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From early childhood, we are used to the fact that green, unripe vegetables and fruits cannot be eaten. They frightened us with volvulus of the intestines and various other diseases, but for some reason our body demanded precisely that sourness, which is present only in early products that did not have time to reach their maturity. Why is that? What substances are needed for a complete balance of the nutritional level of a person?

Nutritionists say that just microgreens are much more beneficial than ripe fruits and vegetables. Brooke Albert, for example, strongly recommends growing kenza, radishes, basil, fennel right on the balcony or even on the windowsill, without waiting for their maturity. It is this kind of food, in his opinion, that should be consumed by those who want to fully restore metabolism and keep a figure in shape. Just at this time, plants secrete enzymes and vitamins that the body needs. The maximum of juiciness, aroma and usefulness falls, according to Brook Albert, in the first two weeks of the life of young parosts, while they have grown no more than three centimeters. In order to properly monitor the figure, it is necessary not only to eat right, but also to do fitness, shaping or aerobics. A complete list of fitness clubs in Ukraine, you can find Ua-Region in the section "Activities of fitness centers.

Heston Blumenthal, a very famous British chef, has been using parosts in his diet for a very long time. Therefore, no one could reveal his secret of preparing salads and other dishes that had a very special taste and aroma. Agree that this is a new word in science and in cooking. Who would have thought that it was possible to use microgreens with such quality and create a completely new one – molecular cuisine.

It is hardly possible to find recipes for such cuisine in the general collections of recipes not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. But perhaps this is just the beginning of a new branch in such an interesting industry. So, dear gourmets, apparently something unusual and very affordable is waiting for you.

There are many secrets that nature itself has not yet revealed to us. But, unfortunately, we do not always know how to use these secrets, since the human brain is programmed to trust only what it has already seen, heard, felt and knows. Everything new repels and sometimes even causes fear. But in this case, you just need to strive for something new in order to discover all the most interesting and wonderful things in this world. So take a step towards nature and everything unusual. And then you will be surprised how diverse our world is.

Live brightly, change stereotypes, get everything useful and good from life. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try. After all, even chicks are afraid of the first flight, but they fly and cannot live without it! And if they had a choice and if they knew what a framework is, they would not even be able to spread their wings. So, good beginnings to you in every day of your new life!

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