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On the eyebrows: 5 stars with ultra-long eyelash extensions


In terms of its popularity, eyelash extensions are almost comparable to manicures and hair removal. In the desire to forget about mascara and look like a million around the clock, many girls who decide on “tuning" go too far with both volume and length. Not without sin, and many stars, contagious examples of which we will consider in this material.

Eyelash extensions are a procedure that has both fans and ardent opponents. But we will not deny the convenience of this technique, which makes you remove the mascara to hell. Especially considering that if you choose the optimal amount of extension, others will not even guess that you were at the master. Isn’t that what you want to strive for? Perhaps, but certainly not for everyone. Many with the size of eyelashes still overdo it – and intentionally. So, in preparation for her birthday, Oksana Samoilovawent to the master in Dubai and left the salon a completely different person. The businesswoman, perhaps under the influence of the hot Arabian flavor, was carried away by the most real beauty maximalism. She decided not to limit herself to Zhadi’s arrows and asked her to build up her eyelashes of such a large size that they could easily give odds to stage overheads. Everything worked out – now they can be seen from afar. “I haven’t had eyelash extensions in a year and I’m so proud of it! And then I don’t know what came over me, but before my birthday I decided to increase it. I don’t remember myself with extended eyelashes, now it’s very interesting what will come of it, “Oksana, excited before the procedure, shared her emotions, and then showed the result and admitted that it was” strange “for her to see her reflection.

On the same day, Anfisa Chekhova, who lives in Bali, apparently also decided to test the local craftswomen in action and went to the extension procedure. The eyelashes turned out to be frankly doll-like and coal-black, but, as Chekhova admitted, she is satisfied with the result – such an effect was required. Even wonder why?

If we talk about Hollywood stars, then one of the first to try extensions on themselves and now does it regularly is Jennifer Lopez. The pop diva chooses rather accentuated upper eyelashes, and slightly tints the lower ones with mascara.

But Eva Longoria is a multiple champion in the competition for the owners of the longest eyelashes. “The bigger, the better” is the motto of the actress. Moreover, Eva is guided by this principle not only before entering the red carpet, but also in everyday life. At the same time, Longoria focuses her makeup only on the eyes, choosing nude shades of lipstick.

On the eyebrows: 5 stars with ultra-long eyelash extensions

Another lover of longer eyelashes is Beyoncé. The singer likes it when they practically reach the eyebrows. For performances on stage or filming clips, this size is perfect, but in ordinary life – even by Beyoncé’s superstar standards – it is very noticeable that eyelashes are not “native” and do not always look appropriate.

On the eyebrows: 5 stars with ultra-long eyelash extensions

By the way, ultra-long eyelashes do not always look harmonious on the red carpet, and why not remember Nicole Kidman at the 2022 Oscars? Another thing is that, unlike the above-mentioned stars, the actress chooses false eyelashes and is not fond of extensions. Her exits with eyebrow fans are isolated cases. Let’s move on to our top five Ariana Grande. The younger generation of modern stars has made super-long false eyelashes a hallmark of her look, along with her signature Barbie ponytail and arrows. Seeing a singer without extensions is a rarity and good luck. And hardly anyone, except her master, succeeded. Lush, long eyelashes make her look even more doll-like.The main rules of makeup for owners of lowered corners of the eyes

On the eyebrows: 5 stars with ultra-long eyelash extensions

Of course, they do not argue about tastes – as well as about the length of eyelashes. and many women from this personality are still creative, so eyelash extension solves many problems for them, saving time, allowing you to always look “in parade” both on stage and in home workouts. However, in everything you need to know the measure and select the volume and length of the eyelashes in accordance with the shape of the eye. However, we have already talked about this at the beginning.

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