a whole, but also its individual elements, including the windshield wipers. Their efficiency is influenced by the integrity of the working surface (rubber) and the frame.

The fact that it is time to change the wipers on the car is evidenced by such signs as stains remaining on the glass, the presence of backlash in the brush frame, and low cleaning efficiency. You can change both the wiper assembly and the rubber.

The frameless wipers on the car should be changed even if the rubber part of the brush is damaged.

In addition, if the frame or the metal part to which the worker is attached is bent or broken, it is necessary to change the wipers on the complete car. This operation is quite simple and consists in attaching the wiper to a special nut.

According to the regulations, the replacement of brushes in the car must be performed twice a year – in spring and autumn.

If you are thinking about how to change the wipers on your car and if it is worth it, do a simple test of their functionality.

Turn on the wipers and check if they leave marks on the glass after their work. If they are absent or insignificant (no more than 3 stripes remain from the edge of the glass), replacement of the wipers is not required in the near future. However, if there are stripes in the center of the glass (even if there is only one stripe) or if the number of stripes along the edges exceeds 6, then it’s time for you to think about how to change the wipers on the car.

It is imperative to change the windshield wipers if they leave large stains, due to which visibility is significantly reduced.

Replacing the rear wiper blade

There are car models for which it is very important to also install rear wipers. This will help you to park quite successfully backwards and to taxi out of difficult and unpredictable situations. In this case, the replacement of brushes will be slightly different from the instructions for replacing the front models. Here it will be more difficult to arrange things, because all cars are quite different, therefore, the approach to them will also be different. But for convenience, consider the general instructions.

Replacing the rear window wiper blade has the following features:

  • Each rear wiper has a mounting nut. Find the protective element above it and lift it up.

How to change wipers on a car: step by step replacement process. How to replace wipers on a car

  • Now, using a 10 wrench, very carefully unscrew the nut. Turn the tool and pull it towards you. In fact, this procedure is quite simple to perform. And now you can safely remove the wiper itself.
  • Next, use a screwdriver to loosen the retainer and replace the old device with a new one, as described in the previous case. When buying rear wiper blades, be sure to pay attention to the bend of the product itself, because the quality of the cleaning itself will fully depend on this.

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