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Features of caring for Devon Rex cats


Many of us are terribly fond of pets, and over time, everyone wants to have a pet of some kind. Basically, cats and dogs are popular with people, and today we’ll talk about cats. In the world of cats, there are a large number of breeds. They differ very much from each other, starting from coloring, ending with character and behavior. If you want a cute little animal that will cause great delight in people at the sight of it, then you need the Devon Rex cat breed. 

This animal is so amazing that everyone calls it a mythical creature. And all because these cats have very large and naive eyes, their ears look like butterfly wings, just as open and large. As for wool, there is very little of it, which is very good for allergy sufferers. As for the character, there is a complete correlation with external data: they are insanely active, funny, and what is most cool – they are tame.

These kids are usually compared with elves, the breed appeared quite a long time ago, in the 19th century.

Often they are called "domovyata", they are special for their wool: it curls a little, soft to the touch. Not much hair on such parts as: neck, chest and tummy. But with regards to the back and legs, there is much more wool. Of these, there are some seals that have small guns.

Their appearance very clearly emphasizes large and beautiful eyes. Their wool is completely different in color, there are both plain and with patterns on the wool. They also come in different colors, coffee, black and white, redhead, etc.

These cats are not very big, but despite this, they have good muscles. Their legs are long and their legs are very strong.

This animal cannot live without a master. They are terribly fond of attention, warmth and affection and very often sit on the neck of their owners. They are also very curious, always following in the footsteps. They seem to be very active, but they do not differ much from other breeds in activity: these cats love interactive games, they like to think and reflect a lot.

Be sure to monitor their diet, as obesity can come to them very quickly. They sleep most often with their owner, looking for cozy places and where to warm up. Also, immediately pay attention to the fact that this breed is terribly fond of heights. They often climb somewhere up and observe from there what is happening around. They can climb on cabinets or open doors.

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