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What are manicure hoods and why are they needed


Every girl is very sensitive to the appearance of her nails. Modern manicure requires a serious approach. Especially when acrylic or gel manicure products are used, a specific set of tools is needed. One of the main components is professional manicure hoods. The use of such a tool not only helps to simplify the work, but does not harm health.

During the process of removing the varnish coating, a large amount of dust is formed, which adversely affects a person, sawdust enters the respiratory tract and can start an inflammatory process. With such a problem, a manicure hood helps to cope. Its main task is to remove dust by suction. The operation of this tool is the same as that of a vacuum cleaner.

There are different types of hoods, they are divided according to the type of work:

  • Professional hoods. They are used in salons and are designed to last a long time. Usually this design allows the filtered air to go outside. Traction control is also possible.
  • Portable hoods. They are a convenient tool for masters who come to work at a client’s home, or for those who do their own manicure.
  • Built-in manicure hood. It is a replacement for a more expensive professional hood and provides for a specially designated workplace.

Device types:

  • Table hood. This type is the most requested. She has many advantages. Such as mobility, functionality and they are convenient to use. When buying this device, you need to pay attention to the number of coolers. The suction power depends on them, the more of them, the stronger the noise that they create. This improves the quality of work. Another plus of this hood is its weight, about one and a half kilograms. With this factor, it is easy to move from place to place.
  • Built-in hoods. Such hoods have a small minus. When working with them, the client must take a certain position, because the fan is built right into the table, which does not allow them to be moved. But this does not prevent to cope with its main task. Hoods of this type have a very minimalistic look and do not take up much space. Also for such a device, you need to purchase special bags in which all the dust will accumulate.
  • Floor hoods. This is the most powerful type of hood. It is designed for professional work. But do not forget that the energy consumption is exceeded several times. Also, due to its large size, the hood is not suitable for small rooms or rearrangements.

There are a number of requirements when buying a hood:

  •  The material from which the hood body is made should not bring inconvenience to either you or the client.
  • The filtered air must not escape to the feet. Holes for it are usually located on the sides.
  • Tightly closed dust collection compartment, so that dust does not stain clothing during operation.
  • The grate, which is located on the top of the hood, should not have large holes.

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