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The power of the look: how to make a spectacular and sexy cat-eye makeup


The so-called cat’s eye is a make-up classic. Women liked to give such an effect to their eyes thousands of years ago. It continues to be relevant today. Learn how to make it right and perfect?

The eyes are the center of attention on the face. They can express a variety of emotions, and therefore a little makeup tricks can give and fix in the look exactly the expression that you would like to broadcast constantly. Makeup "cat’s eye" dates back to the days of ancient Egypt. Then cats were considered a sacred animal and the resemblance to them, according to the Egyptians, could protect them from the evil eye and bring them closer to the deities. Lead, malachite, clay, silt, henna, and other tools at hand were used to draw a “cat’s" section of the eyes. From time to time this trend was forgotten, then reappeared, acquiring its own nuances. So, in the middle of the last century, women again kindled interest in him. Many actresses began to draw their eyes in a special way and thereby set the fashion. Today, "cat’s" eyes can be made with a pencil, shadows, eyeliner. Silt and clay

What you need

  • Black liquid eyeliner. Choose the one that is more convenient for you to work with: liquid eyeliner with a brush, kayal or felt-tip pen.
  • Primer. This tool will even out the color, texture of the skin and lay the foundation necessary for a long-term effect.
  • Concealer. Make the perfect area to create this accent makeup. Nothing should distract – neither dark circles under the eyes, nor small imperfections. The concealer will also help, if necessary, to correct the situation at the end of the make-up.
  • Cotton buds. Choose sticks with pointed tips. They will help you quickly and accurately clean the desired area when making up.
  • Loose translucent powder. This finishing agent is needed to fix the makeup and fix it for a long time.

How to make a "cat’s eye"

Prepare your skin. Start with a primer, concealer, eye shadow base (if you apply them), this will allow you to create a good field for drawing arrows, their lines will be more accurate and clear. Draw the arrowheads. Makeup experts recommend starting with the hardest part. Draw a line from the outer corner of the eye towards the tail of the eyebrow. Its length and thickness depends on your desire. A lot also depends on the eyeliner you use. For example, with different applicators will allow you to make different options. If you need help drawing a straight line, stick a regular stationery sticker diagonally across your skin as a guide and draw a line. Correct the result.Carefully check the arrows on both eyes – they should be the same in length, width and position. To correct, use pointed cotton swabs slightly moistened with micellar water or other make-up remover. By the way, if you paint while looking in the mirror directly in front of you, then your eyelashes will interfere with you, and you can also get stained with eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Therefore, makeup artists recommend drawing arrows, looking slightly down. Just put a separate mirror on your desk or dressing table and look into it. Draw the rest of the arrow. Draw a thin line from the inner corner of the eye and connect it to the tail of the arrow, gradually moving from the thin part to the wide one – from the inner corner to the outer edge.How bent! Which is better – perm or lamination of eyelashes Fix makeup. Take a large fluffy brush and lightly dip into translucent finishing powder. Gently run it over your eyelid. The powder absorbs excess oil and moisture and sets makeup.

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