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The largest cryptocurrency exchange


The word itself is not new, the idea of ​​earning practically for free has occupied more and more minds lately. Now it’s called passive income – we can safely say that this is the most alluring word. 

I remember an advertisement for one office that actively bombed citizens from TV – “We are sitting, and the money is coming." As I remember, that office quickly folded, leaving those who were thirsty for freebies with nothing. But cryptocurrency is not completely free, to get it – mining, you need to spend electricity. In simple terms, the energy of electricity is pumped into a virtual currency.

The first cryptocurrencies were mined by mining on video cards. It was a golden time for miners – the cryptocurrency market was not very popular, and the cost of video cards was not as high as it is now. The process looked like this, a special program was launched on the computer, which counted something there around the clock, the computer was kept constantly on, and as a result, the happy miner received a virtual currency that could be exchanged for real money, or fiats.

Now the situation has become more complicated – and more confusing.

The main cryptocurrency bitcoin, whose mining has been stopped, shows a constant drop in its rate. It should be noted that any cryptocurrency has a ceiling, it is determined by the creators, and when it is reached, it will no longer be possible to mine it by mining. There are a lot of currencies, and it is becoming more and more difficult to sort out this hodgepodge.

From a legal point of view, everything is also not easy. The governments of many countries impose various restrictions on operations with cryptocurrency, or completely prohibit its circulation.

China’s largest exchange, Huobi, has suspended cryptocurrency mining, as well as many trading services. The Chinese leadership has imposed a ban on the mining and trading of cryptocurrency, and one of the explanations is the impact on the environment due to the huge consumption of electricity in the mining process. Naturally, after that, the fall of cryptocurrencies accelerated.

In our country, the Duma is preparing to introduce a complete ban on cryptocurrency, although even now it exists in a gray legal zone. But laws are being prepared according to which the cryptocurrency will be recognized as property, which will allow it to be arrested and seized by law enforcement agencies.

The future of cryptocurrency no longer seems as rosy as it was once portrayed by its creators.

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