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How sex toys changed the lives of four girls and a couple


They are everywhere: in advertising, in movies, on the shelves in the bathroom of friends. At our request, five women and one man told how buying sex toys helped them in their personal lives or, on the contrary, complicated it.

Xenia, 23

I bought my first and so far the only toy myself. I didn’t know what exactly would suit me, so I took a universal option – a “rabbit" vibrator with a Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit vacuum stimulator. I use it alone. There was only one attempt to integrate the toy into sex with a partner, but everything turned out pretty ridiculous, and the vibrator suddenly ran out of power in the middle of the process. But in the future, there is still a desire to integrate toys into sex – I think it liberates. After the experience with masturbation, my perception of my body has changed, and orgasm has become 1000% more accessible. I began to feel better, to understand what I like and what not. It’s definitely a process that has no end point, but at least I started moving. I haven’t been in a relationship for a long time, and sometimes they ask me why I don’t start relationships “stupidly for sex.” Laughing at the installation

Alexandra, 22

I bought my first toy myself. A regular partner went into the army, and I have long dreamed of getting something interesting for sex. And this was such an occasion to finally buy a toy. I took a "rabbit" with a vacuum head. If it is difficult for a girl in general to achieve an orgasm, then I think you can safely take this toy – it is quite versatile, and you can do the “bridge” exercise with it to develop a vaginal orgasm. I use the toy alone, because it was created specifically for female physiology. I used it once with my partner, but he did not really like the process. Yes, the vibration stimulated an erection, but in general the toy was distracting and interfered a little. My experience has shown that if you constantly masturbate only with a toy, you can forget how to get an orgasm from a person. I once used only the “rabbit” for a month, and then during sex I could not get an orgasm with a partner, as before. I had to return the old sensitivity by hand. Therefore, it is important not to overdo it with toys, so that later you can enjoy the person.

Lisa, 22

Before using the toy, when I had a regular partner, during sex I experienced unpleasant painful sensations. Since the partner was the first and nature endowed him with an impressive size, I attributed this to the unusual situation and the lack of elasticity of my muscles. Then we parted, and a friend gave me the first toy – a vibrator, which was not inferior in size to a partner. And thanks to this device, I finally realized that the problem was not in my physiology, but rather in my head – there was no subconscious trust in a person, as well as in his inability to find an approach in intimate life. The vibrator opened me a brave new world with vaginal orgasms and amazing feeling of freedom and love for one’s own body.

Anya, 26

I had a rather specific experience with toys – at first I literally ruined my clitoral sensitivity with them, and then returned it with a vengeance. The first device I had was Miss Bi from Fun Factory, and it did not fit in size – the submersible part of the device is quite impressive, and I was uncomfortable. I ended up using a clitoral stimulation toy, and it turned out to be a simple and easy way to get an orgasm. But the vibration of the “rabbit” is quite powerful, and soon my clitoris lost all sensitivity – neither hands nor oral sex brought pleasure. I didn’t like it, and I began to find out how to fix it. In the end, I bought a clitoral stimulator and used it on rather low modes. In a sense, it was like training – I concentrated on my feelings and deliberately did not turn on high modes.

Katya and Artem

Katya, 23

The first toy was given to me as a joke by a friend. Before that, I hadn’t thought about sex devices, but this “joke on the DR” opened a new world for me. Unfortunately, that thing was of poor quality and quickly broke down, and after that I bought myself a good quality toy – a “rabbit” Miss Bi, Fun Factory. With her help, I began to develop my sensuality and discovered a new me! But, of course, the most stunning experience is the integration of the toy into sex with a partner, although it is made more for solo games. These are incredible sensations, some other closeness and complete immersion in the world of sensations. And yes, the toy helped me understand that I myself am responsible for my orgasm.

Artem, 24

We often talk about sex and masturbation. This helps to find an approach to each other, improves the quality of intimate life, and, to be honest, life in general. Once Katya told me what a vivid orgasm she had with a certain toy, a “rabbit”. Then we tried many times to integrate the toy into sex, but it became clear that after all it was not very suitable for this. And we realized that if we pick up something paired, it will definitely improve our sex, and now we are in search of a suitable paired device. The search process itself is already bringing together. I tried to use the "rabbit" and one – the feeling is out of place. The orgasm was completely different and the masturbation itself turned out to be longer and "deeper", so I want to take something for myself for solo games.

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