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How summer begins: 6 treatments in June


The start of a new month is a great excuse to treat yourself to a spa treatment, facial massage, or other beauty ritual. Let’s share some interesting ideas, among which every girl will find something of her own.

Tibetan massage with volcanic stones and hot oil

A new month can be compared to the beginning of a new week. And on Monday, we always want something uplifting and energizing. Let’s turn to proven practices: massage with volcanic stones and hot oil literally fills your body with vitality.

Chiroplastic body massage

How summer begins: 6 treatments in June

The combination of the achievements of modern medicine and oriental knowledge about spa treatments is the perfect option for a relaxing treatment. In addition to the promised relaxation effect, massage perfectly sculpts the body, provides lifting and even helps optimize the functioning of the sebaceous glands. The main rule of chiroplasty is that you should be pleased, so you don’t have to worry about pain when working with body contours. 


Another beauty ritual from the East is the Moroccan bath with a powerful healing effect. Hot steam has a powerful detox effect, accelerates blood circulation and starts the process of thermoregulation. That, in turn, helps to restore the water-salt balance: swelling and cellulite go away.

"Peach vs Orange"

The author’s method of Master Peace SPA, which, as the name implies, turns the “orange peel" on the buttocks into skin as smooth as a peach. The combination of hardware and manual care works wonders: the skin is tightened, and excess fluid is removed from the tissues.

Care programs selected by a specialist 

How summer begins: 6 treatments in June

How often do we do amateur activities, trying to choose care on our own – from home to professional? We admit that such a temptation periodically arises for many. There is a great alternative to trial and error (and its consequences) – consultation with a specialist who will help identify characteristic skin problems and find methods for solving them.

And even if there are no noticeable imperfections, their appearance can be prevented by proper care. So, in the clinic of aesthetic medicine OMNY BEAUTY CLINIC you will find exclusive care, the result of which will be noticeable after the first application. Among the favorites are Valmont anti-aging rituals, procedures with best-selling American brand ZO Skin Health and Thalgo marine wraps.

Sculpture-buccal facial massage

The effect of its use is comparable to "beauty injections". During the massage, the process of self-healing of the facial muscles starts. The master, like a sculptor, forms an angle of youth with the help of his fingers, smoothes the nasolabial folds. During the session, muscle clamps relax, which can cause headaches. And if you suffer from migraines or spasms, this ritual can bring healing!

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