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5 effective procedures for fast weight loss


We say right away – the option is not for the lazy. Without the correction of nutrition and physical activity, you will not be able to get the result. But with these in-salon slim treatments and original home spa ideas, shedding those extra inches will be quick and fun. 

1 Non-invasive liposuction I-LIPO

Low-frequency laser treatment plus vacuum massage. First, a computer program will determine the ratio of fat, water and muscle mass in the body and select the optimal mode of exposure. After that you will have half an hour rest. 

Choose an activity you like to read, check email, talk on the phone. No discomfort during the session – only pleasant warmth and anti-stress massage movements. After the procedure, the volumes in the correction zone will decrease by 2–4 cm.

What is the subtlety

Unlike other methods of lipolysis, the fat cell is not completely destroyed. Excess "supplies" are only removed from it. The chemical reaction is identical to the one that starts naturally in the body during exercise.

2 Armoplasty 

5 effective procedures for fast weight loss

Innovative non-surgical method of body shaping. The procedure is carried out by masters with the help of hands and massage oil – no cuts or injections. The methodology is based on many years of scientific research on a fundamental change and the formation of an ideal silhouette at any weight. Armoplasty starts the process, as a result of which hormonal adipose tissue is included in the metabolism and excreted from the body in a natural way.

What is the subtlety

The impact is made on the deep layers – the muscular and ligamentous apparatus. Already after the first session, you will feel that the clothes sit much looser. Masters with a medical education act on local accumulations of hormonal adipose tissue, soften it, bringing it to a plastic state and adjusting the silhouette, in fact, manually sculpting a dream figure.

3 Slim oil massage

According to the principles of ancient healing practices, the chakras – the points of redistribution of vitality – are responsible for all aspects of health, mood and well-being. External manifestations of energy imbalance, including overweight and the formation of cellulite, require correction both physical and at the level of energy flows.

A session of modeling massage begins with the harmonization of your state with aroma oil mixes and chromotherapy. Each chakra has its own. While the skillful hands of the massage therapist will work on problem areas, essential oils will restore the energy potential of the body.

What is the subtlety

The spa therapist will prompt you to intuitively select one of the colored sectors on a special “aurawheel". This information is enough to choose the appropriate care products and start setting up the body for a weight loss program.

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