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How to behave with a woman so that she burns with desire


Yes, everyone has read many times about the importance of sex. But still, we repeat: intimacy is the main aspect of a happy relationship and affects their duration. And it doesn’t matter how many partners are together: they have been married for many years or just met, the main thing is a spark.

At the beginning of communication with a girl, you should interest her and attract her precisely as a man, and not just as a pleasant conversationalist. In this case, you can count on something more. And there are several ways to help intrigue a girl:

When you are together, make eye contact with her. At the very least, eye contact should make up 70% of your communication, as it is an important component of non-verbal interaction between people. At the same time, one should not forget about a slight smile, otherwise you can not attract, but scare your companion. At any opportunity, lightly touch her, but without vulgarity. Obviously, at the initial stage, bodily contact should be modest – you can not immediately slap on the buttocks. In this case, you can give a hand when she gets out of the car, hold her elbow while walking, or remove a strand of hair from her face. In the process of communication, it is allowed to become more persistent – for example, to grab the waist. Many have probably heard the judgment that girls love with their ears. However, having spoken compliments, one cannot count on continuation. In this case, sincerity is important, moreover, the fair sex feel the catch in their gut. If everything is done correctly, affectionate words will melt the girl’s heart.

Do not let her get bored, but arrange surprises, draw her into adventures – in a word, turn life into a holiday. No girl will be attracted to a passive man who prefers to spend his free time on the couch watching TV. Be more interested in the life of a companion and talk less about yourself. Be unpredictable, mysterious and keep some aspects of life under a veil of secrets in order to arouse a strong interest in your person. Be self-confident and persistent (within the limits of decency). That’s what girls love. However, if a man cannot boast of these character traits, you should not wear a mask. Sooner or later, you still have to show yourself real, so it’s better to do it right away. Show off as the bad guy. This method can be compared with the carrot and stick method. Only then does the behavior change. For example, at first you get her with calls, constantly looking for time to meet, and then you show coldness and suddenly disappear for a while. The main thing here is not to overdo it.

When the new lovers are close enough, it’s time to go "on the offensive" and surprise your lady. But there is a possibility that the latter task may be difficult, since it takes effort to satisfy a woman. Representatives of the stronger sex consider the female body an unknown mechanism that requires an exceptional approach. There is some truth in this, but in fact, not everything is so scary. In fact, even for the first time, you can give a woman pleasure, and there is nothing complicated about it. There are several secrets that will make the night unforgettable.

Ways to be the perfect lover

Before intimacy:

Watch your health

Of course, good sex is the key to health. But the quality of intima also depends on the physical condition of a person. In this case, endurance is needed, and in order not to get out of breath after a couple of minutes, it is important to play sports. An active lifestyle is useful, including for normal blood circulation, as well as for the psyche, which is important for erectile function.

Drop stereotypes

For the most part, men believe that their, let’s say, intimate skill determines the size of dignity. This popular belief is nothing but a stereotype. In addition, many women argue that size does not matter.

Arrange romance

It is important to create a relaxing atmosphere so that the girl feels calm and comfortable. Elementary as a romantic surprise, as we often see in films about love, there can be scattered rose petals, candles and so on. But, of course, in this case it is better to show your ingenuity.

Get yourself in order

It goes without saying that it is important to simply take a shower. But you can’t forget about the appearance, you need to look neat and sexy. A well-chosen perfume can be an additional magnet for a lady.


Remember the prelude

For women, foreplay is very important. This must not be forgotten. Thus, a man stimulates his partner not only physically, but also emotionally. Then it is easier for her to get excited, and then get an unforgettable orgasm.

Think beyond yourself

Of course, you won’t be able to impress a girl when, in the process, a man will be busy only satisfying his needs. Maybe everything will not be so deplorable, but at least you need to be more attentive to your partner. And it will be a win-win option if you know in advance about the preferences of your companion, and also share your interests with her.

be careful

Even after you have learned about the preferences of the chosen one, you need to monitor her reaction. We must try to feel the partner, so as not to interrupt the process with questions about whether you are doing everything right.


Of course, there is no need to exclude banal poses, but it is still necessary to diversify the repertoire. Moreover, if you discuss the scope of what is acceptable in advance, you can even more allow your imagination to roam.


Don’t change your behavior

The ideal lover should remain the same not only before, during, but also after sex. Otherwise, the girl may think that your manners, courtship, etc. were only to get her into bed. Then further relationships may be in jeopardy.

Don’t sleep!

No matter how much you want to turn on your side and fall asleep peacefully, it is strictly forbidden to do this immediately after intimacy. After sex, a woman is waiting for heart-to-heart talks, hugs and tender kisses.

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