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Eyelash extension trend: “wet” effect (already want to try)


Although we saw the effect of wet lashes on the catwalks a few years ago, it seems that now this trend is becoming more and more popular.

According to experts, wearing a mask forced the girls to reconsider their views on makeup. Many have left the dense tone and bright lips, but have relied on the eyes. This is how the trend for eyelashes with a wet effect appeared.

What gives

Eyelash extension trend: “wet” effect (already want to try)

Source here and below: @bellalash

Wet effect lashes (also called mascara or mascara effect) make you feel like you just washed your face, took a shower or swam in the sea. This style goes perfectly with the effect of wet skin, which is now more than ever in fashion. This method is the most practical, it takes less time than the classic extension. At the same time, it gives the image freshness. And, of course, a lot of important advantage – you can forget about mascara and eyeliner for at least a month.

Extension technology

Eyelash extension trend: “wet” effect (already want to try)

The wet effect in extensions first appeared in 2019. It is created with the help of narrow, tightly fitting eyelashes. To do this, the cilia are laid out so that they intersect with each other. But this is not a mistake of the master, but a special idea. The trick of the method is that the hairs seem to stick together with their tips. Accurate intersections are created thanks to a precisely calculated angle of inclination. This technology is great for girls who want Kim’s lashes, especially if you use hairs with a large curl angle.

What are the varieties

Eyelash extension trend: “wet” effect (already want to try)

The final result depends only on your wishes and the professionalism of the master. You can choose from bright and active extensions, as well as weightless and light ones. Wet effect can be reproduced in any scheme and in any bend, even C, CC, D, L, M, L +. But in order to create the most light and natural look, we recommend staying at the B-curve of the hairs.

This also applies to volume. You can choose from 1.5 to 6D. But experts recommend stopping still at 2D or 3D.

Who suits

Eyelash extension trend: “wet” effect (already want to try)

This effect is ideal for experiments – you can try something new in extensions if the rest of the techniques have become boring for a long time. The good news is that wet lash extensions are suitable for different eye shapes, especially for those with medium to dense natural lashes. For girls with thin and weakened eyelashes, it is better to refuse the choice of such an extension. 

Another condition is that only experienced lash shakers will be able to calculate the required length of eyelashes and place them on the eyelid so that they are at the right angle. 


Eyelash extension trend: “wet” effect (already want to try)

The effect of wet eyelashes looks as natural as possible. At the same time, you have no restrictions on the choice of length or volume. The technology helps to emphasize your natural beauty and expressive look. 


Eyelash extension trend: “wet” effect (already want to try)

As mentioned above, such an extension is not recommended for weakened and thin eyelashes, as they simply cannot withstand the load. 

Another disadvantage is that when the beams fall out in the inter-ciliary space, significant voids are formed, which reduce the effect of splendor to nothing and, of course, significantly spoil the appearance.  

Eyelash care after extension

Eyelash extension trend: “wet” effect (already want to try)

In care, this effect is no different from other types of building. 

  1. Do not wet your eyelashes a few hours after the procedure.

  2. Refuse to visit the bath and sauna for a week. 

  3. Eliminate cosmetics that contain oils.

  4. Try not to rub your eyes.

  5. Brush your lashes every day with a special brush.

  6. Try to sleep on your back or at least on your side, but not on your stomach. 

  7. Don’t use mascara after you’ve done extensions. 

  8. Wash off with cool water.

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