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Top 10 main bridal manicure trends 2021


In addition to the classic white solid color coating, there are many more ways to make a fashionable and beautiful wedding manicure. And no, you will not see outdated ideas here, only relevant and modern solutions. Top ten trends of the year – in the article

As with everything, naturalness and minimalism remain the global trend in wedding manicure. A few thin stripes, a drop of rhinestones and sparkles, a few pearls, unobtrusive metallic accents, and all this on a “naked" or nude finish – these are the main manicure trends that this wedding season dictates. We offer to take a closer look at them and get inspired by ready-made nail art from Instagram. So, here are the most fashionable ideas for wedding manicure 2021.

Transparent coating

The main nail trend is naturalness and simplicity. Natural length and a transparent medical coating (matte or glossy) will be a concise completion of your wedding look. If you have healthy nails, you may not use base polish at all.

Pearl manicure

This year, a delicate wedding manicure with pearls has returned to fashion, and this is an ideal option for brides. When else can you afford an unusual nail art with laconic white beads or iridescent mother-of-pearl varnish, if not on one of the main days of your life? Paired with pearl jewelry, you get an incredible combination of tenderness and vintage style!

metal accents

Trendy gold manicure has become one of the most popular nail trends of 2021. Golden glitter in the form of a jacket, a laconic thin strip in the center of the nail and other elements looks very relevant and uplifting, which is especially important on the wedding day.

Super thin jacket

If you prefer a traditional French wedding manicure, but are looking for something more modern than the usual French classics, a trendy manicure with super thin stripes is what you need. Thin stripes along the contour on a transparent or milky coating look gentle and beautiful. You can also add gold or another accent.

Ombre manicure

The ombre wedding manicure is still very much in trend as a nail design for brides. A blurry gradient effect on nails (especially almond-shaped ones) looks sophisticated and stylish, and it’s not for nothing that it is considered one of the most popular options for a traditional wedding manicure. 

Unusual jacket

Modernize a classic wedding French manicure by replacing the standard white tips with stylish silver, combo or abstract ones. You can add gold stripes, the effect of marble or natural stones.

Glitter manicure

In choosing a wedding manicure, a little sparkle does not hurt. A transparent or nude finish combined with a scattering of small glitter or a few rhinestones along the contour is a stylish solution for modern brides. A silver jacket is also suitable – shiny nail tips will complement your white gold ring and look beautiful in photographs.

reverse french

There are other popular options for a French-style wedding manicure that will perfectly fit into the delicate image of the bride. One of them is the reverse French manicure. With thin white stripes or glittery holes to complement your shoes and accessories, the choice is yours.

Nude manicure

Classic bridal nude manicure is timeless. Ivory, like nude with a soft pink tint, is the quintessence of elegance, style and good taste. It is difficult to imagine a situation in which he would be inappropriate and old-fashioned. A true wedding classic at its best.

minimalistic abstraction

The trend for lovers of minimalism and modern solutions is an abstract wedding manicure in a concise style. White patterns on "bare" nails look both gentle and spectacular. What you need for creative and creative personalities.

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