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Bridal makeup trends that will rule in 2021


From peach blush to kissed lips, has rounded up eight top wedding makeup trends to try this year.

Post-Covid trends have left their mark not only on everyday life, but also on the festive sphere, including such big celebrations as weddings and proms. The main makeup trends of 2021 are naturalness, freshness and minimalism. All this requires modern girls to have softer shades in makeup and a “naked beauty" approach.

“2021 is a year of change and the wedding industry is ready to embrace these changes. Every bride wants to look flawless on her big day, and as makeup artists we work tirelessly to help every girl achieve the look of her dreams. The post-pandemic has demanded a new paradigm for bridal beauty and we can only stand by it,” says bridal makeup artist Shradha Lutra.

What beauty trends should current and future brides focus on? Read on to find out!

Peach is the new pink

It’s no secret that the right shade of blush is the key to successful makeup. Blush gives the face a healthy color and fresh look, “warms” the skin and helps create the illusion of beautifully defined cheekbones. This year, the classic pink tones have been replaced by creamy peach shades, which are considered a universal choice for many brides.

The peach color of the blush enhances a real blush and looks harmonious on the skin of any tone, compatible with any makeup and color type. Therefore, beauty experts recommend that brides take a closer look at this palette.

Minimum of cosmetics

Skinimalism is a new trend in skin care that has not bypassed the process of creating makeup. The essence of the trend is to hide minor skin imperfections, but at the same time maintain its natural appearance, using a minimum amount of decorative cosmetics.

The main goal is to look beautiful, natural and fresh, only emphasizing your best facial features. Gone are the days when it was fashionable to apply several layers of foundation, make war paint and get involved in contouring. These days, “less is more” and this rule is more relevant than ever in bridal makeup.

Soft smoky eyes

What is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the classic “smoky eye makeup”? As a rule, these are eyelids covered with dark saturated shadows, black eyeliner and clear graphic arrows. While evening make-up with eye-catching smoky eyes remains a timeless classic, the trend is gradually moving towards more natural smoky eyes with a soft transition of color. 

Regardless of the chosen shade of eyeshadow (it can be gray, brown, blue, green, burgundy, etc.), the end result should be soft and blurry – like a puff of smoke rising from a freshly lit match. Your makeup artist will have to do a good job with shading.

Monochrome makeup

Monochrome makeup in the style of the 80s, when eye shadow, blush and lips are the same color, is popular again. Head for warm and delicate pastel colors that are fashionable this season, the beauty look with which will turn out to be stylish and romantic. Matte or with a delicate glow of the skin – the choice is yours.

This trend also includes complementing the look with makeup in the same shades as your outfit. For example, in the summer season, brides can try a bold mint or lavender make -up if their wedding dress, shoes or accessories have such shades.

Focus on lips

This item is dedicated to brides who want to look really chic at their wedding – seductive, but not defiant. Just one small accent stroke, made with bright red lipstick, can make your look sexy and memorable.

Another current beauty trend of wedding makeup is the effect of kissed lips. Perhaps, for the celebration, it will suit even more than the previous one, because on the wedding day you will find an incredible number of kisses!

We emphasize the eyes

In addition to soft "smoky eyes", brides should adopt other fashionable eye makeup tricks – bright eyeshadows and spectacular colored arrows, especially relevant this summer. Instead of grays and browns, use more colorful shades of eyeshadow for a festive "smoky eye makeup" – for example, with a red undertone.

As for the arrows, makeup artists advise brides to replace the traditional black eyeliner with white. So your wedding look will turn out to be no less harmonious, while the wow effect will definitely be provided to everyone.

Glowing skin

Healthy skin = flawless makeup. It’s a fact: any cosmetics are better placed on clean and healthy skin. If you can afford to go out without makeup or with minimal makeup, this trend is for you. 

The main condition will be to pre-moisturize the skin properly, apply a light tone and add a little beautiful glow to the face with a highlighter. Tip: Use a formula with fine reflective particles for a subtle glow. Summer brides should take a closer look at the trend, because glowing skin is the main trend in makeup during the sunny season.

natural eyebrows

No matter what anyone says, but now there is nowhere without beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows. The main brow trends of 2021 dictate the fashion for natural shapes and colors to emphasize what nature itself has given you. If the trend for no makeup brow is suitable for every day, then for a wedding this part of the face should still be paid attention to make the festive look complete.

Soft toning of eyebrows for one or two tones and a fashionable effect of groomed brows with the use of a special transparent soap are best suited. Textured, neatly styled and fixed in one direction, the hairs create the illusion of thicker and wider eyebrows, providing a stylish and complete look.

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