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Top 7 celebrity wedding hairstyles that you want to repeat


Let the weather not always please with the sun, the beauty-image of the bride should always be impeccable. Let’s talk today about celebrity-inspired wedding hairstyles!

Every girl wants her wedding to be the best and on this festive day she was the queen. As always, the main attributes of female happiness are: wedding dress, makeup and hairstyle. It is worth noting that in the summer of 2021 there was a trend for wedding hair accessories, ranging from a tiara with diamonds, like Meghan Markle, to classic silk ribbons, like a schoolgirl. A wedding hairstyle requires special attention, because it should be a complementary element to the festive makeup and dress. Naturally, a wedding hairstyle is worth trying a few weeks before the solemn event, because there are a lot of options, and you only have to choose one.

The editors of offer you to pay attention to the seven best wedding hairstyles of stars over the past few years, which are unlikely to go out of style and will surely suit you. Of course, a wedding hairstyle is an individual matter, but no one forbids future brides to be inspired by celebrity images? So here’s our list of favorites!

Kim Kardashian soft curls

Perhaps the most inherited wedding hairstyle was the image of Kim Kardashian, who appeared before Kanye West on a holiday with soft curls, as if twisted yesterday. This styling looks gentle and romantic, and will not lose its relevance in a year.

Kate Upton one side curls

American model and actress Kate Upton used an equally fashionable beauty trick: the girl decided to make a stylish asymmetrical parting and curls on one side. Such a wedding hairstyle is suitable even for girls with a short haircut – a bob or bob.

Karlie Kloss: classic bun

Classics of the genre and the standard of femininity have become wedding bunches, which are in demand among both royalty and models. So, for example, American supermodel and owner of incredibly long legs Karlie Kloss got married in October 2018, choosing a discreet bun with oblique bangs as her wedding hairstyle. And she looked great!

Miranda Kerr: glossy bun on the back of her head

Australian top model Miranda Kerr, known as one of the former Victoria’s Secret Angels, married millionaire and SnapChat creator Evan Spiegel in 2017. Despite all the luxury of the wedding ceremony, Kerr’s festive styling was quite simple. The celebrity preferred a laconic glossy bun on the back of her head, which did not distract her gaze from her charming face.

Shanina Shayk: low bun with curls

A lesser-known Australian top model, Shanina Shaik, earned her spot on our list thanks to her timeless low bun and two accent curls that framed her face. The image of the bride turned out to be very stylish and elegant. Despite the fact that Shayk’s marriage broke up a few years ago, this does not prevent brides from taking an example from her wedding beauty look.

Chrissy Teigen: collected "lay-minute"

Eight years ago, the American catwalk star and the most beautiful woman according to People magazine Chrissy Teigen got married, whose wedding look is still considered a reference. Chrissie’s ‘momentary’ put together became a bridal hit in 2013 and remains a bestseller to this day. It is worth noting that the model often repeats her wedding hairstyle in everyday life, which only proves that this is a timeless classic.

Solange Knowles: natural curls

Rounding out our list of the top seven celebrity bridal hairstyles is American singer-songwriter Solange Knowles, who didn’t bother with styling and walked down the aisle with natural African-American curls. Beyoncé ‘s older sister loves her curls and often wears her hair in the shape of a ball. Attention all curly brides!

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