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7 tips for perfect oral sex


Every man dreams of a girl who knows how to give a blowjob, and this is not surprising, because this type of sex gives them great pleasure. However, many women do not like to do this and even refuse. Are there ways not only to satisfy a man, but also to enjoy herself?

Samantha from the popular series "Sex and the City" adored this type of sex and was not at all shy. Of course, we are talking about oral sex – blowjob. Do you want to learn how to give the perfect blowjob and enjoy it yourself? Let’s talk!

1 Be enthusiastic

Of course, the number one rule for a good blowjob is the desire to do it well. Your partner will definitely get the maximum pleasure if he knows that you like the process and you enjoy it too. If a woman sincerely wants to give a man oral pleasure, this is already 90% success. However, don’t pretend that you enjoy doing things in the bedroom if you clearly don’t. In this case, simply discuss your desires and limitations with your partner.

Several ways to show your enthusiasm:

Make eye contact. Don’t stare all the time without blinking, but make conscious pauses to look from your cock to his eyes. (This is a great moment to bat your eyelashes and show that you are a sexy beauty). Tell your partner how excited you are. Tell how hard he goes into your mouth and how it turns you on. Ask what he wants. Asking for feedback shows that you care and want to give your partner maximum pleasure. You may ask "how does it feel?" right before you put your penis back in your mouth or in the middle of the process. Try asking him to take your hand and squeeze it every time he feels good. This will make it easier for you to determine which moves he really likes, and it will give you more confidence.

2 Get your hands on

A blowjob may be considered oral sex, but that doesn’t mean your mouth has to do all the work. The mouth provides moisture and the hands provide density. If your jaw starts to ache or get tired after a few minutes of starting the process, you are most likely sucking too hard with your mouth. Therefore, shift some of the work to your hands, counting on their pressure.

Once you’ve warmed up a bit:

Grab the cock with your dominant hand, then add the mouth; Connect the hand to the lips, for example, press the index and thumb (which represent the "O" sign) to the lips and keep them clenched; Move your hand and lips up and down your penis; If his penis is larger than average, you can keep your mouth in one place and move your wet hand up and down separately.

Then you can slightly diversify the technique of arm movements. Try the twist: keeping your mouth on your penis (it’s still oral sex), rotate your wrist clockwise, moving your hand up and down. Bring the other hand into play once you’re comfortable. Focus not only on the penis, some people like nipple stimulation, touching the leg. Make it a full sensory experience, not just limited to the pelvic area.

3 Don’t be afraid to add saliva

For a good blowjob you need a lot of saliva. Don’t try too hard to the point where your hand will slip all over the place, but try to add moisture every time the penis starts to feel a little dry. In this regard, it does not hurt to keep a glass of water nearby to prevent dry mouth – you may need it.

4 Keep your tongue soft and loose

During a blowjob, your tongue provides warmth, texture, and moisture. To maximize these sensations, keep your tongue soft in your mouth as you move up and down, and then use the tip of your tongue to trace the head and frenulum. These two areas, especially the frenulum, are full of nerve endings, so expect your partner to go crazy. You can also use the flat side of your tongue to lick from the base of the shaft to the very tip and down, or make a few strokes with your tongue.

5 "Purple"

When you suck, try to keep your lips in a slightly fishy pose – imagine you’re about to say "purple." This word naturally deforms your lips into the perfect shape: they are slightly curved and pad-like, making them wetter and creating perfect suction.

6 Change visuals

The visual component is of great importance when blowjob. If someone is lying on the bed and you are between their legs, try moving to the side. Consider changing the "traditional" look. This will also allow your partner to fully view your amazing body, so wink at him and strike a pose. You can also try positioning yourself in different places in the room, such as having your partner stand against a wall while you kneel in front of them. You can even position yourself in front of a mirror so that you can see yourself from all angles.

7 Try to do a "deep throat"

Deep throating is when you take your dick in your mouth so deep that it ends up in your throat – it’s definitely an advanced skill. Why? Two words: gag reflex. For some people, the gag reflex is activated more easily than others, but if you can train it, you will definitely surprise your partner with moments of deep swallowing. Just do it carefully and only when you can breathe normally through your nose. No penis is worth suffocating because of it

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