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How to assemble a bun in the summer of 2021: fashion ideas for a classic hairstyle


Agree that a bun hairstyle in the summer heat is the most relevant styling. The stars and their stylists also agree with this. And it’s not hot, and it looks stylish – even to the office, even to the beach, even to the red carpet. We tell you how to assemble a fashionable bunch in different ways.

There is nothing simpler and more beautiful than an elegant bun. Meghan Markle thinks so, so most often the Duchess of Sussex can be seen with this hairstyle. Well, there are plenty of styling options. We tell you how to assemble a bun in the summer of 2021 to look stylish in any circumstances.

Elegance itself

A low, smooth bun is ideal for both daytime and evening styling. To achieve the result as in the photo, make a central parting, comb your hair carefully back (you can use mousse, gel or wax) and twist it at the back of your head. Secure everything with hairpins so that your quick hairstyle does not fall apart during the day.

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Elegant casual

To make any hairstyle look stylish, just add a few accessories. French hairpins are perfect for a deliberately tousled bun, which is now in trend. Hairpins with pearls and stones are also in fashion – a hairstyle with such accessories can be worn both for business meetings and for a date or a social event. Simply form a light bun from the hair strand, leaving a few strands loose around the face. Then insert the studs into the bun. And voila! The layout is ready.

Boho baby

Victoria’s Secret Angel Romy Strijd proves that messy boho hairstyles are the perfect choice for summer. And in the light deliberate "sloppiness" has its own zest. Just make a messy bun with strands coming out of it near the face, and then complete the look with a scarf or ribbon. Chic, shine, beauty! Remember that headscarf hairstyles are in style all 2021, so don’t hide the accessory in the closet after the hot season is over.

festival diva

This version of the beam is suitable for the most daring and those who know how to weave pigtails. The first option with a bun at the top is more difficult to make than the second, but for the summer it will fit perfectly! Tilt your head forward, braid three braids at the back of your head and fix them with elastic bands. Then, keeping your head in this position, collect a high tail. Pull out a couple of strands from the face – this will add romance to the image. Form a loose tourniquet from the tail and make a bundle out of it.

The second hairstyle looks no less impressive and stylish, but it is much easier to make it. On each side of the face, braid two or three thin braids, then collect the entire mass of hair in a ponytail. Curl the tail with a tourniquet and put it in a tight bun.

french chic

To add some French chic to your hairstyle, braid a silk scarf into a bun. You can pull your hair into a French braid with a handkerchief, and then form a bun from the weave, as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did. Or you can make a “donut" out of the tail, after tying a bright accessory at its base. It will turn out just an incredible summer styling and the best solution for a sea holiday.

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