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Curly Hair Brush: The Best Options


A brush for curly hair should have special settings that will help maintain the integrity of your curls and give them a beautiful shape.

Combing hair for curls is usually a hateful and very lengthy process. The teeth get stuck in curls, pull out entire strands and electrify curls. Experts believe that the matter is in the wrong tools. Just like every type of scalp needs a different type of treatment, different types of hair need special combs and brushes. Only in this way will you be able to keep the strands under control and save them from brittleness. If we talk about curly hair, then the right brush will also help to beautifully form natural curls, avoid tangling and injuring the hair structure.

For curly hair, combs with teeth made of rubber or special elastic plastic are ideal. They usually glide easily over the strands and adapt to their shape, quickly unraveling all the knots. It is also important that brushes for curly hair have sparsely set teeth, so they will separate the hair into individual strands and form beautiful natural curls.

The editors of have selected several brush options that will perfectly cope with unruly curly hair. Choose!

Olivia Garden, iDetangle

The iDetangle line of the professional brand Olivia Garden is designed specifically for detangling hair of different stiffness and density. In particular, this brush is designed with Memory Flex technology, thanks to which it quickly and painlessly detangles unruly hairs and gives them an attractive shape. The brush has a very comfortable semi-circular shape, which provides a gentle massage of the scalp and allows you to comb the hair at the roots with high quality. Conveniently, iDetangle is suitable for working with wet hair. Approximate cost 260 UAH.

Eco, Paddle X Metallic Manhattan Glam

Curly Hair Brush: The Best Options

Ikoo Paddle X gives a spa ritual to the scalp and helps to make long curly hair look neater thanks to the special shape of the teeth. The brush will also be a good helper when blow-drying: the x-shaped hole that allows warm air to pass through allows you to dry your hair faster, protects it from overheating and, as a result, brittleness. Approximate cost 1299 UAH.

Paul Mitchell, 413 Sculpting Brush

Curly Hair Brush: The Best Options

The 413 Sculpting Brush is a best-selling American professional cosmetics brand and winner of the Harper’s Bazaar Award for Best Brush for All Hair Types. Lightweight and compact design with sparsely set teeth quickly detangles frizzy hair, detangles unruly strands and defines hair style as desired. It is thanks to its small size that the brush is suitable for owners of short hair, and can also be used as a travel option. Approximate cost 196 UAH.

Ouidad, Thick Hair Paddle Detangler

Curly Hair Brush: The Best Options

The brand Quidad specializes in the manufacture of products and gadgets for curly hair. The Thick Hair Paddle Detangler features soft, long and unevenly spaced teeth that penetrate tangled strands and detangle them quickly. Another advantage of the brush is that it is made of a material that provides an antistatic effect. Thanks to this brush, the curls will not be electrified, but will retain natural curls throughout the day. Approximate cost 506 UAH.

Denman, D82M The Finisher

Curly Hair Brush: The Best Options

Denmann’s brush is perfect for shaping, smoothing and shining your natural curls. The teeth are made of natural material (wild boar bristles), which simply cannot damage the hair. On the contrary, over time, they improve the structure of the hair and help the hair stay fresh longer, distributing sebum from the root zone along the entire length of the curls. Despite its massiveness, the brush is quite light and easy to use, and the special arrangement of the teeth allows you to quickly untangle naughty strands. Approximate cost 1 280 UAH.

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