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5 real steps to support the trend towards environmental responsibility


We will tell you how to develop a responsible attitude to beauty and take care of the planet, even when choosing cosmetics.

The term sustainability originated in the late 80s, and it took a long time for it to become widely used, especially in the beauty industry.

Sustainability, or the concept of sustainable development, means the reasonable and ecological use of natural and human resources, the long-term and repeated use of production products, as well as ecological recycling. Now, sustainable development approaches are integrating many industries into their activities, including the design, fashion and beauty industries.

1 Make sure your cosmetics are free of microplastics and silicones

Small daily rituals can significantly improve our lives, but at the same time they can harm the environment. After using cosmetics like exfoliants or shower gel, the plastic microparticles contained in them are washed down the drain.

Subsequently, they enter the ocean and end up in the stomach of fish, or they return to the plumbing system. 

Microplastics can even enter the human body and cause hormonal problems. Look for products with naturally occurring biodegradable microparticles such as silicon oxide, strawberry seeds and almond shells. They are plant-based and decompose without harm to the environment. Getting into wastewater, they can be processed by bacteria and other living organisms, and therefore do not harm the world’s oceans.

Despite the fact that silicone gives hair smoothness, it is synthetic in nature and harmful to the environment when it breaks down. In addition, over time, silicone can accumulate in the body. So to help the planet, limit your use of hair products with silicones.

2 Pay attention to the certificates indicated on the packaging

5 real steps to support the trend towards environmental responsibility

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Even if you are not very familiar with how to read the composition of products, pay attention to special signs indicating the presence of certificates, for example, Fairtrade (“Fair Trade") and Ecocert. It is impossible to get them just like that, without strict observance of production conditions. They mean that all natural ingredients come from controlled, sustainable and renewable sources. Such cosmetics do not contain substances of animal origin, parabens, silicones, components of petroleum products and synthetic fragrances.

3 Do not buy too much and choose basic care products

In order to get beautiful healthy skin, you really don’t need much. You need to start and end the day with cleansing. The next step is to take care of the skin around the eyes. It is worth adding a care activator, such as a serum, to your daily facial care products.

Followed by basic care to provide the skin with the necessary hydration during the day or deep repair at night. Also, instead of buying your favorite products in the same packaging again and again, you can save the bottle or case and refill it several times. In addition, now more and more brands are releasing refills.

4 Check that the packaging is recyclable

5 real steps to support the trend towards environmental responsibility

Transformations begin the moment we think about what will happen next with the packaging of our favorite products. What material is it made of and is it recyclable? The FSC certificate guarantees that the packaging is made from recycled materials in accordance with the principles of environmental responsibility.

This helps conserve water and electricity that would otherwise be spent on production, reduce the carbon footprint and reduce waste.

5 Choose brands that are sustainable

The concept of sustainable development and social responsibility today should be the main ideology of brands striving to be relevant and successful. Therefore, if you want to help the planet at least a little, pay attention to those brands that adhere to the sustainability approach.

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