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Secret Ingredient: Pracaxi Hair Oil


Prakaxi oil is the density, length and restoration of curls. We will talk about the purpose, useful properties and application of the trend ingredient in our today’s article.

Pracaxi seed oil is an organic product that cosmetic brands have recently begun to add to skin care products. The oil is used both as an additional component in masks, shampoos, balms, conditioners, and as a separate ingredient. The prakaksi tree is similar in height to a palm tree, but its distinguishing feature is the purple flowers that bloom on it. The oil itself is fragrant with a nut and has a rich golden hue.

About the miraculous properties of hair oil

With regular use of oil in beauty rituals, hair will look like you just visited a beauty salon. Elasticity, shine, silkiness are the key wow effects that you will see after the first application of the product.

The product is suitable for all hair types. If you are the owner of oily hair, you should not worry. The oil will not weigh down the hair and will not give it even more oiliness. Apply oil to the ends or add a couple of drops to your shampoo or mask. And you will be completely satisfied with your new beauty friend. If you have curly hair, there are no moments to worry either. Oil will not straighten your curls.

Secret Ingredient: Pracaxi Hair Oil

Another main benefit of the product is that it has antiseptic properties that fight dandruff and relieve itching.

Stimulation of collagen production is also one of the benefits of a large list of beneficial substances of praxis oil. Thanks to him, your hair will be moisturized from the roots to the tips, gain shine and silkiness.

Your own master

As we have already said, pracaxi can be added as an additional ingredient to shampoos, balms or conditioners. In the usual dose of one of the products, add 3-5 drops of pracaxi oil and rub it in your palms. Then apply to hair, lather and rinse with running water. As a mask for the roots, use the product no more than 1 time in two weeks.

Secret Ingredient: Pracaxi Hair Oil

If you decide to use the oil as a separate ingredient, first decide for what purpose. To strengthen the structure of the hair, it will be enough just to rub a small amount of oil in your hands and apply it before going to bed along the entire length of the hair. If you suffer from dandruff and itchy scalp, apply 3-5 drops to the skin and massage well with your fingers. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. After the time has elapsed, rinse with water using shampoo.

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