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How to become a blogger? And can this be considered a profession? Who is a blogger, what does he do, how does he make money?


Who are bloggers and how do they make money on the Internet

A blogger is a person who shares some unique information with people: advice, texts, videos. The online platform on which content is posted is called a blog.

Today there are many platforms where you can blog. These are sites, social networks, and special services.

Blogs have been around since the internet age. Every person has the opportunity to start a personal blog. But not everyone uses it. Why? Read below.

A blog is necessarily unique content that is created either by a specific author (if he works alone) or by a team (in this case, the blog turns into an online school, channel, information portal, or something else). In the second case, the blog turns into a full-fledged business with all that it implies.

All types of blogs can be divided into:

  • personal
  • corporate

Corporate blogs are the subject of a separate article. Here we will talk about personal ones.

In most cases, a personal blog is the brainchild of its author, which is created for the sake of a hobby.

For example, a person is fond of collecting butterflies and wants to share his hobby with the world. Or maybe he keeps an owl at home and makes videos every day of how this owl behaves. Or a person is fond of motorcycles, loves to tinker with them, repair and talk about it.

In the absence of the Internet, it would be possible to share your thoughts only with close people and friends who do not always share interests.

The Internet has given enthusiastic people the opportunity to find like-minded people.

Bloggers are usually creative people.

They share with the world mainly because they want to share. They can do this in their free time from work.

But only a small proportion of bloggers work on their blog professionally, with an eye to the future, and make money from it. Such a blog becomes commercial. Millions of people all over the world blog. But those who make money on a blog are an order of magnitude less.

There are 3 main models of making money on a blog:

  • advertising sale
  • participation in partnership programs
  • selling your courses and trainings

How much you can earn on a blog – the terrible truth

Top bloggers make tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. But there are not very many of them.

According to the RIAB research for 2018, the income of the top 3 YouTube bloggers in Russia looks like this:

  • 3rd place. Oblomoff. 52.55 million rubles. The channel publishes reviews of restaurants and food delivery services.
  • 2nd place. Yuri Dud. 78.2 million rubles. A journalist who interviews famous media people. Of course, he does not work alone, but in conjunction with an operator and a video editor.
  • 1st place. Wylsacom. 82 million rubles. The largest tech blogger. At the moment, this is, in fact, not a blog, but a full-fledged video media, where a whole team works.

Ordinary bloggers usually earn at the level of the average salary or slightly higher: from 10-20 to 100-150 thousand rubles.

So why is it that only 0.1% of bloggers are successful and make big bucks?

Because blogging is work.

Blogging, constantly updating information, creating unique content is a lot of work. For a blog to develop, they need to regularly engage, release updates, and actively promote on the Internet.

Moreover, a blog, if we speak in the classical language of business, is an ordinary startup.

And startups do not start making profit immediately after launch.

Nobody forbids to pour a lot of money into the blog at the start, that is, to invest. No problem. But you must immediately understand how the new project will earn in the future. Need to:

  • calculate the anticipated risks in advance
  • calculate the estimated income and payback period
  • act according to a premeditated plan

This is already a business. Investing in startups is challenging. It is more profitable to invest in a project that already brings returns.

Almost all famous bloggers started from scratch.

In order for a blog to start earning, you first need to invest your time in it, gain a large number of subscribers – people who will follow the blogger – and only then think about monetization.

To promote the blog, the majority took an average of a year and a half of hard work.

There are exceptions: it took someone six months, for example.

But exceptions only prove the rule.

I analyzed personalities known to the general public on the Internet, and came to an interesting conclusion: all successful bloggers, without exception, are stubborn ideological people. How to become a blogger? And can this be considered a profession? Who is a blogger, what does he do, how does he make money?

For example, I have been watching the YouTube channel of the traveler Maxim Vitkovsky for 1.5 years. He started vlogging in a diary format more than 2 years ago when he first came to the US with $ 800 in his pocket. He started a new life in a foreign country and wanted to share his thoughts and experiences. Since then, Maxim continues to shoot videos every day, and his channel has grown to 70,000 subscribers and began to generate income. For Maxim, the channel is a hobby and work at the same time.

Will you be able to work hard for a year without visible results, set tasks for yourself, perform them and all this on a voluntary basis, on full dedication?

That’s just it!

Here are 5 rules, without which a blog is unlikely to achieve great success:

  • regular work on content
  • uniqueness and usefulness of information for other people
  • effective promotion on the Internet
  • feedback from the audience
  • some kind of “trick”

There are millions of blogs on the Internet on a variety of topics, tons of information are poured on us every day. To interest the audience, you need to offer it something really catchy, original, viral.

Is a blog a job or not?

What is work for you? If this is an official job with a guaranteed salary on the 5th and 20th of every month, paid vacations, sick leave, insurance and other “goodies”, I hasten to disappoint you.

Professional bloggers have no formal employment.

They don’t need it. They work for themselves, do what they love.

How then, you say, do they exist without wages, without seniority? Without social guarantees? Will they not receive their pension? How do they pay taxes?

I will reveal a terrible secret!

Most bloggers have regular jobs and blogging in their spare time. And those bloggers who have achieved earnings comparable to the average monthly income of a Russian and above register their activities as entrepreneurial.

So everything is in order here, according to the law.

What are blogs

How to become a blogger? And can this be considered a profession? Who is a blogger, what does he do, how does he make money?

As I said before, blogs can be divided into:

  • corporate
  • personal

Corporate blogs are run by companies such as online retailers or manufacturers.

A corporate blog is initially created with an eye to monetization. Articles are published there that will work for the interest and trust of a potential client. An audience is selected in advance to read these articles. And already for the selected audience, the blog is being promoted.

Individual blogs are run by individuals, authors.

It is necessary to initially decide on the format of the blog: who will receive the information and in what form it will be posted. Based on this, already choose a site. If you write texts, the site will do. If you shoot videos, YouTube is the best choice. For photos – Instagram.

Dividing bloggers into types

Bloggers come in many different types, so you can consider each of them.

Business bloggers make every effort to promote their own e-diary in order to profit from this activity.

They are constantly working to increase blog traffic, attract all kinds of advertisers, work to find affiliate programs that will benefit them, and also sell links from the blog and use a whole range of other tools available to them.

This goal is pursued by almost all bloggers at the current time, since few people are interested in just sharing their own thoughts, ideas and details of their personal life, if there is an opportunity to get good money.

Of course, there are users who disagree with this statement, but in this case it is quite difficult to back up their opinion with any arguments, since sites are formed to make a profit, regardless of the beauty of their design, and blogs are similar sites.

The situation is such that thousands of blogs were created with the aim of making a profit, as bloggers found out that they could make money on this business, decided to make their own blogs, but could not achieve anything, and abandoned it.

How to become a blogger? And can this be considered a profession? Who is a blogger, what does he do, how does he make money?

It is this moment that proves that the main goal for most when creating their own blog is precisely to make a profit.

Those who describe their own hobbies are usually people who are passionate about something specific. They are ready to tell others about their achievements, which they do in a blog format. For example, a professional fighter can share with his readers stories about how to properly deliver a particular blow in the process of sparring.

In this case, bloggers do not make it their primary goal to generate income, but the current situation is such that every second person uses ads from Yandex or Google, which they place on their own resource.

The use of affiliate programs is common, for example, the author of a blog makes reviews of products and puts special links to online stores in them. If a user buys this product, then the blogger will receive his commission on the sale.

Many people create a blog just to gain popularity on the Internet and to be interesting to a large number of people. In our country, it is quite possible to shoot some scandalous video or a couple of funny videos so that they begin to recognize you on the street, this usually becomes enough.

This type of blogging allows you to earn large sums of money, and all due to the fact that its traffic is extremely high. You can become a part of some interesting project of people with the same views, where you can also make money. A blog like this is suitable for extremely fearless and unique people.

How to become a popular blogger

According to many users, this is a rather difficult task, sometimes not at all realizable. In general, it is quite simple to become a blogger, it is only important from the beginning to understand exactly why you intend to do this?

Bloggers on the Internet are divided into two large main categories – the first constantly create new content (photos, videos, articles) and tell what new things have happened in their life, while others create it only for monetization (making money).

The former do not really care about promoting their blog, believing that due to interesting and useful content, their resource will become popular on its own. The latter are maximally concentrated on promotion in all available ways. The faster the site becomes popular, the faster the first money will go from it.

Often this turns into a main job, as blogs can generate impressive income.

A blog at some point may become unacceptable for visitors, as scandalous materials constantly appear, and people constantly argue on various topics.

This technique is quite well-known, it is often used to attract an audience to the blog. The person who conducted such an original promotion operation is well versed in the intricacies of the process of promotion and promotion of resources.

In this way, he can realize his goal of earning money from his resource. These professional bloggers set themselves the goal of mastering their craft so well that the income from it frees them from having to work in some other job.

Everyone strives to do something as interesting as possible, while receiving not only pleasure, but also money income.

It is not easy to become a professional, you need to at least understand the issues of creating sites in order not only to understand the mechanisms of the internal work of resources, but also about the features of search indexing.

You do not need to have a professional journalism education, it is enough to write interesting materials that can hook readers with how you are able to express your own thoughts.

How to become a blogger? And can this be considered a profession? Who is a blogger, what does he do, how does he make money?

To get users to your site, there are several marketing books available. If you want to make a profit from blogging, and not just keep your diary on the Internet, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with useful literature.

Blogger’s goals

Depending on the purpose of blogging, materials can be presented in different forms. But, as practice shows, most bloggers who are in the first places most often still pursue the goal of making money.

Bloggers who are interested in monetizing their blog count on getting search traffic as their main source of visitors. Therefore, most often their articles are optimized for website promotion. On the one hand, this is good, on the other, not very good. Since the goal is to make money and attract traffic, articles are often written on topics that have already been written more than once. In this regard, there is no effect of “novelty” of materials.

It can be noted that many successful blogs have stopped uploading new materials, since there is practically nothing to upload. And it makes no sense to write on topics that few people later ask for in the search. Spending a whole day writing material that is visited by 3 people a month is almost pointless.

There are also bloggers who keep their diaries to maintain a product, online store, brand. Those. these are mostly advertising sites, but they are also blogs.

Myths about bloggers

In real life, people far from the Internet have many deceptive thoughts about who a blogger is and what kind of life he leads. Let’s list the popular myths.

Myth 1. Earns a lot of money. This is a myth as most bloggers get nothing at all due to lack of commitment. And most get too little to call that amount money. Only the largest sites receive large fees. However, they are led not by one person, but by a whole group.

Myth 2. Does not leave the computer. The blogger is necessarily represented in the form of some kind of person who constantly sits at the monitor screen. However, this is not at all the case. For example, video bloggers shoot videos, but they themselves may not sit at the computer a lot.

Myth 3. Can make money easily. It is very difficult to make money on the Internet. Especially in the beginning. Therefore, those who are just starting will have to learn a lot.

Myth 4. Bloggers are slackers. Popular bloggers are not slackers. Therefore, it is not worth talking about everyone like that.

Myth 5. It is impossible to become popular. Anyone can be successful, for this you just need to start and not stop blogging. Many bloggers give up their idea after a couple of weeks. The result requires a period of about a year.

Motivation for participation and blogging functions

It should be borne in mind that reading blogs and authorship are two different processes in terms of content. People who use the communication power of blogging outside the context of their own blog, note the possibilities of communication with people with whom they do not have the opportunity to communicate directly, for example, with friends living in other cities. The alternative message economy [1] operating in blogs makes this form of communication the most convenient, since it does not imply obligatory reciprocity and other restrictions on one-to-one communication.

Evgeny Gorny in his article highlights, in addition to maintaining contact with loved ones, the following goals that a blog reader can pursue:

  • receiving the information;
  • reading entertainment;
  • tracking the reaction of the public to certain actions (in fact, blogs are a ready-made huge focus group);
  • reading for the sake of socialization, feeling involved in the life of famous people.

Communicative function

The communicative function is mentioned most often. Most bloggers say they blog or read for the sake of interacting with people they are interested in. First of all, it is an opportunity to say something once so that many people hear it. What’s the point in telling ten, twenty, thirty acquaintances about a trip to a suburban park, if you can describe it in your blog, decorating the entry with photos? Everyone will read about it at a convenient time for him or not read at all, deciding that he is not interested in it. (“Sometimes you want to talk at night, but everyone is asleep. Then you can write in LJ and then read it”). However, this situation gives rise to a counter problem, when two bloggers who have met “in real life”, if they do not have the proper imagination, there is nothing to talk about.

Both for “readers” and for “writers” there are two directions of communicative motivation in using blogs – communication with friends and expanding the circle of communication. While some people start a blog for the convenience of communication with existing acquaintances, others start a blog in order to meet new people, to expand their audience. These two phrases — “meet new people” and “broaden the audience” that were actually used by survey participants, reflect another difference: while some need friends, others need listeners.

Self-presentation function

Several respondents noted that they initially intended to create a personal page (website on the Internet), but then, having learned how easy it is to blog, they preferred this form of presenting information about themselves. There is a class of blogs designed for the publication and discussion of the author’s works (prose, poems, photographs, drawings), however, an ordinary diary undoubtedly carries information about the author’s personality. “I keep a diary to be read,” many bloggers might say.

Fun function

Many people prefer blogging, reading blogs and discussing in the comments as an entertainment pastime, especially if they are for some reason limited in other means of entertainment besides the Internet and have a lot of free time to spend, for example, young mothers make up a significant part of the blogging community – they always have something to write about on their blog, they have many questions to ask others, etc. Blogs are an inexhaustible source of entertaining reading.

Some users use blogs to waste time, which they have a lot, while others use it due to the lack of free time for full communication. Thus, the blogger community mechanism allows communication in a mode convenient for each user and with the intensity that he needs (or that he can afford).

The function of cohesion and retention of social ties

As already mentioned, the Livejournal community unites tens of thousands of Russian-speaking users, among whom many will find people with whom they once knew. Blogs, acting as social networks, allow you to maintain interrupted social connections in real life and get to know your friends better.

Due to the feature of deferred multi-user communication, some of the respondents use blogs for an unconventional purpose – for organizing the interaction of a work group, discussing work issues, etc., since for many tasks this method is more convenient than e-mail, instant messaging services, etc. n. Groups organized on the basis of mailing lists can also perform a similar task, but in a situation where all project participants are blogging on the same service, adding another communication channel may seem overkill.

Memoir function

Like a traditional paper diary, a blog, in addition to new functions, can be perceived as carrying the function of memoirs, a place for some notes that may be useful in the future, a way not to forget about the details of certain events in your life. The respondents using this function believe that they keep a diary for themselves, in order to read later, in order to write down something that they do not want to forget. And think about it later. The authors create a kind of deferred communication with themselves.

Self-development function, or reflection

This function is due to the fact that the blog provides an opportunity for participants to create an image of a different self, perhaps the one to which the author aspires. (“I started the magazine, first, as an exercise in openness and spontaneity”). Some note that the publicity of the diary forces them to continue to keep it, and also forces them to learn to structure their thoughts more competently, which helps them themselves to better understand the events they are experiencing (“setting out their problem or idea in writing, it becomes easier to analyze the situation”).

Psychotherapeutic function

There are also references to the psychotherapeutic function of the blog, which was either anticipated in advance, or was realized in the process of keeping records – “to throw out emotions”, “to state the painful”, “to calm the nerves in the end.” This function of the traditional diary kept in a secluded notebook has been repeatedly mentioned by various authors and, apparently, has acquired a new form and new possibilities as a way to complain about the life of many people at once and receive a soothing “stroking” in response. If we consider the content of regular dialogues in the community of users of the livejournal “ru_psychology”, and not only there, then this kind of transaction is one of the most popular forms of communication: one “client” complains about life, and other “clients” console him.

Types of bloggers by style of activity

Today, “bloggers” are understood as a very broad concept: from keeping an Instagram account with cats to creating serious analytical material. I will try to describe those species that lend themselves to classification.

What I see is what I sing

The most widespread species. Social networks are chaotic, publications are not attractive in any way. Here I am eating, here I am with … y, here I am and my sister. He can become a blogger if “what I see, then I sing” is clothed in some idea and broadcast of personal experience.

I myself often sin with this approach, and in order not to slip into triviality, I try to clothe any publications in the form of “what did I get out of this?” However, this approach is practically inapplicable for individual sites and can only generate a response on social networks.


One of the most widespread types, especially on youtube, where audience engagement is based on shocking and provocation. Eat your own vomit, kill a cat, speak negatively about a particular social group.

I don’t know how such “bloggers” can earn money, but they attract a lot of audiences to them. Of course, the corresponding development.


When the personality of a blogger comes to the fore and it becomes interesting to listen / read the opinion of a specific person. Perhaps they are called “opinion leaders”, although in my understanding these two concepts should be distinguished.

For example, I watch with great interest the video of Viktor Katyuschik on his Scientific Tribunal channel. And although I do not agree with all of his arguments, it is very interesting for me to see how and what he will discuss in his next issue.

The same applies to the publications of Boris Grebenshchikov and his cultural and musical program “Aerostat”.

It often happens that such “charismatic personalities” slide into shocking. This is frankly unpleasant to me, and I try to get rid of such influence as quickly as possible.

Where to begin

If you have made the decision to become a blogger, then you must clearly understand that this is, first of all, work that needs to be devoted a lot of time. If you have enough time, then you can start, learn, open up, and strive for your goal. The main thing is that everything must be done in stages.

Of course, the most important question for any newbie is: where do you need to start in order to become a blogger and make money? Here are some tips for aspiring bloggers.

Blog format: advantages and disadvantages

Before talking about blogging formats, you need to understand what they are. The blog format is what you write about. This is the very niche that you must decide on before choosing a platform and starting to actively develop.

The choice is large enough. Some are actively sharing their lives, while others are just posting quality photos. Let’s take a look at a few basic formats that are most popular today.

  • Private

This is the most common format when one person starts actively:

  • write stories of your life;
  • shares experience;
  • talk about discoveries.

Some jokingly say that this category of bloggers is what they see and write. Particularly popular are not only their own advice, but also polls in which bloggers publish a question and invite subscribers to make the right choice.

As for the advantages, it is worth noting the complete freedom of creativity, since you can post information of absolutely any content.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the fact that popularity may not come immediately, but after a while. Therefore, you have to be patient and go towards your goal.

  • Thematic

Leading it is not as easy as personal, because in this case you have a narrow direction from which you cannot deviate. But if you have a lot of interesting information – the prices will not be for such a blog. Also, do not forget about the style, it should be special for you.

The only drawback of this format is that over time, the topic will be completely covered, and you will not be able to share interesting material with your subscribers.

But for good and high-quality work, you can get a lot of subscribers who will recommend your page to friends and acquaintances. Quality material is very much appreciated today.

  • Portfolio

Recently, this direction is gaining more and more popularity. This is great for those who like to take quality photos and know how to process them.

To attract a subscriber, you must take amazing, high-quality photos that will simply mesmerize. And this is extremely difficult. Therefore, the disadvantages include the fact that a beginner may not have the appropriate skills, since everything comes with experience.

The advantage is that many bloggers can get a portfolio order or get a good order for a fashion glossy magazine.

As you can see, there are a lot of directions. When making a choice, you should understand what you know how to do the most. If you have been fond of cooking for a long time, you know many good recipes, then you should share them with others.

If you don’t know how to write, but take high-quality photographs, then this is your direction, which should be devoted to your blog.

Choosing your niche

The first thing you need to do is decide on the niche of your block. It should be borne in mind that some are already so packed that it is possible to break into them only if there is a certain “chip” or large investments.

It is better for a beginner blogger to take a closer look at narrower areas where there is no great competition, and it will be easier to find your reader. When choosing a topic for your future diary, be sure to take into account your knowledge and life experience. You should write about what you are good at.

Only with a good knowledge of the information, you will be able to share your knowledge with readers, answer their questions and give valuable advice. The theme should completely inspire you and set you up for the creative process.

As practice shows, bloggers who chose popular but uninteresting topics for themselves did not achieve their goals and simply stopped doing this type of activity.

This can be seen on the example of your Instagram subscriptions: someone writes a celebrity about their son, someone writes about their travels, those who are versed in raising children have occupied their niche in the market, those who decided to move to another country write about this, etc.

Platform selection

Once you’ve decided on a theme, you need to choose a platform. To make the right choice, let’s look at what platforms are on the World Wide Web and who they might be suitable for.

  • Youtube (video blogging) – if you are an avid “operator”, you have a lot of video materials to review, then this platform is for you!
  • Instagram / Instagram (photos and videos) – you have something to show within the framework of several photos (master classes, beautiful places, etc.), as well as write an accompanying interesting post – then this is for you!
  • Blogger is a classic of the genre.
  • WordPress is the most popular platform. Many foreign media publications use this platform. It is very flexible and on its basis you can create at least a blog, at least a whole online store.
  • Tumblr – A hybrid of Twitter and Instagram – suitable for photo and video content.
  • LJ is one of the first platforms that is already losing its relevance. In addition, you cannot put your own domain there – only

There are of course many other platforms out there. We have told only the most popular ones. Of course, if you are an interesting person, then you can keep your blog in VK, or better in several social networks at once. So you yourself will understand what is more convenient for you, and from what you get more income.

Design your blog

To make a good design, you need to seek professional help. As practice shows, users of the World Wide Web prefer to go to pages with an interesting and unique design.

If you have made the decision to shoot a video on YouTube, then you need a header and a high-quality intro. As for the pages on the social network, here, in addition to the header, you will need to order the entire group menu and page background.

With a website, everything is much more complicated and expensive, since you will need your own unique theme. Of course, you should not contact the professionals, because you can buy a ready-made theme for a small price or use the services of a freelancer.

Filling the blog

In fact, this is the most important part of your job. The attendance and your income will depend on the quality of the material. You must:

  • easy to convey complex information to your reader;
  • write only reliable advice;
  • answer all questions;
  • be able to correctly publish an article so that it is convenient for your user to view it.

When filling your blog, you must do everything so that the reader likes your page and subscribes to it.

Features of the blogger profession

The profession, at first glance, seems simple, but it is not at all, because finding interesting topics and retaining an audience is very, very difficult. More than 20 million blogs are created annually in the United States alone, but only 1% of authors receive a stable profit from their work. Many bloggers create vlogs, text blogs, and microblogs, working with different topics, and then choose the one that attracts users. All blogs can be conditionally divided into 2 types:

  • private, led by one person in the first person. Such blogs can be thematic or personal;
  • corporate, for which they hire specially trained people. We are talking about blogs of online stores, public figures, companies, etc.

A blogger starts to make a profit after he has a certain number of subscribers. Different sites on which you can create your blog put forward individual requirements, but most often they pay attention to the number of subscribers, visits or views.

Well-known bloggers enter into contracts by advertising certain products on their pages in social networks and in videos. Profit from an Internet diary can be obtained by placing contextual advertising, selling links, receiving funds from sponsors who are interested in the development of the blog.


  1. Distant work.
  2. Both adults and teenagers can work.
  3. A blog is a great startup that requires almost no financial investment.
  4. You can make a profit anywhere in the world.
  5. Not exorbitant, but quite high fees.
  6. You can constantly evolve.
  7. Creative work.
  8. The opportunity to gain immense popularity.


  1. Not all bloggers are popular.
  2. Copying someone else’s content or ideas can block your blog.
  3. Snide comments from users.
  4. Unstable income.
  5. Lack of career growth.
  6. If you want to gain popularity immediately, then you need investments in promotion (attracting subscribers, viral advertising, reposts, and others).

Important personal qualities of a blogger

The blogger should be cheerful, very active and positive person, easily reacting to criticism. He must be able to look for interesting topics that will be discussed and quoted, therefore, the following traits prevail in his character:

  • ability to concentrate attention;
  • perseverance;
  • observation;
  • well-developed fantasy;
  • creative and commercial vein;
  • thirst for new knowledge;
  • the ability to admit your mistakes;
  • honesty and charisma;
  • creativity;
  • perseverance.

It is worth remembering that a blogger is a very talented person who knows the basics of time marketing, has excellent endurance, and knows how to control his emotions. New posts and videos need to be added to successful blogs every day, so only a persistent and responsible person can achieve success in this area.

The best blogging sites

Blogging is steadily gaining popularity, various platforms and resources are being created to create your own virtual diary. But in recent years, irreplaceable leaders have emerged:

  • YouTube is the best place to create a video blog. All functions and conditions for successful activity are implemented here. It was on YouTube that today’s leaders started and this is where they make money now.
  • Instagram is an international social network, one of the most actively developing web resources. In addition to text and photo content, bloggers can post videos – not as long as on YouTube, but enough to advertise and create interesting selections for viewers.
  • Popular social networks – VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook. Websites allow you to create groups, online stores, post photos and videos, write posts and entire articles. There are many tools for promotion within the social network, for example, VKontakte has developed targeted advertising that can be configured strictly for the target audience. Moreover, the prices for promotion are quite affordable.
  • Blogging sites – LiveJournal,, and others. The convenience is that making a blog is pretty quick, but you have to follow the rules of the web resource itself, in the space of which it is made.
  • Your own website is the best option, because the blogger is not limited in actions – you can upload any content that is not prohibited by law. Making a website is relatively easy – just buy a domain and pay for hosting. There are both paid and free engines and themes for the web resource. For example, WordPress is considered the most popular – it has a simple and convenient admin panel, easy navigation, a lot of different themes with the possibility of individual settings.

Where to get the information blogger decide on our own. You can share the experience you have already gained, or you can carefully collect useful information from various sources.


You place a picture or animation on the background, substrate of the blog. Sometimes the color scheme changes according to the corporate identity of the customer. They pay the most money for this, because such ads are impossible to miss.

Low traffic sites are not trusted with this kind of work.

For example, KinoPoisk’s branding is estimated at 120,000 rubles per day.

Where to look for clients? Write to companies and suggest branding. Be sure to attach traffic information to your email. If you reach 3,000+ unique visitors per day, the advertiser will pay attention to you.

How to become a blogger? And can this be considered a profession? Who is a blogger, what does he do, how does he make money?

Link trading

Mentioning the site on other resources promotes it in the search. There are still people who are ready to pay decent money for a link.

The scheme is simple. You write about a set of exercises, add a link to fitness clothes, a nutritional consultant. Say that it is impossible to achieve muscle relief and weight loss without a special menu.

There is no need to lie. Use the formula: product need + target audience pain. Never miss.

An example of topic monetization:

  • how to choose a baby cot (link to a product or store);
  • how to travel with a baby (link to a portable crib);
  • which smartphone is better: Xiaomi or Huawei (link to Aliexpress);
  • how to speak French in 3 weeks (recommendation from a tutor or books).

You can also search for monetary topics through the Search Words service from Yandex.

How to become a blogger? And can this be considered a profession? Who is a blogger, what does he do, how does he make money?

Custom articles

Once upon a time, promotional blog articles were a good side job for me. I added my LJ to Blogun and received orders. They paid from 200 to 350 rubles. per post. I had 400 to 500 unique visitors daily. During the month, 3,000 – 7,000 rubles were recruited. If we talk about who pays, they are the owners of online stores, SEO specialists and all the people who need advertising.

Selling your goods

Video bloggers open stores after promotion. Recommend products and leave links in the description. For example, the owner of the horror channel Fantom sells his T-shirts.

You don’t have to make a physical product, you can provide services or run an online course. Each has unique knowledge and experience to package and sell.

Promotion of your services

Write, video or photograph on professional topics. Be sincere and don’t forget to express your opinion. When your subscribers need help in your area, they will turn to you.

This is done not only by remote workers, but also by judges and cooks. A military doctor sells his book, lectures through the page “”, along the way talking about medicine.

Selling a promoted blog

If you work on the site every day for 2 – 3 hours a day, then in 1.5 – 2 years you can sell it for 150,000 – 300,000 rubles. Of course, the price is different in each case. You can get even more out of the deal when you rank in the top of the SERPs.

How to become a blogger? And can this be considered a profession? Who is a blogger, what does he do, how does he make money?

What are the types of bloggers

There are several types of bloggers:

  • Businessmen;
  • Describing their hobby;
  • Celebrities.

Businessmen are bloggers who do their best to promote their electronic diary to make money. They do their best to increase blog traffic, attract advertisers, find a profitable affiliate program, sell a link from a blog, and so on. Almost all bloggers are currently pursuing this goal, because few people want to just express their thoughts and talk about their lives, if there is an opportunity to earn a good amount. Although there are people who disagree with this statement, it is very difficult to argue their opinion in this case – sites are created to make money, no matter how beautifully they are designed, the same applies to blogging. Unfortunately, most blogs are abandoned precisely after an unsuccessful attempt to make money, someone heard about the opportunity to make money, but it did not work out, and the blog was completely abandoned, and there are thousands of such cases. Of course, we can say that this type of blogger is combined with other types as well.

Those who describe their hobbies are people who are passionate about something and share their achievements with others. For example, a boxer can talk about carrying out certain combinations and about stances in order to win faster. Or he can tell how he solved the conflict on the street with just one blow, however, this is clearly not worth doing. But such bloggers did not have the goal of earning money before, although now every second person posts contextual advertising on their resource. In most cases, you will see affiliate programs, for example, a boxer may advertise an equipment store or fitness clubs and gyms with competent trainers. On rare occasions, you might see a blog like this without ads.

Celebrities are people who have created a blog with only one goal – to become famous on the Internet and attract the attention of a huge number of people. Do you often see funny YouTube videos? All this is done for the purpose of earning money and attracting attention. In our country, it is enough to shoot a couple of funny and scandalous videos, upload a few photos, and they will start to recognize you on the street. With the help of such a blog, you can earn good money, because the traffic will be very high. You can also get into any interesting project of like-minded people and, again, earn good money. But such a blog is only suitable for unique and fearless people.

How to become a blogger from scratch and make money from it

In order to start making money on a blog, you need:

  1. Choose a theme and format. Choose what you love, what you understand, what you can share with many;
  2. Choosing a site for a blog (your own site is paid or free, social networks, YouTube, Instagram);
  3. Choose an original solution for your promotion, some zest that will make you stand out from all the rest;
  4. Work on content. You need high-quality and frequent publications that will attract audience engagement. Communicate as much as possible with your subscribers in comments, polls, ask questions, give feedback;

Blogs with the maximum number of audiences and responses, comments, and likes are credible. Work to increase your subscribers.


Whatever kind of blogging seems attractive to you, first of all put your soul and a positive attitude into what you are doing. Make your blog with love, and people who follow your work will feel it. They will become your active audience. And this, in turn, will bring you the desired income. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. This is an inevitable condition for learning, gaining invaluable experience on the way to success.

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