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Autumn Color: Top 5 Best Scarlet Lipsticks


October is the best month to try red lipstick on again and dive into the pool with your head!

We know almost everything about lipsticks! Top makeup artists of Ukraine unanimously say that red lipstick is a must have for every girl. And, perhaps, we will never get tired of listening to "about the eternal classics" and choosing shades "according to skin type." However, once a year, namely in October, we cover our lips with all shades of red in order to support the change of seasons and once again say goodbye to everything that has become obsolete. According to psychologists, the October crimson foliage makes us prefer brown mascara, and set aside trendy pink-beige lipsticks in favor of scarlet.

The editors of once again create a selection of the best scarlet lipsticks that you will want to wear not only in October, but throughout the year. Of course, we are talking about new decorative products for lip makeup, which have an updated composition and design, as well as more comfortable and durable coatings.

Dior, Rouge Dior Ultra Care

Rouge Dior Ultra Care Camellia Oil Caring Lipstick is Dior’s latest development with a weightless finish. The collection features 21 shades of lipsticks, the scarlet of which has the number 999 and the name Bloom. If you believe the brand’s experts, then the scarlet lipstick will last on your lips for twelve hours and will have an unusual radiant matte finish. Estimated price 1100 UAH.

Yves Saint Laurent, Pleasure Plump-in-Colour

Autumn Color: Top 5 Best Scarlet Lipsticks

Yves Saint Laurent’s Volupté Plump-in-Colour Volupté Plump-in-Color Lip Balm draws attention not only with its rich formula, but also with its girly cute design. The core of the lipstick is responsible for the care and swelling of the lips, it contains peppermint extract, which leaves a pleasant chill on the lips. There are only six shades in the line, the scarlet of which was 6 Lunatic Red. Ingredients such as coconut oil and pomegranate extract take care of the skin of the lips, which will allow you to kiss in the wind without fear. Approximate price 1290 UAH.

Giorgio Armani, Lip Master Passion

Autumn Color: Top 5 Best Scarlet Lipsticks

Velvet liquid lipstick Lip Maestro Passione is a limited edition "passion" of the Giorgio Armani fashion house, which is presented in one single shade at number 408. Matte "lip gel", as brand experts call the product, has a non-sticky and light texture that visually increases the volume of the lips, while not overdrying the skin. Each case of scarlet lipstick is inscribed in gold letters with the word passione, which means “passion" in Italian. Approximate price 1110 UAH.

Shiseido, Color Gel Lip Balm

Autumn Color: Top 5 Best Scarlet Lipsticks

Moisturizing lipstick-lip balm Color Gel Lip Balm has become another bestseller of the updated makeup collection of the Japanese brand Shiseido. The new lipstick collection includes 15 translucent shades, the brightness of which can be adjusted by the number of applications on the skin. The bright scarlet color is represented by the number 112 and the flower name Tiger Lily. The composition includes natural wax and oils that moisturize the skin and create a glossy finish. Estimated price 750 UAH.

Chanel, Rouge Allure Ink Fusion

Autumn Color: Top 5 Best Scarlet Lipsticks

The new Rouge Allure Ink Fusion ultra-matte lipstick combines highly concentrated pigments with caring ingredients: silica and vitamin E. For long-lasting lip makeup, Chanel introduced 12 saturated shades, scarlet of which is presented under number 816 Fresh Red. It is also worth noting that the new scarlet lipstick creates the effect of a second skin on the lips and has an unusual applicator. Brand experts recommend using the flat applicator surface to apply lipstick to the middle part of the lips, and the thin side surface to draw the curve of the upper lip and corners. Approximate price 1241 UAH.

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